Chris has connected.
Eric has connected.
Kazimiera: yo
Tanya has connected.
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Kazimiera: You will deal with my long name ;0
Ashling: er, am I going to have to do the im Ashling every time I want her to say something?
Kazimiera: ack
Chris: no
Ashling: oh, no I just have this big box at the bottom of the chat window
Chris: it's a one time command
Chris: until you /im again
Ashling: ah...
Kazimiera: (( how does she turn off her token in her talkie? ))
Chris: there is a preference to turn it off
Lalinlor Loth: I made it
Ashling: what, you don't like seeing my beautiful face everytime I say aomething?
Kazimiera: Hello Lalinlor
Chris: I kind of like the Avatars in the chat box
Kazimiera: um, of course I do
Ashling: something*
Feliks: Lalinlor!
* Kazimiera does not like it
Chris: you can turn it off in prefs
Chris: if you don't like it
Kazimiera: I did
Kazimiera: It's still showing up
Feliks: * in sclavini * what up my Sclavini crew?
Feliks: it's an individual preference, looks like
Ashling: I tried to set it no avatars in chat
Kazimiera: Feliks has a damned question mark next to his name
Kazimiera: very mysterious
Chris: oh, I think the player has to turn it off
Chris: for his own avatar
Kazimiera: YES
Ashling: I think the avatars take up too much space in the chat box
Feliks: i am mystery personified
Kazimiera: I am RAGE personified
Chris: well, ciomplain to MapTool
Ashling: well, we just need everyone to turn it off
Chris: fine with me
Feliks: poop on token weirdness
* Kazimiera blows kisses at Feliks
Flint: testing
Flint: no avatar for me
* Kazimiera blows kisses at Flint
* Feliks punches Flint right in the face
* Kazimiera frowns sternly at Feliks
Kazimiera: Be nice, dear
* Feliks is oblivious.
* Kazimiera punches Feliks in the arm
* Feliks flashes a winning grin. Ladies in the area swoon.
* Kazimiera is immune
GM has connected.
* Ashling rolls her eyes.
GM: I be loaded
Chris: GM, can you please delete the Flint token? I don't have permission
GM: you do now
GM: Let's see, when we last left our bold heroes, you were chasing off after a missing child by following a pack of wolves
Kazimiera: and some old lady
Kazimiera: that took off with the kid
GM: One (or more) of you was also staying behind to watch the other children
Kazimiera: (( as a group we had decided that any members of the party NOT present at time of chase shall be babysitting by default. All active members shall give chase ))
GM: So QB is babysitting.
Kazimiera: (( so Paul, QB stay behind, I guess ))
* Flint locks and loads!
Flint: ok, I'm ready!
* Kazimiera is ready
GM: ((GM is taking a moment))
Chris: GM, please give appropriate permissions for the tokens: Ashling, Kazi
Kazimiera: (( I have the powah ))
GM: ((should be done))
Kazimiera: (( I shall now stand by my husband, who appears now to be a centipede ))
Kazimiera: (( oh, now a qmark again ))
GM: ((AND ------ACTION!!!))
Feliks: We move!
Ashling: (( who is still on horseback besides me? ))
Feliks: The tracks lead this way! *points*
Kazimiera: (( not me ))
Feliks: (( not i ))
Ashling: (( oh, maybe just me then ))
Ashling: Flint, you can ride with me if you want.
Jerath: ((whispering)) there, through the trees, a fire
Chris: *pant pant pant*
Flint: *pant pant pant*
Flint: ok!
* Kazimiera is waiting for Feliks
Flint: can't this thing go any faster? we're losing them!
* Ashling asks QB to lift Flint on.
Kazimiera: ((whispers)) what's that?
Jerath: The woman-thing made some sort of shrieking noise when she attacked before. And she has claws.
Feliks: (( wind direction? ))
* Jerath moves forward conciously. You notice he doesn't appear to be wearing armor, and actually seems to be injured.
GM: ((you are downwind))
Ashling: (softly) Let's dismount here, Flint.
GM: ((ignore the moving trees))
* Ashling dismounts.
Kazimiera: (( how badly hurt? ))
Feliks: does that mean the wind is blowing from us to the camp, or the camp to us?
Feliks: (( ooc ))
GM: ((around the half-dead level))
GM: ((camp to you. And it stinks))
GM: ((spot checks))
Feliks: (( are those trees on the top layer? I can't move Feliks ))
Feliks: (( thx ))
Ashling: (whispering) Do you see the girl?
* Jerath obviously sees the girl, as he seems to be focused on her
Kazimiera: (whispering) What, darling?
* Ashling points, "It's a stone circle..."
Jerath: ((whispers to Feliks)) The wolves came back to her.
* Kazimiera peers at what Ash is pointing at
* Wolf 4 sniffs the air before turning his attention back to the woman
Quickblades has connected.
Jerath: ((whispers)) I don't suppose any of you have bows?
Quickblades: Hey all
* Feliks draws his bow
Quickblades: I'm loading grass...
Flint: (whispers) I do...
GM: ((and guarding the children))
Feliks: (( can't Paul guard the kiddos? ))
Ashling: (whispering) I have spells.
Jerath: ((whispers)) Some of the wolves are very close to Nedelcu, we should get them quickly
Kazimiera: (whispers) I've got better than a bow
GM: ((yep, Paul be guarding kids. Everyone else can come with if they want))
* Kazimiera winks
* Feliks offers bow to the Amarethi.
Ashling: (whispers)
Ashling: One moment
* Kazimiera has a bow too, though
* Flint pulls out his "bow"
* Jerath accepts the bow
* Ashling pokes Jerath with a wand: Cure light
Ashling: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Jerath: ((whispers)) thank you
* Feliks draws steel, and gets ready to charge
Ashling: (( er, maybe another of those... ))
Quickblades: (( where are we? ))
Ashling: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Jerath: ((Lalinlor is also kid-guarding))
Jerath: ((whispers)) ready when you are
Feliks: (( southwest ))
Lalinlor Loth: ((OOC)) cause he is so good with children
GM: ((which translates to - roll inititative bitches
Feliks: Initiative: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 17 + 5 = 22 »
Quickblades: Initiative: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 15 + 3 = 18 »
Ashling: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
* Kazimiera creeps into better position, lol
Flint: Initative roll: « 1d20+3+mod ⇒ 11 + 3 + 0 = 14 »
Kazimiera: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 17 + 2 = 19 »
GM: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 11 + 2 = 13 »
GM: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 7 + 3 = 10 »
GM: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 16 + 4 = 20 »
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+1 Dexterity => 8 + 1 = 9
GM: Feliks, Bad guy (after surprise round) Kazi, Quickblades, Flint, Jerath, Wolves (after surprise round), Lalinlor, Ashling
Flint: (( remember, only one action in surprise round ))
Feliks: oh, right
Flint: (( are the rocks difficult terrain? or do we need a climb check to cross them?))
Feliks: done
Feliks: (( Kazi ))
GM: ((rocks are difficult terrain, if you can't see through it, you need to climb it))
Kazimiera: (( OH FFS ))
Kazimiera: (( I move there, done ))
GM: ((GM played with the line of sight tools. Muahahahahahahahahaha *ack, hairball))
Flint: (single move only, Quick)
Kazimiera: Feliks, I think the circle is bad news
Flint: (not double)
GM: ((other than rocks though, terrain is nice and flat))
Quickblades: done
GM: Flint, Jerath, Wolves (after surprise round), Lalinlor, Ashling
Flint: (done)
GM: Lalinlor traumatizes the children.
GM: Ashling, then back to the top
Ashling: on wolf 4: Magic Missile: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Ashling: done
GM: ((since it was already injured, it dies))
Feliks: *Bampf!* Teleports 50 ft to an area he has LoS and LoE to.
Paul has connected.
Feliks: entering Blood in the Water stance: +1 to hit and damage for each critical hit. Bonuses stack, and last 10 rds.
Feliks: done
* Nightwitch snarls at Feliks
* Nightwitch claws « 1d20+8 ⇒ 10 + 8 = 18 » for « 1d6+3 ⇒ 6 + 3 = 9 » and again claws « 1d20+8 ⇒ 13 + 8 = 21 » for « 1d6+3 ⇒ 3 + 3 = 6 » then bites « 1d20+6 ⇒ 13 + 6 = 19 » for « 1d8 ⇒ 5 »
Quickblades: no offense Feliks, but you just put yourself into a fairly deep handicap there.
Nightwitch: (is done)
Kazimiera: Dammit, Feliks
GM: Kazi, time to save your husband
* Feliks was protecting Sclavini kids
* Nedelcu makes cute little whimpering noises
Quickblades: (( Nedelcu isn't some sort of a monster? ))
Quickblades: (( is that the child's name??? ))
* Nedelcu is a 6 year old girl
Ashling: (( is Kazi doing some sort of dance? ))
Feliks: (( that's the kid ))
Kazimiera: (( Maggi is having issues, shut it ))
Kazimiera: on nightwitch
Quickblades: (( Glad to know that now, otherwise I was going to say something like: "QB dashes in and slashe the Nedelcu open" lol ))
Kazimiera: Eldritch Blast (Ranged touch) « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 4 + 0 = 5 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 0 = 9 »
Kazimiera: (( OH FFS ))
Kazimiera: done
GM: « 1d4 ⇒ 2 »
GM: ((you do not blast your husband))
Kazimiera: (( Well, you know, heat of the moment ))
Flint: (nice line, QB!)
Feliks: (( go QB! ))
* Quickblades dashes in and
Quickblades: ((done))
Quickblades: (( unless I can double move AND attack ))
Flint: (it's called a charge)
Quickblades: EAT THIS WHICH!
GM: ((If you managed to draw a straight line without going through a rock, you can attack))
Flint: (he did!)
GM: ((which witch is which?))
