Dan Long (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
GM has connected.
Dan Long (aka Whingknutt): hello?
GM: Hello
GM: gimme one sec, doing some minor multi-tasking
Dan Long (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Dan Long (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
Dan Long (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
GM has disconnected.
GM has connected.
GM: Dan, you there?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): yup
Dan (aka Whingknutt): can you read my typing?
GM: Yep
Dan (aka Whingknutt): cool
Dan (aka Whingknutt): the map seems to be haning.
GM: should be on the wilderness map
Dan (aka Whingknutt): could just be that they are large, but the delay seems longer than that.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): yea, for some reason I only loaded "13/15"
Dan (aka Whingknutt): whatever that means...
GM: Okay. From your position guarding the cave entrance, you'll see some riders (Amareth) riding towards the fort. Looks like they will come up on your people from behind, probably resulting in a lot of your little army getting killed in crossfire
Dan (aka Whingknutt): ok.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I think I have a light on at the moment, preventing me from seeing my tokens
Yverthel has connected.
GM: better?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): yes.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I can't move them though.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): heh
GM: The horsemen must take the trail. With your l33t goliath climbing skills, you could cut them off
GM: try now
GM: You could probably cut them off and have about 5 minutes to prepare before they arrive
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I'll do so
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) rolls: 1d20+8 Climb => 16 + 8 = 24
Dan (aka Whingknutt): how many of them were there?
GM: it was hard to see with the fading light, but you think there were between 12 and 16.
GM: though they almost looked like two groups, with 6-7 trailing a ways behind
GM: afk 1 sec
QuickBlades 1: Thinking to himself, "It's going to be tough to fight this one fair and honorable. I doubt they will give me any sort of handicap. I guess if they are close enough to hit with a dart they are fair game..."
* QuickBlades 1 looks for an inconspicuous place to launch an attack from.
* QuickBlades 1 then readies a dart, with his blades out and within easy and ready grasp
Dan (aka Whingknutt): If you could get rid of the quickblades on the left side of the screen...
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "I guess I should yell, in case I miss..."
GM: There are some rocks and bushes about
GM: enough for cover
GM: The riders approach at a brisk walk, make a spot check
Dan (aka Whingknutt): did they look like they had crossbows?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (oof)
GM: yes, they look like they have them, but not like they have them readied. It's a little hard to tell in the dark. The second group of riders are just vague shadows
Eric has connected.
* QuickBlades thows a dart, then steps out onto the road a bit.
QuickBlades: HALT!
Paul has connected.
QuickBlades: ER... Come at me then!
Marcus: Get out of the way, beast!
QuickBlades: Dart Attack: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 11 + 5 = 16 »
Damage: «
 1d4+4 ⇒ 4 + 4 = 8 »
Marcus: Lest I run you down!
GM: ((you pretty much hit whoever you were aiming at))
QuickBlades: (( closest ))
Yverthel has disconnected.
Maggi has connected.
Marcus: (speaking to his men) Kill the thing.
QuickBlades: (( can I get another dart in? ))
GM: roll initiative
QuickBlades: Initiative: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 15 + 3 = 18 »
GM: yeah, you can get another dart in
QuickBlades: Dart Attack: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 11 + 5 = 16 »
Damage: «
 1d4+4 ⇒ 3 + 4 = 7 »
QuickBlades: ((done))
GM: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 14 + 5 = 19 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 1 + 2 = 3 » he doesn't risk charging, but does swing from horseback
GM: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 » « 1d8+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
GM: the other 4 draw their crossbows
GM: you are up
QuickBlades: I cannot let you pass. But you didn't have to choose to die
QuickBlades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 1 + 5 + 0 = 6 »
Damage: «
 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 0 = 12 »
QuickBlades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + 0 = 20 »
Damage: «
 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 2 + 2 + 0 = 4 »
Marcus: Let's see if your skull is as thick as the rock it resembles
GM: (roll 1d4 for the fumble)
QuickBlades: « 1d4 ⇒ 1 »
Yverthel has connected.
GM: ((not a critical fumble))
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "Why always the bold words? Why can't I just say something moderate?"
QuickBlades: ((done))
Marcus: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 18 + 5 = 23 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 8 + 2 = 10 » longsword again
QuickBlades: Ouch.
Soldier 3: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 15 + 2 = 17 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 » longsword
QuickBlades: Hey!
GM: crossbows - « 1d20+1 ⇒ 11 + 1 = 12 » « 1d6 ⇒ 6 » , « 1d20+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 » « 1d6 ⇒ 1 », « 1d20+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 » « 1d6 ⇒ 6 », « 1d20+1 ⇒ 12 + 1 = 13 » « 1d6 ⇒ 3 »
GM: « 1d4 ⇒ 2 »
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( do I have any potions? ))
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I mean, was I given any before we went out to war?
GM: ((at least a cure light and a cure moderate. They wouldn't have left you on guard without them))
Yverthel: ((Much bettah!))
GM: they are done
* QuickBlades takes a step to reduce his exposure to the crossbow bolts, then downs a potion
QuickBlades: (( what's the roll for a cure moderate? ))
GM: ((2d8+5))
QuickBlades: « 2d8+5 ⇒ 12 + 5 = 17 »
Paul: ((Anything going on that halfling rogue could help out with?))
QuickBlades: ((done))
GM: ((searching the fort for anything the Sclavini army missed))
Sefton: Marcus! Enough. Cease hostilities at once!
Marcus: You soft headed fool, look at this beast! Some sort of demon the Sclavini summoned no doubt
Marcus: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 13 + 5 = 18 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 »
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "What! I just got my vigor back"
GM: The other soldiers look confused and hold action
GM: Done
GM: QB can act
* QuickBlades things to himself, "Hmm, I could go for the kill here, but that would probably mean fighting the remaining 12. Not good odds... Oh well"
* QuickBlades attempts to end Marcus
QuickBlades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 9 + 5 + 1 = 15 »
Damage: «
 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 5 + 4 + -1 = 8 »
QuickBlades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + 1 = 21 »
Damage: «
 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + -1 = 6 »
* Marcus is ended
Soldier 3: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 14 + 2 = 16 » « 1d8+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
* QuickBlades takes a further step back into the bushes, trying to get some cover (5-foot)
GM: Crossbows - « 1d20+1 ⇒ 11 + 1 = 12 » « 1d6 ⇒ 4 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 7 + 1 = 8 » « 1d6 ⇒ 2 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 18 + 1 = 19 » « 1d6 ⇒ 6 » « 1d20+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 » « 1d6 ⇒ 5 »
Sefton: I said stand down soldier!
Sefton: You, whoever you are, cease hostilities and you will not be harmed
Soldier 3: He killed the Sarge!
Sefton: The Sarge disobeyed an order.
GM: QB, spot check?
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "I don't really have a chance against this many. The offer is a fair one..."
QuickBlades: will you attempt to take me prisoner?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): stupid 0 spot...
Sefton: Depends on who you are. What brings a goliath here?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): Clan Tradition.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): But to this spot, bringing my blades against you.. Sworn Fealty.
Sefton: Hand over your weapons then, and come with us. We will sort this matter out.
GM: ((in the distance, you hear cannonfire))
Sefton: Hand them over, now.
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) downs the cure light
Dan (aka Whingknutt): heh.
* QuickBlades downs the cure light « 1d8+3 ⇒ 6 + 3 = 9 »
* QuickBlades then resheaths his weapons.
Deven: Sefton...
QuickBlades: I shall lift my blades no further against these men.
Sefton: I heard
Soldier 1: Screw this .... « 1d20+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 » « 1d6 ⇒ 5 » crossbow at Quickblades
Wendell: Dammit soldier!
* Sefton manuvers his horse between QB and the archers
Soldier 3: Just kill it and be done
QuickBlades: Your men seem to need the practice with those things... If you promise not to kill me, I will continue to fight with sheathed swords...
