Flint has connected.
DM has connected.
DM: Gonna be a slow start
Ashling has connected.
Flint: how do I set up Macros in the new Token tab?
DM: You ask Maggi
Kazi: huh?
Kazi: ask eric, actually, he does that stuff, I don't
DM: Yes, but he's not here yet
DM: So, what you are saying is, when it comes to computers, the NASA scientist and the computer programmer ask the art major?
Flint: I'm thinking words that I'm not allowed to say right now
DM: lol
Kazi: He futzes with this stuff more than me
Kazi: I am teh lazy
DM: Sorry, but it was too good not to comment on
DM: Blame the pugs!
Kazi: I set my stuff up and never mess with it again
Flint: apparently the global macro buttons can't be moved down to my other computer
Kazi: oh no!
Kazi: boo, hiss
Ashling: it's all I can do to remember how to load my aliases
Flint: I have no idea where they are stored
Kazi: They are in a distinct set of files
Kazi: I know where they are on the mac
Kazi: They are in some bizarre location on the Pee-Cee
Kazi: if you search on the forums, I think it is revealed
Kazi: one sec
DM: I'm assuming you all spend the night in the village, and this session will begin the following morning
Flint: someone has a light source on again
DM: Is lagging a bit too
Kazi: what map?
Flint: I'm on Sangrida
Flint: and can't see myself
Ashling: same here
DM: ((Sangrida))
Flint: fixed
Ashling: ah
Kazi: It was me again, I guess
Kazi: I turned it off last time, must not have saved
Flint: no campaign stuff was saved last week
Flint: at least I did not, but I will just save all the time for now on just in case
Ashling: So we are are giving the Amareth horses to the townspeople?
Kazi: We don't need them
Ashling: Are we giving them most of the loot too?
Kazi: Some of it
Kazi: Some of it needs to be returned to their rightful owners
Ashling: Just want to make sure we can carry what we are taking
DM: Some of the villagers can identify some of the belongings as stuff of theirs that the Amareth 'confiscated'
Ashling: (without needing a spare horse)
* Kazi can identify some of it as well
* Kazi is quite furious about it
Feliks has connected.
* Kazi blows kisses at Feliks
DM: ((QB will be along shortly
* Feliks 1 flashes a winning grin. Ladies in the area swoon.
* Feliks removed the 1 from his name.
Ashling: So what are doing? Moving on?
Ashling: (are we* doing)
Kazi: Not just yet
Feliks: (( the townsfolk are blinking in to flank Ash! ))
Ashling: (( crap ))
DM: Jasna, Jan's wife, brings all of you breakfast, a dish of warm, spiced potatoes and a flatbread
* Kazi is moody as she eats her breakfast
DM: There are also thick sausages and fresh milk
Flint: thank you, ma'am!
Flint: my, I'm never going to finish all this...
Jasna: Responds in Sclavini with 'I think you are welcome, unless I misunderstood your words'
* Kazi translates, manages to crack a smile
* Jasna also has wrapped packages for each of you containing more bread, cheese, sausages, pickled beets, and a jar of jam
DM: Probably a week's worth of food that isn't trail rations
* Ashling thanks her in Sclavin.
Ashling: Sclavini*
* Jasna practically beams at Ashling and slips her in some sort of shortbread cookies as well.
Ashling: (( sweet, cookies ))
* Kazi is having a bit of a discussion with Feliks in Sclavini
DM: Some of the local children will stare at Quickblades and Flint in abject fascination.
* Ashling goes out to prepare our various steeds.
* Flint waves to the children, some of which are probably taller than he
DM: Now and then, a particularily brave child will actually come close enough to touch Quickblades before running back to their friends, but they don't seem quite as nervous about Flint
Ashling: (( brb, have to go borrow some silverware... forgot to bring any ))
* Flint looks at his undersized pony, surrounded by horses, and shakes his head
DM: Around midmorning, four old Sclavini women will come and get Kazi, practically dragging her back to one of the houses
Ashling: (( back ))
Kazi: Eek
Flint: what's that all about?
DM: They will gesture that Ashling is welcome to accompany them
* Flint shrugs, and decides to clean his gun.
* Ashling dusts off her hands and follows.
DM: The blacksmith will watch Flint in fascination, then reveal he managed to buy a bullet mold from a peddler a while back and can make more ammo for Flint if needed
Feliks: Oh, Flint. Kazi and I are making it official.
* Flint will gladly buy more bullets from the blacksmith (through a translator if necessary)
Flint: what's that?
* Feliks can translate
DM: The women set a wrapped package down very carefully, almost reverently, and then go to work on Kazi, weaving flowers in her hair and clucking over her garments. If Ashling doesn't object forcefully enough, they'll do the same to her hair.
* Kazi probably has a dress packed away amongst her various garments
Ashling: What's going on? (to Kazi)
Feliks: The marriage. How many bullets?
Kazi: Oh, yes, so my beloved proposed formally... in his rather charming way.
Flint: Ah yes. You guys are going to great lengths to make this look authentic! 50, please.
Ashling: Oh? So you are having the ceremony now?
Kazi: We have asked the Lawspeaker to perform the proper rites
* Kazi nods nervously
Ashling: How wonderful!
Feliks: 50, good sir.
Feliks: Oh, well, it's really official official. Or will be.
DM: Flint, spot check
Flint: Oh, I'm sure! I'm right there with you!
* Ashling hugs Kazi.
Flint: *nudge nudge*
Flint: spot: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 9 + 8 = 17 »
* Kazi hugs her back
* Kazi is getting a bit sniffly
DM: Flint, you see Mayor Jan trying to get your attention without Feliks seeing
Feliks: Uh oh.
Feliks: I gotta run!
DM: The blacksmith points out the back door
Flint: Sure thing.
* Ashling smiles fondly at Kazi.
* Feliks bolts
* Flint trots over to the Mayor after buying his bullets
DM: The women have a dress made for Kazi, relatively simple, but with some embroidery on it.