Quickblades: (( notice the emphasis on the WH sound ))
* Kazimiera groans
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+7+MOD ⇒ 2 + 7 + 1 = 10 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 4 + 1 = 7 »
Feliks: we suck. Sorry kid
Quickblades: (( I did not add anything for flanking, or the charging... ))
Quickblades: ((done))
Flint: (+4 more)
GM: ((not quite enough))
GM: Flint
* Flint scrambles to join the fight.
Flint: at un-numbered Wolf:
* Flint fires his musket! (Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+7+atk ⇒ 7 + 7 + 0 = 14 »
Damage: «
 1d10+dmg ⇒ 5 + 0 = 5 »
GM: Flint's shot misses the witch and slams into one of the stones, chipping off a large section
Flint: (i shot at wolf, not witch)
Quickblades: (( ap? ))
Flint: unnumbered Wolf
GM: ((well, then you hit))
GM: ((the other injured wolf decides fuck this shit, he's outta here))
* Feliks wonders why the hell he gave the fool Amarethi a bow if he's just going to wander in to watch him die
GM: ((oh, right, you gave him a bow))
* Kazimiera concurs
* Jerath takes a shot at the witch « 1d20+4 ⇒ 19 + 4 = 23 » for « 1d8 ⇒ 8 »
Feliks: (( it's MW, too ))
* Jerath gives the witch an owie
* Wolf bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 17 + 3 = 20 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
* Wolf 6 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 11 + 3 = 14 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
GM: Both at QB
* Feliks coughs up blood and collapses
GM: And then at Feliks
GM: ((hey, I haven't killed you yet))
* Wolf 9 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 5 + 3 = 8 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Quickblades: Did we have time for healings?
* Wolf 10 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 17 + 3 = 20 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Quickblades: (( that was OOC, sorry... ))
* Kazimiera cries out in alarm
Feliks: (( didn't see the QB thing, but I'm just worse off, actually ))
GM: ((Lalinlor would have healed all of you at the other site, so you were all at full HP when charging in))
Feliks: (( ok, so 1 hp, then ))
GM: Ashling, then Feliks
Ashling: Magic Missile at witch: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Ashling: done
GM: Feliks, then witch, then Kazi
Feliks: how tall is the rock by nedelcu?
Feliks: behind
GM: ((a 10 foot obelisk))
Feliks: (( is she free to run? or tied up? ))
GM: ((tied up, but not tied to anything))
Feliks: fighting defensively
Feliks: oh fuck it. not fighting defensively
Feliks: at witch
Flint: (you're flanking her!)
Feliks: Burning Blade Strike: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 17 + 8 + 2 = 27 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + 6 = 13 » Fire: « 1d6+3 ⇒ 4 + 3 = 7 »
Feliks: assuming she's sneak attackable
GM: ((yep))
Feliks: otherwise -that 6
Feliks: done.
* Nightwitch lets out an unearthly shriek (all within 30' must make a DC 13 will save or be stunned for « 1d2 ⇒ 2 » rounds)
GM: ((Kazi, then Quickblades))
* Kazimiera is fucking stunned goddammit to hell
Feliks: * in sclavini * FOR HONOR
Kazimiera: Oh wait
Kazimiera: I am 35' away
Kazimiera: HA HA
GM: ((yes, you are. QB, I need a will save from you))
Quickblades: AP!
GM: go ahead
Quickblades: « 1d6 ⇒ 1 »
Quickblades: DOH!
GM: Kazi, you are up
Kazimiera: k
Kazimiera: (( actually, she 5' steps to there ))
Kazimiera: (( hold on ))
GM: ((holding))
* Nightwitch does the 'probably about to die' dance
Kazimiera: On witch
Kazimiera: Eldritch Blast (Ranged touch) « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 7 + 4 + 1 = 12 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 1 = 10 »
Kazimiera: AP, jic
Kazimiera: AP: « 1d6 ⇒ 5 »
* Nightwitch shrieks in rage, but doesn't go down
GM: Quickblades just kind of stands there, Flint, you are up
Flint: at Wolves (no-number) and 6:
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +1 manifester level, although there is a 5% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 4 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 70 »
Flint: Psi Power: Id Insinuation (4 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): confuses as the spell, up to 2 targets, Will DC 17 negates.
GM: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 20 + 1 = 21 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 14 + 1 = 15 »
* Wolf is confused
* Wolf 6 is not confused
Flint: (done)
* Jerath fires another shot « 1d20+5 ⇒ 13 + 5 = 18 » for « 1d8 ⇒ 2 »
GM: ((this arrow hits the witch, but doesn't actually seem to damage her))
GM: ((Chris, determine wolf's action
Flint: « 1d100 ⇒ 18 »
Flint: Acts normally...
* Wolf 6 attacks QB
* Wolf also attacks QB
* Wolf bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 6 + 3 = 9 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Quickblades: miss
* Wolf 6 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 12 + 3 = 15 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Wolf 9: attacks feliks
* Wolf 9 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 7 + 3 = 10 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
Quickblades: (( do I still get my dex bonus? ))
Feliks: (( dammit, I want those rolls for my wolves ))
* Wolf 10 also attacks Feliks, trying also for a trip
* Wolf 10 bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 11 + 3 = 14 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
Flint: (Stun: lose Dex bonus, plus another -2 AC)
Feliks: (( YES! ))
GM: Ashling, then Feliks
Ashling: cast Summon Nature's Ally
Ashling: done
GM: Feliks, then the witch
Feliks: (( does QB still provide me the flanky bonus? ))
GM: ((I don't believe so))
GM: ((he's kind of impersonating a statue right now))
Flint: (he's helpless, so no)
Feliks: Distracting Ember to provide flanking bonus: « 1d20+10+MOD ⇒ 10 + 10 + 0 = 20 » Damage:« 1d6+1+1d6 ⇒ 6 + 1 + 5 = 12 »
GM: Kazi, then Flint
Feliks: * in ignan * Burn muthafucka! BURN!
Kazimiera: (( apparently my spastic ass needs a mouse ))
Kazimiera: (( is the wolf gonna nip at her? ))
* Wolf bite « 1d20+3 ⇒ 9 + 3 = 12 » for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Kazimiera: doesn't hit
Feliks: (( actually, it doesn't seem to help a lot. I'm having issues, too. ))
Kazimiera: on Feliks
Kazimiera: Cure Light Wounds « 1d8+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
GM: Flint
Flint: this time on Wolves 9 & 10:
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +1 manifester level, although there is a 5% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 4 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 53 »
Flint: Psi Power: Id Insinuation (4 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): confuses as the spell, up to 2 targets, Will DC 17 negates.
GM: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 17 + 1 = 18 »
* Wolf 9 is not confused
Flint: (done)
* Jerath (at wolf 10) « 1d20+5 ⇒ 15 + 5 = 20 » « 1d8 ⇒ 3 »
GM: ((Flint, determine wolfie actions))
Flint: Wolf (no-number: « 1d100 ⇒ 57 »
Flint: Wolf 10: « 1d100 ⇒ 24 »
Flint: no-number Flees from me at top speed
Flint: 10 does nothing.
GM: ((Can finish off wolf 10 at leisure then))
Ashling: Let it go!
Jerath: If that is your wish.
* Flint lowers his hold over the Wolf
* Jerath puts down the bow and moves towards Nedelcu
Flint: ok, I let it go.
* Kazimiera checks on Feliks
Ashling: Thank you.
Quickblades: I feel like a big old wolf-toy...
* Jerath starts untying Nedelcu, who is sobbing
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) You ok?
Ashling: Is the child injured?
Feliks: *spits blood* Yeah. Fine.
* Nedelcu throws her arms around Jerath's neck and hangs on like someone drowning
* Kazimiera raises an eyebrow
Jerath: She looks bruised, and scared, but I think she's okay.
* Feliks winces
Kazimiera: Ash, Feliks may need some help, darling
* Feliks lets off a string of Sclavini curses
Ashling: (the summoned wolfie helps to chase the others away for two rounds...)
Flint: um, what is this thing? (looking at Nightwitch)
* Ashling busts out the wand again.
Ashling: on Feliks: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 »
Ashling: and again on Feliks: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
* Jerath murmurs 'it's okay, it's okay' to Nedelcu
Jerath: Is he alright?
Ashling: (how injured are people now?)
* Flint is uninjured.
Feliks: (( 19/28 ))
GM: ((Nedelcu's bruises are now gone. Jerath is still a little banged up))
Quickblades: (( 15/23 ))
Ashling: on Feliks again: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
Feliks: that's good
* Kazimiera rolls: 1d20+4 Knowledge: Monster Lore => 16 + 4 = 20
Ashling: on QB « 1d8+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 »
Quickblades: thanks.
Ashling: (crud, can Feliks let me out from under him real quick?)
Quickblades: at least those weren't mountain lions, right?
* Feliks cleans blade, and gives a look to Jerath.
Ashling: (thanks...)
Ashling: and on Jerath « 1d8+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Jerath: Thank you Miss....I didn't catch your name.
Kazimiera: Quickblades, can you give me a hand?
* Quickblades look around for someone to share his homesickness with.
Quickblades: sure
Ashling: I am Ashling.
Jerath: I am Jerath.
* Quickblades helps Kazi
* Kazimiera directs him to the big stone
Quickblades: what is it that we are doing again?
Kazimiera: Something under this is radiating magic
Kazimiera: The whole ring is radiating faint magic
* Jerath looks at Feliks
Quickblades: and what is with people asking me for help then pointing to big things to be carried around...
Ashling: We should put out this fire as well.
Jerath: I suppose I need to explain now?
Feliks: let's, uh, step out of the ring?
Feliks: start with the dam.
Kazimiera: That thing (she gestures over her shoulder) is a sort of cannibalistic dark nymph
Flint: spooky!
