Feliks has connected.
EvilGM has connected.
Kazi: aha!
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 14 + 4 + 1 = 19 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ Invalid expression: 2d6+MOD »
Kazi: « 2d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Kazi: there we go
Kazi: just testin'
Ashling has connected.
Feliks: yay!
* Kazi winks at Feliks
Kazi: Where is Feliks on the map? Is he hiding from me?
Feliks: *Bampf!* Teleports 50 ft to an area he has LoS and LoE to.
Kazi: Hiya darlin'!
* Kazi preens in her new duds
Kazi: I love the new outfits!!!
* Kazi twirls around
Kazi: What do you think?
Feliks: Are they done already?
Feliks: Hot
Kazi: (( I dunno ))
Feliks: but then, they're supposed to be fiery.
Kazi: (( I am sure she's got some new clothes or another if not ))
* Feliks flashes a winning grin. Ladies in the area swoon.
Kazi: (( I think we should look IMPRESSIVE for the meeting ))
EvilGM: Ashling is still wandering around the grounds?
EvilGM: I seem to lack an Ashling token
Kazi: I think I have one, but it doesn't have any stats
Lalinlor Loth: Thank you for participating in the sewers.
Kazi: Sure thing, Lalinlor
Lalinlor Loth: I was able to translate the Itotian runes on the ring, one of them was healing. I would like to hang onto the ring for additional study.
Lalinlor Loth: The boy has become a ward of the healer's guild.
Lalinlor Loth: We are working to bring him back to normal as we can, but it will be a long process.
Feliks: your normal, or normal normal?
Lalinlor Loth: what passes for normal in Shieldmeet.
Feliks: ah, very well
Kazi: He may be rather dangerous, Lalinlor, do take care
Lalinlor Loth: The boy now has 30 healers looking after him; he also has the rather odd idea that healers are to be obeyed without quesition
Ashling: ah ha!
Kazi: Well, that is good at least
Kazi: I am just concerned about his odd powers
Lalinlor Loth: so; if he does go off the hook 1) I probably won't bge around and 2) there will be healers to undo what he does
Lalinlor Loth: so while your concern warms my heart; I should be ok, the loss of his father will be the biggest hurdle to getting him back to being a functional member of society
Kazi: Yes, well, if he summons up some dark powers from the Abyss, that's not really something I'd wish upon your brethren
Kazi: Or you
Lalinlor Loth: Also I am pretty sure he was not actually related to the guy he called his father
Kazi: I am pretty sure that is the case too
Lalinlor Loth: I think he was just corrupted by his 'father'
Lalinlor Loth: I haven't been able to get all the details yet, as I said it will be a long process
Lalinlor Loth: problems of the mind are complicated like that
Lalinlor Loth: and others have more experiance than me studying them
Kazi: I see
Kazi: Well, I hope the little boy recovers
EvilGM: Everyone in the room with Kazi, kindly make spot checks?
Kazi: (( ha! and that is good for her ))
EvilGM: Suddenly, there is a ghostly screech, and a heartbeat later, a crossbow bolt flies past Kazi's head, smacking into the wall behind her. It was close enough that a lock of Kazi's hair falls to the ground where the bolt cut it.
EvilGM: The crossbow bolt came from the second floor. It is however, very material.
Kazi: By the Wolf's whiskers!
Feliks: Hey!
Feliks: Stop that!
Feliks: We're being nice, and you pull this?
EvilGM: Feliks, you see a figure ducking and running, it looks like it is about to pull a similar exit via window as you did the other day.
Feliks: entering Flame's Blessing stance: Fire Resistance 5
Feliks: head that way
Feliks: fast
Kazi: Kazi follows
EvilGM: gm afk
Feliks: Wind Stride: +10ft bonus to move speed
EvilGM: There is a loud tinkling of glass and a thud on the grass outside
EvilGM: ((there is an exit in the kitchen as well as the main door))
Feliks: so, west?
EvilGM: Yep
* Kazi runs after Feliks
EvilGM: Feliks, you see an a drow male slowly standing up.
EvilGM: He takes a swing at you as you approach
Feliks: the air around me as I run is warmed by the Fire of My Ancestors!
EvilGM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 6 + 4 = 10 » « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
EvilGM: and misses, wildly, no doubt still disoriented
Feliks: DROW!
Ashling: What's going on?!
Kazi: What in the name of the gods is going on here?
Kazi: Is that who was shooting at my head?
EvilGM: Initiative is Feliks, Drow, Kazi, Lalinlor, Ashling, Rayner, Jinan.
EvilGM: Feliks, you are up
Feliks: Distracting Ember to provide flanking bonus: « 1d20+10+MOD ⇒ 6 + 10 + 0 = 16 » Damage:« 1d6+1+1d6 ⇒ 6 + 1 + 2 = 9 »
Feliks: if it hits, dmg is +1 more
EvilGM: ((does that damage mod apply even if the drow is immune to flanking?))
Feliks: no
EvilGM: ((okay))
Feliks: it summons a small elemental to provide the flank bonus
EvilGM: ((so total is actually a 14?))
Feliks: if no flanky, yes
EvilGM: ((miss))
EvilGM: The drow swings back at you with a short sword, glancing around to notice that Jinan and Rayner have cut off one of his paths of escape
EvilGM: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 10 + 6 = 16 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 » damage (make a fort save if it hits)
Feliks: ac 18
EvilGM: Kazi?
* Kazi has to weigh her options rather carefully
EvilGM: Then Lalinlor, then Ashling
Kazi: Ok, Jinan and Rayner, try not to freak out
* Kazi gathers up for a blast
Jinan: Trying!
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 4 + 0 = 6 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 8 + 0 = 8 »
Kazi: shit
Kazi: AP
EvilGM: okay
Kazi: AP: « 1d6 ⇒ 5 »
Feliks: NO
EvilGM: hehehe, still a miss.
Kazi: dammit
Kazi: Well crap
Kazi: moves a hair closer, then done
EvilGM: Lalinlor, then Ashling
EvilGM: Ashling, then the Amareth
Ashling: start casting summon nature's ally
Ashling: done
Lalinlor Loth: Please stop, we would like to talk with you (said to the drow)
Kazi: Well, maybe he wants to talk, I don't really care for arrows being shot at my head
EvilGM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 7 + 4 = 11 » throwing a dagger for « 1d4 ⇒ 1 »
* Kazi glares indignantly
EvilGM: the dagger bounces off the wall
EvilGM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 16 + 4 = 20 » shortbow from Jinan for « 1d6 ⇒ 3 »
EvilGM: an arrow slams into the drow's side
Kazi: Yay Jinan!
EvilGM: Feliks, Drow, Kazi, Lalinlor, Ashling, Rayner, Jinan.
Jinan: Gee I hope that's the bad guy.
Feliks: Burning Blade Strike: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 2 + 6 + 2 = 10 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 4 + 2 + 0 = 6 » Fire: « 1d6+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Assassin: Bloody hell! Kill the witch!
Feliks: oh well
Feliks: done
Kazi: Oh HELL NO you didn't just call me a witch!
EvilGM: The assassin nimbly dodges Feliks' strike, and swings back « 1d20+6 ⇒ 5 + 6 = 11 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 » damage (make a fort save if it hits)
EvilGM: ((this fight is going to take a while, apparently))
Kazi: (( lol ))
EvilGM: Kazi, Lalinlor, Ashling, Rayner, Jinan.
Kazi: I'll give you witch
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 18 + 4 + 1 = 23 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 1 = 10 »
Flint has connected.
EvilGM: The drow is slammed back by Kazi's blast
Kazi: And you should try to be less abusive to your betters
Kazi: Witch, my ass
Kazi: done
EvilGM: Lalinlor, Ashling, Rayner, Jinan (Flint if he wants to hop in towards the end, after he sees what is going on)
* Kazi is all in a lather about his comment
Lalinlor Loth: Please surrender, death disturbs me.
* Lalinlor Loth holds action
EvilGM: Ashling, Rayner, Jinan maybe Flint
Ashling: a wolf appears (tho I don't have a token for it, sorry)
EvilGM: ((place where you wish, you have ownership now))
Kazi: (( woof ))
Ashling: it will run in and attack with a bite
Ashling: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 1 + 3 = 4 »
Ashling: dammitall
Ashling: the wolf bites itself
Ashling: or maybe Feliks
EvilGM: ((shall I roll for critical fumble, or do you want to?))
