Chris has connected.
Eric has connected.
GM has connected.
GM: Lalinlor has returned to Shieldmeet.
Paul has connected.
Paul: hi
Kazi: Hello
Paul: Oh, everyone's going by real names tonight....
Feliks: it supposedly helps with certain token issues
GM: alrighty, since the healer is gone, magically appearing before you are the following - a potion of cure serious wounds, two potions of cure moderate wounds, two potions of cure light wounds, and one potion of lesser restoration. This potions will mysteriously vanish if you attempt to sell them
* Kazi notes this
Chris: may I ask what happened to the healer/
Chris: or the player that plays him rather
GM: Matt has decided he is just to tired to play most times and doesn't care for the online format
Feliks: in front of each of us?
* Kazi runs and jumps on Feliks
GM: in front of the entire party. I'm not that nice
Chris: just give us healing surges like in 4e ... don't need healers anymore
GM: Actually, everyone go to the wilderness map
Chris: how featureless
* Kazi is wondering if her Feliks is ignoring her
Tanya has connected.
GM: You get to leave the Gostislav manor with some minor fanfare. It will take a bit of time to get to the fortress, and in the meantime, the rain has started again, making the trail a bit hazardous
Feliks: hark! A trail hath appeared!
Joseph has connected.
Tanya: are we walking or taking horses?
GM: The morning of the day you think you will reach the fortress, the rain lets up and the sun comes out, providing a much welcome warmth. Some late flowers are blooming here and there on the mountainsides, and the chill winds are nowhere to be found
GM: ((riding))
Flint: I'd prefer to take my pack mule, at least.
Flint: (( so there are 20ish soldiers with us? ))
Tanya: So... we have a plan, I assume.
Feliks: yeah, Storm the castle
Kazi: (( /im your character ))
GM: ((yes, each of those footmen and archers are actually x 10))
Flint: If I can get to their wall unnoticed, perhaps I could blow a hole in one of their walls.
Feliks: (( they're acrobats, and standing on each others shoulders, so only take up one square ))
Flint: We do have a bunch of satchel charges, for it
Flint: Of course, that will probably alert everyone in there...
Feliks: (( I've been training them all week for this ))
Nikolai: Getting to the walls unnoticed will be tricky. Can say a lot about Amareth, can't say they lack skill at soldiering
GM: ((lots of tokens make the maps load slow))
Flint: You mentioned cliffs. Would it be reasonable to climb them and hoep for a blind spot?
Nikolai: Lots of cliffs. Depends on how good a mountaineer you are. Problem is the fort is positioned so if they have any sort of competent guard on the towers, they'll see you climbing up
Flint: bah...
Ashling: Where is the cave?
Feliks: out of curiousity, how did they get there?
Nikolai: came through while we were busy down south
Nikolai: came in quiet-like, not the way they usually come in.
Feliks: and it was empty?
Jerath: The cave is at the mountain base, if Ashling and I got the right spot on the maps. We may be able to get there unnoticed
Nikolai: Don't know about you son, but I don't fancy spending the night at a fort where things like what happened to that scholar happen
Ashling: Should we wait for nightfall?
Nikolai: probably best
Nikolai: Getting across the bridge will be tricky
Kazi: I don't particularly want to be melted or to go crazy, or both
Ashling: I can make a mist to help hide us also, at some point
GM: ((can I has marching order plez?)
Ashling: What scholar is this?
Nikolai: The one that melted
Kazi: The one that went in there 10 years ago
Kazi: and melted, yeah
Paul: Well, if we suspect traps, I should be in front.
Paul: Preferably with some sort of guardian.
Feliks: are we going north or south on this map?
Jerath: Shouldn't be traps on the road. it's just not smart, to big a chance of catching your own
GM: ((north))
Paul: Then I'll be in the middle.
* Nikolai assumes position next to Paul as bodyguard
GM: the soldiers will bring up the rear. They keep alert
Joseph: ((what was that alias command line?))
GM: Spot checks?
GM: ((loadaliases?))
Ashling: (( forest? ))
Paul: spot « 1d20+7 ⇒ 5 + 7 = 12 »
GM: Forest, but fairly light around the water.
GM: Flint, Ashling, and Kazi, you catch glimpses of two individuals on the opposite side of the lake.
Flint: hey, there's someone over there...
Kazi: Hmmm, there are two people o'er yon
* Flint points
Paul: Should we see who they are? There aren't many wanderers here, it is likely they are friend or foe.
GM: The man looks vaguely familiar
GM: except to Ashling
* Kazi nods
Flint: Someone should hail them?
Flint: in Sclavini?
Nikolai: ((in Sclavini)) Hello there!
* Kazi watches with a frown
Vin: ((finally))
Vin: "Umm, hi there" *yelling back in the same language
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Interesting
Nikolai: ((in Sclavini)) Identify yourself!
Vin: "Wouldn't it be more proper to introduce yourselves first? You did yell first" *yelling back in Sclavini*
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Get ready to shoot them down if they don't
Nikolai: (in Sclavini) I'm the man with the small army. And you are?
* Kazi snorts
* Flint tugs on Kazi's sleeve
Flint: what's he saying?
* Kazi translates quickly
Vin: "I'm the guy catching fish wondering why a man with a small army is yelling at me"
Vin: "Vin's the name, a bard under normal circumstances"
Vin: "You wouldn't perchance be Miss Kazi would you?"
Nikolai: ((quietly to Kazi, in Sclavini)) that's not a Sclavini name
Kazi: * in Sclavini * And under these not so normal circumstances?
Feliks: * in sclavini * oh, damnit. the pacifist.
Vin: "Mr. Feliks?"
Kazi: * in Sclavini * (to Nicolai) No, he's a damned Amarethi
Vin: *Set's down the fishing line and makes his way to the band*
* Kazi whispers something to Flint
* Sclavini Crossbowman keep weapons trained on the newcomers
Flint: huh, I don't recognize him ...
Feliks: (( good ))
Flint: someone you met in Shieldmeet?
Kazi: He's the bard that travelled with us for, like, a millisecond
Vin: "What are you guys doing out here?" *noticing the crossbows*
Kazi: The question is, what are YOU doing out here?
Paul: We keep doing that to him.
Paul: It really isn't polite.
* Kazi scowls at Paul
Feliks: long way from Shieldmeet, Vin, to run into each other out here
* Jerath leans and whispers something to Kazi
Feliks: quite the coincidence.
Vin: ((had to deal with brother trying to eat all my dinner sry))
* Kazi whispers something to Feliks
* Ashling looks puzzled.
Vin: "Well I'm hear negotiating with the local captain about some dwarves he refuses to let go. isn't it stranger for several armed Sclavini to be near a fortification?"
Kazi: Not really
GM: ((conversing in common or Sclavini?))
Feliks: you may forget you're IN SCLAVINI
Kazi: Seeing as, this is Sclavini, and you Amarethi are currently OCCUPIERS
* Kazi rolls her eyes
Vin: "But strangness aside, where is Alben (I forget his name)?"
Kazi: Safely in Shieldmeet
Kazi: You seem not to be doing much negotiating
* Kazi looks at his fishing lines suspiciously
Feliks: maybe he's trading fish for dwarf?
Kazi: much in the way of*
Kazi: (( she will have switched to Common ))
Kazi: And who is your friend
* Kazi indicates the other person
Vin: (Descriptions) Vin is a taller man at just over six foot with long jet black hair obviously taking after the even style. Carrying an expensive looking lute and fair clothing only suitable for a bard. One could say handsome to a degree with peircing green eyes (simple descrip i know)
Vin: "Ah, she is my 'bodyguard' I guess would be the most accurate term. Her name is Llyssa"
Vin: (getting her descrip ready)
* Flint looks to the north
Flint: We should really get going...