* Kazimiera glances at Feliks
* Kazimiera crosses her arms
* Kazimiera taps her foot
Feliks: you going to be all right in there, Kaz?
* Quickblades looks for something to get leverage on the boulder.
Jerath: I know nothing about a dam. I was with a group of soldiers headed to join a captain up here. We were attacked in the night by...I think they were hobgoblins. I was the only survivor. I got lost, and wandered around about, and I found the children and their mother.
* Ashling starts digging up earth to put out the fire.
Jerath: I couldn't save their mother. I promised her I'd get them to safety.
* Kazimiera pauses in her magical investigations to listen to the Amarethi
Feliks: What's your rank?
Jerath: You help me keep that promise, and I will swear to obey any order you give save one to betray my comrades until you ransom me back. If you can't take the children to safety, I'm afraid I'll have to resist you arresting me.
Jerath: I don't have one. This is my first mission.
* Kazimiera narrows her eyes
Feliks: We'll take care of the kids.
Feliks: worry not about that
* Jerath nods.
Jerath: Then I am your prisoner.
Kazimiera: Right then
Quickblades: Are we part of an army?
Ashling: How far is it to the next town?
Feliks: but there was a city here.
Kazimiera: We are at war here, Quickblades
Jerath: I know.
Kazimiera: Were you not aware?
* Jerath looks bleak
Quickblades: But that is different than being in an army
Feliks: And now there isn't
Jerath: From what I could tell from the children, it was their home. Their mother was in labor.
Quickblades: The Shogun may feud and war, but the Samauri are not exactly an army...
Jerath: They were going to what I think is the healer (says the Sclavini word for Shrine), and waiting for their father.
Feliks: We'll talk to the others when when we get back to the cave.
* Jerath continues comforting Nedelcu, who has stopped whimpering and is now sucking her thumb
Kazimiera: We Sclavini ARE the army in a time of war, Quickblades
Feliks: We still need to find what happened to the dam
* Kazimiera nods
Quickblades: so what's your rank?
* Kazimiera gets a nervous look
Kazimiera: That's a complicated business
GM: ((Have you dug up the glowing thing yet?))
Ashling: (( fire out by now? ))
Quickblades: I see
* Feliks will take his bow back, by the way.
GM: ((yep, you could pour dirt on it easily. Once the scent of burning incense is gone, you can smell burned flesh))
* Jerath hands it back to you
* Kazimiera wrinkles her nose
Kazimiera: Let's get this thing out?
GM: the smell seems to be coming from behing some of the other rocks, and it smells of charred bone and other foulness
Quickblades: And I do not have a rank. I feel that just trying to do good doesn't mean we are an army, nor belong to one.
* Flint checks the Witch for notable belongings
Kazimiera: I agree, Quickblades
GM: Her armor is hide, and covered with small fetishes and trinkets, a few of which could be valuable.
Kazimiera: This, however, is a war that the Amarethi brought to my home
Quickblades: And we certainly don't have the authority to arrest anybody...
Feliks: You have some honor, though. I'll see that you're treated well.
* Kazimiera gets another look on her face
* Flint takes the armor and submits it to whoever's carrying loot.
* Ashling searches for the source of the burned smell - looking to see if humanoid flesh is the source.
Quickblades: I just wanted to make sure our man Jerath here understands that.
Jerath: I gave him my oath. He charged into battle and nearly died to save a child he didn't know. That's good enough for me.
* Kazimiera sniffs
Kazimiera: The magicky?
* Kazimiera points
GM: It is a spear of white ash wood with a cold iron tip, with several feathers attached. It is covered in druidic markings
Flint: ooooh, that looks interesting...
* Kazimiera hefts it
Flint: wasi t the witch's you think?
* Kazimiera giggles
Kazimiera: Say, Ash
Kazimiera: Lookie!!!
* Quickblades meanders over...
* Kazimiera looks a bit nervous about the cold iron
Ashling: Oh dear...
Kazimiera: It's pretty!
Jerath: I did not get your name either sir.
* Jerath talking to Feliks
Feliks: Feliks
* Kazimiera pricks her finger on the cold iron
Jerath: Can you tell Nedelcu her siblings are okay?
* Kazimiera swears furiously
Ashling: Quickblades, will you help me bury these?
* Feliks reassures the child.
Quickblades: sure.
* Jerath glances at Kazi
Flint: Kazi, the pointy end goes into the BAD GUY.
Kazimiera: Ash, you wanna take this thing?
* Nedelcu continues sucking her thumb
GM: Ashling seems to have found something
* Kazimiera looks at Jerath, raises an eyebrow as she sucks her finger
* Jerath doesn't comment
Jerath: Do we need to bury her?
* Jerath gestures to the witch
* Ashling starts filling in the pit with fresh earth.
Jerath: or burn her, as the case may be?
Kazimiera: What is it with the Amarethi fondness for burning things?
Feliks: (( did we get the Amerthi's name earlier? ))
GM: ((he told Ashling he was Jerath))
Feliks: what's wrong with burning?
* Kazimiera will hold onto spear more carefully until Ashling can take it
Feliks: She's a witch. Burn her.
Jerath: I don't know if she is one of the things that doesn't stay dead
* Kazimiera gives Feliks a hard look
* Jerath will notice Ashling working, and move to offer to help her
* Feliks is oblivious.
* Jerath looks at the pit, and turns away so Nedelcu can't see
Ashling: (this is going to take a while - big pit)
Jerath: ((to Kazi)) Ma'am, can you hold Nedelcu so I can help Ashling?
Feliks: you want to keep an eye on him, and I'll help Ash?
Kazimiera: Sure thing
* Kazimiera will hold the little girl
* Jerath starts shovelling dirt into the pit full of charred human remains
Feliks: *winks at Kazi* hmm. Nice.
Ashling: Oh, thank you...
* Flint tries to amuse Nedelcu.
* Kazimiera turns beet red
* Nedelcu leans her head into Kazi's shoulder and continues sucking her thumb
* Quickblades takes out a digging impliment and starts to put forth an effort.
* Feliks shovels as best as he can.
GM: It takes about ten minutes to bury the pit
* Quickblades looks at Jerath, then pauses.
* Ashling murmurs a blessing over the buried remains.
GM: Near the pit seems to be a cache in the rocks, obviously where the witch stored things she liked
Ashling: (in druidic)
Quickblades: Here. I'll race you. The bigger pile wins.
Jerath: I am not sure I wish to find levity in this task.
* Ashling investigates the cache.
Ashling: Perhaps some of this can be returned to family...
Quickblades: not levity, competition.
Kazimiera: Would you like me to put the Grey Wolf's blessing on the grave too, Ash?
Ashling: The more blessings the better.
Ashling: Besides, these were probably Sclavini.
* Kazimiera will ask Flint to look after the pointy speak
Kazimiera: spear*
Quickblades: It lets you focus on the task itself, as opposed to the purpose of the task.
Flint: ok, Kazi, no problem.
Feliks: (( is Paul still around, maptool-wise? ))
Kazimiera: With Nedelcu in tow, she will say the Sclavini rites over the burial pit
GM: ((he is guarding the kids from, with Lalinlor))
Paul: Yep, I'm here.
Feliks: (( but he's here? ))
Feliks: (( ah, ok ))
Feliks: (( Hey Paul! ))
Paul: ((YES, I know I'm small, but I'm here.))
Ashling: (so what is in the cache?)
GM: Among the items in the cache are two large white pearls. The rest is just minor trinkets, maybe 50 gold worth of stuff, and pile containing - « 5d20 ⇒ 52 » gold, « 10d10 ⇒ 48 » silver, « 10d20 ⇒ 115 » copper
* Kazimiera will ask specifically for the Grey Wolf's blessing, in addition to performing the normal death rites
Feliks: Are we set? I'd like to not leave the others too long
* Kazimiera nods
GM: The dead are properly buried, except the witch
* Ashling whistles for Trista (her horse).
* Flint brings Ashling the spear, presents it. "Kazi found this and wanted you to hold onto it". *shrugs*
Ashling: Oh...
Flint: it had odd markings on it...
Flint: I can't read it
Feliks: KAz, what Do we do with the nightwitch?
Kazimiera: Oh, was she not paying attention when the damned thing bit me?
Ashling: It's druidic. Perhaps I can bring this back to the grove on Shieldmeet.
Kazimiera: (( OGG ))
* Ashling ties the spear to her bareback pad.
* Kazimiera shrugs
Kazimiera: We can leave her to rot
Kazimiera: She won't rise
Feliks: ok
Feliks: let's be off?
* Kazimiera nods
GM: As you approach the camp, you smell the odor of....wolf stew?
GM: And notice Lalinlor cooking
* Kazimiera 's nose wrinkles
Paul: Hi Quickblades!
Ioan: Nedelcu!
Paul: How are you doing?
Quickblades: Um, Hey.
Quickblades: I'm ok
* Dumitra hugs her little sister tightly
Quickblades: where have you been?
Flint: Hi Paul! we saved the child!
Paul: Watching the children. They've never seen a halfling.
Paul: So... some of them tried to run off with me.
* Ioan takes Nedelcu from Kazi
Lalinlor Loth: or had a good meal
Quickblades: I hope you didn't have to get rough with them
* Kazimiera ruffles her hair
Paul: Just slippery.
Paul: I'm an escape artist.
Feliks: well, we need to look at the dam, before continuing on
GM: The stew Lalinlor is cooking smells surprisingly good. The wolves have been skinned and their hides placed to dry
* Flint clambers onto a rock and gets a good view of the area.
GM: The area is heavily forested
Feliks: How close are we to the dam?
Kazimiera: Feliks, that spear bit me!
* Kazimiera shows him her hand
Feliks: then break it.
Flint: I bet it's cursed!
Quickblades: I think this is the time for someone to suggest I chop down a few trees so I can build a nice bridge, or perhaps just a raft?
* Kazimiera laughs
Flint: Hey! Good idea!