Ashling: ((be my guest))
EvilGM: « 1d4 ⇒ 4 »
EvilGM: The wolf just misses
Ashling: ok, I will try a Magic Missile
Ashling: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Ashling: ((done))
Rayner: draws another dagger but holds action, as it seems to be his only other weapon
* Jinan tries another shot « 1d20+4 ⇒ 13 + 4 = 17 » for « 1d6 ⇒ 3 »
EvilGM: The drow grunts as another shot slams into him
EvilGM: Feliks, Drow, Kazi, Lalinlor, Ashling, Rayner, Jinan.
Kazi: See if you can subdue him, Feliks, if not, take him down!
Feliks: ((what's the ruling for nonlethal hits? -4))
EvilGM: ((yep))
Kazi: We can heal him up afterward
Feliks: dual nonlethal strikes
EvilGM: ((unless you have some sort of proficiency))
Feliks: 2 Weapon Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 2 + 6 + -4 = 4 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 6 + 2 + 0 = 8 »
EvilGM: ((like unarmed strike))
Feliks: 2 Weapon Claw Bracer: « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 19 + 4 + -4 = 19 » Damage: « 1d4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 0 = 2 »
Feliks: ((was that 3 2's in a row until that bracer strike?))
Feliks: done
EvilGM: The drow rocks back a bit from the bracer strike, but takes another swing at Feliks.
EvilGM: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 17 + 6 = 23 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 » damage (fort save)
* Assassin glances around and takes a step back, dropping his weapon to his side.
Assassin: I yield
Feliks: ow!
Feliks: you fuck!
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 14 + 8 + -4 = 18 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 4 + 2 + 0 = 6 »
Kazi: Can someone please take him into custody?
* Assassin falls to the ground unconscious
Feliks: ((out of turn, sorry))
Kazi: Oh sweet
Kazi: My hero!
EvilGM: ((I don't think anyone was planning on stopping you anyway))
Kazi: Kazi is quite grumbly
Kazi: Anyone hurt?
Feliks: fuck. I think he poisoned me
EvilGM: « 1d6 ⇒ 6 » and yes Feliks, that is indeed Con.
* Kazi stomps over
* Feliks sits down abruptly
Kazi: Lalinlor, can you please help Feliks?
EvilGM: Jinan and Rayner disarm the drow, being non to gentle about it. Jinan will offer two vials to Lalinlor, 'I think these may just be poison'
Kazi: And can someone please tie this jackass up?
* Kazi is very incensed
Ashling: (wolfie vanishes)
Ashling: So he shot at you? (to Kazi)
Kazi: Yes
Feliks: who...who let the...butterflies in? (tries to catch something in front of his eyes)
* Kazi kneels down next to him
EvilGM: dm afk
Kazi: There there, darlin', it'll be ok
Feliks: oh…they're coming from my side! (gleefully points to stab wound)
* Lalinlor Loth examines Feliks « 1d20+14 ⇒ 10 + 14 = 24 »
EvilGM: ((since that counts as your 2nd fort save, you take no more damage))
* Flint stumbles into the room, with a vague scent of smoke coming in afterwards
* Kazi sighs
Flint: *pant pant pant*
* Lalinlor Loth casts cure minor wounds on Feliks, restoring 6 hit points
Kazi: Perhaps we can take Mr. Loopypants and Mr. Assassin inside and figure out what the hell is going on
* Jinan tosses the assassin over one shoulder and starts headed back inside.
* Flint looks at the body...
* Rayner offers Feliks a hand
Flint: oh no, what happened?
Kazi: Oh, some idiot tried to kill me
Flint: what?!
Flint: is he ... dead?
Lalinlor Loth: Are they going to kill him, or should I heal him?
Kazi: Something about kill the witch or something
Kazi: Oh, we're not gonna kill him yet
Kazi: He's got information
Feliks: butterflies
Feliks: OWW
Feliks: they tickle
Kazi: Let's get him inside first though to question him... do you have anything that can help Feliks?
Kazi: maybe?
* Kazi looks hopeful
* Rayner mutters and picks up Feliks, far more gently than Jinan did the assassin.
Feliks: whoa. big butterfly!
Rayner: come on then Feliks, let's go inside and get away from the butterflies
Feliks: zzzzzzzzz
* Kazi shakes her head
Kazi: I worry about him sometimes
Lalinlor Loth: I have a potion, but I am hesitant to use it, as time and rest should be enough to restore him
Kazi: We don't have time today
Kazi: Let's all go inside, shall we?
Lilja: If you get blood on my floors, you are cleaning it up. Jinan went that way.
* Lilja points down the hall.
Lilja: to see Aben
Kazi: Thanks, Lilja
Aben: Is everyone alright? Feliks?
Kazi: Feliks took a wound from a poisoned sword, Aben
Kazi: This is most unfortunate timing
Lalinlor Loth: I have done what I can for him right now
Rayner: I'd call it convienent, actually. Bet ya 2 coppers I know who sent that assassin.
Ashling: Oh?
Rayner: Dima.
* Kazi stays quiet and thoughtful
* Flint gasps!
Lalinlor Loth: Let's find out. (heal check « 1d20+14 ⇒ 12 + 14 = 26 »
Ashling: After setting up a meeting with him?
* Assassin starts regaining consciousness
* Jinan glances down at the assassin and says 'moving would be bad for you'
Kazi: (( will refrain from any Austin Powers references ))
Assassin: He hit me after I yielded. Should have known one traveling with a witch would have no honor.
* Kazi resists the urge to boot him in the head
Lalinlor Loth: We have enough honor so that you aren't dead and complaining.
Assassin: Savages.
Kazi: Hey, how about someone who lurks in someone else's house to shoot an innocent person in the head?
Kazi: How about THAT kind of honor, assassin?
Assassin: I shot at a witch. There are no innocents here.
Kazi: I don't see any witches here, moron
Lalinlor Loth: You should be dead due to poor planning.
Assassin: You'd be dead now, if the unholy spirits of this place had not come to your aid and shouted warning.
Kazi: You better watch your mouth about the residents of this household
Jinan: Aben, just how upset would you be if I accidently broke his arm and got blood on your floor?
Aben: You'd be explaining it to Lilja and wielding the mop.
Assassin: Traitorous scum
Feliks: ((well, feliks is seeping a bit already))
Kazi: So, Mr. Mouthy, care to tell us who sent you?
Lalinlor Loth: Let's assume that you have savaged us with insults and we are suitably chastized. Let's get to the part where you give us information.
Assassin: Witches must die.
Kazi: Yes yes
Kazi: blah blah
Rayner: Looks like a drow. Talks like a zealot of Samad.
Rayner: Now I'm all confused.
Kazi: Since I have not apparently haven't expired from your attempts nor your smart talk, let's get back to the subject of who sent your incompetent self?
Lalinlor Loth: Do you need to report your massive failure, or by not showing up, will they have assumed you failed?
EvilGM: ((Is Feliks conscious? Lalinlor healed him 6 points))
Feliks: ((i lost half my con points, figure he needs a nap))
Assassin: Call the guard or kill me, I will not dishonor myself by betraying my masters.
Lalinlor Loth: Okay, let's dishonor him then
* Kazi yawns
* Kazi checks on Feliks, if he needs some more healing, she will do a little something
Lalinlor Loth: I'll need some bacon grease a mop and a some rope to bind him
Aben: um....let's not.
Kazi: Uh
Flint: have we searched him for clues?
Kazi: We could do... I don't want to touch him though
EvilGM: You found a short sword, a crossbow, 6 bolts, 2 vials, basic clothing, and nothing else
* Lalinlor Loth whisper to Aben
Ashling: (( any interesting smells about him? ))
Flint: whispers to Lalinlor ..... "hey, lets just let him go, and we can follow him"
Kazi: Rayner, do you know much about these zealots of Samad?
EvilGM: He has a sharp odor on him.
Rayner: Yeah, a bit. And they'd be as eager to kill a drow as a well, a Kazi, last I heard.
* Kazi frowns
Kazi: A bit confusing
Jinan: He is a drow right?
* Jinan sort of kicks the assassin
Kazi: Looks pretty Drow-ish to me
Assassin: I have overcome my base nature. Pity you couldn't do the same, traitor! Heretic!