* Flint scratches his head nervously
GM: It is early afternoon
Vin: (I am sorry, almost all my info is on my laptop and I'm on my desktop currently)
* Kazi pats Flint's shoulder reassuringly
Feliks: Well, Vin, this is kind of awkward
Flint: He looks friendly enough, just continue on our way?
* Nikolai says in a low voice to Kazi and Feliks 'do we take him prisoner, or just silence him?'
* Kazi to Nicolai
Feliks: see, we're off to kick the amareth out of that fortress.
Kazi: * in Sclavini * We'll give him a moment to gather his wits, then we'll truss him up and carry him along
Feliks: which puts you in a precarious situation, if you see what I mean.
Kazi: * in Sclavini * I am not leaving him behind to alert anyone
Kazi: (( that is to say, if he doesn't start talking real fast she's gonna tie him up and drag him along ))
Kazi: (( gagged ))
GM: ((lol. Kazi is totally into bondage nowadays))
Vin: ((I hate word...))
Kazi: (( she totally is getting to be, isn't she? ))
Flint: (( it's all part of being a warlock ))
Paul: Feliks, any coment?
Paul: (())
Flint: (( seriously though, I want to blow up castles, here, let's throw him into a box until he gets his stuff together ))
Feliks: (( I'm waiting for Vin to respond ))
Paul: ((Oh, I meant on your wife's bondage preferences))
Feliks: (( oh. you don't think I went into this arrangement blind, do you? ))
Kazi: (( you've seen him call for the whip first, many a time ))
Paul: ((Blind, no. Blindfolded, possibly))
Vin: (screw it, no description for her atm)
Feliks: All right, Vin, we have to take you with us.
Kazi: No funny business
* Kazi narrows her eyes
GM: ((there are about four spare horses))
Feliks: We'll need you to turn over any weapons until we figure out what to do with you
Kazi: Our people can have bolts in both of your backs before you can say Samad is a spiffy guy, so watch yourselves
Vin: "Well I honestly could care less about the soldiers inside, they've been less than an explemplery example of Amareth"
Feliks: Uh huh. Weapons?
Vin: "But could you do me a favor? Those dwarves in there are prisoners and I've been trying to get them released"
Nikolai: which dwarves?
Kazi: Well, there's a point in your favor, at least
Vin: "One in particualr has ties to higher places let's say"
Vin: "I couldn't give you names of all of them"
Kazi: Speak clearly
Kazi: Riddles aren't going to gain you any favor
Feliks: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Vin: "Well there's Gunvor..."
Nikolai: Gunvor?! Gunvor is alive?
* Kazi seems amused
* Nikolai excitedly switches to Sclavini, 'Gunvor is one of the dwarves allied to your father'
* Kazi nods
Vin: "Well he won't be if you run in there swinging away without being careful"
* Feliks is impatient
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Nikolai, we found some things off some bandits that they must have taken off some Amarethi... I am thinking they must be from our Dwarven friends
Nikolai: (to Vin) I do believe you and your lady friend were asked to hand your weapons over.
Vin: "Here, since I am outnumbered and it doesn't suit in my best interests to not cooperate" *hands over 2 very nice looking pistols and 2 daggers*
Nikolai: Like we needed more reasons to kill Kendall
Kazi: Well, it's always fun to keep a tally
Feliks: pacifism not suit you anymore?
* Kazi grins wolfishly
* Flint admires the pistols as they are handed over
Flint: ooohhh...
Vin: "Oh I still adhore violence but not everyone agrees with me"
Nikolai: (to Kazi) Bind them?
* Kazi nods
Feliks: (( i adore violence, too ))
* Sclavini Crossbowman dismounts and approaches Vin and Lyssa, with two sets of manacles
Vin: *Llyssa has an obvious rapier but otherwise doesn't have any other weapons you can tell of*
Kazi: Well, let's get this show on the roadf
Kazi: road*
Kazi: We've business to attend to
Feliks: we'll talk this evening. If you want to help us…
* Sclavini Crossbowman will manacle Vin and Lyssa, then help them onto the spare horses
* Kazi gives Lyssa a once over
* Kazi gives Vin one too
Kazi: (( with DETECT O VISION ))
* Feliks explains Vin to Ashling
Feliks: (( quietly ))
Kazi: And perhaps she should be checked for concealed weapons
GM: ((can switch to the LondDaer map now))
Kazi: (( where on LondDaer do you want us? ))
GM: by Nikolai and your army
Vin: ((Vin will be keeping up a lively attitude describing recent adventures he's had))
Kazi: which is where?
Flint: (( I don't see any tokens ))
GM: by Feliks
Kazi: aha
Flint: (( now I do ))
Paul: Ummmm.... me?
Flint: So, what is this cave about?
Flint: Does it lead to the fortress?
Jerath: yes
Kazi: It also leads to some rather unpleasant things
Jerath: but it's dangerous. Heavily trapped
Kazi: Madness, melting
Jerath: Kendall couldn't get in
Flint: Ahm but we have a stout fellow with us for those
Vin: ""What's this about a cave now?"
* Flint shrugs
* Kazi stands beside Feliks and rests her head on his shoulder moodily
Paul: I'll get in.
Paul: That's not a concern.
Paul: ((That was definitely the most serious any of you have EVER heard Paul sound.))
Vin: "I wonder if it's the same cave..." *trailing off into thought*
Flint: I'm glad you're so confident!
Flint: If you can't get by some traps, we can always disarm them the gnomish way...
Feliks: Don't worry, Vin, we'll let you spill your guts about all you know later tonight.
Kazi: Jerath!
Vin: "Oh I'm sure but what would my family do if they heard such things?"
Jerath: yes?
Feliks: huh?
* Kazi kisses Feliks on the cheek and goes to whisper with the knight
* Feliks is oblivious.
Feliks: (( no ))
* Feliks is confused
Vin: ((can't believe i can't copy and paste on this thing...))
Kazi: ctrl-c, ctrl-v
Feliks: (( on the mac it's ctrl instead of command for copy and paste ))
Vin: (Description of Llyssa, might have unwanted spaces from the copying) She keeps her blonde hair short, shoulder length
She wears a breast plate fitted for her, a metal vambrace covering the top of her right forearm, and metal shin guards coming up to cover the knees. She wears a single pauldron on her left shoulder, it takes the form of a dragon’s head missing the lower jaw made out of metal colored black and brought to a shine. From her pauldron, hangs a half apron made of heavy leather decorated with images of mixed blue fire and clouds as if it were a storm.
This apron covers her left side hiding her arm from view; she for the most part usually doesn’t reveal her left arm.
A similar half apron is hung from her belt on her right hip covering her right thigh from view much of the time and reaches about half way down her shin. This half apron also has the imagery of a storm of clouds and blue fire.
She wears black, full length pants, the pants have only one leg on the left side leaving the right leg bare.
As far as normal clothing goes she wears a fine white cotton shirt underneath her breastplate which leaves most of her upper chest bare but covers her shoulders. She wears a black, leather choker from which hangs a fine, silver chain with the symbol of Samad at the end.
* Kazi will attempt not to sputter too much about the Samad stuff
Vin: ((just couldn't right click which was holding me up))
Feliks: (( Every Pantheon has a Pooper, that's why they invited Samad! ))
Kazi: (( hee hee hee ))
Feliks: So anyway.
Feliks: where are we going?
* Jerath moves away from Kazi and whispers to Paul...'how good are you with traps, anyway?'
