GM has connected.
Chris has connected.
Paul has connected.
Eric has connected.
Paul: hi
Eric: yo
Maggi: hello
GM: hola
* Flint gestures at Feliks, who is hurled forward through time 5 rounds!
* Kazi thinks Flint love Feliks better, pout
Kazi: loves*
Feliks: wahoo!
Flint: hey, where ya been Feliks?
Feliks: how'd you all move so fast?
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
GM: On the table you are all gathered around is a sumptuous feast
Paul: Whose upside-down canoe is this?
Feliks: it's a surfboard
Feliks: and it's mine
GM: shush
Kazi: ooooh, surfin' usa!
* Paul noms away
* Kazi claps her hands in delight
Kazi: Oh crap
Feliks: let's eat all the good stuff before everyone else shows up
Feliks: wait, is the dragon dinner?
Dragon - Black: And what cut of dragon steak would you like today?
* Kazi crinkles her nose
Dragon - Black: Can I recommend the shoulder roast?
Feliks: is this the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
Kazi: Oooh!
Dragon - Black: muahahahaha
Paul: Ummm.... fried wings.
* Kazi claps her hands in delight
Dragon - Black: No, it's the Restaurant at the End of the Sanity
* Kazi is resplendent in her wedding dress
Feliks: well, I don't really want to piss it off, I'll just go with what it suggests
Kazi: (( even if she is having a bit of trouble breathing right now ))
Kazi: (( me no likey the pointy end of the surf board ))
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Tanya: I has to go get foods!
Tanya: brb
Joseph has connected.
Feliks: Dire Chicken Dinner!
Feliks: Dire Pie!
Paul: We're gonna need a bigger boat....
GM: Alrighty, that should feed you
Paul: Me, sure, but what about the rest of them?
GM: aha, shrooms
Kazi: That's a lot of food
Joseph: so if Llyssa eats it all no one's going to be pissed right? She'll leave a little, she promises!
Yverthel has connected.
Kazi: How will she keep her girlish figure if she pigs out?
GM: There are two servants as well to keep drinks refilled, though they tend to leave you alone unless you summon them
* Flint stands on his chair, and offers a toast.
Flint: a-HEM!
* Flint raises his glass
* Servant throws toast
* Kazi looks to Flint attentively
Flint: To a fine and wonderful pair, the better of which I cannot say I've known. To the dashing Feliks, and his lovely bride, Ms. Celestyna, I wish you best of luck, in all your ... future endeavors. Here here!!
* Paul drinks his ale deeply
* Kazi dabs at her eyes with a kerchief as she raises her glass
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
Kazi: (( Dammit Dan, you are ALWAYS missing the damned wedding ))
Kazi: (( ))
GM: And the wine begins flowing like ale. Or something
Tanya: back, with food
Tanya: but just for me, sorry
Kazi: Put your token on, darling
GM: Don't worry, plenty of food for feasting
Flint: (you missed my epic toast!)
Kazi: (( resend it ))
* Flint repeatedly bangs his glass with a fork and does not stop until Feliks and Kazi are smooching
Llyssa: *Llyssa looks less than enthused to be celebrating anything at the moment*
* Kazi smooches Feliks accordingly
* Flint cheers!
Llyssa: ((no the token of doom!))
GM: Food is placed in tables around the room and you are handed plates. Pitchers of spiced wine, vodka, and a tea are placed on the table. And then the servants pretty much get out of your hair
GM: You have this dining room to yourselves
Kazi: where are my parents?
Kazi: *sniffle*
Kazi: and Feliks'
Kazi: (( Eric is on phone with folks IRL, he is afk for the moment ))
Kyrax: ((*replaces token all ninja like*))
GM: okay
GM: ((I shoulda made a bigger table))
Llyssa: ((the parents of all makes sense now after seeing them!))
* Kyrax has no earthly clue why he's here.
GM: ((It's a historical event. You are commemorating it))
Kyrax: ((I'm recording it. For history books. yes. And besides, there's free food.))
* Flint raises his glass again.
GM: ((a lot of free food))
Flint: To peace! Here here!
Kazi: To peace!
Flint: (or is it hear hear)
* Kazi smooches Feliks again soundly
Rudolph: To my daughter and my new son, who somehow managed a treaty!
Kazi: (( hear hear, I think ))
Flint: So have you told your parents about how Feliks screwed up the tradition?