Kazi: He sure does talk like a zealot
Rayner: Or like someone pretending to be. But his insults are pretty unoriginal.
Jinan: Rayner's got a point. Normally at this point he should be quoting scripture and telling us what dire punishments will await us.
Aben: So who really sent him?
* Kazi chuckles
Ashling: Jinan, could you give me a piece of his shirt?
* Jinan roughly tears a bit of the drow's shirt and hands it to Ashling.
Jinan: Want his pants too?
* Ashling smells it.
Ashling: No thanks.
* Kazi kneels by Feliks and checks on him
Kazi: Silly, silly goose (strokes his hair)
Flint: maybe he's magicked? like a disguise spell or something?
Feliks: not…in front of…the kids…zzzz
* Kazi chuckles
Aben: Shall I call the guard then?
Kazi: A moment...
Lalinlor Loth: If you want the attention.
Kazi: He has a spell on him
Flint: I knew it!
Kazi: Let me take a moment to study it and see if I can discern the nature
Flint: I'm so smart!
Kazi: You are brilliant, Flint!
* Flint flashes a gap-tooth grin
Aben: The Basiran guard, not the main city guard. They are generally a bit more discrete.
Kazi: Hmmm... it's some sort of enchantment
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+10 Spellcraft => 2 + 10 = 12
Kazi: well that sucked
Aben: Enchantment?
Flint: like someone was fiddling with his brain?
Kazi: That is the sort of spell, the school, if you will
Assassin: I would not let foul magics touch me!
Ashling: I can give it a try if you're not sure, Kazi.
Kazi: Oh shut it, you
Kazi: Yes, please
* Ashling casts detect magic.
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 14 + 6 = 20
Jinan: So, what, someone enchanted a drow into a zealot and sent him to kill Kazi?
Flint: Ex-------actly!
Lalinlor Loth: With poor odds of success
Rayner: So, can anyone dispel it?
Kazi: I don't understand! I'm so pretty!
* Kazi giggles
* Kazi tosses her hair prettily
Lalinlor Loth: My abilities lie in a different direction.
Ashling: We could wait for it to wear off.
Aben: That could take days.
Lalinlor Loth: Your call Aben. Restrain him here for additional information, or call the local guards.
Kazi: I am afraid my abilities also lie in a different direction.
Kazi: I think we should restrain him!
* Kazi looks ticked
Aben: I have a third option. There is a wizard who owes me a favor who may be able to dispel this. Rayner, could you go fetch him?
* Aben gives Rayner directions
* Rayner leaves
Kazi: Aben, do you have any potions that could help my Feliks?
Assassin: what foul enchantment do you intend to put me under?
Ashling: Flint, does this smell familiar to you? (offers him the shirt scrap)
Jinan: Anyone mind if I gag him?
Kazi: Otherwise, could we please use yours, Lalinlor?
Aben: In the lab, help yourself. Red vial.
* Flint takes the scrap and takes a whiff....... (DM?)
Kazi: Thanks, dear. You're a peach.
* Kazi goes to fetch the potion
EvilGM: sulfur. And a faint whiff of explosives.
* Flint gasps!
Flint: It does!
* Flint sniffs again.
Lalinlor Loth: Kazi, Feliks will be okay with a couple days rest.
Flint: Smells ... delightful!
Kazi: We don't have the time, Lalinlor
Kazi: We have important business today
* Kazi is saying this over her shoulder
Aben: Use the vial. I only have 3 though.
Ashling: Maybe you could guess where he might aquire such an aroma?
Flint: *handing scrap back to Ashling* it's sulfur. we use it in our explosives.
Flint: I haven't seen the likes of him at OUR shop, however...
Flint: I could ask Novobitupur.
Lalinlor Loth: I have one, and it is very expensive for healers. In this situation, the danger is immediately past.
Ashling: I'm assuming he hasn't been hanging around hot springs...
Kazi: He needs to be at full health for our task today
Lalinlor Loth: My apologies to Feliks, but my bankroll is not sufficient to use potions I cannot make myself.
Aben: It's alright. I'll take it out of Feliks' tavern money later.
Kazi: Not to worry, Lalinlor, I can pay Aben back
* Jinan finishes gagging the drow.
* Flint tugs on Kazi's sleeve
Flint: I have this potion too, if it helps.
Wizard: Yes, what is the... oh, my. It is a drow.
Kazi: Thanks, Flint
* Kazi smiles
Aben: Tal, if you would be so kind as to dispel the magic effecting the drow, we would appreciate it.
Feliks: drow drow bo bow, bananafana fo fow!
* Wizard casts
* Kazi returns to the lolling Feliks and pours the potion down his throat
Feliks: ack
* Assassin blinks, and starts to look a little confused.
Feliks: kaff
EvilGM: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Assassin: buasgs asgsdgh
Jinan: oh, right. Gag.
* Jinan removes the gag
Assassin: I don't suppose you'd accept a sincere apology?
Feliks: hoof
* Kazi checks to see if Feliks is ok, then moves closer to the prisoner
Wizard: Aben, I think I'll go. I have a hunch I'd prefer not knowing what is going on here.
Aben: Probably best.
Kazi: Thanks, sir!
* Feliks shakes most of it off, and rises somewhat steadily
Assassin: I didn't really mean to shoot or stab anyone.
* Kazi gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before moving away
Kazi: (( feliks, that is ))
Jinan: Do we believe him?
Flint: ask him who magicked him!
Flint: I bet he'll tell us!
Kazi: Well, maybe an explanation would be nice, along with the apology?
Assassin: Some woman. Cute, real cute. Actually looked a bit like her, only you are much prettier ma'am and I'm sorry I called you names I didn't mean it.
* Assassin gazes up at Kazi
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: Did she happen to give you a name?
Flint: oh! oh! oh! Hey! Did she want you to meet her afterwards to report your foul deeds?
* Flint jumps up and down
Assassin: She let me buy her a drink, we were going some place private, next thing I know, here I am, trying to kill you all and acting like a mad Amareth. No offense to any here.
Kazi: And, I am thinking, no harm done if this woman bedeviled you.
* Kazi chuckles
Assassin: No....but then, I don't really recall much other than that.
* Flint frowns
Kazi: Hmmm
Feliks: And i punched you after you yeilded because you poisoned me before yeilding, bungwipe.
Assassin: Can I have my sword back? The crossbow isn't mine.
Assassin: I didn't mean to!
Feliks: *yielded
* Kazi smiles graciously
Assassin: I was supposed to kill Kazi and then get to him
Kazi: I think we can let him go
* Assassin points at Aben
Lalinlor Loth: please describe this woman in more detail
Feliks: how much do you rate?
Feliks: per diem?
Lalinlor Loth: Human, elf, dress, height, weight?
Kazi: Mystery solved, please avoid pretty women that look sort of like me in the future
* Kazi is looking downright pissed
Assassin: black hair, green eyes, human, enormous rack, um...we were at a bar in the non district area
Flint: got some free time? want to help us find her?
* Kazi snarls
Assassin: what do you mean, per diem?
Feliks: your rates? what do you charge? are you really an assassin?
Assassin: She used me like a puppet and didn't even have the courtesy to sleep with me first! I'm just as soon shut of her!
Assassin: me? I'm a bouncer sometimes. Mostly I just do odd jobs.
Kazi: Well, ha ha
Lalinlor Loth: And you were looking to catch an odd job?
Feliks: like assassinations? that is a bit odd
Kazi: Guess we got to the bottom of that mystery
Assassin: I was looking to bed a pretty girl!
Kazi: Phew!
* Kazi steps over to Aben
* Kazi says something quietly in Sclavini
Aben: whispers back in Sclavini
* Feliks rolls: 1d20-1 Listen => 7 - 1 = 6
Assassin: Can I go now? I"m not going to tell anyone what happened!
Feliks: damn
Feliks: check back in a week. I might need a bouncer
Kazi: Oh yes! That would be delightful!
* Assassin stands up cautiously, looking at the still armed Jinan
Jinan: get.
Feliks: did we wipe his sword?
Kazi: And like I said, you know, avoid pretty girls that look faintly like me with questionable intentions!
Jinan: I'm not giving him his weapons back. Call it a penalty for being dumb.