Vin: "Never the less, as things stand now you all are intent to exact some type of horrible outcome for Kendall. I can't say I like the guy either, he's given me a head ache for the last week just trying to talk to him. It seems that you intend to use a cave, which i can only assume leads into the fort somehow. I want the least amount of bloodshed as possible and I do know the layout of the fort and a few tid bits I picked up from Kendall and the other soldiers. I can't stop you from fighting but can I at least make this a smoother process?"
* Kazi will come back to stand alongside her husband after an intense conversation with Jerath
* Kazi glances at Vin
* Kazi chuckles
Vin: *Vin's usual care free-ness is gone by the way, something more serious in it's place. Course Llyssa still hasn't said a word*
Nikolai: Do we have a plan then?
Flint: (quietly) we could use the help ... we don't know much abotu the interior...
Kazi: (in her deep accent) Yes, I daresay you'd have a bit of trouble stopping us from fighting
* Kazi mutters something to her husband
Ashling: Our mission is the cave, not the fort. Or so I thought.
Kazi: It is a bit two-fold, Ashling
Nikolai: Cave entrance is at the fort, isn't it?
Kazi: Within the cave lies one thing, within the fort, another
Vin: "So...Kendall isn't your objective?"
Flint: he's only part of the problem.
* Ashling shows Nikolai a map showing the cave entrance and the fort.
Nikolai: oh ho...a second entrance. Interesting
Nikolai: They'd never see us coming that way
Kazi: Yes, but there is the bit about all the traps, and the insanity, and the melting
Kazi: and the dying
Kazi: but... you know, we MAY find Traian
Nikolai: what loyal sun of Sclavini has ever feared death?
Nikolai: (son)
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Kazi: I was just thinking of our friends, darling
Paul: What's this about melting and insanity?
Nikolai: We'd never get the horses to the cave though
* Kazi looks to Paul
Ashling: No, we'd have to leave them somewhere.
Nikolai: so, plan? Frontal assault, sneaky through caves, or combine the two?
Vin: "Sigh..." *plops down where he is coming to sit in an indian style*
Flint: WHat if we left a few soldiers behind, to ride in with our horses after we are able to infiltrate?
Kazi: I am thinking, clever Paul, that if we don't set off the traps, that the insanity and death may be avoided
Flint: that way, we could make a speedy getaway...
Kazi: oh, very clever indeed, Flint
* Feliks lights his pipe
Nikolai: some soldiers at the top, firing shots now and then, make the Amareth focus on the front so they are distracted from the cave
* Kazi nods
Feliks: (( and tries not to grind his teeth in impatience ))
Nikolai: who do you want where?
Flint: yes, and those same soldiers could fetch the horses and bring them in on our signal
* Kazi squeezes his hand soothingly
Flint: Say, 3 to 4 of your men outside, to harrass the battlements?
* Nikolai glances at his men
Nikolai: Want my recommendation? Send all the archers to the top.
Feliks: how about all?
* Nikolai nods to Feliks.
Nikolai: 'we'll harry the front, you come from the back and let us in
Feliks: the fewer to pull through a cave o' melting doom, the better
* Kazi goes to each of the archers, and give them something, and says something to each
Flint: That sounds good to me!
Flint: I'm no tactician...
Nikolai: you take the prisoners. Just in case you need to 'search for traps'
Feliks: Vin can come with us
* Kazi will go to Nikolai
* Sclavini Crossbowman hands Vin and Lyssa's weapons and the keys to their manacles to Feliks
* Kazi will exchange a few brief words, and press something into his hand
GM: and your army rides away
Feliks: Now, where are we going?
GM: Everybody go ahead and give me two climb checks. One for up, one for down
* Kazi has cast her invocation of climbiness
Feliks: (( did anyone bring climbing gear? ))
Vin: "So the great bard that even Aben hired is reduced to a mere trap tester...this day can't get worse after leaving my prize fish behind"
* Kazi has also cast her invocation of see-ingness
GM: We'll assume you have mountain gear. you were known to be going into really steep mountains with lots of cliffs
Feliks: so that's a +2?
* Eric rolls: 1d20+8 Climb => 2 + 8 = 10
* Eric rolls: 1d20+8 Climb => 1 + 8 = 9
GM: masterwork quality
Paul: « 1d20+11 ⇒ 11 + 11 = 22 »
* Kazi glances at Vin
Paul: « 1d20+11 ⇒ 14 + 11 = 25 »
Flint: Climb checks: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 11 + 2 = 13 » and « 1d20+2 ⇒ 17 + 2 = 19 »
GM: and enough ropes that you could haul folks up if you wanted
Kazi: I would suggest keeping the complaining to a minimum, unless you want to be gagged
* Feliks unlocks the manacles
Feliks: so they can climb better
GM: Feliks has some difficulty, but everyone else makes it okay. Feliks has to make a reflex save to not fall about 40 feet
* Kazi spider climbs up, though she is decidedly nervous about the heights, as usual
GM: Climb to get down the rest safely?
* Eric rolls: 1d20+8 Climb => 11 + 8 = 19
* Kazi presses something into the hands of each of her compatriots, save Flint, who already has one
Kazi: (( an ACORN, for LUCK! ))
Vin: ((clib check for me and Llyssa as well?)
GM: ((yes))
Vin: ((wasn't sure how they would habd;e the 'prisoners' getting up))
Kazi: (( even for Jerath, oh he of the Samadian holy symbol ))
GM: You find yourselves in a small, narrow valley. There is a lot of vine overgrowth. Vines with berries and barbed thorns about an inch long.
* Jerath accepts politely
Vin: « 1d20 ⇒ 13 »
GM: search checks?
Vin: Llyssa's Climb « 1d20+1 ⇒ 19 + 1 = 20 »
GM: Flint finds the cave entrance first
* Flint cheers!
GM: It looks like someone tried to block it off with some rocks
Kazi: (( Flint is so good at the finding! ))
Feliks: Ash, are these berries edible?
Jerath: shall I move these rocks?
* Flint brings along a few satchel charges from the crate, leaves the rest (and other heavy gear) with the ponies
GM: black spot = cave entrance
Vin: ((would hope so, a void trying to suck us in would be sorta not nice))
* Ashling tries some.
GM: it's about 5' wide by 4'tall, but from what you can tell opens into a taller area
Ashling: Yes, very good, too.
Feliks: is that how you test it? By eating some?
* Jerath clears rocks out of the way quickly
* Flint loads his new silvered bullets into his guns
* Kazi gives Feliks an odd look
Vin: "Well she's barver most of us, eating random barries"
Kazi: I'd prefer you not go taste testing and dying, beloved
Vin: ((than*))
GM: So, who is going in first?
* Kazi peers intently into the cave
Feliks: Ok, can paul check out the interior? Then we can set up inside, and have a chat with Mr. Vin
Vin: ((who's carring our weapons again?))
Paul: hold up... there's a trap
Ashling: They're related to blackberries. I was just seeing how ripe they are.
GM: ((Feliks I think))
Feliks: me!
Feliks: trapped already?
Feliks: oy
Paul: Disable Trap « 1d20+15 ⇒ 3 + 15 = 18 »
* Feliks starts picking berries, i guess
Vin: "Mr. Feliks, try not to hurt yourself on that chain, I've seen my fair share of bandits not live to tell the tale of that weapon"
Paul: Ummm.... there's a magic trap. Alarm spell. I might have triggered it. I'm not sure.
GM: ((can switch to cave map whenever you be ready))
* Kazi 's eyes narrow
Kazi: The who, what now?
Jerath: Fiske had no skill at magical traps.
Jerath: so unless Kendall found another mage, he didn't set it
Feliks: am i carrying a chain?
Kazi: Are you threatening Feliks, Vin?