* Kazi beams at her father
Flint: By not getting caught?
* Kazi loks nervously at Flint
Kazi: Er
Natasza: Oh, lovely, grandchildren!
Flint: Because it's really funny!
* Kazi looks flummoxed
Flint: Oh man, you should have seen Feliks! No way anyone was gonna catch him!
* Rudolph laughs
* Kazi starts to cry and dabs her eyes with her kerchief
Rudolph: We will have a crib commissioned immediately
Llyssa: **Looks around at all the 'merry making' and mumbles under her breath** "Why me?..." ((in Elven))
* Kazi glares murderously at her Father, then at her Husband
* Jerath whispers to Llyssa in Elvish 'tis a day of rejoicing. Celebrate life, I am sure your cousin would'
* Kazi then grins ruefully and bursts into happy tears
Llyssa: ((afk-brb, got stuff to bring in from outside))
Paul: Congratulations to you both.
Flint: Agreed!
Kazi: (( is Feliks' dad Snape? ))
Ashling: (( that's Professor Snape to you ))
Kazi: Thank you all! It is such a joy to be sharing such a momentous occasion with you all
Kyrax: ((*sings* Snape. Snape. Serverus Snape..))
Kazi: (( Feliks' mom is hot too, wow, lots of babes ))
Kyrax: ((It's D&D, ofcourse. All women are either hot, or ugly old crones.))
Kyrax: ((*runs AFK a moment*))
GM: (yea, pretty much)
Paul: (Sometimes, there are advantages to being under a yard tall)
Flint: (agreed)
GM: ((Rocks fall. The small sized PCs die))
Flint: (hey, I'd hit one gnome female,s if they existed)
GM: About the time everyone is done feasting, Rudolph will get a serious look on his face.
Rudolph: So what are your plans now?
Kyrax: ((you know there's an advantage to being a centaur, too...))
Ashling: Return to Shieldmeet.
Flint: I believe we're going to Shieldmeet, once our preparations are done
Flint: And I'd like to do so quickly, as we have much to catch up on there
* Kazi gets a wistful look
* Rudolph nods.
Rudolph: I can help with travel arrangements, if you need.
Flint: I was considering cutting right through Amareth territory, do you think it feasible to get us through there, or is it too risky?
Ashling: You suggested going through Righnach, did you not?
Rudolph: If you go through Amareth territory, I can supply you with diplomatic privledges by having you escort the prisoners home
Flint: and that would be faster than Righnach correct?
Rudolph: If you wish to go to Righnach, there is a caravan headed through the mountains. They will leave...tomorrow, I believe
Rudolph: Yes. But...well, no offense to present company, I trust Amareth diplomacy only so far.
Kazi: Jerath had said something about Amareth being a possible route
* Jerath nods
Llyssa: ((back, had to bring in a cabinet...))
Paul: I would like to get back to Shieldmeet as well.
Jerath: It is a possible route, and I believe it will be safe. I doubt the cult would dare act openly in Amareth.
Ashling: Don't diplomatic priviledges also include diplomatic duties?
Paul: And diplomatic immunity!
Rudolph: Smile, kiss a couple babies
* Paul grins brightly
Rudolph: try not to kill anyone important
* Kazi pouts
Kazi: Geez, Father
Flint: What about boat transport? Are we on our own for that?
Jerath: Trade ships go through the ports all the time. My sister may be able to help there.
Flint: Oh, that's good!
Rudolph: Through Bodhan we may have to arrange passage with smugglers
Rudolph: Righnach should be easy. That's why we smuggle most of our stuff through there.
* Kazi hisses
Kazi: (( at the mention of Bohdan ))
Feliks: If we do go through Amareth, we can see that Lyssa can settle everything she needs to at her home.
Paul: Arranging passage with smugglers is useful.
Flint: So... we have an easy long way, or a possibly more difficult short way. In summary.
Ashling: I'd rather not go through Amareth.
Natasza: We can arrange a comfortable caravan wagon for you.
Feliks: or anywhere near to it.
* Natasza looks at Kazi and Feliks, her meaning very plain
Kazi: Well, we can see that she gets home, at least
* Kazi blushes to the roots of her hair
Ashling: I think going as diplomats would attract too much attention to us.
* Jerath looks a trifle disappointed
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I would agree with that. However, we could possibly go as hired guards for the Diplomats.