* Kazi is just beside herself with their kindness
Mayor Jan: So, looks like it's time to dunk the groom. Want to help?
* Kazi is bubbly and thankful and tearful and generally in a state
Flint: uhm, sure! I always try to observe custom!
* Flint thinks hits is the best fake wedding EVER!
Flint: this*
Mayor Jan: Custom is simple, if he manages to avoid being dunked, he'll have a son within the year.
Feliks: (( wait, that's what it means? ))
* Ashling tries to keep kazi from crying too much by teasing her a bit.
Kazi: (( oh teh noes! ))
Mayor Jan: (or some other sort of good luck, varies from village to village. In Felik's home town, avoiding getting dunked meant you'd have no weeds among your crops the first year)
* Feliks considers letting himself get caught, but his pride won't let him just turn himself in.
Flint: (QB is having technical difficulty relating to the version upgrade, walking him through it)
DM: ((okay))
DM: ((Feliks, hide checks))
DM: By the time the women are done (and they make it take about two hours, to give the men time to catch and dunk Feliks), Kazi's hair will be intricately braided with flowers. The women use mostly red flowers, to indicate Kazi is a headstrong woman
Feliks: (( they should use ALL red, then ))
Kazi: (( HEY ))
DM: Ashling only gets about half the amount of flowers, they also use a non-flowering fern which Kazi will know means they recognize Ashling as a druid
* Kazi will explain to Ashling about the traditions
DM: The men not hunting Feliks are putting up an arch
* Kazi will also explain about the hearth blanket, which of course the bubbleheads would not have had, and the villagers were kind enough to make for them
DM: And unfortunately for Feliks, the hobgoblins in the village are joining the hunt for him, apparently thinking it's hilarious. They also have a net
* Feliks assumes they're hunting, too, if given the chance, and avoid them as well
DM: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 9 + 6 = 15 »
DM: Two hobgoblins point excitedly towards Feliks' hiding place and start moving towards it
Feliks: Wind Stride: +10ft bonus to move speed
Kazi: (( no fair! ))
Feliks: (( And he's off! ))
DM: They are making a concerted effort to surround you
Feliks: (( faster for the first round ))
DM: one of the hobgoblin children will offer Flint the other side of a net
* Feliks let's them surround him, then shadow jumps to a nearby roof.
DM: Much oohing and aweing ensues. But they don't give up
* Feliks bows extravegantly, to regain the move
DM: The women don't take part in the chase, but have no problem pointing out your locations
* Feliks can keep this up for days
* Kazi is watching this with great amusement, once her preparations are done, and if she is allowed
DM: As soon as the arch is fully up, the hunt is officially over. Looks like Flint only has to dodge for about another 5 minutes
DM: She is allowed. It's even encouraged.
* Feliks does a handstand.
* Kazi briefly considers blasting his ass
DM: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 12 + 7 = 19 »
DM: Feliks, what is your AC?
* Ashling also watches with much amusement.
Feliks: 18
DM: Cause a lasso is coming your way
DM: opposed grapple check time!
DM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 3 + 4 = 7 »
Feliks: Grapple: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 8 + 3 = 11 »
Feliks: i have a lasso!
* Kazi shakes her head
Kazi: He'll never give up
DM: Feliks manages to pull the rope out of the hands of the young man who snared him, much to the chagrin of the man and the amusement of his friends
DM: And.....the arch is up
* Feliks tumbles away
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 19 + 17 = 36
DM: Mock groans are heard throughout the village
* Kazi 's eyes are almost rolling out of her head
* Ashling laughs.
* Kazi mutters something to Ash in Fey
* Flint isn't much help in catching Feilks
* Ashling laughs even more.
* Kazi has a long suffering look on her face
DM: As soon as the arch is up, the women unwrap the parcel. They have turned a couple yards of the moonsilk into a beautiful hearth blanket, embroidered with a silver and red fire pattern on both ends and a sylized wolf pattern in the center.
* Ashling replies to Kazi in Fey.
DM: As tradition demands, they throw it around Kazi's shoulders.
DM: And start guiding her to the arch
* Kazi follows
DM: ((did Kazi and Feliks decide who is standing as witness for who?))
* Flint catches sight of Kazi coming out, and then realize that this actually a real wedding
Flint: oh.......
Feliks: Flint, stand by me?
Flint: uhm, ok..
* Kazi will have asked Ash
Flint: *whispering* but what do I do? I didn't even prepare a speech!
Feliks: *whispering* just, stand casual. and improvise.
* Kazi is looking decidedly nervous, though happy
* Kazi does give Feliks a bit of a glare though
* Lawspeaker Doru begins giving the traditional speech invoking the spirits guiding Feliks and Kazi
* Feliks winks
Feliks: (( and mouths "No weeds for a year!" ))
* Kazi looks fit to burst
Feliks: (( and continues with "we should plant some seeds" ))
* Kazi turns red in the face
* Kazi mouths "pay attention!"
Lawspeaker Doru: These two unite their hearts in tenderness and devotion, growing beyond their individual spirits to become something more. They are now intertwined, sharing a single spirit to protect and guide them from this moment on. May their children be blessed, as they are blessed, and we are blessed by them. From this day forward may their lives be filled understanding and love. Do you two consent to be joined?
Flint: (this is in Sclavini I take it?)
* Jasna moves to stand beside Ashling, holding a woven reed broom
Jasna: ((yep))
Feliks: OF course
Kazi: Yes, I do
Feliks: Yes, I do
DM: Two are now one. Rejoice!
DM: The townsfolk start cheering
* Flint cheers too!
* Kazi smiles, then punched Feliks in the arm
Kazi: punches*
* Ashling also cheers.
* Kazi then kisses him
* Flint covers his eyes.