GM: ((Llyssa had a chain and dagger type weapon wrapped around her arm))
Vin: ((if you took our weapons then yes, 2 pistols, a rapier, 3 daggers, and a spiked chain))
Paul: « 1d20+15 ⇒ 5 + 15 = 20 »
* Kazi looks grim
Feliks: can you center the cave map for me?
GM: Jerath is at center
GM: err, starting point anyway
Vin: "No threat, merely truth. That thing is sharp in places and with improper care it could hurt the person holding it"
Feliks: thx
GM: (you'll need lights here))
Vin: ((it the map still supposed to be outside the cave?))
* Kazi can see in the dark
Vin: ((is the*))
GM: Go into the caves
Kazi: are there cookies/
Kazi: ?
GM: no cookies. Just a long, dark tunnell
Vin: "And with all brutal honesty I would wager Llyssa here would rather do the injuring if there was to be any rather than an accident. Not to say she has anything against the lot of you"
* Kazi looks at Vin in confusion
Vin: ((I'd wager someone has my lute too))
Kazi: I'm sorry?
Feliks: All right. we're here. What to do with Vin?
Vin: "Well you could let me go, that's always a nice thing to do"
Kazi: Tie him and his not so talkative friend up, gag them, and leave them here?
Flint: Do you know your away around the caves, tall fellow?
Feliks: well, he may be useful once we get to the fortress
* Kazi pouts a bit
Flint: Or at least have any info that can keep up from being blasted to bits?
Kazi: Well, ok
Kazi: Tie them up, gag them, and drag them along?
Jerath: Honestly? I'm amazed we actually found the entrance based on what I did know.
Paul: Another blasted trap.....
* Ashling soothes Una who chitters with unease.
Vin: "About the caves? No, Kendall was pretty tight lipped on the subject"
Paul: This guy is a douche.
Kazi: Well, what was that little statement about... I wonder if...
Kazi: earlier?
* Kazi is getting impatient
Jerath: The traps only seemed to trigger for people though. The clockwork thingy the gnome made got through, as did the rocks and stuff they threw...which...
Kazi: Do we need light?
* Jerath glances down around his feet, where the cave actually appears to be free of debris.
* Kazi glances at her wand holster
GM: ((forget light, it just screws things up
Paul: Lucky for us.
Vin: "My previous statement, if you refer to the harming of others, merely was my desire to not see people getting hurt on accident through lack of care"
Paul: I disarmed it.
GM: ((assume you have appropriate light sources))
Feliks: No, you mentioned caves
Flint: (you might want to fog-ofo=0war the map then, and reveal to us chunks at a time)?
Paul: Ooooooh, negative energy trap. I read about these in a manual once....
Jerath: Lady Kazi.....
Kazi: Yes, Sir Jerath?
Jerath: In Kendall's letter, he said that they were unable to recover the bodies of the scouts who fell, and that they'd thrown items in trying to trigger the traps.
Jerath: so....where are they?
* Jerath looks around
* Kazi looks around, puzzled
Vin: "Ah, caves. Well you see this is obviously not the cave that was mentioned to me. The cave I heard of was supposed to have 2 guards"
Kazi: Oh, huh. Yeah. Looks rather clean, yes.
Jerath: 'that's the upper entrance. This is some sort of secret tunnel
* Kazi looks at Jerath
Kazi: No bodies.
Kazi: That's not such a good sign.
Kazi: I would think.
Jerath: even if something ate the bodies, there should be bits of metal, or their weapons at least
Paul: Give me about 20'
Ashling: Kendall investigated the upper entrance? Is that what you are saying?
Paul: If I hit trouble, you'll hear screaming.
* Kazi looks a bit concerned
Kazi: Jerath, the ones that came into the cave made it this far?
Kazi: but they couldn't recover them?
Jerath: I don't know how far they made it
* Kazi nods
Kazi: Well, let's stay alert, friends
* Kazi whispers something to Feliks
Feliks: All right, here's your stuff back.
Vin: "So, don't guess I could be let to know what it is we're doing in this cave if the fort itself is not the prim target?"
* Kazi walks over to Flint, whispers something to him
Feliks: If you kill us, we'll kill you.
Vin: "I'll make note of that"
Feliks: Does your girl speak?
Vin: ((those of you that can see supernaturally....the girl has hideous scars under those aprons, her left arm and right thigh))
Kazi: (( see supernaturally? ))
Vin: "Oh she does, just not at times like these. Not the impulsive type I guess..." *a last part said under his breath-"right now at least"*
* female bodygaurd smiles
Jerath: um...Paul seems to be getting a bit ahead
Kazi: Well, let's not dilly dally then
Feliks: *to bodyguard* Just want to make sure you'll be able to call for help if you need it.
Vin: ((well you said you could see in the dark, if you were serious I doubt it could be called natural))
Kazi: (( what's not natural about seeing in the dark? ))
Flint: Let's catch up to Paul.
Vin: ((were either Kazi or Feliks ever in the military?))
Feliks: lol
* Kazi gives Vin a hard look over her shoulder as she makes her way down the corridor
* Mysterious Voice punches for « 1d20+13 ⇒ 9 + 13 = 22 » for « 1d3+6 ⇒ 3 + 6 = 9 » damage
Vin: "Not to worry though, I can't stop you from fighting when the time come but I hope I can lessen the bloodshed through my help"
* Kazi gives Vin a strange look
Kazi: Yes, yes
Feliks: (( should we be in initiative now? ))
Vin: "Spelunking is not my cup of tea, will have to remember not to take the ambassodor up on his cave hike idea"
GM: ((not yet))
GM: « 1d20+12 ⇒ 14 + 12 = 26 »
Paul: « 1d20+11 ⇒ 5 + 11 = 16 »
GM: ((now you can roll initiative))
Feliks: Initiative: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 11 + 5 = 16 »
Kazi: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 6 + 2 = 8 »
Jerath: initiative - « 1d20 ⇒ 19 »
Vin: Vin's Init « 1d20+1 ⇒ 20 + 1 = 21 »
Paul: Initiative « 1d20+4 ⇒ 9 + 4 = 13 »
Mysterious Voice: Initiative « 1d20+12 ⇒ 12 + 12 = 24 »
Ashling: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 11 + 2 = 13 »
Vin: Llyssa's Init « 1d20+2 ⇒ 8 + 2 = 10 »
Kazi: (( btw, Feliks, would not your Wife be right next to you? ))
Flint: Initative: « 1d20+3+mod ⇒ 12 + 3 + 0 = 15 »
Feliks: (( I'm getting these all in a text file ))
GM: Thing, Vin, Jerath, Feliks, Flint, Paul, Ashling, Llyssa, Kazi (am I forgetting anyone?)
Kazi: (( gad, what a shit init roll ))
GM: ((Eric, you are willing to keep track of initiative?))
Feliks: Mystery: 24
Vin: 21
Jerath: 19
Feliks: 16
Flint: 15
Paul: 13
Ash: 13
Lyssa: 10
Kazi: 8
GM: next
Feliks: if Mystery went, it's Vin
Vin: "I always say times like these require a song"
Vin: *breaks out the lute and starts playing an inspiring song*
Vin: ((Inspire Courage +1))
Vin: ((that will be it for me))
GM: Jerath moves up, next
Feliks: Hold on, Little Buddy!
Feliks: Wind Stride: +10ft bonus to move speed
Ashling: (( +1 to what? ))
Flint: +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saves vs. fear?