Feliks: I would prefer to get back to Shieldmeet as quickly as possible
Flint: I don't see the concern, if the cult can't, or won't act, Ashling
Dan (aka Whingknutt): It reduces our responsiblities and lowers our profiles.
Flint: Perhaps we should take a vote?
Rudolph: True. But unfortunately, the prisoners would be able to identify you
Kazi: I don't see how it matters
Llyssa: ((catching up if anyone talks and i don't respond))
Kazi: They will be able to find us
Feliks: I think we'll stand out, no matter what
* Kazi nods in agreement
Paul: Yeah.
Paul: We haven't exactly been subtle.
Flint: My vote is to take the quick route through Amareth.
Kyrax: You also need to concern yourself with Amareth citizens. That's the other issue. You have been at war, and people will want to settle old scores, not caring if you're diplomats.
Kazi: I think the quick route is the best
Flint: That's true Kyrax
Jerath: The law is the law.
Feliks: "Suttle." What language is that, Paul, and what does it mean?
QuickBlades: How much time are we talking about saving?
Flint: buit we have several diplomatic types with us
Kyrax: People don't care about laws.
Jerath: Some do.
Kazi: Um, there are only two Sclavini in this party
Paul: I believe it'd be about a month the fastest way, and 2 months the slowest way.
Kyrax: True. But some also believe that they make their own.
Rudolph: Let's see....if my math is right, and it rarely is, Righnach would take 2 months, Amareth about a month and a half, and Bohdan 1 month
QuickBlades: What is Bohdan?
* Kazi is pointing out the obvious here, but settle scores with whom other than Kazi and Feliks?
Rudolph: The region where you entered
Feliks: Bohdan is the route we came here by
QuickBlades: And why wouldn't we just go back that way?
Kyrax: And .. anyone who they should happen to be traveling with as allies.
Ashling: Kazi, you are the one who told me they hang wild casters.
* Kazi grins
Kazi: So we don't cast wildly
Jerath: She is protected by the treaty
Kyrax: That, too. The Amareth are not fond of .. anyone who does not fit within their tight view of 'religion'.
* Kazi snorts
Kazi: Preaching to the choir here, my friend
* Kazi gives Jerath a wink
Feliks: To be fair, Kyrax, I have to point out that the Amareth here don't follow that.
Kirill (Dad of Feliks): Well, I'd prefer you all take the safe route. It's the smart thing. And the sensible thing. Which probably means you won't do it.
Kyrax: Odd that you should choose to use a religious reference in that statement.
* Kirill (Dad of Feliks) grins
* Kazi glances at Kyrax
Natasza: We could se about forged papers.
* Kazi shrugs
Rudolph: A goliath, a gnome, and a halfling are rather noticable.
Flint: No matter where we go.
Natasza: Put them in a wagon then
Natasza: say they are dried goods.
QuickBlades: If we had a covered wagon...
Flint: I'm not dried!!
Feliks: But not our wagon.
Rudolph: That we can do
Kyrax: Put the halfling on the gnomes shoulders and dress them in a longcoat. One person.
Paul: I'm only seen when I want to be seen.
* Kazi blushes again at Feliks' comment
Rudolph: so...two caravan wagons, wooden, fit for living in. 2 draft horses per wagon. Boom, instant caravan
QuickBlades: I would not mind sleeping under the open sky every night. My people are quite used to it.
Kazi: That's ridiculous, Kyrax
Kyrax: Your point?
Rudolph: I can give you the names of a couple smugglers
QuickBlades: So which way are we going? The shortest?
Kazi: I don't believe that Flint and Paul should be subjected to such nonsense
Rudolph: but...I can't garuntee you won't have to wait for them. Forging papers is it's own level of risky
GM: ((gm is afk briefly))
Kyrax: No they probably shouldn't.
Kyrax: But it's rather amusing to consider.
Flint: Might be better not to drag prisoners with us, and go the Bohdan route instead...
* Kazi is not amused
Ashling: I thought that was the least safe route now.
Kazi: Bohdan has it's own associated risks, but also could be exciting!
* Paul frowns.
* Kazi gets a gleam in her eyes
Flint: No route is "safe".
Paul: Last time through Bohdan... I found some lost items.