Feliks: oh, ok
Feliks: cool
Lalinlor Loth: He'll be lucky to survive the night because of his employer.
Feliks: oh. my. god. That was unpleasant
Aben: Indeed, that drow is probably a dead man, but I cannot trust him to remain here.
Kazi: Aben, do you see now why Kae wanted extra guards!
Jinan: Hey, Sclavini, no dying until you are done paying for your half of the booze.
Feliks: however, if he lives through the week, maybe we can get him on our side.
Aben: I already agreed.
Kazi: Hey! We're good for it!
Feliks: I already paid, Jinan.
* Kazi sticks her tongue out at Jinan
Jinan: Just like a Sclavini. Anything to get out of a deal
* Jinan winks at Feliks
Feliks: By the Wolf, you Amarethi are uptight.
Kazi: Thank you for your help out there, gentlemen
Rayner: any more excitement planned for tonight, or can I get back to fixing my bow?
Feliks: Luckily, it means you can run the show, and I get to goof off.
Feliks: ((is today Dima Day?))
* Kazi looks very sincere
EvilGM: ((yes. ten minute break, then pick back up?))
* Kazi blows kisses at Rayner and Jinan
Feliks: ((ok))
Kazi: Well bloody hell
Flint: (( is this game weekly now? ))
Kazi: (( I think based on availability, but yes ))
Feliks: Do you suppose your cousin knows Dima? That would suck.
Kazi: It's a distinct possibilty
* Kazi frowns
* Flint gets out his pipe and lights up
* Flint puffs thoughtfully
Kazi: Well this is just...
* Kazi sighs
* Feliks lights his, too, then
Ashling: Um, your cousin?
EvilGM: ((weekly, but I'm not going to be strict about attendence, especially when in towns, as the party can split easily))
Kazi: Yes, I have this mad cousin that thinks that Warlocks are generally evil and has decided to become a witch hunter or some madness
Kazi: Or that was the story last I heard
Flint: Witch hunter! sounds glamorous.
Ashling: And she looks a bit like you?
* Kazi glares at Flint
Flint: I'm just SAYING.
Kazi: Except for the whole they burn folks like me at the stake
Kazi: And folks like Ash too
Kazi: They aren't too picky
Feliks: she's a bit touchy about that
Kazi: Yeah, she looks a bit like me
Flint: c'mon, witch hunters aren't REAL.
Kazi: Except she's totally loony
Ashling: They burn duids? (horrified)
Lalinlor Loth: Aben was also a target.
Flint: no, they don't. they're not even real
Kazi: Um, no dear, they burn wild casters
Aben: They are real. They just normally stick to Amareth
Aben: No where else tolerates their form of zealotry
Kazi: They are a bunch of intolerant idiots
Kazi: She fits right in
Aben: And since I am not a witch, or a caster of any sort of magic, the witch hunter angle may be a red herring
Flint: You have to admit the manifestation of your ability is a little disheartening. Was to me, when I first saw it.
Feliks: or she met Dima
Lalinlor Loth: Different people can do different things
Kazi: Well, Flint, these folks tend to be obsessive about the source of our power more than the manifestation
Aben: It takes powerful magic to cast a spell strong enough to turn a drow layabout into a zealot. Whoever cast it certainly has no right to criticize the magic of others.
Kazi: She has a rather bizarre outlook on life, Aben
Aben: The ends of the magic matter more than the manner.
Aben: And as far as I know, Kazi has not sacrificed any puppies.
Kazi: I like puppies
Gervasi: Is the coast clear yet?
Aben: Oh, yes. You and the others can come out now.
Kazi: Hello, little darlings!
Gervasi: Okay.
Kazi: What do you think of the new attire?
* Kazi twirls dramatically to present
Flint: (( what are you wearing, anyway? ))
Kazi: Is it dashing? Dramatic?
Katja: Can I get one like it? Are those our uniforms?
Feliks: ((how old are these "kids"?))
EvilGM: Svetlana is the oldest at 17. Katja is 16, Daciana 15, Leonti 15, and Gervasi 15.
EvilGM: ((so not much younger than any of you))
Feliks: ((right))
Lalinlor Loth: I must bow out of the meeting with Dima.
Kazi: (( Feliks got us spiffy matching red moonsilk adventuring outfits, I am assuming we are wearing them, lol ))
Feliks: were you invited?
Lalinlor Loth: Does it matter? Later.
EvilGM: ((Matt isn't feeling well))
Feliks: ((feel better!))
Leonti: Kae said if we heard fighting we were to stick to our rooms rather than try to help.
* Kazi considers them her "darlings" nevermind their ages
Kazi: (( feel better Matt ))
Daciana: He was quite emphatic about it.
Aben: I believe Kae made comments about none of them being to old to spank.
* Leonti grumbles
Kazi: He threatens me on a regular basis too
Leonti: I can use a sword you know
* Kazi pouts
* Kazi looks around the room
Aben: The meeting is in an hour. I assume you four then, are the ones going?
Kazi: Well, it appears we are four?
Feliks: looks like it
Kazi: Took the words right out of my mouth, Aben
Flint: what's thia about again? I was in the library...
EvilGM: afk 1 sec
Flint: we found Dima?
Feliks: I met Dima 2 days ago.
Flint: whoa!
Feliks: we're meeting.
Flint: how's he doing?
Feliks: he has Lev and Faelriven, the elf (?) girl we had captured but escaped.
Feliks: and one other.
Flint: he has them, like, he captured them?
Feliks: he's…not very Dima, actually
Kazi: Or, well, has them bespelled or convinced
Feliks: and I got the impression they're on his side
Kazi: Lev is family, and the Elf is an idiot
Kazi: Who knows who this fourth is
Feliks: we're meeting them at that Gnome establishment that fits us
Flint: just cut to it ... am I bringing my gun?
Kazi: indeed
Feliks: sigh
Kazi: What?
Feliks: we're under a truce for this meeting, but, be prepared
Feliks: i'm bringing my sword, for sure
Kazi: Feliks, you're far too naive if you think this isn't the makings for a trap
Flint: maybe just the pistol then ...
Flint: if it's a Gnomish establishment, they won't put up with any shenanigans!
Kazi: Like, *everyone* has said so!
Ashling: what do you know about this Gnome place?
* Kazi looks at Aben for support
Flint: I know that they have the best damn beer in shieldmeet!
Feliks: Hey, kiddos. who can use a rapier?
Ashling: Then there will be others there, yes?
Flint: and they have a warforged bouncer. ever seen a warforged?
Flint: they will rock your socks off!
Kazi: Ooooh
Kazi: Splendid!
* Kazi looks very thoughtful
Ashling: Should we have some plan in case things go wrong?
Feliks: Of course things will go wrong
Feliks: meet back here after the mayhem?
Feliks: That's pretty much all I can offer
Flint: I guess here is fine...
Kazi: Sounds good
Ashling: What if we had a code word
Flint: I'd rather not see any of my kin in the crossfire though. if we can help it.
* Kazi says something to Feliks in Sclavini
Ashling: Like if someone sees something odd
Ashling: Then everyone could be warned
Kazi: Rosebud?
Feliks: but it's the gnome district. how will we know what specific oddity we're codewording?
* Kazi giggles
Ashling: Some thing odd and threatening
Feliks: like a metal bouncer?
Ashling: like someone other than the four who seems very interested in us
Kazi: Right
Feliks: I picked the place because we'll ALL stand out
Flint: I won't...
Feliks: seriously
Feliks: well, except you
Feliks: but all of them
Feliks: how many exits does it have?
Flint: ummm...
* Flint can't remember!
Feliks: good times
Feliks: ((afk, brb))
Ashling: We have a gnome in our group, they could too.
Kazi: Well, I am sure there is no way to plan for every contingency, and even if we did, something else is bound to go wrong
Ashling: How about, 'Can we get salted fish?' as our code phrase for watch out
Kazi: sounds good to me
Flint: ew.. their salted fish is terrible, but ok.
Kazi: Otherwise, let's stay on our toes and try to keep the mayhem to a minimum
Feliks: ((back))
Feliks: ((MAYHEM!))