Feliks: double move, done
Feliks: (( FLint is up ))
Vin: ((The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears the bard sing and for 5 rounds thereafter. An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. At 8th level, and every six bard levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1 (+2 at 8th, +3 at 14th, and +4 at 20th). Inspire courage is a mind-affecting ability. ))
* Flint double moves and is done
Feliks: Paul
Vin: ((In my case it's 15 rounds after i stop playing))
Vin: ((You have to be able to hear though))
GM: « 1d20+12 ⇒ 17 + 12 = 29 »
GM: Ashling?
Feliks: (( did paul go? i saw nothing. ))
GM: ((he did))
Ashling: (( done ))
Feliks: (( lyssa ))
GM: Llyssa stays back with Vin. Did you give them back their weapons?
Feliks: yes
Feliks: when we first entered the cave
GM: she's done. Next
Feliks: kazi
Kazi: (( done ))
Feliks: mystery
Feliks: (vin on deck, followed by Jerath)
* Kazi says something to Feliks in a language probably no one else speaks
GM: Feliks, Paul comes flying over the top of the a stalagmite, apparently aimed directly at you. « 1d20+7 ⇒ 1 + 7 = 8 » to hit
GM: ((oooh, bad time for a critical. EIther way))
Feliks: to catch him
Paul: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 16 + 9 = 25 »
GM: Paul manages to land on his feet near Feliks
GM: next up
Feliks: vin
Vin: *Vin will move up a normal movement and hold*
Paul: Felix, he's behind the stalagmite.
Feliks: (( on deck: Jerath, then Feliks ))
Paul: In case you couldn't tell from my trajectory!
Vin: ((done, continues to play))
* Kazi glances at Ashling, winks
Feliks: (( after feliks: Flint, Paul, Ash ))
Feliks: (( is he done? ))
GM: yes
GM: ((spot check))
Ashling: (( for everyone? ))
GM: You don't see him
GM: Just Feliks
Feliks: He's gone!
Feliks: done
Kazi: You sure?
* Flint double moves, and is done.
Feliks: paul
Feliks: (then Ash, Lyssa, Kazi)
Paul: Whatever that thing is, it's strong, and it speaks halfling!
Feliks: What am I looking for?
Kazi: Wicked!
Paul: I can't tell you, he grabbed me from behind from the shadows.
Paul: a human sized male.
Feliks: Ash, Lyssa, Kazi
Vin: ((if the encounter is over)) **Vin stops playing and returns the Lute to his back**
GM: ((you aren't out of iniative yet
Kazi: (( it's not over until we say it's over ))
Paul: ((Paul just has no combat skills))
Vin: ((aww, no half asses remarks from sweet ol' Vin? Oh well, strike my last remark))
Vin: ((assed))
Ashling: (( any chance of spotting it from here? ))
GM: ((I'll give you a spot check))
GM: ((spot checks all around))
Vin: ((even those of us in the far back?))
GM: ((no))
GM: you don't see it
GM: next up?
Feliks: Lyssa, Kazi
Kazi: Double move
GM: lyssa is done
Kazi: What do I sees?
GM: a cave
GM: next?
Feliks: Mystery: 24
Vin: 21
Jerath: 19
Feliks: 16
Flint: 15
Paul: 13
Ash: 13
Lyssa: 10
Kazi: 8
Vin: ((Obviously not the 'captives' anymore))
Mysterious Voice: ((In Sclavini)) Well now, that's interesting. You have exactly 30 seconds to explain where you got that necklace. Choose your words carefully, or I start killing your companions.
* Mysterious Voice steps from the shadows to in front of Kazi
Feliks: (( what's a second? ))
GM: ((a rock falls on Feliks. He is stunned for « 1d4 ⇒ 1 » decades]
Feliks: sweet
Flint: (( whew, that could have been bad! ))
GM: ((rest of the party can move up if they'd like))
GM: ((or continue in iniative order if you'd prefer))
Feliks: (( if he'd said 5 rounds i would have known, sheesh ))
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Traian? I was given this necklace, along with a Doll which I believe held the Spirit of Ekaterina when we visited the Caves in (I don't recall the name off hand, but Kazi would)
Kazi: We are here to help destroy the Artifact and I was hoping to find you
Mysterious Voice: *In Sclavini* Traian? So close, my dear, and very, very far. So...Ekaterina sent you, did she?
Kazi: I believe she did, yes
GM: ((He stands down. Can leave iniative now unless you want to attack))
* Flint goes back to find Vin
Flint: it's safe, come out.
Vin: "Thanks sir gnome"
Mysterious Voice: (in Sclavini) who then, are you?
Kazi: I am Celestyna Kazimiera Tyszka Havel Gostislav
Mysterious Voice: (in Sclavini) and why would Ekaterina send you with Resia's necklace?
Flint: (to Vin) Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle, by the way. *offers a hand up to Vin, smiles broadly* ... I don't think we ever met back in Shieldmeet. I was away now and then on errands.
Flint: call me Flint.
Kazi: I am not sure if she did or not, it was sort of a roundabout thing, I am afraid
Mysterious Voice: (in Halfling) that...little the right reason.
Kazi: But I have the necklace, and I carried Ekaterina's Doll, and I had a Vision of you, which brought me here
Mysterious Voice: (in Sclavini) so you have come in search of Traian?
Kazi: Well, yes
Vin: "Nice to meet you sir Flint. I am Vin Travell, former traveling bard and current diplomat under the embassay to Tatsuo" *shaking his hand and bowing a little*
* Feliks translates quietly
Mysterious Voice: (in Sclavini) you must search still. My little brother's resting spot is not within these caves.
Kazi: Darus, then?
* Mysterious Voice nods
Kazi: My apologies
Darus: (in Sclavini) odd companions.
Flint: (explains to Vin) I think this is an ally of Kazi's... though he thoguht we were intruders
Kazi: Might I introduce you?
Darus: (in Sclavini) all you've forgotten is an elf. Probably best for that.
* Kazi introduces her friends to the Sclavini legend of old
Flint: ahem ... we don't have a Warforged either!
Darus: (In Sclavini) all of you come in here, the corridors are trapped. A lotl.
Vin: "This is my associate Llyssa Travell. Mercenary extradornare and my cousin... Yes it would seem that way, luckily we didn't have to fight more than we did"
Darus: (in heavily and strangly accented common) what's a warforged?
Flint: Gnomish-make golems.
Flint: But that's a story for another day.
Paul: (In halfling) Yes, Darus, I noticed that.
Flint: I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle.
* Darus is an older man, with a touch of gray to hair and beard. He is dressed in black leather armor, and carries two axes.
Paul: ((Gotta run, must pack for a wedding this weekend. Not mine))
Paul has disconnected.
Kazi: Well, so, my friends, here is a Sclavini hero, straight out of legend!
Vin: ((well we got to see him thrown like a rag doll, I guess that was enough for him))
* Kazi smiles softly
Darus: Hero out of legend am I?
Kazi: Indeed
Darus: ((hey, he totally saved your asses on those traps ))
Flint: Do you live down here, Mr. Darus?
Kazi: Oh, and might I present to you, my beloved husband, Feliks Havel
Darus: Long ago enough for it to be legend?
* Darus nods in greeting to all of you
Vin: **Vin and Llyssa stay back enough hopefully not to be taken too much of notice**
Kazi: and this is our, um, friend, Sir Jerath
Darus: The gnomes have gotten involved now?
Darus: how long has it been?
* Darus nods to Jerath
Kazi: it's been a very long time, Darus
Kazi: 3000 years or so
Kazi: (( is that right? ))
Flint: We gnomes are neutral. I'm here as a consultant.