Sefton: The man surrendered.
* Kyrax sighs "Ahh, the glory of 'civilization'"
Soldier 3: Get out of the way ... « 1d20+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 » « 1d8+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 » at Sefton
QuickBlades: Or you could just let me take that one problem spot out of your hands...
Sefton: got it.
QuickBlades: Though we would have to wait until tomorrow...
QuickBlades: now that I've given my word...
Sefton: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 15 + 3 = 18 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 1 + 2 = 3 » subdual
Deven: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 8 + 3 = 11 »« 1d8+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 » subdual
GM: The battle is over pretty fast
GM: with the hostile ones disarmed
QuickBlades: I'll put in a good word for you and your loyal ones.
Scot: Lord Kyrax, would you be so kind as to keep an eye on the Goliath for us? We may have our hands a little full here.
* Deven pulls Marcus's corpse onto his horse
Tanya has connected.
GM: One sec, and we can get the party all regrouped together.
GM: I'm going to delete the excess tokens from the LondDaer map so it loads faster
Kyrax: "Lord? By no means am I a lord. And I don't know what good I would be against a warrior such as he, but I will watch him."
Wendell: you are sort of in charge here.
Tanya: shall I make some quick herbalism rolls for those taint absorbers? (pulling a Sashi)
GM: ((sure))
Kyrax: "Why I was put in charge, I'll never know."
* Tanya rolls: 1d20+7 Profession, Herbalist => 6 + 7 = 13
GM: ((switch to LondDaer map please and spank you))
* Tanya rolls: 1d20+7 Profession, Herbalist => 8 + 7 = 15
* Tanya rolls: 1d20+7 Profession, Herbalist => 2 + 7 = 9
* Tanya rolls: 1d20+7 Profession, Herbalist => 7 + 7 = 14
Ashling: ah, once again I beat the odds and FAIL all four times when I had 50/50 chance to succeed
GM: ((It's okay, we still love you))
Ashling: (( sorry, QB, I was going to make you a taint absorber but I suck ))
GM: Those of the party that can see outside the walls of LondDaer will see the approach of the other group. 11 soldiers, one carrying a corpse, and a centaur, seemingly guarding Quickblades. They are wearing Amareth style garb, but half the group is unarmed, and the other half has weapons trained on the unarmed half.
Feliks: We can be alerted by our soldiers, i assume?
GM: Those who can't see this can hear one of the guards yelling 'soldiers approaching, and I think they have your friend!'
QuickBlades: (( a taint absorber, as in deodorant? ))
Kazi: What is the status of my negotiations?
Feliks: keep a good few soldiers watching the prisoners.
Feliks: I'll see what approaches
GM: You've been given the information that I posted. That probably took at least a good hour or so.
Kyrax: ((Where should I be, and how does I move the mini to here? ... I'm used to ORPG... >.>))
Feliks: (( posted where? ))
GM: ((message board))
Ashling: (( in that case, by now Ash is tending to the wounded, starting with the Sclavini soldiers first - binding wounds, applying poultices, etc. ))
Kazi: I would have words with you Rothan, Jerath
Ashling: (( if anyone is really bad off she'll use the wand of CLW ))
* Kazi is bad off
Feliks: (( Feliks is bad off ))
Feliks: (( at least until I rest and level ))
GM: ((QB, put your token somewhere in the midst of those NPCs across the bridge
Ashling: (( ok, one more wand tap for Kazi and Feliks before she heads off to see to others ))
Ashling: Feliks: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 8 + 1 = 9 »
QuickBlades: the map hasn't finished loading for me
GM: ((sorry))
Ashling: Kazi: « 1d8+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
QuickBlades: (( n/p ))
Kazi: (( WTF? ))
Ashling: (( it likes Feliks better ))
GM: ((Kazi annoyed the wand gods))
Kazi: (( Um, suuuuuuuure ))
Kazi: (( where is my token? ))
Yverthel: ((I hunger! AFK a few need to poke the parents and be like "what's for diiiinar?"))
Ashling: ok, ONE more for Kazi (for now): « 1d8+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
Feliks: all tokens just went invisible
GM: How bout now?
QuickBlades: my fault. I think my token has a light source that I can't seem to save as off...
Kazi: Thanks, darling
Feliks: better
* Kazi blows kisses at Ash
* Chris will take inventory of the cannons, seeing as he is not of much help tending to the wounded
* Flint will take inventory of the cannons, seeing as he is not of much help tending to the wounded
Ashling: (( so, Ash is getting to work on the soldiers at 7/25 hp ))
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "I hope I don't end up costing a lot of hostages..."
Kazi: Again, Kazi says, I will have words with you, Rothan, Jerath
* Kazi is speaking in her, I mean business tone
Flint: Awww .... one of the cannons broke...
Rothan: yes, we shall. Come, let us talk in here.
* Rothan gestures to the garden
GM: Feliks, you see the soldiers approach. QB is obviously a prisoner
* Kazi will nod to a detachment of soldiers that are in relatively good shape to accompany her
GM: ((who that is a PC is going with Kazi?))
GM: Darus will help Ashling with the wounded, making it clear he'll harm anyone who gives her any trouble
Feliks: Flint would be good
Kazi: (( Flint could ))
Kazi: (( I don't know if Jerath is still on Kazi's team or not ))
* Flint goes with Kazi, after lamenting the broken cannon, and vowing to fix it
GM: ((see chat room then
Kazi: (( Nikolai, or soldiers ))
Feliks: Take Nikolai and Flint
Kazi: Nikolai and Flint it is
GM: Alrighty, chat room for negotiations, maptools for the new soldiers arriving. And....Action
* Sefton bows to Feliks from his saddle.
Feliks: Whoa there, stop mid bridge
* Sefton spreads his hands to indicate he is not drawing weapons
Sefton: may I dismount then, this bridge makes my horse nervous
Feliks: Who are you?
Feliks: And yes, dismount.
* Sefton dismounts
Feliks: (( i have at least 4 xbowmen on the towers, and 2 soldiers at the gate ))
* Sefton sends his horse back to the others
Sefton: I am Sefton, part of an escort here. It appears the trouble our commander foresaw has occured.
Feliks: He's Amerethi? (ooc)
Sefton: ((yes))
Sefton: Are there survivors?
Feliks: I suppose it has. You can surrender, and join the rest inside
Sefton: We aren't willing to surrender just yet. We don't know who you are. And we do have some negotiating leverage if I read the situation correctly.
* Kyrax looks to Quickblades "What, precisely is going on here? .. I am somewhat out of the loop on current events due to paying more attention to the past."
Feliks: You're occupiers from Amareth in Sclavini lands. We can do this the hard way, again.
QuickBlades: Um. I hate to admit this, but I am not really sure what is going on.
Sefton: We were assigned to deal with what was possibly a rogue commander.
Sefton: Is Kendall among the living?
Kyrax: Grand. I wish they had warned me I was going in to a more combative situation..
Feliks: Why don't you remove your weapons and join us inside?
QuickBlades: I tend to lose interest when the discussions head towards "these people did this, and those people did that, and we should take back the land which really doesn't belong to anyone..."
Ashling: (to Paul) You might bring those to Feliks. He could use them.
Sefton: I would come inside, but my men will stay here with the prisoners until we are sure of the situation we face.
* Sefton offers you his weapons.
Sefton: A hostage for a hostage, so to speak.
Paul: (to Ashling) thanks
* Paul scurries off
Kyrax: I tend to avoid politics, myself. All I see is modern leaders making the same mistakes as those of the past.
Joseph has connected.
Feliks: Yes, Paul?
QuickBlades: Before you all leave, I would like to say that this Sir you are taking was surprisingly generous to me.
* Sefton looks down at the halfling, a little confused.