Kazi: I'd like the Gnomes to have a favorable opinion of the Sclavini
EvilGM: ((transfer to the map called 'Tavern' please))
Kazi: loading
Kazi: Well here we are
* Kazi looks wary
* Flint looks happy to be here
Ashling: (( look at all the goodies! ))
Flint: this place has the BEST shortbread.
Feliks: it's like a tapas bar, with the small portions
Flint: get it? shortbread? gnome tavern? I KILL me!!
* Flint slaps his knee
Feliks: lol
* Kazi glances at Flint and giggles
Ashling: Brilliant
* Ashling grins.
Flint: you're laughing on the inside. I can tell!
Flint: hey look! it's the bouncer!
Flint: Hello, Chum!
Warforged Bouncer: Do you have a reservation?
Flint: oh come on, don't be coy with me.
* Flint looks way up at the warforged
Kazi: Wow, this place must be fancy!
* Warforged Bouncer grins at Flint.
Feliks: We're meeting the (dima's other name) party.
Warforged Bouncer: Ah. Corner table.
Flint: how is everything? need any bolts tightened?
Warforged Bouncer: come in, come in. No trouble.
Warforged Bouncer: Oh, no.
* Dima smiles
Flint: well you knoew where to go, if you do
* Flint goes in
Warforged Bouncer: Sure do. The guild.
Flint: yes, exac --- .... hey!
Dima: Greetings Feliks, Kazi, Flint, and I don't believe we've met. Glad you decided to come.
* Dima bows
Lev: Hi Feliks! Hi Kazi! Hey Flint
Feliks: ((describe Sabine? she's a ?))
EvilGM: ((woman wearing a veil))
Kazi: Hiya, Dima, or whatever you're calling yourself
Kazi: Hiya Lev.
Feliks: Lev, good to see you
Lev: How's Maksim? Dima said it wouldn't be a good idea if I went to visit. Besides, he didn't seem to be home.
Feliks: Faelriven, good that you survived, I think?
Faelivrin: Very good.
Kazi: This my friend Ash
Faelivrin: I am pleased to see all of you as well.
* Kazi gestures to Ash
Dima: Greetings Ash.
Ashling: Hello
Feliks: Sabine? can we lose the veil? I'd like to see when lips are moving
Dima: Sabine isn't the talkative type. She's just here to listen.
Kazi: Hiya Faelivrin
Feliks: she can listen without the veil
Dima: Come now, Feliks, it would be rude to ask her to take off her veil, just like it would be rude to ask Kazi to put away her acorns.
Feliks: no veil, or I walk
Feliks: sorry
Lev: She's from Vasant.
* Kazi glares
* Sabine raises a hand, then removes the veil.
Dima: I apologize for this, Sabine
* Sabine nods her head.
Feliks: I've been poisoned once today, I don't need to be bewitched as well
Dima: poisoned? What happened?
Lev: Yeah, are you okay?
Feliks: my thanks. I'll keep my hands on the table.
Kazi: Oh, a little of this, a little of that
Feliks: First tavern brawl, and we haven't even opened
Ashling: (( does Sabine look human or elf or what? ))
Lev: I heard about the tavern! Sounds exciting. Maybe when we are done, I can come work for you!
EvilGM: ((you'd put Sabine as a half-elf))
Feliks: so, Not-Quite-Dima. Where were we?
Dima: Explaining to you the truth.
Kazi: Well, this should be interesting
Feliks: Ah, yes. Or your version of it. Do go on.
Dima: We aren't the bad guys here Feliks. I worked against Dathatlo.
Kazi: Working against him doesn't make you a good guy
Feliks: You'll have to explain some names for me
Dima: Dathatlo, the one who wrote the tome I was trying to protect.
Feliks: ah
Feliks: protect from who?
Dima: There were several, including his daughter, and a megalomanic called Saghir.
Feliks: his daughter was?
Dima: I couldn't risk they'd continue his work.
Dima: Zahirah was her name
Feliks: ok
Feliks: who was behind the iron door?
* Flint half-listens to this convo, and is trying to pick up anything unusual in the tavern behind him....
Dima: I don't know her name. She was one of those who helped me rebel.
Feliks: nice to know your supporters so well.
Dima: I wish Ekaterina had been willing to trust me, it would have made everything easier and we could have destroyed all his work.
Dima: Many died that day.
Dima: To many.
Feliks: Ekaterina?
Kazi: Why was she locked up if she helped you?
Dima: I don't know. We were fighting Dathatlo's people.
Dima: I also ended up locked in, if you recall.
Feliks: hold on, is someone going to remember all this?
Lev: I can
* Feliks glances at his group
Feliks: not you, LEv.
* Kazi nods
Dima: I don't think that is what they had in mind brother.
Lev: Oh.
Kazi: What of Traian's other wife?
Dima: Resia.
Kazi: yes
Feliks: Who?
Dima: She was a fey. I told her where she could find Dathatlo, and that she could only kill him with a weapon made of silver and blessed.
Dima: I believe she succeeded in killing him, as he never came back to finish us off.
Feliks: who locked you in?
Dima: Dathatlo's men.
Feliks: after he "died?"
Dima: or maybe Zahirah's. Towards the end, it was confusing.
Kazi: Dathtlo thought you a spy... for whom were you working then, Evaric?
Dima: Dathatlo gave orders, and his followers carried them out. He didn't always do things personally.
Dima: I was working for a woman called Elanygtha
Kazi: And how does she fit into this?
Dima: Dathatlo had found something that gave him greater mastery over the undead. She wanted it found and destroyed. I failed in both of those tasks.
Faelivrin: That was the item we thought was in the crypt.
Faelivrin: We appear to have been wrong.
* Dima sets a sheath of papers on the table.
Dima: Thats all I know about the item.
Feliks: For us?
Dima: yes.
Flint: hey Dima, why did you run that day?
* Dima sighs.
Dima: I was still confused, and we were not yet one. For all I knew, you would have killed me instantly
Feliks: Well, when you ran, i tried
Feliks: Sorry
Dima: I know. That's why I kept running.
Kazi: Well why did you attack us in the bedroom?
Dima: Not your fault. I probably would have done the same.
Feliks: Yeah, only you were never as good a shot as I
Dima: Again, I didn't know who you were. For all I knew, you worked for Dalthatlo. A lot more time has passed than I thought.
Dima: When I came to the surface, I thought it had been maybe a decade.
* Dima sighs.
Feliks: And now you need to destroy this item?
Dima: Everyone I knew is dead now.
Kazi: Excuse me for being a bit doubtful of your word here, but you were speaking a tongue that is not generally accepted as, um...
Dima: Whether I do it or you do it, the item should be destroyed.
Feliks: if it hasn't already been?
Dima: You mean Abyssal?
* Kazi nods
* Kazi kicks Dima under the table
Dima: I spent ten years as a spy in a den of evil. I learned a few things.
* Dima winces.
Dima: they aren't listening to us
Kazi: Apparently subtlety isnt't one of them
Dima: but magic is.
Kazi: ah
Feliks: Lev, who killed Feodor?
Dima: As far as they know, we are talking about Feliks' new tavern and the low quality of booze he bought.
Lev: Don't know his name. He was a half-orc. He cut Dad's throat.
Feliks: Why?
Lev: Dima lit him of fire after that
Lev: Dad came up to Dima and shook him.
Kazi: Just who exactly are you running around with now?
Lev: The orc was gonna kill me too, but Dima burned him first. I didn't know he could do that.
Feliks: Did Evaric/Dima try to stop him?
Lev: We tried to save dad, but it was too later.
Kazi: And why have you joined in on this nonesense, Elf lady who likes to call people idiots but who may be acting like one?
Faelivrin: I want that item destroyed.
Kazi: So you left his body in a ditch and didn't even bury him properly?
Faelivrin: That is all my group has wanted for years
Kazi: The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend, you know
Lev: We had to move. There were others coming, we didn't have time to do anything.
Faelivrin: Irrelevant. The ends justify the means
Lev: That's stupid
Feliks: Was the half-orc part of the crowd you run with now?
Dima: No. There were factions, and they have been dealt with
Kazi: Are you calling me stupid, Lev?
Lev: Nope, the elf.
Kazi: Oh, ok
* Faelivrin glares at Lev and starts to open her mouth
Kazi: Watch it, lady
Feliks: Flint, what's good here?