Darus: I've slept most of it. The alarm woke me, it does when invaders enter
* Darus stares into the distance for a moment
Kazi: Well, we're not so much invaders, as much as we're here, hopefully to make right what Detaltho was trying to destroy
Vin: **anyone caring to take note, Vin periodically whispers to Llyssa**
Kazi: or, you know, stop the end of the world and all
* Kazi grins
Darus: Dethalto. Scum, taking advantage of the aftermath. He's dead, I do hope? Or deader, at least.
* Kazi corrects herself, 2000 years
Kazi: I believe Resia saw to that, yes
Darus: Resia did? She....
* Darus shakes his head.
Darus: The past is past. Why have you come now? What has changed?
Kazi: People seek to awaken that which should not be again
Darus: oh don't tell me the elves have declared another war.
Kazi: A madman sits in the fortress above in Agrilop
Kazi: And wants to use what sleeps here against the Sclavini, we think
Darus: The cult has returned?
Kazi: yes
* Darus nods.
Darus: And they managed to take the fortress?
Kazi: I am not sure if it is the Cult
Kazi: Some zealots of a usurper godling
Vin: "If it can do any harm to those not of Amareth that zealot would use it...bastard braggs about murdering a town with a dam..."
Darus: usurper godling?
Darus: Who are the Amareth?
Vin: **perking up at the mention of the madman upstairs**
Kazi: They are a newly risen Empire, Darus
Darus: From?
Kazi: east of us
Darus: Have you a map?
* Kazi will fill him in quickly
* Darus blinks in surprise
* Kazi will ask Jerath to help fill in holes
Darus: The Horsemen?
Darus: you are telling me the Horsemen have become an empire of conquerors and are trying to unleash evil?
* Kazi nods grimly
Darus: The whole world has gone mad.
Kazi: Tell me about it!
Vin: "Well one such person is, don't lot all of us with him now"
* Darus looks at Jerath and Vin
* Kazi looks at Vin
Kazi: There are quite a lot of you "lot" than not you "lot"
Darus: I think you should all sit.
Darus: I'm not entirely convinced I'm willing to believe the Horsemen would do this.
* Flint fidgets nervously
* Kazi looks to Jerath
Jerath: Horsemen?
* Jerath looks at Vin, obviously confused
* Kazi has that look of "halp"
Kazi: Horsemen?
Vin: Amareth history « 1d20+7 ⇒ 3 + 7 = 10 »
Darus: What of Sclavini?
Vin: ((>))
Kazi: What do you want to know?
Kazi: They occupy our lands
Darus: When did that start to matter?
Kazi: seek to convert us to their gods
Kazi: god*
Kazi: It started to matter when they decided their ONE god was the ONLY god
Darus: I'm sorry....this is confusing to me. During the war, we welcomed them. Their children and ones that could not fight came to us for safety.
Kazi: The world is a much altered place, I am thinking
Darus: Since when did the Horsemen have only one god?
Vin: "Well..."
Kazi: When Samad overthrew all their Old Ones, I think
Darus: Even the bloody elves couldn't keep track of all the shrines the horsemen had
Darus: Samad?
* Kazi nods
Darus: The Silver Lances followed Samad, if I recall correctly
Vin: "He would be our one god now"
* Darus shakes his head.
Kazi: * in Sclavini * that's the usurper godling they follow, and in his name they destroy our shrines and kill our people
Darus: So evil is rising. What brings you here?
Darus: (In Sclavini) I have knelt at their shrines, and they at ours. It is sad what time has brought
Kazi: We think there is an Artifact of great power here that they seek to use that would unleash great destruction upon us
Darus: There is.
Darus: Why are you here.
Vin: *Vin is obviously translating it all to Llyssa*
Kazi: I think the plan is to, you know, try and destroy it, if we can
Kazi: or, you know, make sure they don't get it
Darus: So now Ekaterina has sent someone to destroy it? If she wanted it destroyed, why did she tell me not to destroy it?
Kazi: something along those lines
* Kazi is confused
Kazi: Huh?
Kazi: Wait, what is it?
* Feliks is confused, but that's nothing new
Kazi: is it what all the Cult people were after?
Darus: The strange glowing rock in the gold cage. She told me whatever happened, do not destroy it.
* Kazi frowns
Darus: I've destroyed everything else, and whenever the spells woke me, killed any attempting to enter
Darus: well, those that make it past. You are the first other than me to come down the side tunnel
Vin: *Knowing the Gnome might be bored by now, walks over and hands him a master work pistol to look at*
* Kazi rubs her temples
Kazi: This is giving me a headache
Kazi: Sir Jerath?
Ashling: (( how much of this is in common? any? ))
Jerath: yes?
Jerath: ((all))
Jerath: ((unless specifically stated otherwise))
Kazi: What do these books seem to imply about all this nonsense?
Kazi: This Artifact is bad news, I thought
Flint: These are excellent handiwork, Vin. May I ask who made them for you? I can build and repair them, you know, in case you have trouble with a jam or some such.
Jerath: The books talk about charging the artifact
Kazi: Hmmm
Darus: try that, and I'll have to feed you your hands.
* Darus smiles
* Flint shows Vin is obviously homemade musket, and pistol.
Flint: his*
Kazi: Well, that's not what we're here for, definitely
Darus: Why are the rest of you here?
Vin: "That would be excellent. I got them back in Shieldmeet before leaving. A Gnome gunsmith but I do not remember his name."
Darus: You, (points to Ashling), what brings you here?
Kazi: And from what I've read on the Artifact, we're not going to be able to destroy it easily
Flint: Oh! You got them from my boss, I'd wager. Novobitupur.
Ashling: We are all on the same mission. Find the cult artifact and destroy it before it can be used by them.
Ashling: Or if we cannot destroy it, defeat the cult some other way.
Darus: And the cult is in the fortress?
Darus: You have a plan for destroying it, or one for defeating the cult?
Vin: "Just might have been. If you can see, I had decorative work done to them. Mostly gold etching but when in my line of work even the tools of murder have to look pretty"
Ashling: We don't know that. Enemies of Sclavini are in the fortress.
Kazi: I am not actually sure what the story is in the fortress, other than it's held by a madman
Darus: Is there any of you that does know what is going on?
Ashling: A cult member may have infiltrated them, but we do not know that for certain.
* Flint looks to Darus ... "I'm afraid not, sir. I'm just trying to help my friends."
Flint: Kazi knows more of the story than the rest of us.
Ashling: I'm afraid we are only going on what information we have been able to find.
Vin: ((to Darus)) "Me either, I kind of was kidnapped by this lot on the way up here"
Darus: Out of curiousity, if I went up to the fort and dragged a couple of them down here, would they know what is going on?
Flint: Probably! If you could getg them to talk, anyway...
Ashling: I doubt it.
Kazi: Well, Darus
Darus: I can get them to talk. The difficulty may be shutting them up
Kazi: This sort of started a bit, when Evaric possessed a friend of ours
Vin: "Sorry but I have been in that fort for some time now, I didn't note anything suspecious to this degree"
* Kazi looks at Vin
Kazi: You wouldn't know what to look for either, would you?
Darus: Is there any particular reason why I shouldn't just go bring the mountain down on the fort again?
* Darus is starting to look irritated
Kazi: Well, some allies of my Family are being held prisoner in the fort
Vin: "No, but doomsday artifacts tend to ring out above the rest when investigating the backgrounds of the people you are dealing with"
Darus: so, do you hafe a plan?
Kazi: Well, we were planning on sneaking in through the Caves and then infiltrating the fort that way
Kazi: But we ran into you first
Ashling: Is the artifact here?
* Kazi grins
Darus: yes. It is.
Flint: Vin, don't mind Kazi, she's under a lot of stress, being a princess and all.
Kazi: Mayhap we can deal with the fort first, artifact later?