QuickBlades: (to Kyrax) perhaps you would enjoy a visit into the mountains. There are new mistakes to be made every day
Joseph: ((I just got back from the campus, I have a few things that need doing before I can sit down and start participating. Llyssa's an NPC anyhow but I'll only be a few minutes))
Feliks: Very well, Paul, take this officers weapons
* Sefton hands Paul a longsword, crossbow, and dagger
Feliks: and lead him to a safe room.
Feliks: I'm going to check on QB, and rejoin you soon.
Kyrax: Which mountains do you speak of?
QuickBlades: Those of my people.
Paul: Sure. Will do. Here.
* Paul hands Feliks the healing potions.
QuickBlades: Ah. It is good to think of home.
Kyrax: ((Okay, stupid question, how the heck does one roll dices?))
QuickBlades: (( brackets ))
* Paul takes the weapons, and stows them
QuickBlades: (( same as openRPG ))
* Sefton follows Paul
Feliks: QB, you all right?
QuickBlades: (( The macro options here are a bit better ))
Kyrax: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 19 + 7 = 26 » (Knowledge (geography) to know where the hell he's talking about)
QuickBlades: Yes. Is Ashling alright?
QuickBlades: I have a few scratches, but it was mostly a fair fight. I think I had the early advantage, but as you can see that was quickly negated.
QuickBlades: I wasn't sure if I could down the first 6 before the second group arrived.
QuickBlades: clearly I couldn't...
Feliks: Vin did not survive, and we lost some soldiers, but we made it through
QuickBlades: Ah, Vin. I hardly knew him.
QuickBlades: Too bad my brother didn't come.
Feliks: So, are you going to be all honorable about this?
QuickBlades: Well, you have negotiations to make.
QuickBlades: Um.
QuickBlades: I don't even know what you would be suggesting.
Feliks: Just checking.
QuickBlades: They have been quite honorable to me.
Feliks: I'll check up on you soon.
QuickBlades: I gave my word that I would not raise a blade to those that captured me today.
Feliks: ok
Kyrax: So, if someone gave you a hammer, you could fight.
QuickBlades: Good luck. And don't let them try to make you give up much for me. Clearly I'm not really worth that much.
QuickBlades: (to Kyrax)
QuickBlades: I suppose.
Marlowe: Let's not test that. He's a nice fellow and I'd hate to have to hurt him at all.
Feliks: I'll send a soldier to inform Kazi of Sefton and the situation.
Sefton: I would like to see the prisoners
Feliks: Have we thouroughly checked Kendalls quarters?
QuickBlades: I would be happy to come to a non-lethal agreement, if it were to be me against the 10 or 11 of you. For instance, I could wrap my sheaths in leather, or if you had some wooden blades...
Feliks: And Orbans, and the others of rank?
Kyrax: Well I personally have no intentions of fighting.
Sefton: ((Paul did))
Kyrax: They called for a scholar and I was available. I owe the Amareth no loyalties.
QuickBlades: I have to say, it isn't as much fun as some of the daily work that needs doing in the mountains.
QuickBlades: Hearding goats. Now that can get interesting.
Marlowe: I may duel you, later, if we can come to peace here. I've heard of goliaths. Do your people really juggle boulders?
Feliks: Sefton, we'll be with you shortly. Paul, can i see you for a second?
* QuickBlades starts telling a yarn about his clan's feats of strength
Kyrax: A few Goliaths can juggle boulders, but not many. They are strong, but not so strong as the legends like to say.
* Sefton bows to Feliks
QuickBlades: Ah, true, though the legends may be refering to a few execptional individuals... The likes of which would be a match for your own lowlander legends, I'd bet.
QuickBlades: I do much prefer sparing. I've come to find that death from another's hand is a far different death than that from nature. I have no fear of falling to my death, but dying in combat is not appealing, though at this point far more likely.
Kyrax: I am sure some of the legends are based in truth, but remember, the longer a legend has been around, the more it will grow. and change.
Feliks: potion CLW « 1d8+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
QuickBlades: True.
Kyrax: Plenty of cultures have legends of epic proportions, that you look at and wonder if they're true or not.
Kyrax: Most of them have some element of true, but so far gone that it's changed completely.
QuickBlades: Aye, and it is good that they are of such a grand nature, or we would strive for easier goals, and all the races would suffer for our lack of efforts, no?
Joseph: ((Back))
Kyrax: That depends entirely on the legend. Some make people foolish.
Sefton: Sir...I'm sorry, I did not yet your name.
* Flint leaves the negotiation details to Kazi and Nikolai, and makes his way to the north of the fort to check on things
QuickBlades: But again, those that are foolish will be foolish to their end. We can discard them from the discussion.
Kyrax: True enough.
Kyrax: I consider it better to focus on actual history though, as opposed to myths and legends.
QuickBlades: so, you are a historian for hire? Seems an odd combination of occupations.
Feliks: Feliks.
* Flint steps into the room with Ashling et al. ... and is surprised to see "new prisoners" (meaning the noncombatants)
Kyrax: I am a scholar.
QuickBlades: for hire
Kyrax: I wasn't really hired.
QuickBlades: then what are you doing out here?
Kyrax: They needed a scholar to look at some findings up here, and I happened to be available and in the area. It offered me a chance to learn something so, obviously, I took it.
QuickBlades: are you amerinthi?
QuickBlades: or whatever they call themselves? I still haven't been able to tell them apart...
Kyrax: Hah, no. I do not consider myself part of any human culture.
QuickBlades: (( oh, right, the centaur. ))
Kyrax: I am a native to the area though, there's a reasonable sized tribe of centaurs that romas between Amareth and Righnach.
QuickBlades: still sounds to me like you are a scholar for hire. perhaps we should call those of your profession, books, to go with the "blades"
Kyrax: To be hired, requires pay. I came of my own free will.
QuickBlades: Your people are nomadic then?
Kyrax: Somewhat.
Kyrax: We do not build permanent structures often, however we generally stay within the same regions, just moving about.
QuickBlades: Sounds much like my own people.
QuickBlades: Our goats and sheep get restless if we do not keep moving, and that makes them harder to count and protect.
Kyrax: We have no such reasons for wandering. We simply do because sitting in one place is, frankly, boring.
QuickBlades: It may be beneficial for us to foster our young with each other. How are you with steep inclines and great leaps?
* Marlowe shifts in his saddle and gives a threatening look to one of the other soldiers that was leaning towards picking up the reigns of his horse
Kyrax: Most centaurs can jump quick well, however, steep and rocky terrain is.. not so good."
QuickBlades: Well, perhaps just for the winters, when my clan is settled in the easier slopes.
QuickBlades: I'm sure it would not be anything you couldn't handle.
QuickBlades: It would be good to have a people like our own to trade with. The shared experience of frequently relocating may bind us to each other tigher than other mere physical similarities.
Kyrax: I don't know what physical similarities you speak of, other than height.
Kyrax: As for trading, we don't trade too much other than with eachother.
QuickBlades: Oh, I was refering to the similarities that Goliaths share with humans...
QuickBlades: That is exactly our dilema. We trade almost exclusivly with other tribes.
QuickBlades: This tends to make our options very limited.
Kyrax: For us, we have the option.. We just tend to trade very differently than most other cultures.
QuickBlades: Our goods all must come from the same sources as the other tribes, so it is really a matter of the quality of craftsmanship.
QuickBlades: When I finally head back to my people I will suggest they look into the option.
QuickBlades: we may make something that you would find quite useful.
QuickBlades: It cannot hurt to explore it.
Llyssa: *Llyssa emerging from her self-induced delirium finds the closest person* "What's going on? Anything new?" *rubbing at her eyes to erase any traces of her recent tears*
Kyrax: Indeed. It may well become an option.