Kazimiera: Are we so transparent, Quickblades?
Paul: That would be sensible.
Feliks: we will need to cross the river
Flint: Quickblades! Raft! *snaps fingers*
Paul: I'm not going to do it.
Kazimiera: Flint, Feliks, should we go look for the dam?
Kazimiera: or, um, what was the dam?
Paul: I'm coming too.
Feliks: we can take Jerath, too
Kazimiera: It should be upstream
Lalinlor Loth: ((OOC Need to goto sleep; am old and tired))
Lalinlor Loth: )((Goodnight all))
Kazimiera: (( awwwwww ))
Kazimiera: (( goodnight!!! ))
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Flint: I'll go. I might be able to determine if the dam was blown up.
Quickblades: (( too late even... ))
Feliks: (( thanks for the wolf stew, anyway ))
Flint: or if it just fell apart. though I doubt that.
* Kazimiera nods
Kazimiera: I doubt it too
Quickblades: do I at least get an axe, or do I have to cut them down tooth and nail?
* Quickblades chuckles at his own joke
Kazimiera: Well, of course an axe, silly
Feliks: Whatever challenge you wish, QB
Flint: I was kidding, big fellow! No need to slaughter trees just yet, I think
* Quickblades takes the axe and gets to work.
Ashling: (( how high and fast moving is the river now? ))
* Quickblades stops the blade inches from the first tree.
Quickblades: This is how cities get built you know.
GM: The river is probably 30' deep at this point, and moving fast
* Feliks glances at the river.
Feliks: Or destroyed
Flint: (does it look like the water level is rising?)
Flint: (if so, we may need to vacate this area)
GM: ((if anything, it looks like the water level has dropped slightly
Quickblades: You are traveling along, and you find an obsticle, then you spend so long figuring out where the bridge went, and what options you have for getting to the other side, that before you know it, you have built houses!
Kazimiera: Shall we?
Kazimiera: Head
Kazimiera: Up
Kazimiera: stream
Flint: (Kazi reported for spamming)
Flint: ok!
Feliks: Come Jerath. Let's see what, or who, might have caused this.
* Kazimiera mutters something in Sclavini
Paul: Yes. Let's head out.
* Jerath follows Feliks
Flint: (GM, move us en masse?)
* Kazimiera will walk aside Feliks, glaring at Jerath
GM: ((taking kids with, or leaving them with lalinlor?))
Ashling: (( and we are leaving the horses, I assume ))
Kazimiera: (( are they ok with staying with Lalinlor? or do they want to come? ))
GM: ((The oldest are working on comforting their sister. As long as you assure them you will return, they will stay put))
Ashling: (( brb, ordering foodage ))
* Kazimiera will assure them that we are just going for a quick recon, then will be back
* Kazimiera will rummage in her pack for some treats for the little darlings
GM: Ioan and Dumitra will try, somewhat in vain, to coax Nedelcu to eat
* Feliks can stay with the kids, if there are enough armed folk with Kazi and Jerath
Kazimiera: (( does she like CHOCOLATE?!?!?!? ))
GM: The kids seem safe enough
* Flint makes poor starving gnome-eyes for some chocolate
GM: Ioan is armed also with a short sword (appears to be of Amareth make) and Dumitra has her sling
Feliks: (( ok ))
GM: ((transfering party in 5....
GM: 4...
GM: 3...
GM: 2...
* Kazimiera gives Flint some chocolates
GM: 1...
* Flint cheers!
GM: You can see the remains of the damn
* Flint moves right up to investigate
* Kazimiera follows
Feliks: everyone stay off until flint gives it a good check
* Flint puts his goggles on.
Kazimiera: What do you think, Master Flint?
Ashling: (( back ))
* Kazimiera obviously has ignored Feliks, ha ha
Flint: hmm...
* Feliks notes that Kazi is not yet ON the dam
* Paul follows flint
Jerath: That destruction does not look natural.
* Flint hands his gun to Kazi so he can climb up onto the dam to get a closer look
* Kazimiera is not THAT dumb
* Kazimiera holds onto the gun very carefully
GM: And indeed, it looks like something has blown the center of the damn to smithereens
Kazimiera: Be careful, Flint!!!
GM: Flint, search check
Flint: Search: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 12 + 2 = 14 »
Flint: (spot is better)
GM: ((can do that too))
* Flint adjusts his goggles
Feliks: shall I check the other side, Flint?
Flint: Yep, no doubt about it *pick s up the remains of a device*
Flint: this WAS a satchel charge.
* Kazimiera frowns deeply
Flint: also, down below. I see something ... an Amarethi copper piece! can't reach it though.
* Kazimiera turns and glares angrily at Jareth
Quickblades: (( where did the mini's go again? ))
Kazimiera: So... was this what you were up to?
* Jerath looks shocked
* Flint scrambles down a bit, and does in fact manage to pick it up
GM: ((double click on your token in the players list))
Flint: got it!
Feliks: (( double-click your mini in the player folder of the explorer ))
Jerath: no...we wouldn't do that....that's murder!
* Kazimiera is angry, so her Common is very thickly accented
* Jerath is visible pale and horrified
Kazimiera: Um, yes, but you Amarethi don't seem to be above that
* Jerath shakes his head.
Feliks: hey now. He's surrendered, he saved the kids.
Kazimiera: That's what making war on peaceable nations is all about, isn't it?
Jerath: Captain Kendall was a friend of my fathers! He wouldn't do that. He ordered charges, but they were to seal some sort of cave
Kazimiera: Does this look like some sort of cave to you?
Paul: Flint, may I take a look out there, see if I find anything else?
* Kazimiera points
* Flint sure, come on up, Paul.
* Jerath pulls a rumpled piece of parchment from his belt pouch and offers it to whoever is nearest
Kazimiera: Captain Kendall???
Flint: (says that, sorry)
Kazimiera: Kendall you say?
* Ashling takes the parchment
* Jerath nods.
Jerath: That is whose command we were assigned to. He commands a fort to the north
* Kazimiera looks at Feliks, says something rapidly in Sclavini
Ashling: (( it's in common, I assume? ))
Feliks: I'm going to check the other side, then. If we have rope, you can throw it to me when I get across if you wish to check there, too.
* Flint drops the satchel charge remnant, and copper piece, at Kazi's feet
* Paul searches
* Kazimiera frowns
Kazimiera: This is troubling, Flint
Paul: Hey.... this isn't so bad.
Kazimiera: What isn't so bad?
Quickblades: How about we make a rope-bridge...
Ashling: Look at this (hands letter to Kazi)
* Kazimiera rolls: 1d20+2 INT => 4 + 2 = 6
Quickblades: before I have to start building huts or chimneys
Flint: nice jump, Feilks!
* Kazimiera looks at letter
* Quickblades lookes fondly towards the distant mountains.
Feliks: (( it was more of a "Jaunt" ))
Ashling: This cave is what we're looking for, yes? (in low tone)
* Kazimiera nods
* Kazimiera looks thoughtful for a second
* Kazimiera starts cursing violently
Paul: This could be fixed.
Ashling: What?
* Kazimiera yells something at Feliks in Sclavini, pointing downstream
Paul: There's enough of a ridge here.
Paul: If we got some boulders....
Feliks: What?
* Paul points at the water.
Feliks: (( stuck under a Paul mini, dangnabbit ))
Paul: there's enough of a lip there that it would catch a boulder.
Feliks: (( thx ))
Feliks: what?
Paul: If we found 3 large boulders, we could patch the dam.
Paul: It wouldn't be a beautiful job, but it would hold.
Flint: where would we get boulders, though?
* Paul shrugs.
Paul: I'm just saying, this looks like it could be fixed.
Quickblades: There were boulders back where we fought the witch.
Jerath: We'd need a hell of a wagon to move them here though.
Flint: maybe the Sclavini can rebuild it someday, but it's probably not our concern right now. the people downstream are already dead...
Quickblades: I am definately going to regret reminding you guys of that...
* Flint frowns
Quickblades: How about a rope-bridge...
Quickblades: we have enough rope.
Flint: we wouldn't be able to take the horses with us, QB.
Quickblades: oh.
Ashling: If we wait for the water to go down more we can probably ford it.
Quickblades: well, I can always chop down a few trees...
Flint: that's true. the water is receding, I noticed...
Quickblades: doesn't anybody have a spell that could lift the horses across.
Flint: maybe spend a night here on this shore and see what it looks like in the morning?
Quickblades: it's only like 20 or 40 feet...
GM: The lake behind the damn is huge. The water will recede from the initial flood, but it will remain a river instead of a creek
Jerath: We should return to the children if that is the plan.
Flint: we might be able to walk the horses across the river if it slows down enough
* Kazimiera turns to Jerath, eyes him coldly
Feliks: see what we can do to dam it, then back to the kids for the night
* Ashling resists temptation to comment on the evils of damming rivers...
* Kazimiera answers Ash in Fey, distractedly
* Flint eyes his box of charges.
Flint: you know ..... I might be able to hit the dam a second time
Flint: and seal it.
* Kazimiera looks skeptical
Feliks: like, reverse explosives?
Kazimiera: You think?
* Flint pulls out his journal and does some quick calculations
* Flint jots down equations furiously
Flint: hmmm
Jerath: what happens if he blows it the rest of the way? Are there other villages further downstream?
Flint: That would be a risk. Albeit an unlikely one
Flint: There is some probability that I could make it worse.
Quickblades: I could down a few trees and make a cart so I could lug some of those boulders up this way.
Kazimiera: The Amarethi already destroyed what they set out to destroy!
Kazimiera: They blaspheme our gods, kill our people
* Kazimiera looks ready to smack Jerath a good one
Flint: hey!!!
Flint: I'm THINKING here
* Feliks will lead Kazi off for the moment
Jerath: they...we...were wrong to do this.