Flint: (but it's too late, mental image burned in)
* Kazi then happily jumps on the broom
Feliks: (( oh c'mon. I doubt it's the first time you've seen this ))
* Kazi laughs merrily
* Feliks jumps over the broom
* Kazi meant over
* Jasna smiles and hands the broom to Kazi, then gives her a hug
* Kazi hugs Jasna back, and the tears burst forth in earnest
Kazi: Thank you for sharing this moment with us, dear friends
* Ashling is next for the hugging.
DM: More foodstuffs are gifted, jams, bottles of wine, non-perishable stuff
* Flint scratches his head awkwardly
* Kazi gives Flint a big hug
Flint: ack!
DM: Flint is handed a pipe and a bag of pipeweed as well
Kazi: (( after Ashling, of course ))
Flint: you're squishing me!
* Kazi then goes on to give him a big kiss on the cheek
Kazi: (( a bit teary eyed ))
* Flint blushes
Kazi: Crap
Flint: is that a good gong, or a bad gong?
Feliks: Places, everyone!
Kazi: I don't think any gong is a good gong
Lawspeaker Doru: All bad gongs. Hide.
Feliks: we need to get those Amarethi horses out of here
* Lawspeaker Doru gestures for you to go into a house, then points out the trapdoor into the hidey-room
Ashling: (( is there a barn to hustle the horses into? ))
DM: The stableboys are already working on that
Feliks: ok
Feliks: Kazi? After you.
* Kazi grabs Feliks hand
DM: And the arch is quickly removed. Seems these villagers have done this routine a time or ten
Kazi: Of course
DM: After about two minutes though, a shout of CLEAR is heard
Kazi: which house?
* Ashling runs to help the stableboys.
DM: ((in Sclavini))
Kazi: (( is Feliks hiding Kazi by being on top of her? lol ))
Feliks: (( i can't get off of Kazi. ))
Feliks: (( sorry ))
Feliks: (( thx ))
Kazi: (( np ))
Mayor Jan: It's okay, it's just some scouts returning. Unfortunatly, the alarm can't distinguish between friends and foes
Feliks: Nice flowers
Kazi: I think some of these are fitting for you too
* Flint enjoys himself a smoke.
* Kazi indicates red ones
Feliks: really? why?
* Kazi looks innocent
Kazi: Oh, just a personality trait we share, is all
* Kazi winks
* Flint sits down on top of a barrell near Ashling
Lawspeaker Doru: It's okay, you are all safe. It is just the scout. He may have information you would be interested in
Kazi: Oh?
Flint: suppose we should give them some time to savor it...
Feliks: It's like we're from 2 different countries, or something
Ashling: Oh, what? Is there not soldiers coming?
* Kazi nods solemnly
Kazi: Something like that
Flint: it's all clear. *blows a smoke ring*
DM: A lone man comes riding into the village
Feliks: Anyway, not that we'll have time for farming, but I did ensure us a weed-free year, if we do.
* Ashling relaxes with a sigh.
Feliks: (( bragging ))
Kazi: Actually, Feliks, you ensured us a son within a year
* Kazi glares at him
Feliks: wha?
Kazi: Let's just hope that the Fadeykan custom wins out
Kazi: For once
Flint: (what's the DEX penalty when you're preggers?)
* Kazi pouts
Feliks: we just, need to avoid the hot springs, i thought, if we don't want.
Feliks: really?
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: Well, you get to win sometimes
Scout: The Amareth sent in some reinforcements, but the hobgoblins took care of them. They now are a little better armed, but the hobgoblins found something disturbing.
Kazi: What's that?
* Scout gives a package to Mayor Jan
Feliks: You know, if we have 7 sons, how awesome that would be?
Kazi: We don't have to start right this instant, do we?
Mayor Jan: Kazi, Feliks, would your gnome friend know anything about these?
* Mayor Jan indicates a package full of what appear to be charges.
Kazi: Flint? Can you come take a look at this?
* Flint comes over, blowing smoke rings.
Feliks: Where'd I put my pipe?
DM: The package contains a dozen high-quality, quite powerful charges, similar to what you used to blow up the door in the cave.
Flint: hey! satchel charges! where in the world did you find these?
* Ashling follows.
Flint: (checks to see if he knows who made them)
Scout: (in common) on some Amareth reinforcements
* Flint describes to the Scout what they do
DM: ((the maker's mark is an outfit from Talin, not Shieldmeet))
Flint: they're gnome-made, but not work I'm familiar with.
Mayor Jan: Flint, how much damage would one of these do, and do you have any idea what the Amareth could use them fore?
Flint: a single one of these could destroy one of your homes if placed by a skilled engineer.
* Kazi frowns
Flint: and you have .... well, at least 12 here.
Kazi: What's around here that's strategically significant?
Kazi: (( that should have been OOC ))
Feliks: should you be smoking near them?
Mayor Jan: Quite obviously, a problem. How do you destroy these without, you know, destroying everything?
Flint: I'll gladly take them off your hands and put them to better use, if you don'tmind
Flint: it's a waste to destroy them.
Flint: relax Feilks, I'm a PROFESSIONAL.
Kazi: Flint will put them to good use, and he can handle them safely
Kazi: I think
Feliks: How far away should I be to light my pipe?
Flint: but it appears your enemies are using bombs now. i woner what they would need them for.
Flint: they can cut through solid stone if enough is used.
* Kazi frowns
Mayor Jan: (In Sclavini) could he put them to use taking out the Sclavini at the fort?
Mayor Jan: er...Amareth at the fort
Kazi: (In Sclavini) Yes
Mayor Jan: Take them with you then. I don't want them in this village
Feliks: THat was Sclavini for Yes, flint
Flint: it's fine, Feliks, the wicks are covered. just don't spill ashes on it, or anything
Flint: Will do!
Kazi: And these could be put to equally devesating use to destroy bridges, dams, cause avalanches, weaken fortifications... I think you get the picture
Lawspeaker Doru: Let us hope these are the first they've brought in
* Kazi is looking more and more troubled
Feliks: Dance?