Astrithr: I think one of your friends is in a bit of trouble, and they are negotiating for peace now.
Llyssa: "This lot can't go a day without finding trouble... You know where they are? Specifically the gnome?"
Kyrax: ((AFK again))
Astrithr: Nope
Llyssa: "Fine, I'll find them." *heads off to find the others, especially the gnome, carrying a few of Vins things*
QuickBlades: I hpe she isn't planning on attacking them...
QuickBlades: That would be a poor plan.
Llyssa: (well she doesn't even know they exist yet)
Llyssa: (unless you mean the party? then yes, all of you are DOOMED!)
Kyrax: ((*dances*)) I has food.
Kyrax: ((That was supposed to ba all OOC. I tired.))
QuickBlades: (( and hungry? ))
Kyrax: ((Ofcourse, why else would I eat?))
QuickBlades: (( ok, I can't load the following maps: Ancile, LondDaer and the Cave ))
Llyssa: ((should i make a roll or something on who I find? I would move there myself but via the map I already know where I should be going but there's no way my character would know))
* Sefton will instruct his men to stand down and release Quickblades
Feliks: is there a cart or wagon here?
Feliks: and how many, if so?
* Kazi emerged with Sefton and Feliks
GM: several
GM: I think I posted it
Kazi: emerges*
* Flint emerges once again, following the other gnome who is now in custody
GM: Assume everyone is all in the big room
GM: Bart is not happy and is cursing quite impressively
Kazi: go to wilderness then?
GM: ayep
GM: let me know when you are all loaded and I will add necessary NPCs
Feliks: wildernessed
Kazi: shit
Kazi: how many hp was I at?
GM: ((for simplicity, you are all healed up))
Kyrax: ((>.> -9 and falling.))
Kazi: ok
Ashling: (( wait, what? what's going on? ))
Flint: ((we're all meeting on wilderness map ))
GM: Everyone all in the same room again. Some folks are having trouble with the map
Llyssa: ((I think we just got pushed into the next phase of the game))
Flint: (( the fellowship is reforming! ))
Feliks: the world is entirely at peace again. WE WON!
* Kazi kisses Feliks on the cheek
Ashling: (( oh, but still at fortress, yes? ))
* Flint is admiring a miniature model airship that he found
GM: yes
Feliks: (( i believe so ))
Kyrax: ((Other than that Half-fiend great wyrm Prismatic dragon with 20 levels of Warblade... Kill that, then you win.))
Feliks: (( ooooh, big ? marks! ))
Kazi: (( oooooooh ))
GM: ((shhhh...you weren't supposed to tell them!))
Flint: (you drew a square of "?"'s)
GM: bah
QuickBlades: lol
Llyssa: ((I know llyssa is still looking for the gnome to make this nice stew she once heard of))
Flint: (you find him!)
Feliks: ah
QuickBlades: much better
Feliks: better
QuickBlades: a stone quart
QuickBlades: court
Llyssa: ((sextuplet, scary))
Kyrax: ((Is I supposed to be of the here-ness?))
Ashling: (( I think I am still tending wounded here ))
GM: Yes.
Feliks: Isn't a Centaur a Large creature, and 10x10 space?
Kyrax: ((I have less of a clue what's going on than Kyrax does..))
GM: ((if you are a PC, you are in this room))
Kyrax: ((Actually centaurs take up 5 by 10.))
* Flint glances up at Kyrax
Flint: my my! hello there, Mr...?
QuickBlades: I believe Mr. Kyrax is a Scholar for Hire...
GM: ((he's medium for now, because maptools is funny with large critters))
Kyrax: ((I'm waiting to find out what the hell is going on...))
QuickBlades: If we need one of those.
GM: ((peace has broken out))
QuickBlades: Hello Ashling.
Ashling: Quickblades, where have you been?
Flint: oh, well, I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. call me Flint. pleased to meet you. *offers a hand up to Kyrax*
Ashling: Are you all right?
QuickBlades: I was trying to defend our flanks.
Llyssa: ((should I add my own token?))
QuickBlades: At a distance.
GM: ((did))
Llyssa: ((I see it now))
Ashling: Oh... Hm... *shrugs*
QuickBlades: How did things go on your end?
GM: ((there are tables and chairs, and the older dwarven woman will set about making a hearty meal for everyone))
* Kazi grabs Feliks' hand and squeezes, doesn't let go
Flint: Splendid, Quickblades! Though I admit we could have used your sword-arm inside
Flint: It was going badly
Flint: but somehow we pulled through
QuickBlades: Glad to hear it.
Kyrax: Well, there is no Mr. to my name, and you'll have to forgive me, I don't much like being indoors.
Kazi: What's going on here?
QuickBlades: Nor do I...
Feliks: PAul, how thourougly did you search the officer rooms?
GM: Nikolai will spread the confiscated loot on the tables
Ashling: Yes -oh! Where is Llyssa?
QuickBlades: who?
Kazi: Hallo Friend Quickblades, good to see you
Llyssa: "I'm here, behind you."
Ashling: I see her... Excuse me.
QuickBlades: Good evening to you Kazi. Sorry I missed your skirmish.
Kazi: It was a jolly good time
* Darus declines the food the dwarves offer
Kazi: You'd have liked it
Ashling: *looks at Llyssa - how drunk does she look?*
QuickBlades: Did your eyes glow blue the way they sometimes do
Kazi: They sure did
Kazi: ((purple))
Feliks: Purple, more like
Llyssa: ((she's sobered up and is relatively calm, but not even I can gurantee for how long))
Paul: I searched pretty thoroughly. I found hidden compartments in both officer rooms.
Feliks: Any papers?
Kazi: I think it kind of freaked Sir Jerath out a bit
* Flint looks over the confiscated loot in amazement
QuickBlades: (( is Llyssa also a gnome? ))
Flint: (no, she's human)
Llyssa: ((no, another Amareth))
GM: ((shit...yes, you also found Kendall and Orban's logs, as well as Ignatz's notes))
Ashling: Come and sit down. I'll make you something that will help.
Paul: Oh... why yes.
Paul: Sorry, I forgot about them.
Kazi: And these unmannerly Amarethi keep calling me a witch.
Kazi: Quite rude.
QuickBlades: though true.
QuickBlades: heh
Kazi: Not at all.
* Kazi winks
* Paul produces Kendall's and Orban's logs and Ignatz's notes and hands them to Feliks.
* Feliks flips through them, after someone determines they're not magic or trapped
Ashling: *will try to steer Llyssa to a chair*
QuickBlades: if you say so
Llyssa: "Thank you but before that I must give something to the gnome"
* Kazi reluctantly lets go of his hand
* Paul hands Feliks the gnome's notebook as well.
GM: They aren't magical, though Ignatz's appear to be in some sort of code
* Feliks hands that one right to Flint
* Kazi will detect-o-vision them
Flint: why thank you Feliks!
GM: Kazi can also ID at this point which items are magical
Feliks: Thank Paul
Flint: thank you Paul!
GM: but the papers are not.
Llyssa: *makes her way to the gnome and waits standing above him for him to notice her presence*
* Kyrax finds someplace just out of the way to stand, not liking being indoors, or how many people there are in the roo,.
* Flint cannot bear to look at Llyssa eye to eye
* Kazi will glance over at this
Flint: hello, I hope you are doing well, given the circumstances...
Kazi: * in Sclavini * What's this now?
* Paul takes out the gnome's armor, and looks at Flint.
Paul: This looks like it might fit you, but I think you should have it checked out by a mage first.
* QuickBlades will bring Ashling over to chat with Kyrax, figureing the three of them are at least agreeing to dislike the indoors.
Ashling: Flint, she has something for you too.