Paul: Can I help you with the math, Flint? I've always had a head for numbers, but I don't know explosives.
Quickblades: it would take longer to do than just building a wooden bridge, but it would also be more work for you guys to assign my gargantuan muscles.
Flint: (Paul could attempt a Craft check to assist Flint)
Flint: DC 10 I think to assist?
Paul: yep
Paul: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 »
GM: ((yes))
Feliks: IF you wish, feel free to start rolling boulders up here
Paul: And fail.
Paul: Nevermind.
Paul: Those equations make my head spin.
Paul: Maybe next time.
Flint: no no no, it doesn't work that way. sorry, fellow.
* Kazimiera argues furiously with Feliks
* Paul goes and lies down
* Jerath will assist QB if QB is moving rocks to assist Flint
Ashling: What about a sledge so the horses can pull rocks?
Quickblades: especially since I seem to be more of a practice post in battle than a skilled warrior...
Jerath: She did the same thing to me. That's how she got to Nedelcu in the first place
Quickblades: (sarcastically, with a big grin) Why have the horses do it when we have me
Ashling: Not at all! I have seen fell numerous nasty things.
Ashling: seen you*
* Quickblades laughs, and ushers Jareth away from the couple to help craft a sledge.
Ashling: Ahem, just trying to help speed things up.
* Flint tugs on Feliks's sleeve
* Ashling tries to be helpful to sledge-making.
Flint: Feliks. I think I can do it. But there is some risk. Do you want me to try?
* Kazimiera is crying
* Flint has his serious face on
Feliks: Not yet. Flint.
Quickblades: You could blast some of the boulders to more manageable sized pieces.
Quickblades: 1/4 boulders would work well
Quickblades: we could pair up and then drop them in.
Quickblades: That's how the beavers do it isn't it?>
Feliks: * in sclavini * Look, maybe we can use him to turn opinion in Amareth against this war
Ashling: They might be too small then
Jerath: We might be able to lever this large one out and roll it there. It's pretty round
* Kazimiera sniffles
Feliks: * in sclavini * he's obviously sickened by this. we need that.
Kazimiera: He seems a bit brighter than the rest
Quickblades: Well, they are making calculations on how to blow the damn up so that it is more of a damn, I don't see how much harder it would be to get the boulders into the proper sized pieces...
Flint: QB, if you can bring over some boulders somehow, it will help, but there is a lot of material below water level that i'm going to try to blow up to fill in the hole.
Kazimiera: I just want to go punch him right in the face for all this though
Quickblades: I'll race you then.
Feliks: * in sclavini * and if he's the son of the Butcher, he has some rank.
* Kazimiera sniffles some more
* Quickblades works up a sweat trying to position some boulders.
Feliks: * in sclavini * me too. but he is not his father.
* Jerath manages to push a boulder, but nowhere near as quickly as QB
* Ashling does not even try to move boulders and instead offers encouragement.
* Flint starts preparing the charges, consulting his notes often.
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) As you wish, love
* Kazimiera wipes the tears from her face and composes herself
* Paul takes out 3 apples and juggles
Feliks: * in sclavini * it does not mean I'll let my guard down here him for an instant, though
* Quickblades works to help Jerath get the second boulder to the damn.
Feliks: (( *near him ))
* Kazimiera nods
GM: ((Actually, Jerath's strength is equal to QBs, so it's a pretty fair race))
Quickblades: (( nevermind then. ))
GM: ((lol))
* Kazimiera looks up at Feliks through her eyelashes
Ashling: (( by the way, is anyone still injured? ))
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) I defer to my husband's wisdom on this matter, then
Feliks: * in sclavini * then truly i am scared.
GM: ((Lalinlor would have healed everyone))
* Feliks grins
* Kazimiera manages a rueful smile
Quickblades: I'm feeling at the top of my game, even though this fellow here is nearly matching me, with only half my mass...
Jerath: getting a meal helped. Hell, if it wasn't for Ioan and his fishhook, I might have starved already.
Flint: Everything is in place. Are we going to try this? (Looks at Sclavini)
Jerath: I suppose I should have learned how to wander a forest before getting lost in one
Feliks: let's see what these boulders can do.
GM: The boulders will slow the flow of water, but not stop it.
Ashling: This is not a good forest to get lost in either.
* Kazimiera nods
Kazimiera: It has it's moments (to Ash)
Kazimiera: its*
Feliks: we can try to get word to the Gostislavs. They should have stonemasons
Jerath: I don't think I even managed to find north.
Kazimiera: They may be a bit preoccupied
Kazimiera: But I am sure they may be able to spare some help
Feliks: well, in this matter, I think the call rests entirely with you, Kaz.
* Kazimiera nods
Kazimiera: I'll see what I can do
Flint: (um, Flint can still try blowing it!)
Jerath: The Gostislavs...they are the kings of this territory, yes?
Kazimiera: So to speak
Flint: (it's all set up)
GM: The water is slowed, but not enough to get it back to creek status from river status
Quickblades: I'm willing to roll more boulders, if we have them. But I don't know if I'll be able to do more tonight...
Kazimiera: Flint, how confident are you?
* Kazimiera turns to Jareth
GM: At this rate, it would only bring the river's height down a couple feet
Kazimiera: There are no kings in this land, not really
Flint: I'm confident, Kazi. with these added boulders, and QB and Jareth's hard work. I think it will work
* Kazimiera looks at Feliks
Kazimiera: Shall we try it?
Quickblades: That's the kind of action I'm looking for.
* Feliks raises his hands. "your call."
Quickblades: Though now that we have been here for a few hours the place is starting to grow on me.
* Kazimiera smiles fondly
Jerath: Milady, thus far all I know of your land is hobgoblins pack a hell of a punch, forests get very dark, teenage boys are better at survival than I am, and it's best not to argue with women who control wolves.
Kazimiera: Being home is so nice
Quickblades: and with this river here we could probably get a nice little trading-post town going.
* Kazimiera smiles at Jareth
Kazimiera: All good things to keep in mind, Sir Jareth
* Jerath nods
Kazimiera: Well, Master Flint, let's give it a try, shall we?
Jerath: Since I don't speak your language, will you tell Ioan he can keep the sword?
* Flint nods.
Kazimiera: I shall
Kazimiera: My thanks
* Feliks tells Jareth how to say it.
* Jerath trips over the Rs a lot.
* Kazimiera will stick around Flint to assist
* Flint I'm going to need someone to light the norhtern charge when I give the word.
Flint: I'm going to need someone to light the norhtern charge when I give the word.
Paul: I can manage that, most likely.
Jerath: I'll do it, if you wish.
Feliks: oh
Flint: It is easy, you just need to get away quickly.
Flint: I've already placed it for you
Paul: I have a habit of dodging out of the way.
* Flint hands paul some flint/tinder
Feliks: No offense, Jareth, but Amarethi have lit enough explosives near our dams.
Flint: Feilks, Kazi, please back away
Paul: ((So I have to jump, or is swimming an option?
Paul: ))
Jerath: I just thought if someone was going to get killed doing this, I'm probably the best candidate
Paul: ((or is it not over there?))
GM: ((Jump, tumble, or if those fail, reflex save))
Paul: Tumble!
Kazimiera: We would not wish you harm, sir
Paul: « 1d20+13 ⇒ 20 + 13 = 33 »
Flint: (whoa!)
Ashling: Indedd not.
Flint: (nice 20 after the 1)
Ashling: indeed*
Feliks: Paul's got some chops!
GM: ((with style, dignity, flair, and just plain awesome))
Feliks: maybe we could add him to the act?
Flint: (fancy jump!)
* Kazimiera smiles
GM: ((roll the explody-checks))
Flint: ok .... on my mark .......
* Kazimiera leans her head on Feliks shoulder
Flint: 3 ..... 2 ........ 1 ...... LIGHT!
* Flint runs for it
Paul: lights
* Paul runs
* Feliks ducks, and pulls Kazi down too
Flint: 1st Craft Roll: « 1d20+11 ⇒ 4 + 11 = 15 »
Flint: AP: « 1d6 ⇒ 4 »
Flint: 2nd Craft Roll: « 1d20+11 ⇒ 3 + 11 = 14 »
Flint: AP: « 1d6 ⇒ 1 »
GM: ((wow))
GM: One side works beautifully. The other side seems to have been just slightly off, so water is still coming through, but the flow is much, much less. Still, it looks like the patch job will probably come apart with time. It will probably last two weeks at most.
* Flint surses
Kazimiera: Well, hopefully I can get word to the Gostislavs
* Flint curses
* Feliks picks himself off the ground, and offers a hand to Kazi
Flint: that could have gone better.
Ashling: Could have gone worse too.
* Kazimiera will take the proferred help and dust herself off
Paul: We can cross safely now.
Feliks: let's head back to the kids for the night
Kazimiera: Agreed
Feliks: and then we'll need to decide what to do with the kids and Jerath.
* Kazimiera looks thoughtful
* Paul sets about entertaining the children with tumbling and antics.
GM: When you return to the camp, you find Dumitra trying to comfort Ovidiu, and Ioan trying to comfort Nedelcu
Ashling: They were headed to a shrine, right?
Feliks: Ah, right
Ioan: (in Sclavini) We heard the noise again! Is the water coming back?
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) There there, dears
Ioan: This is the highest ground around.
Feliks: * in sclavini * Flint fixed it with the noise.
* Kazimiera nods
Ioan: (In Sclavini) What's a Flint?
Feliks: * in sclavini * he's a Flint
* Kazimiera points, with a delighted grin, at Flint
Ioan: (in Sclavini) oh, one of the funny little men. The soldiers had one of those.
* Flint waves sullenly
Feliks: * in sclavini * how long ago was that?
* Kazimiera offers Flint some more chocolate
* Flint politely refuses
* Ioan shrugs and responds in Sclavini 'about a month or so ago they came through'
Flint: I need to watch my figure, madam
Feliks: * in sclavini * and when was the last time you heard the big noise?