Kazi: Jan, word needs to be sent to the Family
Mayor Jan: Consider it done. Miro here was going to take a report, and you can add whatever missives you wish.
* Mayor Jan indicates the scout
Ashling: (( is this in Sclavini? ))
DM: afk briefly
DM: ((Common))
Ashling: (( you can add a wedding announcement! ))
* Flint looks over the package's contents one more time, then wraps everything up safely.
Kazi: (( oh yes, that will go over well ))
Flint: Search: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 3 + 2 = 5 »
Feliks: you dropped one, Flint
Flint: wha? hey!
Feliks: right, right there. LEft foot
Flint: *packs up the charges* these are very expensive.
Kazi: And very dangerous
Kazi: I am worried
Flint: Don't worry Kazi, we can put them to good use!
Kazi: My people are in a lot of trouble here
Feliks: And you still owe me a dance
* Kazi will happily oblige
Feliks: Or shall I have to dance with Ash?
Feliks: Oh thank goodness
Flint: It might be for anything, maybe they're excavating, looking for the same stuff we're ............ (trails off when they go to dance)
Flint: oh, bother...
Ashling: Hey now, I am a fine dancer! (teasing)
DM: ((back))
Feliks: But the glares from Kazi might kill me.
Kazi: Hey! I am happy to allow you a few dances with ladies other than me!
Feliks: Even the first?
Kazi: No
* Kazi glares
Flint: I'll have you know I'm a fine dancer! But I didn't bring my stilts...
Feliks: Ow!
DM: The scout will await whatever note Kazi wants to add, but won't conceal his impatience to be off
Feliks: see?
* Kazi will dance her first wedding dance with her husband, then will write the note so that the scout can be off
Feliks: (( I knew I should have put a rank or three in Perform: Dance ))
Kazi: (( me too ))
* Scout is off
* Ashling will try to get Quickblades to dance in later dances.
DM: ((QB still having connection issues))
DM: The party settles down around noon.
DM: The horses can be prepped for you, and the blacksmith will inquire if you need a wagon. Or they will provide a hiding spot for anything you wish to leave behind in a safe-ish location
Ashling: How much farther is it to our destination?
DM: ((about a 4 day ride))
Kazi: We should probably not haul a bunch of swag with us, and some of this is not rightfully ours, and I happen to know rightfully who some of it belongs to
DM: ((to the next village, anyway))
* Kazi looks quite angry again
* Feliks pinches her
Feliks: Happy!
* Kazi squeaks
Ashling: Yes, let the anger go, at least until tomorrow.
Feliks: See? Ash knows a wedding when she ses one!
* Kazi smiles ruefully
Feliks: (( sees ))
Kazi: You are both right, of course
Ashling: That's right! This is your day!
DM: The villagers will let you know you are welcome to spend another day here.
Kazi: (( four days to Olathe? ))
DM: ((yep))
Kazi: (( Suppose we could head out at dawn the next day, hangovers and all ))
Ashling: (( yeah, party on! ))
Feliks: we shouldn't put too much of a strain on them, in case of the gong, but it's up to you, Kaz.
Kazi: We can press on, if you feel it's wiser
DM: It is still early in the day, you could make good headway
Feliks: Either way. We met on the road, we can be married on the road, too.
* Kazi grins
Flint: i thought the getting married thing was just a ruse? what made you change your mind?
Feliks: Rather appropriate, when you think about it
Kazi: Indeed!
* Ashling hopes this doesn't mean they will be drinking on horseback.
* Feliks isn't drinking until we ride or stay.
Feliks: (( and if we stay, he's drinking ))
Kazi: I just need to write a quick letter that I hope Jan can deliver for me
Mayor Jan: Of course
Kazi: In any case
Kazi: So what's the vote?
Ashling: Vote? It's up to you two. Your day, after all.
Feliks: I want to party, and I want to continue.
Feliks: but not both
* Kazi laughs
Ashling: You could let fate decide: flip a coin.
Kazi: Ah yes!
DM: ((evens go, odds stay?))
Ashling: pssst, I tried to get you to dance with me at the wedding.
Feliks: every boy's dream!
Feliks: she was probably successful
Quickblades: That she was
Quickblades: I'm quite a dancer.
Quickblades: at least among my people.
Feliks: do you have ranks?
Ashling: Sweet!
Quickblades: no
Quickblades: but I am coordinated.
Feliks: i am sadly lacking in ranks.
Ashling: who needs ranks when you have CHA
* Feliks does a handstand.
Feliks: Yay!
DM: yay
DM: you lot converse among yourselves for a few while I redraw the next map. I am assuming you are all going to Olathe?
* Kazi is saving Kazi with no light
Feliks: (( thank the gods ))
Kazi: (( what? I see further than you non seeing in the dark people in dungeons ))
Feliks: someone still has a light on
Quickblades: sorry, that was me
Feliks: i just found it on you when I became visible again
Quickblades: so our tokens work now I guess...
Flint: campaign files pre-b33 aren't compatible anymore
Kazi: of course not
Ashling: that is lame
Quickblades: sorry everybody.
Feliks: we don't like you QB. Not anymore
Kazi: lol
* Kazi punches Feliks in the arm
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+4 Dexterity => 2 + 4 = 6
Feliks: bad dancer
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+3 Charisma => 10 + 3 = 13
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 CHA => 20 + 4 = 24
Feliks: but slightly charming despite it.
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+2 DEX => 15 + 2 = 17
Kazi: Kazi is both graceful and charming
Feliks: (( Kazi covers for me ))
Kazi: VERY charming
Kazi: lol
* Ashling twirls.
Ashling: Dance « 1d20+6 7 + 6 = 13 »
Kazi: (( we'll chalk it up to Feliks' being slightly nervous ))
DM: okay
* Quickblades dances with Ashling « 1d20+3 6 + 3 = 9 »
DM: ((so, party or spend night?))
* Quickblades votes to party
* Ashling asks if there is anything besides vodka to drink.