GM: The papers are logs of the fort's activities, though Kendalls contain a lot of 'must bring these barbarians to heal' and 'foul savages and their heathen ways'
Ashling: (nodding to Llyssa)
Flint: *nods to Paul, but he is listening to Llyssa at the moment*
Llyssa: "He wouldn't have wanted me to waste away... in fact he had many things done after he was gone... Here!" *thrusting Vin's two pistols on the gnome(masterwork)* "He wanted you to have these!..."
GM: Darus starts making conversation with Rothan
Ashling: One moment please, Quickblades. I want to make something for Llyssa.
* Flint backs away from Llyssa ... "no, I couldn't possibly...."
Ashling: Take them, Flint.
Llyssa: "It was in his will..."
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Oh by the Wolf
GM: Rothan will talk to Darus for a few minutes, then get a shocked look on his face and look like he is going to pass out for a moment before regaining his calm
* Kyrax is currently paying more attention to a book than anything else.
* Flint reluctantly takes the pistols, after a long pause....
* QuickBlades thinks to himself, "I wonder if I had been with the main group if I could have kept Vin alive. Who was he anyway..."
Flint: ok...
Kazi: (( the Bard ))
* Flint looks over the pistols somberly
Gunvar: So, we be headed to Gostislav Keep then?
Feliks: very soon, yes
Llyssa: *taking out Vin's journal* "He also had something for the sclavini but I can't read it. Until they read it you should read your part." *handing him the book*
Llyssa: ((same stuff I wrote on the wiki forum))
Kazi: * in Sclavini * how does she know it's in Sclavini if she can't read it?
GM: ((recognizes the alphabet?))
Feliks: * in sclavini * just because I can't read basiran doesn't mean i won't recognise it.
Ashling: (( I assume their names are still readable ))
Kyrax: ((Feliks beat me to it.. :p))
Ashling: (( if he used their names, that is ))
Feliks: how long a march back to the Manor?
Ashling: (( does Llyssa seem to be done - once Flint reads his bit? ))
GM: (two days))
Flint: I almost hate to leave. That gnome, Bart, has a fully stocked lab! I could make cool stuff for weeks!
Llyssa: ((Yeah, she lets Ashling take her to her awaiting drink or whatever))
Flint: Probably months!
Darus: Are you leaving then?
* Darus raises an eyebrow
Darus: Aren't you forgetting something?
Flint: Yes, we are.
* Ashling makes Llyssa a soothing herbal tisane.
Llyssa: ((She stays pretty much silent for the rest of the time))
* Flint looks at Darus
Flint: there is one other thing..
Feliks: Let's have our convo with Darus in a separate room with some privacy
Ashling: (( calms the nerves ))
QuickBlades: Well, that's what happens when you pile enough weeks together...
Flint: *to the people who gather with Darus*
Flint: I've got an idea, guys.
Feliks: good, cause I don't have a clue
Ashling: Wait a moment.
Ashling: Darus told me something that Ehaterina learned ina reading.
Flint: That Bart character brought in enough explosives to blow this whole keep to kingdom come. I bet even a fraction of it has gotta do SOMETHING to that artifact.
Ashling: Ekaterina*
Flint: oh ... *lets Ashling continue*
Ashling: No, we can't destroy it.
Ashling: There is another item that balances it.
* Flint pouts.
Feliks: So…
Ashling: We need to learn more about both of them.
Feliks: everything's cool?
Feliks: oh
Ashling: But this one is dangerous.
Kazi: You don't say
Darus: especially in the hands of the cult
Ashling: Yes.
Darus: And as it seems that what Kendall has done here is known, this place is no longer safe
Feliks: Can you watch over it for another little while, Darus?
Feliks: well fuck me
Darus: There are other caves around.
Ashling: Then we might be able to bury it elsewhere?
Darus: I will watch it as long as I need to. But someone will put two and two together and come here
QuickBlades: (( why don't you ask the scholar if he knows anything... ))
Feliks: (( because the scholar is an unknown ))
Ashling: (( delicate matter - we don't need to go telling everybody we meet about this thing ))
Kyrax: ((Which is also the same reason noone asked me if I could decipher the code the one log was in.))
QuickBlades: I think he was being brought to the fort specifically to advise on it...
Ashling: Then I suppose we should find a hiding place far from here.
Darus: There are about 4 hours to sunrise, and if memory serves and you haven't rearranged the mountains on me, there are at least 3 caves nearby.
Kazi: He was being brought to the fort to advise someone
Kazi: not necessarily us
Feliks: can it be moved without melting people?
Kazi: Maybe Traian is in one of them *muses*
Darus: with the key. Though it seems we have a few people that could stand to be melted.
* Kazi eyes Darus
QuickBlades: he says he is here of his own free will, and thus would seemingly advise anyone that is willing to let him examine/study whatever they have...
Feliks: Soooo, the key doesn't open it?
Darus: Never tried.
Feliks: well, that makes it so much easier
Kazi: I don't trust anyone that just wanders around saying they are an area expert
Kazi: That's just me though
Feliks: Well, can you move it, Darus, with the key?
Ashling: I agree. We don't knwo that he can be trusted.
Ashling: (the centaur)
QuickBlades: fair enough.
Feliks: We'll keep everyone inside getting names and ranks and organizing the march if you can move it
Ashling: Kazi, are these caves well known?
Darus: Do you trust me with the key and the item in my hand? Because I do not.
Feliks: Haven't you had the shit for the past 2000 years?
Darus: I haven't touched it.
Darus: I couldn't take the chance.
Feliks: just thrown people at it to see if they stick or melt?
Ashling: It should be safe with the key. So I will try to move it.
Darus: Those foolish enough to try to control it, yes.
Feliks: all right, are you sure, Ash?
Kazi: Well, thanks to that jackass Kendall, the fort seems to be well known
Ashling: Yes.
Kazi: Don't know about the caves
QuickBlades: If it is just a matter of picking this thing up and carrying it somewhere, I will volunteer.
Feliks: Well, here, take my taint medallion, oh, it's all corroded.
Feliks: hmm
Kazi: Hmmm
* Kazi glares at Feliks
Flint: geez, what did you DO Feliks?
QuickBlades: I have vast experience in the field of relocating objects, particularly large inanimate ones...
Feliks: Well, take someone's taint thing that actually works, then
Ashling: I am protected from taint for the moment. And with the key...
Darus: I did tell him not to touch the altar.
* Flint checks his own taint repellant frantically
Kazi: So did I
QuickBlades: What is taint?
Kazi: He never listens!
Feliks: What? When?
Darus: magic that corrupts.
Kazi: Oh by the Wolf, Feliks!
QuickBlades: corrupts how?
Ashling: You had best stay away from the artifact, Quickblades.
Feliks: OOh, magic that corrupts!
Feliks: whatevs.
Darus: melts people, or drives them mad.
Kazi: When I said, Feliks, stop touching the evil altar!
Feliks: Uhm, you were talking about the artifact,
QuickBlades: Ah. Yea, those would be bad things to happen.
Ashling: I wasn't able to make any more taint sachets.
* Kazi glares at him furiously
* Darus mutters something in Elvish
QuickBlades: I will still volunteer.
Feliks: Oh who cares?
Feliks: Who's going with Ash?
* Kazi sniffs
Darus: I can lead her to the caves.
Flint: shouldn't we all go?
QuickBlades: I will be going.
Darus: And stay there as guard.
Feliks: YEah, let's all step out for a long while. Nothing suspicious for our prisoners there.
Ashling: Kazi and Feliks can deal with the prisoners
Darus: We could ask them nicely not to escape. These Amareth are an illogical lot.
QuickBlades: We could taint them.
* Kazi looks at Darus
QuickBlades: (( that was supposed to be ooc... ))
Ashling: Were you going to take them to the keep?