* Ashling washes all the caked dirt out of her clothes in the river.
Ioan: (In Sclavini) It woke mother up, and she felt the baby moving. So we were going to the shrine. Father went to get the healer to meet us there. That's when the water came.
Quickblades: I'll take some chocolate.
Ioan: So about four days ago
Quickblades: seems to keep my mood up almost as much as my energy...
Feliks: * in sclavini * do you know where the shrine is?
Flint: Thanks Quickblades. The boulders helped a lot. It would have gone badly without them there for filler material
Quickblades: lol
* Kazimiera passes chocolate around
Quickblades: you're just saying that so I don't feel like I labored for nothing.
Flint: no! I mean it!
Ioan: ((in Sclavini)) It was under the dam. It's flooded now I suppose.
Quickblades: If you insist.
Flint: it made the task eaiser, believe me
Kazimiera: That's what I was trying to tell you, Feliks!
Quickblades: I'll believe that.
* Kazimiera stomps her foot
Flint: in fact, I owe you a drink next time we get into town
Flint: the good stuff!
Ioan: ((in Sclavini)) Mother got hurt keeping the water from taking Ovidiu away. She had the baby but she....
* Ioan starts to cry
* Feliks hugs the kid
Kazimiera: Well, the shrine is out of the question
Kazimiera: Gostislav manor is two days' ride
Ioan: (in Sclavini) I guess I'm in charge now.
Feliks: how large a fire can we light on top of these rocks?
Kazimiera: I say we go there
GM: pretty damn big if you wanted
Feliks: maybe there are survivors? they might come?
GM: Except most of the nearby wood is soaked by the recent rain
Feliks: I'm sure we have ways of lighting fire
Jerath: Ioan and I went looking for survivors. We didn't find anyone. The waters...the damn was destroyed at night.
* Jerath looks sick
* Ashling suddenly realizes she could have cleaner her clothes with Prestigitation and sighs.
* Kazimiera looks furious
Kazimiera: What?
Kazimiera: Feliks
Jerath: I didn't know what the sound was then. I thought it was thunder.
Kazimiera: I think we need to go and have a conversation with the Lord and Lady
Jerath: It must have been the damn
Feliks: I'm sorry, Jerath. Where were you, when it happened?
Kazimiera: Straightaway
Jerath: wandering in circles not far from here. I found the road, then came upstream, and found the children and their mother.
Feliks: you were lost.
Jerath: I survived the hobgoblin attack by sheer dumb luck. I fell off a damn cliff
Feliks: right. the hobgoblins
* Kazimiera whispers something urgently to Feliks
Feliks: so that was before the explosion, then.
Jerath: The night before.
Flint: meaning .... there's another group out there. somewhere
Kazimiera: Your company was heading for the fort, you say?
Feliks: and your company had explosives? or they were sent earlier?
Jerath: yes.
Jerath: Some were sent earlier. The last unit sent in had a gnome with them
Flint: Can anyone here track? There might be tracks leading from the dam. If the rains didn't clear them away.
Feliks: a month ago
GM: ((the rain washed them away))
* Ashling uses the spell to warm her clothes so they dry faster and puts them back on.
Jerath: About that, yes
Feliks: hmm
Jerath: If...If Kendall is responsible for this....then he is a murderer, and should be brought to justice.
Kazimiera: No doubt
Jerath: If he isn't...if it was a rogue, Captain Kendall should bring them to justice.
Kazimiera: I believe they sought to desecrate the Fey ring
Jerath: Fey ring?
Quickblades: (( I wondered if you were washing your clothes while they were still on or not ))
Kazimiera: The shrine
Kazimiera: below the dam
Kazimiera: That which was a monument to our Gods
Ashling: (( harder to scrub thhe dirt out if you're wearing them ))
Flint: they did an awful lot of collateral damage to take out one building...
Jerath: Kendall.....Are you saying he murdered however many innocent people were in that village just to flood a shrine?
* Kazimiera shrugs
Flint: either their engineer is poor, or they just didn't care.
Flint: or both.
Quickblades: (( agreed. though you may have opened a can of worms... ))
* Feliks takes his turn to wash his clothes at the river.
Ashling: Was it a large shrine?
Ashling: Oh, actually, I can clean them for you.
Kazimiera: It seems to me there is no other purpose to destroy the dam
Ashling: I was too busy listening before to remember, hehehe
Feliks: What?
Kazimiera: It was a large and rather famous shrine to our Gods
Ashling: Here...
Feliks: you don't need to, I mean, I wouldn't even ask Kaz to do that, and she's my wife!
Quickblades: (( afk ))
* Ashling takes a couple rounds to clean Felik's clothes.
Ashling: (by MAGIC)
Feliks: Oh!
Feliks: right
Kazimiera: I do not for a second doubt a religious fanatic would stop at anything to destroy it, and take a village of innocents out in the process
* Kazimiera is getting angry again
* Kazimiera 's eyes are flickering with purple flames
Jerath: Then he betrays the teachings of our church.
Feliks: Kazi. Your turn to wash up.
Ashling: Perhaps he doesn't think them innocents.
Jerath: They were children in that village!
* Ashling cleans Kazi's clothes too.
Feliks: (( did flint just dive under a boulder? ))
* Flint clambers onto a rock and lights his pipe
Flint: (i think the rock ended up above me somehow)
Kazimiera: And what are they guilty of?
* Kazimiera is growing angrier
Ashling: Not following Samad, I'd guess.
Jerath: If Kendall destroyed the dam, he is a murderer and a traitor.
* Kazimiera is radiating a combination of latent Eldritch energy and a bit of golden glow
* Flint casts Dancing Lights, and creates balls of light that playfuly bounce around the children, and through smoke rings blown from his pipe
Flint: (gnome spell-like abilities!!)
* Ovidiu giggles and toddles over to Flint
* Ovidiu tries to steal Flint's pipe
Kazimiera: Gostislav manor is not far, they will take the children in no doubt. I am not sure how they might deal with YOU Sir Jerath, but I will do my best to argue for you.
Flint: ah ah! these are for grown-ups!
Flint: have this ... * "hands" the child a ball of Dancing Light
Jerath: Are you going after Kendall?
Kazimiera: most assuredly
Jerath: I want to come with you then.
Ashling: He is the one inchange at the fort over the cave?
Jerath: yes
Ashling: in charge*
Kazimiera: If that is your wish
* Jerath nods
Kazimiera: So be it then
Feliks: i…what?
Kazimiera: The children need to be seen to, and the Family alerted
Ashling: Let's go directly to the fort, then.
Jerath: We are not monsters. There is no room for monsters among us. If this means I must act against monsters who wear our colors, then I shall.
Feliks: * in sclavini * will they let him go?
Kazimiera: With the children, ash?
Jerath: The children's safety comes first
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) Yes
Ashling: Perhaps someone can accompany the children, but not all of us.
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) He has sworn an oath to you
Kazimiera: The manor is 2 days away
Feliks: * in sclavini * to me, sure. We're in your lands.
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) You are my husband
Quickblades: I can take the kids...
Quickblades: Flint and I...
Kazimiera: And how will they know you?
GM: ((you can also do any necessary resupplying at the manor))
Ashling: Do they need to?
Quickblades: We can pack more of them onto horses that way, and I can run alongside
Ashling: They would be bringing in homeless children.
Quickblades: We will catch up with the rest of you before you arrive at the fort...
Kazimiera: Ashling
Quickblades: Or I could take Kazi...
Feliks: And Kazi could seal another note to the, authorities
* Kazimiera shrugs
GM: ((Or Lalinlor could take them, with a note))
Kazimiera: (( NO ))
Quickblades: (( lol ))
Kazimiera: (( Absolutely NOT ))
GM: ((afraid he and your parents would get along?))
Kazimiera: (( HUMPH ))
Ashling: I could go.
Quickblades: I'd go alone, except I'm not sure I'm the kid type
Kazimiera: I think it unwise to separate
Quickblades: That would be suitable for me also.
Kazimiera: It's a few days
Ashling: A gnome might not be best if they are known to ally with Amamreth.
Flint: AND, I don't speak their tongue
Kazimiera: detour
Feliks: then we'll all go tomorrow.
* Kazimiera nods
Quickblades: Fair enough.
Flint: I'll remind you, though, that gnomes as a hole are neutral in this conflict.
Flint: whole*
Kazimiera: Of course, darling
Paul: I'll stay with the kids.
Paul: 'They like me.
* Jerath starts to say something to Kazi, then pauses
Flint: There might be individuals leaning Amarethi just as I am leaning Sclavini
* Kazimiera will gather up any kids that want to sit with her and fuss over them
* Kazimiera glances at Jerath
Kazimiera: Yes?
Jerath: I....I buried the children's mother, but I don't know your words to say over her. If I show you, will you speak for her?
Kazimiera: Of course
Flint: (actually, it turns out the mother was really the Nightwitch. problem solved)
* Jerath shows Kazi to the grave, and the crude headstone made for her
Dumitra: (in Sclavini) in all your arguing, did you decide what is going to happen to us?
* Kazimiera will speak the proper words and do the rituals and rites, and ask for the Grey Wolf's blessing
* Kazimiera smiles sadly
* Jerath quietly observes
Feliks: * in sclavini * we'll take you someplace safe
Ioan: (In sclavini) We ain't splitting up.
Feliks: where other survivors would have gone
Feliks: (( sclavini ))
* Kazimiera will speak quietly to Jerath
Dumitra: (in Sclavini) no, we most certainly are not splitting. Or letting anyone take our baby!
Kazimiera: You seem to be an all right fellow, despite it all
* Ashling goes around cleaning clothes for everyone.
Kazimiera: Forgive me my temper earlier
Ashling: (before the spell wears off...)