* Dima just turns a bit and looks at Faelivrin
* Faelivrin shuts up
Lev: The pastries are good, but the portions are really small
Lev: gnomes sure don't eat much
Feliks: Thanks, Flint
Flint: the beer, or if drinkin's not your mood, the cherry pie.
Lev: oh, I'm not Flint
Kazi: If you don't mind me asking, how does your friend Sabine factor in?
Kazi: She's a bit of an unknown to us
Kazi: (( the big red question mark ))
Dima: She led the faction that is friendly to us. And she's nice to Lev.
* Sabine smiles
Feliks: ((a bit of a question mark?))
Kazi: Faction of what, or who?
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Lev: Some of the folks thought joinin up gave them a license to hurt folks. Dima set um straight.
Dima: Some were zealots. I dislike that type.
* Kazi frowns
Ashling: Oh, like the ones who chopped up a young druid?
Dima: Sabine led the faction who believed because they wanted to do good.
Kazi: You'll excuse me if I am a little unclear as to who you all actually are
Feliks: Dima, can you tell me something that only Maks would know?
Dima: Those belong to the cult that wants to find the item for their own purposes
* Dima ponders a bit.
Feliks: And I won't ask him in front of Kae
Dima: A couple years ago, Maksim tried to impress a girl by stealing a bottle of Kae's vodka. He drank it, then broke his arm being stupid and then puked all over himself. He hid in the stable until he sobered up, then told Kae he'd fallen into a canal.
Dima: The girl slapped Maksim, and stole his pants.
Kazi: Sounds like Maks
Dima: he had to borrow a pair of mine
Feliks: all right.
Kazi: You didn't answer my question Dima
Lev: oh....that's why he was wearing your pants! They looked funny cause he's taller than you
Kazi: You talk of factions
Kazi: Who the hell are "you"
Dima: I am trying to rid the world of a great evil.
Kazi: not you, your group
* Kazi sighs
Dima: I am one of the ones willing to give all to a greater cause.
Dima: For years they have been seeking the item.
* Kazi gags a bit
Kazi: Yes, yes, all this noble talk is great
Dima: And as with all searches, some joined for their own gain, and thought being on a noble mission gave them rights they did not possess. You know the type, they invaded Sclavini often.
Dima: Those are the actions.
Dima: factions
Feliks: I want some pie
Kazi: So you are leading a group of people that are seeking this item?
Kazi: To destroy it?
Dima: Yes.
Kazi: And you.
* Kazi looks at Faelivrin
Dima: When that is done, I can go on to whatever remains for me after.
Kazi: What of your group?
Faelivrin: We are the group he spoke of. With his knowledge, we may finally have a chance of success
Flint: Um, what about us? We go our merry way then? What do you want from us, exactly, other than an audience?
Dima: Your help
Dima: I knew only one other location.
Dima: In the tome is clues to all of them
Flint: this one you know of ... is it far?
Dima: It is in Onatah.
Flint: that's quite a few leagues from here...
Dima: In addition, his cult has spread. We need to root out the whole of the cancer, so it can never return again
Feliks: everything's quite a few leagues from here, Flint
Dima: And....
* Dima sighs
Dima: I think Zahirah may still be alive.
Feliks: the daughter?
Dima: yes
Flint: she must be pretty ghastly, by now...
Dima: if she has continued his work....
Dima: probably a lich
Feliks: how many thousand years old?
Dima: two
Flint: a lich? whazzat?
Dima: but she was a fey'ri. An elf with demonic bloodlines
* Kazi gives Ash a significant look
Dima: she could actually still be among the living.
* Kazi clears her throat
* Kazi is hoping Ash might pick up on some signals
Lev: So be careful of elves
* Lev gives Faelivrin a dirty look
* Faelivrin starts to say something, then shuts up again
Kazi: She's not so mouthy now
Dima: Lev, would you be so kind as to get us some pie?
Lev: Okay
Kazi: I was expecting some "you're an idiot" here and there
Dima: If she insults my brother again she and I will be forced to have words again.
* Faelivrin pales
Kazi: She's sort of a rude bitch, from my recollection
* Kazi grins evilly
* Lev puts two pies on the table.
Flint: oh, lovely!
Feliks: He'd stick up for Dima no matter what
Lev: sorry, I can't remember if you said cherry or strawberry, so I got both
Kazi: Lev, you're a dear
* Flint offers to cut the pie and pass out slices
* Lev grins and blushes
Kazi: Sabine, you intrigue me
Kazi: Where are you from?
* Dima nods to Flint
Flint: oh, Lev, you forgot the iced cream!
Lev: Oh!
Flint: so yummy
* Kazi elbows Flint
* Sabine looks at Dima
Dima: She is from Vasant, and she is forbidden to speak to men who have not been properly introduced. And since I am not her blood relation, I cannot properly introduce you
Lev: Ice cream!
Kazi: I am not a man
Ashling: Neither am I
Kazi: Last I checked
Dima: If you would like to speak with her in private, I am sure she would be glad to.
* Sabine smiles and nods
Kazi: I see
Ashling: Who introduced her to you, Dima?
Dima: If it makes you more comfortable, I can sent Faelivrin and Lev to another table and remain here, alone, with Flint and Feliks.
Dima: Her brother.
Lev: Her brother is neat. He can talk to animals.
Ashling: And is he also in your group?
Kazi: What a merry band
Lev: He don't like cities
Flint: I can talk to them too! They don't talk back...
* Kazi looks like a thought strikes her
Lev: oh, but his do!
Kazi: Dima
Lev: to him anyway
Dima: yes Kazi?
Kazi: If your are such the good guy you claim to be
Kazi: Why did the spirit in the Doll try to prevent you from escaping?
Dima: I don't know.
Flint: (sense motive????????????????????)
* Kazi looks thoughtful
Dima: I think Ekaterina died before realizing I was not her enemy
EvilGM: ((roll it if you want it))
Flint: Sense Filthy Trickses « 1d20+5 ⇒ 19 + 5 = 24 »
Kazi: (( lol ))
EvilGM: He is being somewhat truthful, but not entirely
Kazi: Well, we will definitely have to think on this teaming up business, Dima
Kazi: you know it's not exactly our call
Feliks: it isn't?
* Kazi glares at Feliks
Kazi: No, it's not
Dima: I know. And we need not team up, if that is your preference. We can work seperately. I think ultimately we have the same goals, I just wanted you to be fully informed.
Feliks: not that I really want to
Dima: And to make one other request.
Kazi: May we take these papers?
Dima: Of course
Feliks: what request?
Kazi: Sure, if we may still speak with Sabine?
Kazi: Ash and I?
Kazi: Away from you boys
* Kazi giggles
Dima: Lev wants to visit his friends. I want your assurances that none of you will harm him or try to hold him against his will
Feliks: let me talk to Kae
Lev: Specially Kae, cause he would
Dima: of course.
Flint: we may have someone check him magically .... so no funny business.
Dima: I would expect nothing else, and appreciate it, to ensure others have not tried to hurt him.
Feliks: well, as it doesn't seem we'll come to blows today, what shall we do for communication?
Lev: So can I come see the new horses? I saw Kae buying them.
Dima: Faelivrin will happily volunteer to send messages, and Lev can of course.
Kazi: So long as Aben and Kae say it's ok, Lev
Feliks: where can we leave you messages?
Kazi: I don't see why not
Lev: Okay
Kazi: Well, how about you boys enjoy your pie and work these things out, and Ash, Sabine and I go have a nice little chat?
Dima: We used to frequent the Cleric's Talisman. You can leave messages there. I would prefer though, if the innkeeper not know the finer details of our arrangement. He is a nice man and I don't want him actively involved.
Feliks: Your name, there?
Dima: Shall Faelivrin come with?
Kazi: If she must
Dima: Dima, of course.
* Kazi glares at her
Dima: It is your choice Kazi. I know there is no friendiness there.
Feliks: very well.
* Sabine stands, and gestures for Kazi and Ashling to follow her, and for Faelivrin to remain behind.
Kazi: I'd prefer she stay with you, then. She irritates me, and no doubt there is no fondness on her part for me.
* Faelivrin nods.
* Sabine waites patiently
Kazi: (( maybe that is better ))
* Ashling stands and waits for kazi.
* Kazi moves to follow Sabine
* Kazi whispers to Ashling
Dima: How is your tavern coming, Feliks?