DM: Spiced wine
Ashling: Oh good!
DM: and a dark, sort of savory tea, if you want something nonalcoholic
Kazi: (( what's this, did Kazi ACTUALLY make a FORT save against DRUNKENESS? ))
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+7 Perform Carnival Stunt => 4 + 7 = 11
DM: ((well, that was only vs the first glass))
Feliks: I'm off, today
DM: Everyone wakes up in the morning without hangovers.
Kazi: (( wedding jitters? ))
Feliks: (( i guess so ))
DM: Moving on at dawn?
Kazi: sounds good
* Kazi will have written a fat note, sealed it, and asked Jan to send it by next available courier
DM: He will
* Feliks does a handstand.
* Quickblades does a jig
* Kazi does a flip
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 Tumble => 16 + 4 = 20
Kazi: (( wow, actually rolling well? ))
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 3 + 17 = 20
Feliks: lol
Kazi: lol
Feliks: (( lol ))
Quickblades: I don't have tumble
Feliks: everyonecan try
Quickblades: « 1d20+3 20 + 3 = 23 »
Feliks: see?
Feliks: see?
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+2 Tumble => 9 + 2 = 11
Ashling: (( limp cartwheel ))
Kazi: We'll make performers out of you lot, yet!
Ashling: my perform would be better
* Kazi claps her hands enthusiastically
Feliks: Get your whip, Kazi
Kazi: (( not the same as tumble, though ))
* Kazi happily obliges
Kazi: Who wants to volunteer?
* Kazi cracks whip a few times
Feliks: And get these folks into shape!
* Kazi laughs delightedly
Ashling: I like my shape as is, thanks.
* Kazi uses the performance whip, not the mean old spikey whip-dagger
Feliks: If i wasn't married I'd have had a great line there
* Kazi rolls her eyes
* Kazi flicks him lightly with the whip
DM: Alrighty, the next 3 days pass by uneventfully on the road. The third night it rains heavily.
DM: And in the morning, you find yourselves here
DM: on the road
Feliks: we're on horse, then?
DM: yes
Feliks: ok
DM: And you find a corpse lying in the road
Feliks: gah!
Kazi: Oh, what's this?
DM: Sclavini man, looks like a farmer, probably been dead about 3 days judging by the rot
Ashling: (( obvious wounds? ))
DM: His arm is quite obviously broken and his clothes are pretty torn up, other than that, you don't see anything
* Kazi will cautiously approach
DM: He also has no shoes on, and unless you are sorely mistaken, his clothing appears to be what you'd expect him to have for pajamas
Feliks: (( plains or forest? ))
Kazi: Well, so, Feliks, I suppose we ought to give him the proper rights
* Kazi frowns
DM: forest. Actually fairly heavy forest. Only about 20' of unobstructed vision on each side of the road
Flint: (( are there any houses or signs of settlement nearby? ))
Ashling: I wonder what killed him...
Feliks: then rapier at the ready instead of bow
* Kazi is feeling a bit uncomfortable about the situation
DM: You'd guess you are still an hour from the village. The rain is a light drizzle now
Ashling: (( heal check to look for source of death? ))
DM: ((okay))
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+6 Heal => 5 + 6 = 11
Ashling: (( uh, not with that roll ))
* Quickblades checks his weapons, making sure he can draw them faster than a breath.
Feliks: on foot
Ashling: Hm...
* Kazi will prepare to perform last rights
Kazi: rites*
Kazi: (( damn my typing ))
* Ashling stands solemnly.
DM: There is an area where you can place the corpse and bury it quickly
Flint: Quickblades! Hole! *snaps fingers, points to ground*
DM: Rocks fall. Flint dies
Quickblades: Um...
Quickblades: you are way closer to the ground.
* Kazi does the proper Sclavini ceremony, places the coppers on the eyes, that sort of thing
Quickblades: I bet you can move more dirt than I can because of that.
DM: The rain actually makes burying the corpse easy
Flint: clever logic, but I know better
* Ashling starts digging.
Kazi: (( btw Quickblades, we found you a rather nifty magic wakazashi, as I recall ))
Flint: (it was a 2 sword set)
Quickblades: cool
DM: ((Ah yes, do you guys show QB that katana / wakazashi set with the glowy properties?))
Quickblades: a Daisho set
Kazi: yes
DM: ((thank you, forgot how to spell it))
Kazi: (( We did, before the wedding hustle/bustle ))
* Quickblades was a bit apprehensive about even touching it.
Flint: (yep, we present you with a fancy box with both swords)
Flint: (there was some Dwarvish aspect to them)
DM: Inside the box is a katana and wakizashi set, with blue-wrapped white hilts and cloudy-blue scabbards. The katana is glowing magic
Quickblades: Thank you so much. I hope that someday I can demonstrate that I have earned them through my valor and loyalty...
Quickblades: Speaking of which...
Feliks: we should be point, Kaz.
* Quickblades will have taken them after being urged.
Kazi: Sure thing
* Ashling is covered with mud after digging the grave.
Quickblades: I suppose I can return those that I won from the Shogun's inept offspring.
* Kazi is probably muddy too, after performing the ritual
DM: ((QB, do you attempt to draw the katana from the sheath?))
Quickblades: I will have to do so secretly, and in a clever place.
* Kazi will urge QB to take the fine blades
* Kazi will be quite insistent
* Quickblades takes them
Quickblades: and with great care replaces his older blades.
DM: You can tell almost instantly they are dwarven craft by the marks on the scabbards
Kazi: I believe you to be quite the bastion of loyalty and honor, my friend.
Quickblades: But to whom am I loyal?
Quickblades: I have never sworn to a Shogun...
Kazi: And is that the measure of loyalty?
Quickblades: My rank as a Samauri derives exclusively form having bested one of them...
Quickblades: Well, it is more challenging to measure loyalty if you have not sworn to be loyal to anyone.
Quickblades: I suppose there is my clan.