Jerath: It was your right to be angry.
Jerath: It still is.
* Quickblades slips off to bathe and wash his clothes
* Kazimiera shrugs
Kazimiera: It's a complicated mess, this war business
Jerath: And their's. (He indicates the children). My people murdered their people.
* Quickblades can be heard singing a ways downstream.
* Kazimiera nods
* Quickblades sounds bad...
Jerath: I'll take first watch. I won't be sleeping anytime soon anyway.
Kazimiera: Well, we shall see to putting that to rights
* Jerath climbs up one of the rocks and sits quietly
* Kazimiera squeezes his hand gently
Ioan: (In Sclavini) Is the big man drowning?
Ashling: I think he's singing.
Kazimiera: (in Sclavini) I think he's singin
* Ashling giggles.
* Kazimiera giggles
Dumitra: (in Sclavini) I think he is scaring the water away. Look, it's going down.
Quickblades: (( lol ))
* Dumitra milks the goat and starts feeding the baby
* Kazimiera wanders over to find Feliks
Ioan: (In Sclavini) I still think we should name him after grandpa
* Quickblades abruptly stops singing, and a few minutes later returns.
* Ashling starts seeing to the horses and dog for the night.
* Kazimiera will cuddle any kids that want cuddling
Dumitra: (In Sclavini) Moma didn't like Grandpa
* Nedelcu will cuddle right up to Kazi, but still stay silent
* Kazimiera will stroke her hair and murmur to her soothingly
Flint: Kazi, that child still isn't right. (assuems Ned can't understand him)
GM: The night will pass uneventfully, with whoever is on 2nd watch getting to see a failing star
Kazimiera: She's not doing too well, no
Flint: She isn't responding at all. She might be in shock, or something
* Kazimiera holds her close
* Ashling brews a soothing tea to help the children sleep.
* Feliks will have taken 1st watch with Jerath. we have a few other items to discuss
Jerath: She lost both her parents, got dragged away by wolves, and nearly roasted and eaten. I'd be more worried about her if she laughing and playing after all that.
Ashling: indeed...
Flint: Still, though...
Ashling: It will take time for her to smile again.
Kazimiera: I'll keep an eye on her
* Jerath will discuss other items with Feliks
* Flint goes to smoke in quiet for a while before bed.
Ashling: (Una offers her furry self for comfort, also)
* Kazimiera wishes Frik and Frak were around for general mayhem and merriment
GM: Ovidiu will happily squeeze Una almost too tightly and go to sleep
Feliks: (( blah blah, I hear you're the son of the Guy that butchered my performing caravan. Blah blah blah. ))
Kazimiera: (( lol, subtle, subtle ))
Jerath: ((blah blah blah wtf blah blah blah))
GM: Morning will be clear skies and the river down about 5'. Some of the remains of the village can be seen, but perhaps fortunately, any bodies have been washed downstream
Kazimiera: All this to destroy the Fey ring
* Ashling rises early to prep the animals.
Kazimiera: Better that they desecrate it and build a bloody temple to their usurper godling on it
* Ioan wakes early and checks his rabbit snares, bringing two rabbits back
Ioan: (In Sclavini, referring to Trista) Wow, that's a pretty horse
Quickblades: (( I'm going to have to head to bed in a few minutes... about 5 I'd say ))
Ashling: What's that about the horse?
Ashling: (only caught the word for horse)
Kazimiera: He said it's pretty
Ashling: Oh!
* Kazimiera smiles
Ashling: (in Sclavini to Ioan) Thank you.
GM: Fast forward 2 days, and you can see Gostislav manor. It is a huge stone keep, built for defense, not show.
Ashling: Are you sure we ALL need to go in there?
* Kazimiera is looking distinctly nervous
Ashling: Couldn't some of us wait here?
Quickblades: Yea, I think I'd prefer to stay here with Ashling and perhaps the goat.
Kazimiera: It'll be better this way
Ashling: and Jerath.
* Kazimiera glances at them
Quickblades: Never know when a goat may come in handy. Or a druid...
Kazimiera: Why the worry?
Ashling: How can you be sure they won't order Jerath killed?
Quickblades: I just get uncomfortable in large buildings like this one appears to be...
Kazimiera: Because they will be honor bound not to
Kazimiera: And I will remind them of that... QUITE STRONGLY
Kazimiera: He comes in under my protection
* Ashling shifts uneasily.
GM: Atop the walls of the keep, the guards notice your presence
Feliks: I'll stay with him
Ashling: Kazi, what is your position here?
Quickblades: It feels to me like the builders were trying to capture the essence of creation. Bottle it up...
Kazimiera: I am Heir
Feliks: * in sclavini * what is he going on about?
Kazimiera: They will listen
GM: ((Spot checks))
* Ashling blinks.
Quickblades: (( WOOT! ))
GM: There are horsemen coming towards you, official-ish looking
Flint: what? did you say Heir!
* Kazimiera rides up
Flint: did she say Heir?
Flint: isn't that, like, important?
Quickblades: Much better. a meeting, out in the open, out of the confines
Feliks: yes.
Ashling: Perhaps we won't have to go inside.
* Flint gulps
GM: ((assemble yourselves however you wish))
Kazimiera: (( which map? ))
Quickblades: And that is why I trust you with my loyalty Ashling
* Flint hides behind someone bigger than he
* Rudolph looks very stern and official as he rides out at the head of six soldiers
Ashling: (( I'm guessing we are carrying the kids amongst us on the horses? ))
Rudolph: ((In Sclavini)) So, my dear, which of these is my soon to be late son-in-law?
Rudolph: And that infant had best not be yours
Ashling: (( point to QB ))
Quickblades: (( he is so lucky I don't understand a lick of that... ))
* Rudolph smiles at Kazi fondly
Quickblades: (( is the tone of the statement understandable? ))
Kazimiera: (In Sclavini) Father, so good to see you too.
Rudolph: ((sounds affectionate))
Quickblades: (( drat! ))
Kazimiera: in common
Rudolph: (In Sclavini) I recieved your letter. I have a sneaking suspicion you intended to avoid us. Thus I can only assume your presence here means there is trouble.
Rudolph: (In Sclavini) So, dearest daughter, who do I need to kill?
Kazimiera: In Common
Quickblades: What?
GM: Oh very well
Rudolph: Oh, very well
Kazimiera: Lord Gostislav, may I request a boon?
* Rudolph has a thick accent
Kazimiera: (I was just setting up that she is speaking)
Ashling: (( they are going to kick me out of this coffee house soon - closes at 9 ))
Rudolph: Lady Kazimiera, of course.
Rudolph: ((we can wrap up quickly))
Kazimiera: We seek your protection, and the Amarethi in our company is oath bound to us, and thus should be afforded equal protection
Kazimiera: Will you grant us this?
Rudolph: An Amarethi?
Kazimiera: Yes, Father
Rudolph: You don't ask little, do you my dear? Wouldn't you rather have the moon on a platter instead?
* Kazimiera smiles
Rudolph: Granted, provided an explanation is forthcoming and he doesn't track mud on your mother's carpet.
Kazimiera: I can explain it all later, but I'd rather you not kill my husband and our prisoner on sight
Rudolph: Even I can't defend him from that.
Rudolph: As for your husband, what protection I grant him will depend entirely upon him.
Feliks: She's not married to the prisoner.
Kazimiera: Of course, my Lord.
Feliks: She's married to me
Quickblades: (( Why am I standing up here again? ))
* Rudolph glances down at Feliks
Feliks: Just, wanted to clarify that
* Kazimiera sighs
Rudolph: You carry a sword. Can you use one?
Kazimiera: I thank you, Lord Gostislav. May we then enter under your protection?
Feliks: I know which end to stab the bad guys with
* Kazimiera is trying to forestall something bad here
Rudolph: Yes, yes, yes. Now come inside so your mother can fuss over you and poison your husband.
* Quickblades laughs
* Kazimiera grins
Feliks: I believe I shall fast for a few days.
Rudolph: (address Feliks) Stay away from the red wine.
* Rudolph leads you all into the grand hall
* Rudolph is a poet and didn't know it
Kazimiera: Welcome, everyone, to my humble home!
Flint: Kazi, this is AMAZING!
Ioan: wow
Flint: you're a PRINCESS!
* Ashling looks around.
Quickblades: (( I have to go now. ))
* Paul looks around.
Ashling: (( me too ))
Kazimiera: Well, not as much
Paul: wow.
Paul: Very nice place.
Ashling: It's... large.
Rudolph: Now, before your mother really does poison your husband, that infant isn't yours, is it?
* Kazimiera whispers to Paul, don't steal anything, they'll look upon that VERY BADLY
Quickblades: (( I think I will be missing next week, so I'll be a "familar" of Ashling's next week ))
Kazimiera: No, Father, it isn't
Rudolph: good.
Ashling: (( lol ))
Kazimiera: We rescued these children from a destroyed village.
GM: Food is served, and we'll pick up next week
Ashling: bye all!
Kazimiera: bye!
Tanya has disconnected.
Quickblades: (( Feel free to wield me as you see fit. Just remember that I tend to have some surly comment before happily doing whatever needs to be done ))
Feliks: the Amarethi rescued the children, we rescued them from a nightwitch and her wolves
Quickblades: have a good night all
GM: ((should probably wait for QB to return before storming the castle))
Rudolph: The Amarethi rescued the children? Now I've heard everything
Quickblades: As I said, you can use me as needed as a weapon
Kazimiera: Well, I wouldn't ask for his amnesty lightly
Quickblades: I can send my current info to you this sunday (my next opportunity)
Quickblades: email me
Quickblades has disconnected.
Rudolph: ((assume we are skipping next week then))
Feliks: (( we brought the goat inside. ))
Paul has disconnected.