* Kazi scowls at Flint
Darus: The fort ruled by a madman that invaded my homeland?
Kazi: Yessir
Darus: I have one suggestion for the fort.
Ashling: Free the dwarves then bury the fort and the artifact?
Vin: "She's a princess now? Who would have thought? Of which family?"
Kazi: And killed a whole village of innocents
Flint: (whispers) Gotsislav, but it's a sensitive topic, okay?
Kazi: and destroyed a Fey ring and shrine to boot
* Darus nods
Vin: "Got it"
Kazi: (( if Vin was paying ANY attention, she just effing introduced herself ))
Flint: (( hey, it's hard keeping track of Kazi's name after the 6th name or so ))
Kazi: (( I know ))
Darus: ((at least you aren't playing a tinker gnome))
Kazi: I would like to find Traian
Flint: (( hey, I resemble that remark ))
Kazi: before the burying
Darus: If you want to take the fort, wait until nightfall
Vin: ((Nope, all I needed to know was Kazi. Important details are collected but Kazi's name takes up to much storage space, ^^))
Darus: Traian isn't here.
Kazi: He's not?
* Kazi frowns
* Kazi nods
Darus: Last I saw, he was alive and well, and trying to figure out which lass he was going to marry
* Kazi looks at Darus
Kazi: Hmmm
Darus: Is this your army then?
Flint: We have men topside.
Darus: do you have a way to communicate with them?
Flint: Well, when we give the signal they are supposed to enter the keep.
Flint: presumablyl after we clear it
Vin: "Not that any of you would care but I could be of some use to you. I can come and go as I please in the fort. But that would require you to trust me"
Kazi: * in Sclavini * we should speak about Traian later, Darus
* Darus shrugs
Darus: he's been dead a long time. They all have
* Kazi gives him a long look
Darus: how many men are in the fort, oh one who can come and go as he pleases?
Ashling: We could send someone back out to bring a message to the others if need be.
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Maybe, maybe
Feliks: I can take a message
Ashling: (( like Paul as he is not really here anymore... ))
Feliks: (( or Paul. ))
Darus: Tell them to wait until the signal, it will be after dark.
Ashling: What is the signal, anyway?
Darus: screaming.
Kazi: That's a good signal
Darus: usually hard to miss
Flint: Oh, hey that's easy, we .... oh you don't mean US screaming, do you...
* Flint gulps
* Darus smiles at Flint, revealing a pair of fangs.
* Flint gasps
Kazi: Oh sweet!
Ashling: What do you suggest we do, Darus?
Ashling: We free the dwarves while you wreak havoc?
Darus: I love gnomes. The only race to have built a way to see the stars and they can still miss what is right in front of their noses
Darus: or you figure out a way for you to touch the artifacts without dying.
Flint: I already have a way for that!
Flint: But it's ... untested
Vin: "Well... There are around 50 men not including the prisoners. The 'madman' will fight you with his dying breath no matter the case. I still think there could be a way to do this rather than storming the place though"
Darus: I tossed one of the last group that came down here at the artifact. He melted.
Ashling: Why do we need to touch the artifact?
Kazi: I heard about that
Darus: If they surrender, they can live. That is, if you want prisoners
Darus: Have another way of picking it up?
Vin: "I'm just not big on the whole killing of people in mass"
* Kazi glances at Vin
Flint: Me neither, if we can help it, honestly
Kazi: Well, let's just remember a village at the bottom of a dam
Flint: I mean, make a big boom and set an example, and they'll surrender, hopefully?
Ashling: I would prefer to bury the artifact so no one can use it.
Feliks: yeah
Kazi: What is buried can be unburied
Darus: It's been buried a long time. And yet, here you are.
Feliks: I agree with burying it
Vin: "Yes and Kendall should pay dearly for it but murdering everyone in the fort doesn't justify his death"
Ashling: I doubt very much that we could touch it without damage.
Flint: Why does the artifact need to be touched anyhow? Why not destroy it?
Flint: Did I miss that?
Kazi: You think we could destroy it?
Flint: I've got powder with me. We could try it. Either it works or it doesn't.
Ashling: What about the silver weapons?
* Kazi looks seriously doubtful
Darus: I could take you to it.
Darus: we've got some hours yet until dark
Kazi: I think the silver was for him
Kazi: ?
Darus: Silver for me?
Kazi: (( I am so confused ))
Ashling: Jerath, what was it about silver?
Feliks: Anybody have anything stronger than tobacco I can smoke?
Jerath: The book listed the things that could not harm the artifact. Silver wasn't on the list
Vin: "No but try this" *throwing Feliks a flask*
* Feliks sniffs
Vin: "Doubtful it's as stronger as anything you normally have but at least it tastes good"
* Feliks tosses it back.
Darus: follow me
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Well, I mean, silver can't be pleasant
Feliks: No thanks, but maybe when this is all through
* Flint shrugs and follows
* Darus proceeds to apparently walk through a wall
Flint: huh?
* Kazi follows
Darus: coming?
Flint: I think it's magicked...
* Flint stumbles forward, holding arms out
* Kazi said she followed
Vin: "Is it me or doesn no one else not want to see a doomsday artifact of death that melts people?"
Feliks: i don't do the whole "meld with stone" thing
* Jerath sticks his hand through the wall
* Jerath grins like a kid
Jerath: wow
* Kazi grabs Feliks' hand and tugs him along
Feliks: It's the dark god's prison! Maybe! Don't open it!
GM: so, who is staying behind in the spooky, overly trapped dungeon?
Feliks: did paul go back to the troops?
GM: yes
Flint: Wow!! wha's this place?
Kazi: (( can you just move us appropriately? ))
Feliks: a lecture hall?
GM: The room you are in looks like a huge ampitheater. A massive, and horrifying looking altar sits atop a dias
Darus: the 'ceremonial chamber'
Feliks: A theatre!
Kazi: interesting
GM: In front of the dias sits a heap of rubbish. Broken items, snapped wands, remains of burnt books, even a suit of mangled armor
Vin: "I'll stay over here next to this wall, I hear melting is bad for the complexion nowadays"
* Flint hands Vin a handful of silvered bullets. "I made these myself ... I heard we might need them down here ... better safe than sorry."
Flint: (gives you 10 of these bullets)
GM: There does appear to be some gold and silver bits in the pile, possibly some scrap that could be valuable
Vin: "Wonderful, thankyou sir Flint"
GM: someone however, seems to have done a very thorough job of destroying most of the contents of this room
Darus: The altar is some sort of weird metal. Can't break it.
Darus: the artifact is down this path
Darus: what do you know of it?
* Kazi consults her notes
Kazi: (( I know what is on the wiki ))
Ashling: It strengthens undead, doesn't it?
* Darus grins
Darus: yep
Vin: ((I can see it now, Kazi putting on reading glasses and scimming over a notebook of notes))
Kazi: (( yes, that is it exactly ))
Darus: I don't keep the zombies around though. They get...stuff...everywhere
Vin: "Undead tend to do that...stuff you know, yep, stuff..."
* Darus looks over Kazi's notes
Darus: so that's why.....
* Darus offers Kazi a small velvet pouch
* Kazi takes it
Ashling: Why did Ekatarina tell you not to destroy the artifact?
Darus: We were pressed for........
* Flint flinches
* Darus glances at Kazi
Darus: time
* Kazi blinks her eyes, and they water
Darus: it's magical
* Kazi 's eyes water profusely
Ashling: What is it, Kazi?
Darus: anyway, Ekaterina had visions from time to time. She said if I destroyed it, it would be bad.
Darus: You could have just asked.
Darus: but she didn't have time to explain why
Kazi: * in Sclavini * What's it?