* Ashling nods.
Feliks: My Tavern?
Feliks: oh, i think it's going all right
Dima: You are actually starting one, with the Amareth?
Dima: ah
Feliks: It was kind of a lark, and then the idea stuck with a few folk
Dima: I'd like to offer help, but I don't think you'd accept
Feliks: They can't talk at that table?
Kazi: sure
Feliks: better
* Dima drops his voice and whispers 'the gnomes can hear us now'
Feliks: So she is crafty?
Dima: Perhaps Faelivrin can come work for you. I imagine she could dance on a table or something
* Feliks wiggles fingers arcanely
* Lev guffaws
* Dima nods
EvilGM: afk 1 sec
Feliks: Not really that type of establishment
Feliks: the Basirans aren't as uptight as the Amareth, but still…
Feliks: We got your dad to a grove, Lev. He got Sclavini rights. I'm sorry it happened that way.
Lev: he'd like that.
Lev: the grove I mean
Feliks: He, uh, took the job to get you an apprenticeship, Dima. with a mage
Sabine: What did you wish to know?
* Dima sighs.
* Kazi smiles prettily
Feliks: think about that.
Kazi: I am just wondering how you fit into all this
Dima: He was a good man, and will be sorely missed. I wish I had the power to restore him to life.
Kazi: You are an unknown to us
Feliks: ((will let the girls chat))
* Kazi is trying her bestest to use all her powers of intuition and observations here, she feels something just isn't right
Sabine: The cult of Dalthatlo killed my husband, and my daughter. I would see them fail utterly.
Kazi: Ah
Kazi: Um, this was recently?
Kazi: I am sorry to hear of your loss
Sabine: five years ago
Kazi: Very tragic
Sabine: they sacrificed my daughter. Used her blood to make their foul images, and burned my husband as a sacrifice.
Kazi: They are most foul about these rites
Kazi: We have come across a few of their sites
Kazi: (( I am speaking in rhyme! ))
Sabine: You say Dima is something strange. I do not care. Not if he stops them.
Kazi: I see
Kazi: Are you part of Faelivrin's people, or another group, then?
Kazi: you all flock to Dima's banner?
Sabine: Faelivrin is an elf. She cares only about elves.
Kazi: They tend to be that way
Kazi: What then of your "faction"?
Sabine: He should send her away.
Kazi: Who are you?
Kazi: I find this all quite confusing to sort out
Flint: hey Dima .... the real Dima is innocent. why not let him go? isn't there another way to still exist? maybe put you in a magic lamp or something?
Kazi: This cult seems to be all over the place
Sabine: I am Sabine of Vasant. My desire is vengeance for my family.
Kazi: I see
Kazi: Ash... did you have anything for her?
Dima: Dima allowed me to join him. When I succeed, we will seperate again, and he can go about his life while I fade away
Kazi: I am afraid my sleuthing abilities may well be spent
Sabine: There are a few others like me
Ashling: (( sense motive roll? ))
Kazi: All victims of the cult, you mean?
Sabine: We have learned some magic so that we can better fight
Kazi: Magic of what sort?
Ashling: (( re her truthfulness ))
Kazi: Wizardry?
Sabine: Those who loved the ones killed by the cult
Sabine: yes, I am a wizard
Kazi: Ah
Kazi: Neat
Kazi: (( oh god ))
Ashling: How did you meet Dima?
Sabine: My brother was one of those who met him on the beach
Ashling: Your brother is also helping you to gain revenge?
Sabine: Yes.
Sabine: He loved my daughter as his own.
* Sabine leans forward
* Kazi leans a bit away, nervously
Sabine: You should ask Lev to return with you, to stay in Shieldmeet and have a normal life. He is an innocent, and this is no life for him
Kazi: I am not sure he'll listen
Ashling: (( can I sense motive again? ))
Sabine: Dima protects him now, but if he stays with us, he will see things no boy should.
Sabine: ((whenever you wish))
* Kazi looks worriedly at Lev
Kazi: I will try to talk some sense into him
Kazi: Or maybe Maks or Kae can
Sabine: good.
Ashling: But will Dima let him go?
Sabine: He already asked if Lev could visit.
Sabine: He will not hold Lev against his will.
Kazi: That's not the same
* Kazi shrugs
Kazi: Was there anything you wanted to tell us, Miss Sabine?
Kazi: Other wise, I suppose we ought to be rejoining our friends...
Sabine: Their rite. It is designed to summon power into them. They are at their most dangerous shortly after performing it. They can fight on through wounds that should kill them
Ashling: How did your brother happen to be on the beach that day?
Sabine: The cult of Dathaltos was active. We were trying to learn what they were up to. They had killed some druids.
Ashling: Have you been tracking them for long?
Sabine: Since they took my daughter, my life
* Kazi perks up and listens
Ashling: (( soory, did she say how long ago that was? ))
Sabine: I came to Shieldmeet 2 years ago, looking for someone called Zoriada
Sabine: When I find her, I will kill her, as painfully as I can.
Sabine: ((5 years))
Ashling: (( thnx ))
Kazi: Zoriada, was she who killed your family?
Ashling: This is their leader?
Sabine: she led the rite.
Kazi: I see
Sabine: yes.
Ashling: Did you find any of the druids?
Sabine: we buried one. I can tell you where.
Ashling: Please.
* Sabine describes a location by the river, a mile downriver from a waterfall
* Ashling memorizes the description as best she can.
Kazi: Running water, that is good, it'll keep the evil spirits at bay, and the walking dead.
Kazi: (( doo doo, superstitions! ))
Sabine: we blessed the location
Sabine: and removed the sigils that had been drawn
Sabine: did you need anything else from me
Ashling: I don'th think so.
Kazi: I don't think so either
* Sabine nods.
Sabine: let us return to our companions then. They do not appear to have drawn each other's blood
* Kazi nods and smiles
Flint: ..... and that's why gnomes won't cross bridges backwards!
Flint: oh, hi guys!
Dima: fascinating
Kazi: Hello
Feliks: But, you're supposed to cross bridges backwards
Dima: remind me to tell you why dragons don't eat red foxes sometime
Feliks: to keep the rusalka away.
Kazi: Oh yes!
* Kazi nods emphatically
Kazi: VERY important
Feliks: at least, bridges over water
EvilGM: Resia was a Rusalka. Don't recall if I told you that
Kazi: oh cool
EvilGM: ((that was Dima speaking))
Feliks: who?
Kazi: Traian's wife
Feliks: Does salt water count?
Feliks: personally, i don't believe it. Just makes you an easier target if they want you
Flint: it's been fun, but I have a belly full of pie and iced cream to sleep off
* Kazi glares
* Flint gets up and pats his belly
Dima: I wish you all well
Feliks: we, uh, have a lot to discuss. Dima, it's been…acceptable
* Kazi bows
Lev: Yeah. When can I come meet the new horses?
Feliks: we'll elt you know
* Kazi gives Lev a kiss on the cheek
* Lev practically bounces
Feliks: let
* Lev hugs Kazi
Kazi: Take care, Lev
* Lev you too.
Kazi: It was nice to meet you, Sabine
Kazi: Pleasant seeing you Dima, Faelivrin
* Flint looks up at the Bouncer.
Kazi: We'll be in touch
* Sabine nods
Dima: Be well
Ashling: Yes, well met.
Flint: What the heck are they polishing you with now? salt water?
Faelivrin: bye
Feliks: ladies, a pleasure
* Feliks flashes a winning grin. Ladies in the area swoon.
Warforged Bouncer: Stood to close to Novapitur's shop. He tried to blow me up
Warforged Bouncer: Heard about the new airship thing they've got?
Flint: um, YES!
Flint: I am trying to help them with it
Warforged Bouncer: I hear they are offering 50 gold for anyone willing to test fly it
Flint: but they keep accusing me of being an occupational hazard
Warforged Bouncer: yeah, most gnomes are
Flint: yeah ,I'd tend to --- .... hey!!
Warforged Bouncer: but a balloon filled with hot air? Count me out
Warforged Bouncer: that's just crazy
Flint: I hafta go. consider yourself LUCKY
Warforged Bouncer: yeah yeah
* Flint points menacingly up at the bouncer
* Warforged Bouncer grins at Flint
* Flint trots after his companions
Kazi: Well, that was... interesting
Feliks: anybody poisoned?