Llyssa: ((you people type to fast, by the time I catch up to a part i could chime in you're already on another subject))
Feliks: (( but now you're caught up ))
Kazi: How's that, Paul?
Flint: even Righnach could bring us our share of troubles
* Kazi grins wickedly at him
Llyssa: **speaks up**
Paul: Oh... there were some gems.. I liberated.
Llyssa: "Remember my cousin said he had found information concerning a 'cult' that very well could be the same as the one you dealt with"
Feliks: I wondered where those went
Kazi: And this would cause a problem, darling?
GM: ((gm is back))
Paul: Not at all. In fact, I'm eager to return there.
* Paul grins
Kazi: Ah, I see
Flint: What about them Llyssa? Where did you find them operating?
* Kazi grins wolfishly back
Llyssa: "I was not part of his investigation"
Kyrax: What cult is it that you speak of, anyways?
Llyssa: "They seemed to be in shirldmeet with their eyes on Amareth"
Flint: we don't know if they have a name. they worship "old gods", whatever that means
Rudolph: Do you mean they were Amareth, or that they were targeting Amareth?
Kazi: They are Amarethi, Father
Rudolph: 'Ah'
Kazi: I think
Llyssa: "I know not their nationality but they seemed to be targeting Amareth"
Flint: (afk breifly)
Feliks: What do you know of old Amarethi gods, Kyrax?
Kyrax: « 1d20+15 ⇒ 18 + 15 = 33 » (Knowledge- Religion for knowledge of the 'Old Gods')
Kyrax: ((Good question what DO I know?))
Feliks: (( sweet ))
QuickBlades: I'm going to do this like one of the puzzles one of our elders used to use to select daily leaders...
Kazi: * in Sclavini * to Rudolph And the blood traitor seems involved
Kyrax: ((Second, getting info from the DM.))
Feliks: (( np ))
Llyssa: "But either way, all the information that Angelus collected was left at my estate on his last visit home"
QuickBlades: How much riskier would the way we came be from the long way?
Kazi: Risky, my friend
Paul: We made it.
QuickBlades: I mean, how many more times would we have to unsheath our weapons?
Paul: But there were a few tense moments.
Paul: We never did.
Kazi: They could seize us without real cause
Kazi: detain us
Kazi: that sort of thing
Rudolph: They'd have to release you, but you may not be in good shape when released
Kazi: The people of Bohdan have their own treaty with the Amarethi and who's to say if the people what want what we were taking care of might take an opportunity to try to get at us there?
Rudolph: Of course, if you keep your heads down and be smart, they may not bother you at all
* Kazi gives her Father a look
Kyrax: .... The old Gods.. That's an interesting sotry, I have a book I can lend you if you like, assuming you can read Elven. In short, there was a lot of them, a long time ago, before the Elven Civil War. They existed for every purpsoe known to man, it seemed. After the war, The elves encouraged the focus on Samad..
Ashling: The elves did? Why?
Llyssa: "As a noble and lord of Evelice problems with the officials and such would be minimal. I have no clue really about this cult that hunts you but if they attack I can't use my station to help there."
Kyrax: They're elves, why do they do anything?
Feliks: Can you go there without us, and meet us in Shieldmeet?
Kazi: Or send the information along?
Kyrax: According t5o history it was to get the people of Amareth to unite as one.. Now, there's one other thing about the Old Gods that's interesting, and likely linked to this Cult of yours.
* Jerath mutters "I'm learning a lot more about my country since I left my country"
* Kazi smiles at Jerath
Llyssa: "I was tasked to stay with you and help you, if I go alone there is no gaurantee that we will meet again."
Kazi: How is sending the information along not helping?
Kyrax: There's one other Old God who still, supposedly, exists. I don't put much stock in to the existance of any God. Usezel. Patron Diety of Evil. Supposedly as Samad took on the attributes of the other Deities as he rose in power. Usezel took on all the traits that Samad was 'too good for'.
Kazi: if we go to Shieldmeet by way of Bohdan or Righnach, we won't be going to your Estates either
Jerath: Usezel is a demon, his worship is strictly forbidden. His worshipers are dark madmen.
Paul: I'm sorry Lyssa, where do you want to go?
Feliks: His symbol was at the complex on the island, right?
Kyrax: That's what your religion teaches you, yes.
Jerath: what island?
* Kazi frowns
Feliks: Shieldmeet
Kyrax: Usezel is no less a god than Samad though.