Darus: But I always trusted Ekaterina's wisdom
Darus: I found it on the leader here.
Feliks: i'll bet it's some demon prison, and it's power leaks out enough to do a bit of stuff
Kazi: Leader?
* Kazi rubs her watering eyes
Darus: Some drow. Called himself Toraliv. I was looking for Beryx, but it seems he pissed his master off.
Darus: Dalthalo was a dark elf.
Kazi: Was he now?
Darus: sort of.
Darus: one of the ones that made bargains with the fiends.
* Kazi puts the thingy back into the pouch and holds onto it
Vin: "So a loan-shark? I knew they had something to do with this..."
Vin: *under his breath* "Met an elf loan shark before, I knew he had to be up to something daemonic how he was raking in..."
Darus: have you a plan for the thing now?
Darus: it's not a laughing matter, Horseman. Your kind more than any should know that.
* Kazi frowns
* Eric rolls: 1d20-1 Wisdom => 9 - 1 = 8
Feliks: *poke*
GM: The altar fails to bite Feliks
Vin: "My kind sadly has lost such history that I am aware of and this is how I deal with stress"
GM: but the metal feels strange and oily to the touch
GM: you should probably make a fortitude save now
Vin: "I was just kidnapped, told things about my people's history I didn't know, and about a doomsday thingie that can melt people, cut me some slack"
Ashling: Kazi, what did he give you?
Kazi: Feliks, please stay away from the altar!
Feliks: huh?
* Kazi consults her notes
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Darus
Darus: Your people....during the elf war your people were truly magnificent. Even in the darkest days of the war, when your lands were all but destroyed and your people fled, there was not a battle fought in which there were not Horsemen to lead the charge. It is a shame that such bravery could be forgotten.
Vin: "And to think I was already having to deal with cult-like people carring peoples' eyes and sacrificially burning people along with kiling inoccent young girls"
Darus: (in Sclavini) yes Kazi?
* Feliks will rummage through the rubbish, then
Kazi: * in Sclavini * seems like maybe you could help with that thing?
GM: « 1d4 ⇒ 2 »
Vin: "If it's any consolation the Silver Knights are reveared even today and all the knight orders emulate them, or at least that's what they claim to do"
Jerath: They do.
Vin: ((*Silver Lances*))
Jerath: Never to recoil from thine enemy is still an oath
* Eric rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 15 + 17 = 32
Darus: (in Sclavini, to Kazi) No
Feliks: Ta-Da!
* Ashling gives up and goes to sit and soothe Una.
* Eric rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 10 + 17 = 27
Kazi: Hmmm, drat
* Eric rolls: 1d20+17 Tumble => 14 + 17 = 31
Darus: you really, really, really don't want me to actually touch that thing.
* Kazi nods
Vin: "Well most of us know of the knight's code. As a bard I have to recite it nearly twice a night at any tavern"
Darus: your he by any chance insane?
Kazi: Just a touch
* Feliks naps
Darus: good to be among Sclavini
* Kazi grins
Flint: well, can we at least see this thing?
Darus: this way
Kazi: I wouldn't get too close, though
GM: ((anyone else coming?))
Flint: Kazi, I'm a professional
Kazi: sure
* Darus points
Flint: that's it?
Darus: this is as close as I come. it's enough to heal me, and soothe the hunger
Vin: "I think I'm going to go sit down, you guys have fun with the melty thingie"
* Kazi frowns
GM: The artifact is smaller than you might have expected. The stone inside the cage is the size of a man's head, and the cage itself is maybe a 3'diameter sphere
GM: it is however, floating in midair, 4' above the ground
Flint: huh... how is it floating, like that?
* Kazi writes down some quick notes
Darus: I'm going to assume it's magical
Flint: so living people can go near it?
Darus: The gnomes...they keep histories, yes?
Flint: There's a guild for that, but yes..
Darus: If you can, I'd like you to find something for me.
* Flint looks up at Darus
Flint: k..
Darus: I'd very much like to know why Ithildana did not come.
Flint: did not come to ...?
Kazi: (( Kazi wanders off ))
Darus: When the cult was first here, I had just returned from the elf war. I sent asking for aid...I'd like to know why it did not come, after...
* Darus shrugs
Flint: who is Ithildana?
Darus: I suppose it doesn't matter anymore
Vin: "Well Llyssa, I don't think we are leaving these people's care for a while to come. Even if our trust ratio doesn't get better they are still going to be storming a fort with a 2000 year old 'hero of legend'. Anyway they are doing my job in the end anyway so long as they don't kill the dwarves in the process. What do you think on the situation?"
Llyssa: I think the crazy tumbling man has the right idea
Darus: so, think you can destroy it?
Flint: Well, I've got an idea .... (swings a satchel charge in one hand)
Flint: I honestly have no idea, this thing might be so magicked it might not do squat.
Vin: "Sadly I must agree, I'm never seen such wisdom come from him before. This is much better than the time he walked right in to goblins wanting to kill him"
* Kazi approaches Feliks... whispers to him
Darus: going to try? These caves are laced with iron ore, and are strong stone. You shouldn't cause an avalanche, unless those things have gotten a lot more powerful over the years
Feliks: zzzzzzzzzz
* Kazi pokes him
Jerath: To Ashling - What's wrong with Una?
Flint: they HAVE, but I still don't know if I want to try it ... like Feliks said, it might be hiding something worse inside..
* Feliks fakes sleeping
Vin: "Why did I get a shiver down my spine as if the gnome is about to blow us up? Must be my imagination"
Darus: If there was something inside, would the cult have let it out?
* Kazi kicks him
Darus: Dathalto did cut into it before.
Darus: I don't believe anything came out
Ashling: This place upsets her greatly. I think it is the artifact. It is very unnatural.
Jerath: I don't like that altar either.
Feliks:'s oily and weird.
Vin: "Oh well" *picks up his lute and starts playing a soothing elven tune*
Ashling: No, it is not right.
Jerath: this whole place is foul
* Ashling nods.
Flint: eh, something's not right about it .... (wanders back to the group)
* Llyssa quietly sings along
* Darus follows
* Kazi gives Feliks a wet willy
Darus: It will be dark soon
GM: Probably around next week
GM: wow, didn't get near as far as I thought we would
GM: shall we end it here, or want to go another half hour?
Vin: well kidnapping a bard takes time
Flint: (I should go)
Feliks: later, dudes!
Eric has disconnected.
Vin: i think the carnival duo has a match now
Vin: a guy that can play nearly anything on the lute and a pretty girl to sing, did i mention the girl can beat you up when you don't like it with the back hand of spikey death
Flint: (( I'd blow up the artifact but I don't have a good enough feel for what's going on ... might be a bad idea.. ))
GM: or a good idea
GM: or a lukewarm idea
GM: to save the world, you must destroy the world
GM: muahahahahahahahahaha
Kazi: oh J!
Vin: i like to go with a mild room temp idea
GM: I have consequences planned for various things you may do to the artifact
GM: Personally, I'm hoping one of you goes with the 'I attempt to climb inside the cage' option.
Vin: bury it and i bet we get more undead and people looking for it
Vin: blow it up and it nukes up
Flint: (I should go, anyhow, I'll leave the server running,etc... have a good night)
Kazi: night, Chris
Vin: let's have one of the goliathes try to dtrong arm it
Vin: cya
GM: I'm outa the server too. It keeps freezing on me anyway
GM has disconnected.
Vin: this proves i haven't played in forever
Vin: i feel so rusty
Ashling: must be off
Ashling: bye
Tanya has disconnected.
Kazi: ok, I've got to get some work done, was fun!
Kazi: Goodnight!
Vin: cya
You have disconnected.