Quickblades: But I have yet to return to them...
Flint: How about, loyalty to Kazi!
* Kazi laughs
Quickblades: Hmmm.
Flint: Or, lolayty to your friends!
Quickblades: I think I will remain loyal to myself for a bit longer...
Kazi: Or, well, loyalty to your friends, yes
Quickblades: and to my companions.
Quickblades: be they friends or no.
Feliks: (( afk, brb ))
Quickblades: I will have to ponder this...
Ashling: Though you were nowhere to be found when I needed you to come to the grove with me. (teasing)
DM: QB, the katana makes a strange sort of sound, almost like an electric hum. It lasts for about five seconds, then fades away.
Quickblades: Because I can only pick one group to devote my loyalty...
Kazi: Is that true, Quickblades?
Quickblades: Too true Ashling.
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Kazi: Can you be loyal to only one group solely?
Quickblades: Well, if I am loyal to more than one person, then I can get locked into a sort of paradox of action...
Quickblades: A group is dangerous enough.
Flint: is it true that samurai cannot run from a reasonable challenge? I heard that once.
Quickblades: And while I like all of you well enough, I do not think it wise to lock myself to one of you indefinately.
Kazi: Oh, I don't think any of us are asking that, my friend
Quickblades: It is true, it is also true of my people, ironiclly
Kazi: I don't believe you know any of us well enough to make that commitment
Ashling: What about your employer, then, Aben?
Kazi: And I would not ask that of you
Quickblades: Well, for now, I shall pledge myself to Ashling, until I see her safely home, or until she becomes deranged or evil.
Feliks: (( back ))
* Ashling starts.
Kazi: Well, you might be too late for the deranged part
* Kazi giggles
DM: ((so, for the next ten minutes))
Flint: hee hee! he's all yours Ashling! *guffaws*
Ashling: Wh-what? Me?
Flint: you're stuck with him!
Flint: baaaa hahah!
Quickblades: (to Ashling) I'll give you notice if I feel you have strayed too far for me to follow...
Kazi: Awww, how sweet!
Feliks: Ashling and QB, sitting in a tree!
Ashling: Oh, well... (at a loss)
Quickblades: I like what you and your Druids are working for.
* Kazi elbows Feliks
Feliks: a very BIG tree for QB
* Kazi giggles
Ashling: Right now we are all working for the same thing here.
Kazi: It's getting rather damp out here
Quickblades: True, but I feel that your trajectory will be favorable for longer...
* Kazi wrings out her hair
Ashling: Shall I give you a token, then?
* Ashling offers Quickblades one of her necklaces.
Quickblades: If that is your custom.
* Quickblades takes it.
Quickblades: thank you.
Ashling: Thank you as well.
* Kazi smiles in delight and elbows Feliks again
* Quickblades takes a deep breath.
DM: The rain is lightening up just a tad
* Feliks whispers in Kazi's ear.
Quickblades: Ah, a nice bit of weather this! Just like those little storms that get caught up on the mountains.
* Kazi giggles
* Kazi whispers something back
* Kazi wrings out her hair again and frowns
Ashling: Perhaps we should be moving on?
DM: Travelling on, you come to....a humongous river.
Kazi: Yeah, it's typical, so good to be home
Quickblades: I can even hear the childern giggling at some game they have devized (cheerfully sarcastic)
DM: There is supposed to be a creek here, about 10' wide and 2' deep.
DM: There is also supposed to be a village here.
Feliks: In Fadeyka, we put bridges over rivers.
Feliks: or ferries
* Kazi gives Feliks a sour look
Ashling: (( and there are ruined buildings instead? or nada? ))
DM: The river is running fast, and there is a lot of debris. Including what appears to be part of the roof of a house, snagged on a tree.
Quickblades: The difference with the rain down here is that you lowlanders can just stand still and the rain will move past you. In the mountains it is you that has to pass the clouds...
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature => 6 + 8 = 14
Feliks: Great Fangs of Greywolf!
Ashling: (( flooding? ))
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+2 Intelligence => 16 + 2 = 18
Flint: um, was there a Dam up this river, by any chance? because if there was, it's gone now
Ashling: Oh my...
Ashling: There was a huge flood through here...
Kazi: You don't say?
Feliks: Boom bags?
* Flint eyes the satchel charges in his pony's saddlebags....
Flint: it's possible.
Kazi: There was a dam upriver at one point, yes
Feliks: Upstream is that way (points left) if we want to look
Flint: Kazi, are you serious!
Flint: then we need to go there!
Kazi: Flint, my dear, I would not joke about this
* Kazi looks grim
Flint: no, I'm serious too!
Feliks: do we leave the horses, or can we get them there?
DM: you can take the horses easily. The village was situated in a small valley
* Kazi relates this information
Kazi: Let's go
* Flint follows closely
* Quickblades is zoomed too far away to accurately tag his own token.
Kazi: (( double click on it in the map explorer ))
DM: ((Listen checks?))
* Feliks rolls: 1d20-1 Listen => 8 - 1 = 7
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 15
Flint: listen: « 1d20+10 5 + 10 = 15 »
Ashling: (( forest? ))
Feliks: (( thought I had that rgm ))
DM: Heavy forest
Kazi: (( I don't think Listen does ))
Feliks: (( oh ))
Ashling: Something growling...
* Ashling points ahead.
Kazi: Hmmmm
Feliks: (( still heavy woods? ))
Kazi: What is this?
DM: yep
DM: Sounded like a kid screaming
DM: initiative
Feliks: dismount and doubletime up
Kazi: Initiative: « 1d20+2 13 + 2 = 15 »
Ashling: Initiative: « 1d20+2 11 + 2 = 13 »
Feliks: Initiative: « 1d20+5 16 + 5 = 21 »
Flint: Initiative: « 1d20+3 4 + 3 = 7 »
DM: « 1d20+3 15 + 3 = 18 »
DM: « 1d20+2 10 + 2 = 12 »
Quickblades: Initiative: « 1d20+3 16 + 3 = 19 »
DM: Feliks, Quickblades, Thing, Kazi, Ashling, Other Thing, Flint
DM: Feliks, your go
Feliks: dismount
Feliks: entering Blood in the Water stance: +1 to hit and damage for each critical hit. Bonuses stack, and last 10 rds.