Feliks: besides me, and we knew that going in?
Mendel: so, all okay, or do we need to burn the place?
* Mendel looks at Kazi expectantly
Feliks: Pardon?
Kazi: All's well
Flint: who's this?
Mendel: okay.
Kazi: Thanks, though
* Mendel walks away
* Kazi smiles brightly
* Flint cocks his head to one side
Flint: um, what?
Kazi: That was our backup
Feliks: uh, we had back-up?
Flint: wow!
Kazi: Of course, silly
Kazi: I never go into a possible trap unprepared
Ashling: Perhaps we should return to Aben's.
Flint: Kazi, you're so smart!!
Feliks: You know, I can handle things
Kazi: I know you can, darling
Kazi: Let's just call it a precautionary measure
Kazi: for the rest of us
* Kazi pats his cheek fondly
Feliks: backup
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: You'll forgive me someday
Feliks: Tell me the name of the Paladin, and you're forgiven
Kazi: Let's go talk to Aben, then I will
EvilGM: Shall we assume you all get back to Aben's in one piece?
* Kazi scoots off
EvilGM: back to that map then
Feliks: rooftop chase!
Feliks: rooftop chase!
EvilGM: Fine. A cat chases Feliks up a tree and across the roofs
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+8 Climb => 3 + 8 = 11
* Kazi watches with amusement
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+12 Jump => 14 + 12 = 26
Feliks: Sudden Leap: Jump « 1d20+12 ⇒ 17 + 12 = 29 » as swift action
EvilGM: ((and balance, you need balance))
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+13 Balance => 11 + 13 = 24
Flint: what's his obsession with climbing the rooftops anyway? looks dangerous.
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 18 + 17 = 35
EvilGM: http://zyanya.wikidot.com/npcs
EvilGM: Updated
Kazi: He very much enjoys the challenge
EvilGM: or he is a loon
Feliks: I'd much rather catch a crook this way
Ashling: oh I thought he was going to follow Dima by rooftop
Feliks: he'd look for me there
Kazi: Well, during the day, perhaps?
Kazi: maybe not as much at night
Kazi: Yoooohooooo... Aben???
* Aben comes out of the library
Aben: everyone alright?
Kazi: We managed to get out in one piece and not burn the place down
* Feliks heads upstairs to say a quick thanks to the ghosts
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Feliks: and then comes back to crash
Feliks: ((ooc))
Ghost Nanny: The drow woke the children
Feliks: thank you for the warning
Ghost Nanny: When one comes to visit, it is generally considered polite to knock on the front door, not climb in through a window
Feliks: is there anything I can get you next time I drop by?
Ghost Nanny: I cannot find the children's books
Ghost Nanny: I should look for them
* Ghost Nanny fades away
Feliks: you know, we could clean this place up a bit for you
Feliks: aw nuts
Feliks: she's gone again
* Feliks heads back down
Kazi: I don't trust Dima one bit
Kazi: I think he was lying
Kazi: And that Sabine woman was just not right
Feliks: my head hurts, I'm so confused
Ashling: No, she upset Una greatly.
Kazi: I think she may have had a glamour up, but I am not sure
Aben: Who is that Sabine woman?
Kazi: Some lady from Vasant that has joined up with Dima
Kazi: A wizard, or so she claims
Aben: a wizard. Capable of casting enchantments?
Kazi: Aben, please keep that book, and the translations closely guarded
Kazi: They want that information quite a lot
Aben: I will.
Aben: I've purchased a lock box as well
Flint: It seems like they have good intentions. Dima is a smooth talker, and I think at least partially truthful
Kazi: He gave us this (hands him sheaf of papers) that give information on the item the Dataltho (sp?) fellow was seeking
Flint: but yes, something is off
Aben: I shall read through them
Aben: Perhaps we should move up our time table
Kazi: They want to destroy it
Aben: I could have equipment and a ship within a week
Kazi: He knows of the site in Onatah
Kazi: I did not let him know of our plans, and made no commitments of partnering up
Aben: Should you head there first then? Or no, as I cannot pinpoint the location.
Ashling: He could have been lying about that
Kazi: I think we should go forth with our plans
Kazi: We are the most sure of that site
Aben: When do you wish to depart?
Kazi: Probably as soon as possible
* Kazi glances nervously at Feliks
Ashling: I should return briefly to the grove, though...
Feliks: more travel?
Ashling: (( how quickly could I get there? ))
Aben: Will two weeks be long enough for you Ashling?
Aben: (two days there, if she hurries and travels long days)
Ashling: Oh yes, that should be plenty of time.
Kazi: We have figured out a possible site related to all this business, Feliks
Kazi: Back in Andrzej
Aben: Pick up what gear you need then. If you don't have the funds, let me know and I will cover expenses. I'm putting word out that you are all headed to Falkor, hopefully, that will provide a bit of a smokescreen.
Feliks: Oh. homewards
Aben: Ashling, will you be taking your horse?
Ashling: Yes, I'll need to.
Ashling: Or, rather, I would like to.
Kazi: Yes, home!
* Kazi is quite excited
Aben: Kae is purchasing some additional horses, warhorse trained, for you to take with you on the journey.
Flint: they mentioned using the Cleric's tavern-place as a meeting point, should we wish to.
Aben: I'll make sure I avoid it then
Kazi: You don't seem very excited, Feliks
* Kazi sounds faintly disappointed
Feliks: Shieldmeet's just…grown on me, I guess.
Aben: All of you should stay here for the next two weeks. I am going to insist, and if you refuse, I am going to sic both Kae and Lilja on you.
* Kazi blinks in surprise
Feliks: But Ash, are you going alone, and is that safe?
Aben: We seem to have an additional guard that is remarkable effective.
* Aben glances up
Ashling: Quickblades said he would go with me.
Aben: Good
Feliks: oh, ok then
Ashling: I'll see if he still wants to.
Feliks: if he can't, let us know
Aben: If he doesn't want to, I will have Rayner go with you
* Kazi nods
Ashling: Thank you.
Kazi: There is a lot to take in and process Aben
Kazi: We need to talk!!!
Aben: it is late. You should all go to bed. And we have beds now, those kids are good workers.
* Kazi is quite hyper and excited
Aben: Ashling, Flint, there are some books on the Sclavini region in the library if you wish
Feliks: in sclavini - Him? I'd not, were I you.
Aben: also in Sclavini - Jinan then.
Kazi: in Sclavin - Yes, much safer
Aben: or perhaps even Leonti
Feliks: sclav-he is acceptable.
Aben: Kae is impressed with his swordsmanship, that should say something.
Aben: back in common - goodnight
Feliks: goodnight
Kazi: Aben... before you go...
Aben: there is a bell in the rooms if you need to summon Narayan for anything
Aben: yes?
* Kazi runs up and starts whispering excitedly in Sclavini
Kazi: She drags him away, talking quietly
* Flint shrugs
Flint: humans...
* Flint gets ready for bed
Feliks: what's an airship?
EvilGM: ((something demons throw at genasi))
Flint: it's a boat that travels on air instead of water! don't you pay attention when I describe these things?
Flint: it's the FUTURE of travel
Feliks: Was I there?
Flint: physically.
Kazi: (( cheeky genasi that piss off pit fiends! silly silly genasi! ))
EvilGM: ((no, Aben will not be buying you one))
Feliks: you didn't confuse me with, say, another sclavini you were sitting next to the entire trip back?
Flint: (( you mean BADASS genasi? ))
Flint: I can tell you apart. usually.
EvilGM: ((Smartass Genasi maybe))
Flint: (( when a problem comes along, you must disintegrate it ))
Ashling: (( is QB here or will I need to track him down the next day? ))
EvilGM: ((consider him here for the purpose of asking him to go with you))
Ashling: (( then that's what I do - see if he can go the next day, see if he needs a horse or can travel quickly on foot ))
EvilGM: alrighty, I've got to get some sleep
Feliks: thankee!
Ashling: 'Night!
Flint: night!
Flint has disconnected.
EvilGM has disconnected.
Kazi: thanks!
Ashling has disconnected.
Feliks: you saving the chat?
Kazi: yes
Feliks: saved?
Kazi: yes
Feliks: ok.
Feliks: closing down
Kazi: go ahead and boot
You have disconnected.