Darus: That's somewhat worse than killing them
Darus: ((oh))
QuickBlades: (( as a joke ))
Feliks: yes, we're taking them to the manor
Kazi: I am not sure that we were leaving straightaway, but we could
Kazi: Might as well
Feliks: I'm hoping to go tomorrow morning
Flint: Before we leave, please allow me to collect some things of use from the other gnome's lab
Darus: Ashling, I believe then Quickblades and I are at your command.
Flint: We can put them to use later, I'm sure
* Kazi yawns
Ashling: Then I and whoever else wants to come along can go to the caves in the meanwhile.
* Kazi gives Feliks a significant look
Ashling: But any who come along should have some protection from the taint.
Paul: I have an item of protection.
Paul: If I can be of use, I will join you.
QuickBlades: I am large, doesn't that make the taint take longer to invade my mind?
Darus: I don't know.
Ashling: I can destroy your body as well.
Kazi: Well, if I am not going along, Quickblades can use my item
Ashling: I could also see if I can detect any such items amongst those items Paul found.
Kazi: maybe you could find a new one for Feliks too
Kazi: just in case
* Kazi rolls eyes
Ashling: I will look.
* Feliks adds the pile of metals from below out as well.
* Paul shows Ashling the unidentified potions, and the small armor.
Darus: ((afk))
Ashling: (( ok, I am only detecting for taint related stuff - but we'll know if anything is tainted ))
* Ashling casts the spell Detect Taint, and...
Kazi: *dun dun Tainted Looooove, ooooooh oooooh oooooh*
* Ashling points out three items: large grey pearl prayer beads, quartz inlaid silver band, large black jade charm. "These will absorb taint."
Paul: Good job me.
QuickBlades: I'll take the Quartz, if nobody minds.
Ashling: (( assume it fits... ))
Ashling: (( assuming* ))
GM: ((he can wear it on a cord around his neck too
QuickBlades: If not on my head, then on my arms...
Paul: (AFK)
QuickBlades: like on my forearm...
GM: that works
Ashling: How long will it take us to reach these caves?
Darus: about 2 hours
QuickBlades: (( afk ))
* Feliks offers to help load lab items and stuff onto a wagon while this is going down.
Ashling: Hm, I guess they are not far from here at all...
Feliks: (( any way to preserve the bodies of the fallen? ))
* Kazi will speak with Jerath
* Flint helps with not only the lab stuff, but also helps get any loot onto wagons that we have decided to take with us
Ashling: Perhaps we wait until the others leave before we head out ourselves.
Feliks: and you'll catch up?
Ashling: Yes.
Feliks: Sounds good.
GM: The prisoners get underway quickly.
Ashling: We'll come back to the Gostislav keep
Feliks: Do we want to send wagons back for the cannons and stuff?
Kazi: Manor
Llyssa: *llyssa remains quite solemn but if an opprotunity arises that she can get one of the sclavini to talk to her she will give them the journal (page marked) and not say much*
GM: ((are you taking corpses?))
Feliks: (( I had just asked about preservation. ))
Kazi: (( I don't know if we want the cannons ))
Feliks: (( we will take them if that is their custom) ))
* Flint will very sadly be leaving the cannons (and accoutrements) behind
Kazi: (( they may need to be de-taintified ))
Feliks: Is this whole place tainted?
GM: ((missed it. The Amareth will load the bodies of the fallen into one of the wagons))
GM: ((no))
Kazi: oh, well, then, haul it all off then
Paul: (back)
* Flint will give the cannon one last fleeting caress "my love ... it was not the time for us to be together"
Feliks: We'll need to send some carts back, then, unless the cannon can be towed?
Kazi: (( Orban is kept extra special prisoner ))
GM: between horses and wagons, you can manage to haul everything (including cannons))
Feliks: we do have 20 horse
Flint: (oh we can? heh)
Ashling: Oh yes, please take Trista to the manor for me.
Ashling: (her horse)
GM: The prisoners can walk
Feliks: cool. she can drag a cannon!
Kazi: ha
Feliks: I'm just kidding
Feliks: that would probably be wrong
Feliks: And Feliks will take time to talk with Llyssa
GM: as you leave the fort, it starts raining again, lightly
Paul: (Paul takes cover in one of the wagons, preferably not one with dead bodies)
GM: The Amareth do a good job of keeping the Amareth in line
Flint: (so we've got all the cannons? or one?)
Flint: (this is important to the party weapons engineer)
* Feliks , in an effort to not be rude, reads aloud the sclavini part of Vin's journal, until he gets to the "Don't tell Llyssa" part. "Ahem", and continues reading aloud.
GM: all cannons, including broken one
* Flint rejoices
Flint: (not abotu the journal)
Kazi: (( one hopes Kazi is not in earshot of this reading ))
Feliks: Well, rellay dear, we are a bit rash
Kazi: Brutish is a bit over the top
Feliks: a bit.
Kazi: I am not brutish
Feliks: PErhaps it's a translation error
Kazi: I am too little to be brutish
* Kazi grins wickedly
Llyssa: (To Feliks, as he reads the journal/will) *she twiches a bit at Feliks' reading but somehow remains calm* "I have been tasked to assist you. I will help as I can in your efforts to do good in the world and your efforts directed at the 'thing' that was in the cave"
Feliks: Llyssa, sorry about this. He was a bit overprotective of you, sounds like
Feliks: But, whatever the case, you're free to do as you please.
Feliks: If he has information regarding this cult, I'm sure there are those here who would love to see it.
Feliks: I, however, have no plans to visit your estates to get them
Feliks: But what you do is your decision.
* Feliks hands back the journal/will.
Llyssa: "He was...like a brother, that is all. I intend to honor his wishes even if you do not intend to do so. Also, if I were with you no harm would befall any of you at my home."
Feliks: Amareth is not a place I want to visit right now, thanks
Llyssa: "So be it... But know one thing: I need no protecting!" *snatching the book and leaving off to find something more constructive to do*
* Feliks turns to Kazi
Feliks: Was that Brutish of me?
* Kazi gives the retreating Llyssa a perplexed look
Kazi: I didn't think so, particularly, beloved
Feliks: Lord Feliks the Brute
Feliks: nah
Feliks: doesn't sound right
Llyssa: ((even though I complemented you so much >, lol))
* Kazi laughs merrily
Kazi: you're far too handsome, darling
Feliks: Tis true
* Feliks flashes a winning grin. Ladies in the area swoon.
* Kazi swoons
Feliks: So, are we blowing this fort up, or keeping it intact?
Flint: It's your fort now.
Flint: Why blow it up?
Feliks: ok, then
Feliks: i agree
Feliks: let's go homewards
GM: Aside from the rain, you can manage to make it back to the Keep without incident. Well, other than someone having to knock Orban unconscious again.
Feliks: Kyrax!
Feliks: What is it that you study?
* Kazi happily knocks him unconscious
* Kazi will happily knock him unconscious repeatedly
Feliks: And do you eat hay?
Feliks: I admit, I've not seen your kind
* Kazi gives Feliks a look of abject horror
Feliks: Are you all scholars?
Kazi: * in Sclavini * Did you just ask him if he eats hay?
Feliks: How fast can you run?
Feliks: Do you shoe yourself, or are you shoeless?
Feliks: By the wolf, I've mortified him. He's speechless
* Kyrax shakes his head and laughs, and counters, in Sclavini, "That is FAR too many questions."
Feliks: My apologies, oh Professor of the Plains
Feliks: We can begin again. I'm Feliks, by the way.
Kyrax: Now, to answer your questions.. And please just call my Kyrax, I'm not a fan of titles.
Feliks: I must admit I'm curious what you study that would bring you all the way out here.
Feliks: Neither am i, Kyrax. Neither am I.
Kyrax: I study, well honestly, everything. My primary focus has always been nature, but I'm also wwell versed in the arcane, divine, history, and the planes.
Kazi: The Planes?
Feliks: Well, that narrows it down, doesn't it?