Quickblades: Those are some monsterous question marks...
DM: ((turn token names on))
Feliks: i guess done
DM: Quickblades
Feliks: drawing rapier
Feliks: (( sorry ))
* Quickblades draws his new pair of blades, trusting that the magic held with is good.
DM: ((when you draw the katana, lightning seems to flash across the blade))
* Quickblades moves forward at an unhurried pace.
Quickblades: ((done))
DM: Thing takes it's action, Kazi then Ashling
DM: Quickblades and Feliks, though the trees you can make out a bunch of wolves trying to get at something inside some rocks
Feliks: wolves!
Kazi: hmmm
Ovidiu: ((in Sclavini)) Ioan it's getting in!
Kazi: (( am I up? ))
DM: yep
DM: Kazi, then Ashling
* Kazi starts casting, is surrounded by a brilliant golden light
Kazi: done
DM: Ashling, Other Thing, Flint
DM: Ashling and Kazi can see the wolves and the rocks now
Ashling: (checking a spell)
Flint: (can't double move n cast anyhow)
DM: The wolves continue trying to get into the rocks, and one yelps loudly
DM: Flint, Feliks, Quickblades, Thing, Kazi, Ashling, Other Thing, Flint
Ashling: This is strange...
* Ashling casts speak with animal.
* Flint tries to catch up with his companions...
Feliks: (( will the terrain allow full run movement? 4x? ))
Flint: (done)
Ashling: (on horse, with move 60)
DM: ((yes, you can))
Flint: (in that case, I think most of us would have used a Run action)
Ashling: (to the wolves) What are you doing here?
Feliks: HYAAUGH!
Ashling: (done)
Feliks: done
* Kazi mutters to self, goodness gracious, that man
Feliks: (( AC -2 for the run? ))
DM: ((I don't know))
DM: Quickblades
Flint: (no, you lose your Dex bonus)
Feliks: (( ah, -4 then ))
Feliks: *in Sclavini* Occupiers!
* Quickblades sprints to close the distance...
Ioan: ((in Sclavini)) HELP!
Quickblades: ((done))
Quickblades: I don't understand your words man, but I think I see your meaning.
Jerath: There are more around the back!
DM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 9 + 3 = 12 » at Feliks for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
DM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 14 + 3 = 17 » at Feliks for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Feliks: 1 hit
DM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 19 + 3 = 22 » at QB for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
DM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 17 + 3 = 20 » at QB for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Quickblades: 2 hit
DM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 14 + 3 = 17 » at Jerath for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
DM: 1 hit
DM: The rest of the pack keeps snarling and trying to get into the rocks, but can't seem to get past
DM: Kazi then Ashling
DM: ((and yes, you can see the wolves attacking the boys))
* Kazi will move her horse closer, holding onto the spell, she is surrounded by a glowing nimbus of light, out to 30' radius
Quickblades: Ashling, could you be a treat and call these big puppies off?
Kazi: done
DM: Ashling, Jerath/others, Flint
Ashling: They're ignoring me.
Feliks: (( did the water just disappear for everyone else? ))
Quickblades: (( Kazi, if you could take care of those giant question marks with your elderich powers??? ))
Ashling: (cast detect magic and look at wolves)
Quickblades: (( yea, a chunk of the water vanished... ))
Ashling: (done)
Kazi: (( which giant q marks? ))
Quickblades: (( to the south and west of us, assuming the top of the screen is north.. ))
Feliks: (( those are trees? ))
Kazi: (( I think yes ))
Kazi: (( I am holding a different spell right now though ))
Jerath: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 8 + 6 = 14 » longsword swing for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 » against wolf 6
Dumitra: « 1d20+0 ⇒ 2 + 0 = 2 » sling for « 1d4 ⇒ 1 » at wolf 4
DM: Flint
DM: then Feliks
* Flint runs to catch up.
Flint: (done)
DM: Feliks then Quickblades
Feliks: *sclavini*take care, Kazi, I'm moving in!
Feliks: *Bampf!* Teleports 50 ft to an area he has LoS and LoE to.
Feliks: done
Dumitra: ((in Sclavini)) AHH! Evil spirit! Don't let it get the baby!
Feliks: curse you! I am no spirit!
Kazi: (in Sclavini) Dammit, man, leave me with the wolves?
Ioan: (in Sclavini) Leave my sister alone!
* Ioan waves a short sword at Feliks
* Jerath spares a glance for Feliks, then continues focusing on the wolves
DM: Quickblades, then Jerath/Kids
* Quickblades trys out his new edges...
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + 1 = 21 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 4 + 4 + 1 = 9 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 3 + 5 + 0 = 8 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + 0 = 7 »
DM: Whichever wolf you hit with the katana yelps
Quickblades: ((done))
Jerath: ((In common)) I seriously hope you are here to help
Quickblades: Hey, you got any healing potions anybody?
Jerath: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 11 + 6 = 17 » at wolf « 1d8+2 ⇒ 1 + 2 = 3 »
Kazi: (( who's hurt? ))
Dumitra: « 1d20 ⇒ 14 » sling at wolf 4 « 1d4 ⇒ 3 »
* Wolf 4 yelps
Ioan: ((Sclavini)) Good shot!
DM: Kazi then Ashling
Kazi: (( let me look up the spell quick ))
* Kazi coalesces the energy from the nimbus of light around her and flings it at Wolf 1
Kazi: Ranged touch attack « 1d20+4+1 ⇒ 18 + 4 + 1 = 23 »
DM: hit
Kazi: damage « 1d8+1+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 » (adding Point Blank)
Wolf 1: yipe!