Kazimiera: (( lol ))
GM: ((Dumitra wasn't going to let it loose, without it, she can't feed the baby and it's pretty much all the wealth they have))
GM: ((we can continue the meet the in-laws portion for another few minutes if you want, I'm waiting for my tea to cool off))
Flint: (i'm going to make sone dinner. Flint will quietly admire the new place)
Kazimiera: (( Kazi will see to it that the parents take care of the kids, they are used to her crusader bit ))
Flint: (i'll keep server running)
Feliks: (( thx ))
Kazimiera: (( I can stick around, if Eric wants to ))
Feliks: (( gonna nuke some pizza, but sure ))
Kazimiera: (( k ))
* Rudolph will speak briefly to the children, at least to Dumitra and Ioan
Rudolph: I can find the children places in the house if you wish. Ioan seems as though he will fit in the stables and Dumitra claims to be able to sew.
Kazimiera: That would be wonderful, Father!
Kazimiera: It was a tragedy, what occured in the village
Rudolph: I'm sure the head maid will fuss over them. Since there seems to be a shortage of grandchildren about
Rudolph: Tell me what you know.
Kazimiera: It seems that the Amarethi have access to gnome made explosives
Rudolph: That problem is solved. Well, at least the gnome part is.
Kazimiera: a few nights ago they blew the dam above Olathe, presumably to destroy the shrine
Rudolph: No offense to your friend
Kazimiera: The village was collateral damage
Rudolph: The shrine is gone?
* Kazimiera nods sadly
Kazimiera: Yes
* Rudolph puts a hand on his axe and looks murderous
Rudolph: I married your mother at that shrine
Kazimiera: Father, you got the report about the Dwarves?
Rudolph: yes. We are searching for refugees now.
Kazimiera: Jareth here is surprised at this violence, he doesn't think this Kendall person is capable of this sort of thing, but Jan said he is some sort of religious crusader
Kazimiera: He was able to take out a number of men all on his own
Rudolph: Kendall is a maniac.
Rudolph: I've already been planning what forces I could pull back from the front to deal with him
Kazimiera: We do have some information, thanks to Jerath, on how we might enter the caverns in a less direct manner
Rudolph: His forced raided Ancile two weeks ago, and burned the hearth blankets. When the mayor's wife protested, Kendall ordered her burned as a heretic
* Jerath looks sick, but stays silent
Kazimiera: Also, we have made stopgap measures to shore up the dam above Olathe, but it will not hold forever
* Kazimiera looks grim
Kazimiera: This is not good at all
Rudolph: I'll send out stonemasons.
Rudolph: How many soldiers do you want on your mission?
Rudolph: I can give you twenty now, more if you wish to wait a few days
* Kazimiera considers
Kazimiera: Are you sure you can spare them?
Rudolph: I'm sure of nothing girl. This is a war. But I can't leave someone like Kendall nipping at our flanks. The safety of the villagers is our sworn duty and sacred honor.
Kazimiera: Jan said that they were pushing the Bohdan borders
* Kazimiera nods
Kazimiera: The hobgoblins have promised aid as well
* Rudolph smiles
Rudolph: I know. They've been invaluable.
Rudolph: After this is done, we will have to give them full rights and their own lands.
* Kazimiera nods
Kazimiera: Has Casimir told you at all of what we seek in the fortress?
Rudolph: Ten crossbowmen, and ten footmen. I don't have any calvalry to spare
Rudolph: Casimir says you are in trouble up to your eyebrows and too foolhardy to acknowledge it, but that I should aid you however I can.
* Kazimiera laughs
Rudolph: Like I need to be told that about my own daughter
Rudolph: This alleged husband of yours, can he keep you out of trouble?
Feliks: (( back with food, and caught up with the convo. ))
Kazimiera: When he's not in the thick of the trouble with me, yes, Father
* Kazimiera beams at Feliks
Feliks: My emotions get the better of me, at times
Rudolph: now, go say hello to your mother while I have a few words with your 'husband'.
* Rudolph pushes Kazi gently towards a door
* Kazimiera bows formally
* Kazimiera then runs up and gives her Father a big excited hug
* Rudolph throughly musses Kazi's hair before sending her on her way
* Rudolph stares at Feliks
* Kazimiera walks slowly, and with great trepidation through the door
* Feliks stands at attention, but ready to spring into action.
Rudolph: so....
Feliks: so…
Rudolph: seventh son of a seventh son of spring tenders, ran away to join the circus, convinced my daughter to run away to join the circus, took my daughter away from her ancestral lands to Shieldmeet, and thrust her headfirst into trouble.
Feliks: Yes, Yes, No, No, No.
Feliks: But I can see where you get that idea.
Nataza: (In Sclavini to Kazi) Has your father killed your husband yet, or do we need to set him a place at the table?
Rudolph: And moreover, married my daughter without the courtesy of first asking my permission. I have killed men for much, much less than that.
Rudolph: What have you to say for yourself boy?
Feliks: ˇIt's happened before?
Kazimiera: Hello Mother! As of when I left the room, he was still breathing, and I prefer that everyone should depart whole and healthy when it is our time to bid each other farewell.
* Kazimiera smiles fondly at her Mother
Rudolph: She is not my only child.
Rudolph: Just my oldest.
Feliks: well, sir, she's, well, she's pretty headstrong.
Rudolph: And did you honestly think I was going to let you just waltz in and marry her in some half-assed attempt to get yourself a noble title?
Feliks: I doubt I could have talked her out of it.
Feliks: I care not for any title.
Rudolph: are you arguing with me?
Feliks: Merely stating my case
Feliks: but, yes.
* Rudolph laughs
Rudolph: you'll do.
* Flint adjusts his goggles nervously
* Rudolph slaps Feliks on the back
Feliks: Sir, I will do everything I can to keep your daughter safe
Rudolph: Of course you will.
Rudolph: I'll do the same.
Rudolph: But damned if that girl didn't develop a mind of her own.
Feliks: It's nice
Rudolph: But speaking frankly, if I offered you 10,000 gold pieces to get the hell out....
Feliks: Sir, money doesn't mean much to me
Rudolph: oh by the wolf, she went and found herself an Idealist
* Kazimiera is straining her ears to catch what is going on, while keeping a wary eye on her Mother
Nataza: Your father hadn't decided if he was going to go with threats or bribes first. Tea?
Feliks: A little idealism can't hurt.
* Kazimiera nods
Rudolph: We are at war because of idealism lad, so speak smarter if you actually wish to survive.
Feliks: Not their idealism
Feliks: a counter to it.
Kazimiera: And what about you Mother? What tactic will you employ?
Rudolph: I'm not going to make my daughter a widow, no matter what my wife says. So as long as you don't hurt my daughter, you get to live.
* Kazimiera smiles nervously
Feliks: As long as there are occupiers, I'll oppose them.
Nataza: You know I always abide by your father's wishes
Rudolph: Good.
Rudolph: Getting rid of Kendall is your first command.
Feliks: On it.
* Kazimiera breathes a sigh of relief
Kazimiera: Well, let's hope he deems him worthy then
* Nataza doesn't even try to hide that she is lying
* Kazimiera grins
Rudolph: And I meant what I said about not drinking the red wine.
* Kazimiera is trying to figure out a way to charm her charming Mother
Feliks: of course.
Nataza: You brought outsiders into our ancestral home, one of them an Amareth.
Nataza: Do you know how many of your countrymen have died to prevent Amareth from crossing our threshold?
Nataza: ((guilt trip +4))
Kazimiera: He is oath bound to Feliks, Mother, and our need was quite urgent
Nataza: Oath bound to Feliks. And you assume he'll keep his oath, why, exactly?
Kazimiera: They destroyed the Fey ring above Olathe
Kazimiera: If he breaks his word, then he dies
* Kazimiera shrugs
Nataza: Indeed.
Nataza: And the gnome? They work with the Amareth
Nataza: And whatever that big man thing is
Kazimiera: The Gnome is with us
Kazimiera: The Goliath... a strange one
Kazimiera: But he is bound to the Druid
Kazimiera: and she at least seems to have a common cause at the moment
Nataza: Remember Keriv? He is a nice boy. I should invite him for dinner tonight so you two can get reacquanited
Kazimiera: I wanted to see that the children were safe and word brought to you of the latest developments
* Kazimiera gives her Mother a hard look
Nataza: Of course. The children will be well taken care of.
Nataza: We'll leave the war to your father, that's his business
Kazimiera: Mother. Feliks.
* Flint scratches his head nervously
Nataza: Feliks? Dear, I think you've let this little fling go on entirely too long
* Kazimiera frowns deeply
* Jerath whispers to Flint 'do you think Feliks is doing okay, or do we need to start making an escape plan?'
Nataza: You have a responsibility to your ancestors
Kazimiera: Do you think him unfit?
Flint: *whispers* they haven't put us in chains yet, so I guess it's going okay...
Nataza: And really, knowing that we'd have to feast to welcome you, couldn't you have at least worn a dress?
Jerath: *whispers* So Kazi is that man's daughter?
* Kazimiera attempts to hold her temper in check
Kazimiera: Mother!
Kazimiera: Really!
Flint: yes. she's a princess! quite amazing, I had no idea...
* Nataza pats Kazi lightly on the cheek
* Kazimiera glares
Nataza: There there dear. You ran off to Shieldmeet and I thought I'd never see you again. Why you expected to just waltz in here and not get a little payback is beyond me
* Nataza hugs Kazi tightly
* Kazimiera sniffles and hugs her Mother tightly
Rudolph: Alrighty, it looks safe now.
Feliks: Oh good.
Rudolph: Go meet your mother in law. I'm going to debrief your friends.
GM: ((which we will do next week, as I need to get some sleep now
Kazimiera: (( sweet! ))
Kazimiera: (( nighty night!!! ))
Feliks: g'night!
GM has disconnected.
Eric has disconnected.
Kazimiera: ok, off I go, thanks Chris!
You have disconnected.