Kazi: I'm Kazi, by the way, pleased to meet ya
Feliks: KAzi is a scholar as well!
Feliks: And perhaps Flint, as well.
Kyrax: Generally speaking.. If you ask me something, I either know the answer, or can sound like I know what I'm talking about when I'm just blowing smoke.
* Kazi frowns
Feliks: So…you lie?
Feliks: Interesting!
Kyrax: As for what brought me out here, simple. I was called on due to my expertise in numerous feilds, to investigate something that a .. Kendall found.
Kyrax: No, I don't lie. I just say incoherant things that noone understands until they stop listening.
Feliks: That's what I do sometimes, but I call it lying.
Feliks: Anyway.
Feliks: KEndall hired you?
* Kazi looks at Feliks, astounded
Kazi: Why, I never!
Kyrax: Lying would be actually telling you something that is false.
Kazi: You LIE, Feliks Havel?!!?!?
Feliks: NEver, my dear
Kyrax: Such as if I said yes, Kendall hired me, that would be a lie.
Feliks: Kendall, requested you?
Kyrax: To be true, I was also sent to report back on Kendall.
Kyrax: I was contacted and sent by the Amareth.
Feliks: To your,…People? Herd?
Kazi: Ooooh, so you're a SPY?!?!?
Feliks: Clan?
Kyrax: Tribe, or family, depending on how you wish to look at it.
Feliks: What did they care about KEndall?
Kyrax: Not my tribe, the Amareth.
Kazi: Kendall is on everyone's shit list
Feliks: oh
Kazi: Good thing we killed him
GM: (let me know when you guys want to have reached the keep ))
Feliks: (( is the ITEM being moved while this is going on? ))
Kyrax: Huh. So you killed the person I was supposed to report on.. Which really makes my life easier, I hate doing that kind of thing, and .. I'm only guessing procured whatever it was I'm supposed to study.
GM: ((yes))
Feliks: (( I think It'd be good if we trusted the centaur before we get to the keep. ))
GM: ((you guys are on the road))
Kyrax: So, completely wasted trip.
Feliks: Will you tell me about the item?
Feliks: of your study?
Kyrax: Well, not completely wasted, I learned something of the Goliath culture.
Kyrax: I have no idea what it was.
Feliks: what did they tell you of it? We recovered much in the keep. *gestures at wagons*
Kazi: Well how do you know what you're looking for then?
Flint: We have their journals too! *pipes up from the back of a wagon*
* Kazi is perplexed
Kyrax: ((*second, discussing with DM())
Llyssa: *Will attempt to 'get to know' the others who aren't sclavini starting with Ashling and then moving on to the goliath*
Kazi: (( they aren't there right now ))
Feliks: (( those 2 ain't with us ))
Llyssa: ((oh yeah that's right))
Feliks: (( you have the gnome and, uh, the centaur ))
Llyssa: ((forgot they were getting themselves killed))
Kazi: (( with whom the two Sclavini are currently chatting ))
Kyrax: Well, presumably, Kendall would have shown me the item in question when I arrived, were he somewhat less dead.
Feliks: (( They're Melting! MELLLLTINNNNG! ))
* Flint is poring over Bart's journal
Flint: impressive! his designs were much further along than my own...
Kazi: Well, if he were somewhat less a homicidal lunatic zealot bent on general mayhem and destruction, he might be less dead
Kazi: Sorry about that
Kyrax: As for what I know of it.. Only vague details. Everyone in the fort began having nightmares about a week after it arrived. Usually themes pertaining to a serpent and bear fighting, which comes from a goblin legend that I've come to believe was a metaphore for the rather futile struggle between life and death.
Feliks: Interesting
Kyrax: I've also heard some information of a cult based on similar themes.
* Feliks decides to pick up the Black Jade charm
Kyrax: If I recall right, another common element was a red moon that owuld sometimes turn to a screaming face. I personally have no idea what that means.
Feliks: So, it was something that was delivered to him?
Kyrax: They weren't clear really.
* Kazi exchanges a glance with Jerath
Kyrax: I got the information about 4th hand.
Feliks: But something arrived, not their arrival?
Kyrax: It may have been their arrival.
Kyrax: Give me a moment..
Feliks: So, either a week after their arrival, or a week afte AN arrival.
Paul: (I've got to hit the sack. Goodnight all!)
Paul has disconnected.
Feliks: (( Bye Paul! ))
Feliks: (( dang he's quick ))
* Kyrax pulls off his pack and reaches in to it, pulling out a book and flipping through it. Anyone who payed attention to the pages would notice it's not written in common. ((Draconic))
Kazi: (( not one of the five languages she is fluent in ))
Kyrax: It looks like I may have just mis-spoken, sometimes I don't remember exact details off the top, that's why I have books.
GM: ((spot checks))
Feliks: I like books with cool pictures
Kyrax: It seems it started about a week after the troops arrived. Rumors were flying, the most prevalent one though said it was something in near-by caves.
Kyrax: « 1d20-5 ⇒ 15 - 5 = 10 » ((I suck at spot.))
Kyrax: ((It should be noted that Kyrax wears glasses.))
GM: Feliks, you see something moving towards the wagons. It looks to be Quickblades, carrying Ashling
Llyssa: Spot: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 10 + 2 = 12 »
GM: afk 1 sec
Feliks: Holy Smokes! Is that QB?
* You roll to the GM: 1d20+9+mod Spot Check => 9 + 9 + 0 = 18
* Kyrax is too busy being distracted by his journal. Even if he made the check.
Kazi: Eh?
* Feliks points
GM: ((back))
GM: It sure looks to be them
GM: They are probably quite muddy and wet
* Feliks rides back, and will grab her horse on the way
Feliks: IS she hurt?
Ashling: I am fine, just.. drained.
Feliks: QB?
* Kyrax trotts back. "Drained.. how so?"
Dagny: Let me have a look at her, we'll get her fixed up in a trif.
Ashling: Exhausted.
Feliks: (( Dagny? ))
Llyssa: *watches from a distance but figures she can't be of much use at this point*
GM: ((grandmotherly dwarven woman. Did the cooking for you))
* Ashling looks like speaking is an effort right now.
* Kazi rides up quickly, full of concern
Kazi: Ash, darling, are you ok???
Feliks: (( Paul is with them, in spirit? ))
GM: ((yes))
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I think I will just keep carrying her. She should be able to sleep if we string up a hammock in my arms.
QuickBlades: I think I will just keep carrying her. She should be able to sleep if we string up a hammock in my arms.
Rothan: Or we could make room in the wagons.
* Ashling looks nearly asleep right now.
QuickBlades: those are more bumpy, and hard...
Kazi: That too, you daft man
* Kyrax tocks his head to a side. "That's a little fast for complete exaustion to set in.."
* Flint makes some room, following Rothan's suggestion
Rothan: There are some blankets here...
Feliks: Hey, if he wants to hold her…
Rothan: He can sit with her in the wagon then
Rothan: He looks like he's had a rough walk too
* Kazi mutters under her breath about the ridiculousness of men
Flint: Where is Darus, Quickblades? Did he stay behind?
GM: ((it's daylight now))
Kazi: I don't think the old crankypants likes the light of day so much
Flint: No? That's too bad.
Feliks: Or people
QuickBlades: Yea, It was a duty thing.
* Flint doesn't know what a "vampire" is, most likely
QuickBlades: Hopefully we will see him again, and he will be able to come with us next time
Feliks: ugh
Kazi: Well, you hope, maybe
GM: ((well, I don't think anyone came right out and said he was a vampire))
Kazi: I am glad to be done with him
Feliks: legends.
Kazi: I think the stories were too kind to him, personally
Feliks: Traian was always cooler, I thought
Kazi: I hope Traian is much nicer if we ever find him
Sefton: If you are the people who make peace between our lands, you'll end up legends yourselves
* Ashling gathers enough energy to glare at them.