Kazi: done
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature => 1 + 8 = 9
Quickblades: I'm hurt. Not so bad that these wolves will kill me, but bad enough that I will need some rest after we dispach them.
Ashling: (( damn ))
Kazi: I can heal you
DM: ((no worries. These are harmless kittens))
DM: Ashling, then wolves
DM: Then Flint
Ashling: Magic Missile: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
Kazi: (( provided I don't run out of spells ))
Ashling: wolf 1
Wolf 1: Yipe!
Ashling: They're magical, but that's all I can tell so far!
Ashling: (done)
Wolf 1: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 13 + 3 = 16 » at Kazi for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
Wolf 3: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 11 + 3 = 14 » at Ashling for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
Kazi: ouch
Kazi: dammit
Wolf 7: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 4 + 3 = 7 » at QB for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Ashling: owie
Wolf 8: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 1 + 3 = 4 » at QB for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Wolf 9: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 11 + 3 = 14 » at Feliks for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Wolf 5: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 3 + 3 = 6 » at Jerath for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Wolf 2: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 13 + 3 = 16 » at Jerath for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
* Wolf 4 continues to try and claw it's way over the rocks
DM: Flint, then Feliks
* Quickblades laughs boldy at the puppy-kitten-wolves feeble attempts to damage him.
* Flint lets a shot ring out at Wolf 1 (near Kazi)
Flint: Musket (w/ precise & point-blank) « 1d20+8 ⇒ 13 + 8 = 21 »
DM: hit
Flint: « 1d10+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
Flint: (moves forward, done)
Kazi: Thanks, Flint!
DM: Feliks, then Quickblades
Feliks: *sclavini* Children! Who is this man?
Feliks: standard attack on wolf, to recover Shadow Jaunt
Ioan: (In Sclavini) He's protecting us!
Feliks: wolf 9
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 17 + 8 + 0 = 25 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 2 + 2 + 0 = 4 »
Ioan: (in Sclavini) Don't hurt him!
Feliks: When this is over…
DM: ((in common))
DM: ?
Feliks: you have some talking to do, Amareth.
Jerath: I'm sure I do
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 3
Kazi: shit
DM: Quickblades, NPCs, then Kazi
* Quickblades trys to give his new edges a bit more of a bite into the blood of his foes
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 18 + 5 + -1 = 22 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 4 + 3 = 8 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 18 + 5 + -1 = 22 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 4 + 2 + 3 = 9 »
DM: ((You can finish off 8 and deal some damage to 7))
Quickblades: (( (the second one should be -1 to both attack and damage...) ))
Quickblades: ((done))
Jerath: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 14 + 6 = 20 » at wolf 5 « 1d6+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Dumitra: « 1d20 ⇒ 16 » « 1d4 ⇒ 3 » at wolf 4
DM: Kazi, then Ashling
* Kazi starts to call upon the Eldritch energies
Kazi: On Wolf 3
Kazi: Eldritch Blast (Ranged touch) « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 19 + 4 + 1 = 24 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Kazi: then move
Wolf 3: YIPE!
Kazi: done
DM: Ashling, then wolves, then Flint
Ashling: Trista attacks!
DM: ((go Trista!))
Ashling: bite « 1d20+2 ⇒ 19 + 2 = 21 »
DM: ((hit, possible crit?))
Ashling: damage « 1d3+2 ⇒ 3 + 2 = 5 »
Ashling: I'm sure it's only crit on 20
DM: k
Ashling: hoof 1 « 1d20+1 ⇒ 10 + 1 = 11 »
DM: ((miss))
Ashling: hoof 2 « 1d20+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
DM: « 1d4 ⇒ 3 »
DM: ((miss))
Ashling: back up
Ashling: Magic Missile: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Ashling: on wolf 3
Ashling: (done)
DM: QB, Feliks, and Jerath can all make AoOs
DM: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 13 + 6 = 19 » « 1d6+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 16 + 8 + 0 = 24 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 4 + 2 + 0 = 6 »
Dumitra: Jerath! Nedelcu!
Kazi: (( out of init? ))
DM: ((sure))
* Kazi will dismount and head over to Feliks
Jerath: Can explanations wait? The creature that set the wolves upon us took one of the children with her.
Kazi: What creature?
Feliks: let's go
Jerath: A woman. Haggard
Kazi: ok
Kazi: where did she head?
* Jerath points in the direction the wolves went
Jerath: Can someone stay with these children? I promised their mother I would see to their safety
Feliks: can you track?
Ashling: I can stay and collect loose horses also.
Jerath: No. But in the mud, the trail isn't hard to follow
Kazi: Let's move then
Jerath: Ioan can track, but it's too dangerous for him
Feliks: let's move.
DM: ((actually, let's call a halt here, cause I got to be up teh early tomorrow))
Kazi: sounds good
DM: ((some dramatic tension and all that shit ))
Kazi: (( cliffhanger, dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn ))
Quickblades: Hey, it's midnight over here.
Quickblades: I have to roll
DM: alrighty then. Night night time it is
Quickblades: sorry for taking so long to join, and causing the ruckus.
Feliks: glad you could make it, despite the issues
Kazi: yes, good to see you!
DM: No worries. Means you guys don't get killed until next week
Quickblades: they dudes said that the next dev build will be out in 2 weeks or so...
DM: okay
Quickblades: I don't know if I will be able to make it next week.
Quickblades: er...
Quickblades: wait, I definately will be able to make it next week.
Quickblades: I think
Ashling: oh teh noes!
DM: If we need a little bit later start time too, we can do that
Quickblades: I can't do the 3rd wednesday of any month.
DM: okay
Quickblades: I'll try to keep the others open...
DM: I got to go to bed. Naggy husband
DM: night all
Ashling: night!
Feliks: g'night
Kazi: night!
Flint: good night
DM has disconnected.
Quickblades: night
Quickblades has disconnected.
You have disconnected.
Feliks has disconnected.