* Kyrax is idly pondering. "Did you encounter anything on your travel, or did she just.. randomly reach such an extreme level of exaustian?"
Feliks: Not us, my in-laws
Sefton: yes, but you know stories so rarely get anything right
* Kazi smiles innocently at Ash
Kazi: Why the sour face, Ash?
Kyrax: ((curious: how much later will we be running?))
GM: ((half an hour or so))
Feliks: Kyrax, when we reach the manor, we'll need to have a long discussion, i think
Kyrax: ((Parents want to go get ice of the creamyness and.. well, it's of the awesomeness..))
GM: ((let's get back to the manor them))
Feliks: Hark! the Manor!
Kazi: Oh wonderful
Kazi: Home sweet home
* Kazi does not sound that pleased
GM: You see soldiers riding out to meet you, led again by Rudolph. There are quite a few more than there were last time they rode out to meet you.
Kyrax: "What is it with bipeds and their buildings, seriously?
Jerath: um....perhaps you should explain before they get here?
* Kazi rides up ahead
Kazi: Yes, I think so, Sir Jerath
Kazi: Feliks?
Kazi: Nikolai?
Llyssa: ((i feel so useless, lol, I have this lively character sitting here and recent events have left her solemn or very pissed. Damn my RP ^^ )
* Nikolai follows Kazi
QuickBlades: Hey, don't lump all bi-peds together!
GM: ((you could try pissing off Rudolph. That would be fun. For me))
Feliks: Sure, dear
Kyrax: ((*sings* Ruldoph, the red-nose Soldier..))
* Kazi heaves a sigh
Kazi: Greetings, oh fearsome Lord Gostislav
Kyrax: ((Had a very shiney nose. And if you ever saw him, you'd say he should lay off the booze..))
Rudolph: It's funny. I'm fairly sure that went I sent you out, you had a Sclavini army. Now, it seems, you possess an Amareth one.
Rudolph: ((soldiers, kill the centaur))
* Kazi grins wickedly
Kazi: Father! Isn't it the strangest thing?
Rudolph: Either you succeeded, or failed in the most miserable fashion I could imagine
Kazi: Oh, we won, we won!
Rudolph: Oh goodie. So, why aren't they all dead then?
* Kazi elbows Feliks
* Kazi glares at Rudolph
Feliks: They surrendered, and there's an officer come to discuss a treaty with you.
Rudolph: A....
* Kazi beams
* Rudolph it appears as though you have thrown Rudolph completely for a loop. He spends a comple moments before responding.
Rudolph: 'a... treaty? How....
Kazi: I know, Father
Kazi: You are inordinately proud
Rudolph: I knew this young man was perfect for you!
* Kazi grins from ear to ear
* Rudolph beams and claps Feliks on the shoulder
Rudolph: so....how come some are tied up, and some aren't?
Rudolph: and what the hell is that?
Feliks: The treaty detachment, and the prisoners
* Rudolph points to Kyrax
Feliks: and a centaur
Kyrax: I thought it would be obvious, I am a centaur.
Llyssa: *Stands at attention away from the other Amareth behind the party*
Rudolph: ((you may see him point, but you may not be close enough to hear what is said))
Kyrax: ((sorreh))
Rudolph: So...what else should I know here?
Kazi: Um... hmmm
Kyrax: ((I has supar-human hearing.. despites the -4 listen!))
Feliks: The Amareth in the back helped us. *indicates Llyssa*
Kazi: I think the Lady Druid and her Goliath Charge dispatched the, uh, other problem
Kyrax: ((The -4 listen is because I don't tend to hear things because I had to tune it out so I didn't go insane for hearing everything for miles!))
Rudolph: Okay.
Kazi: We managed not to kill the Amarethi Knight
Rudolph: Just duplicated him a few times I see
Kazi: The fort is still intact, and we bring you many a gift
Llyssa: "Llyssa Evinco, Lord of the Evelice Province of Letizia, at your service" ((said when referred to))
Rudolph: Okay. Nikolai, take the prisoners to the prison, and lock them in. Take the guests to the guest rooms, and lock them in.
* Feliks smiles
* Kazi smiles
Rudolph: And whoever is neither guest or prisoner, come with me.
Kazi: Oh, and we have an Elven prisoner
Kazi: he is my charge
Kazi: but you may be interested in speaking to him
Rudolph: So does that mean he is coming with us, going to jail, or being given a hot meal?
Kazi: I suppose Jerath, Rothan, and that rag tag lot you met before, plus the Amareth woman and the centaur come with us, Father
Kazi: The rest, I will leave to Nikolai to sort
Flint: (i'm not rag tag!)
Flint: (well, maybe I am)
Rudolph: Okay. Well, since I'm not sure how your mother will react to a centaur in the house, let's go to the gardens.
Kazi: Oh, and there is a loathsome cleric of Samad that was Kendall's man that I brought for you especially
Rudolph: Let's hear more explanations in the garden. Nikolai, have folks put where they belong, then go take a week off, kiss your wife, and get drunk
Nikolai: Yes sir.
Kazi: Oh, and we recovered Gunvor!
Feliks: Some of us need rest.
Rudolph: And take the dwarves to the dwarf rooms!
Kyrax: ((AKA the dungeon.))
Rudolph: do any need healing?
Kyrax: ((Better than what they do with the gnomes!))
Kazi: Some may require it, yes
Feliks: (( has it been 2 days, then? no healing for me, then. ))
* Flint is ok now, as well
GM: After a day to sleep in the wagons, Ashling is still tired, but can function.
* Kazi will break all normal rules of courtesy and jump in her Father's arms and give him a big hug
GM: The gardens are lovely, and quiet.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I am starting to catch myself nodding (it was a long day), and it's midnight here. I'll catch you all next week. sorry for the abruptness.
GM: Rudolph will order a hot meal sent in.
Feliks: are they dry?
GM: ((we were wrapping it up))
GM: ((yep))
Ashling: (( g'night! ))
Feliks: (( can we change into dry clothes? ))
GM: We'll assume you all report to Rudolph, and pick it up next week
GM: yep.
Feliks: (( BYE! ))
Kyrax: ((Okey, peace all.))
GM: Figure two days between when this session ends and when the next begins
GM: So everyone gets plenty of sleep, food, and any needed healing
Flint: cool, hey all, we should get the loot ID'ed between sessions
Flint: can we make it happen somehow?
Feliks: and divvied
GM: yep
Flint: yes, also divvied.
Flint: can we just pay a mage to ID everything now?
GM: So do journals and book-keeping, and we can start next session with you figuring out how to get home
Flint: I mean, not to know it now, but just assume we work it out?
GM: sure
Feliks: Fadeyka!
GM: I'll go ahead and post treasure tonight
Flint: cool, thanks.
Kazi: After our wedding
GM: later all
Kazi: night
Feliks: later, all
Yverthel has disconnected.
GM has disconnected.
Ashling: bye...
Kazi: lata
Eric has disconnected.
Llyssa: you guys will love my new character when he finally gets here
Llyssa: no more paying to ID things
Chris: care to say what? I'm assuming caster?
Joseph: well...i can't see it hurting honestly
Joseph: going to be a cleric
Joseph: although, i will say this, he may or may not be the easiest to get along with
Chris: Flint makes it his point to get along with everyone
Chris: and he has a good repoir so you should be ok
Chris: unless you are obviously evil, anyway
Joseph: well flint and the centaur won't have a problem at all
Joseph: but Kazi and Feliks obviously will and you'll understand why once you meet him, but don't worry he's not a cleric of Samad
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Ashling: must head to bed soon
Ashling: later...
Joseph: cya
Joseph has disconnected.
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Chris has disconnected.
You have disconnected.