Kazi: Think so
Feliks: but not in the town of Shieldmeet
QuickBlades: I'm going to go work on some forms. I'll be outside.
Kazi: All that stuff we found back at the caves, yeah
Rudolph: I need to have you join the caravan, assign you to escort guards, or give you the names of smugglers and wish you the best of luck?
Flint: Let's put it to vote.
Feliks: smugglers
Llyssa: ((sry, talking to DM))
Feliks: just cause it sounds more fun
Natasza: I vote you all take the nice, safe path, have lots of children, and visit often
Kazi: smugglers is by way of Bohdan, Father dear?
* Kazi blushes again and glares at her Mother
Rudolph: yes. Though I suppose I could give you names of smugglers in Righnach too
Flint: (( your choices are Bohdan (smugglers), Amareth (diplomats), Righnach (caravan) ))
Feliks: Has your mother met my 6 elder brothers, yet?
Natasza: Seven children. That's a nice number.
* Kazi is looking ill
Ashling: Righnach would be safest. I think it important we arrive i none piece.
Ashling: With all our possessions intact.
Jerath: If I get a vote, I vote Amareth
Kazi: (( none piece??? ))
Kyrax: Seven? I'd think that would drive any mothe insane.
Paul: I vote Bohdan.
Marya (Mom of Feliks): It does.
Ashling: (( in one* ))
Flint: I'm also voting Bohdan. I think we can do it!
* Kazi is looking panic-stricken
Kazi: I vote Bohdan
Kyrax: My mother had her hands full enough with three.
Kazi: piracy sounds fun!
Kazi: Er... I mean...
Flint: Time is also of the essence, Kazi
Rudolph: Sounds like Bohdan and seven grandchildren then.
Kazi: Of course, of course, Flint
Feliks: And Bohdan was the fast route?
* Kazi looks about ready to faint with all this talk of children
Flint: it is/
Rudolph: yes.
Rudolph: Much shorter overland time, slightly longer on the sea time
Kazi: (( and more ADVENTURE! ))
Rudolph: Not too much longer, smuggling vessels are fast by necessity.
Feliks: i got…distracted by thoughts of piracy and smuggling.
* Kazi grins
* Kazi gives Feliks a quick kiss
Rudolph: The border is in a bit of chaos, it and the actual port will be the most dangerous parts
Flint: The only thing we'll be smuggling are our own sorry asses...
Kazi: My ass is not sorry, Master Flint!
Paul: ((And smuggling vessels have goods that they are bringing into their destination country illegally... so if they vanish, they can't report you to the authorities))
* Kazi looks slightly outraged at the thought
Pyotr (Brother of Feliks): Your ass is very nice.
* Kazi blushes prettily
* Rudolph raises an eyebrow at Pyotr
Pyotr (Brother of Feliks): Not that I've looked at it or anything.
* Pyotr (Brother of Feliks) goes back to having a glass of ale
* Ashling sighs heavily and looks highly worried.
Flint: Kyrax? Llyssa? care to case a vote?
Flint: cast*
Kazi: Pirates!
Kazi: I mean
Kazi: Fast way home!
Rudolph: Actually, the centaur might be useful
Flint: That's why I'm asking!
Feliks: He should meet Aben
Flint: I bet Aben would love to meet him
Rudolph: No one is looking for a centaur, they may be so taken by him they won't notice the goliath
Kyrax: Eh? I'd been planning to return home, since it seemed my services weren't needed anymore. But if you feel a need for a scholar.
Kazi: Bait and switch, Father dear?
Flint: Ok, so if you came, which route would you prefer?
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Feliks: You do seem pretty smart
Rudolph: exactly
Rudolph: If you can't be invisible, be so outlandish nobody pays attention.
Kazi: We are good at that, Father!
* Kazi beams at Feliks
Llyssa: "Honestly, I will go where you go. But to retrieve information that would help your cause seems like it would make you go through Amareth by itself."
Kyrax: I would say smugglers would eb the best pet. They're the least likely to havequalms about a centaur on board.
Flint: Interesting.
Natasza: Especially not if they are well paid
Kyrax: Exactly.
Rudolph: Or owe me a favor or three
Flint: It sounds like Bohdan is our route then.
Kazi: Yay! Pirates!
Paul: Arrrrrrrrrr!
* Kazi whispers something excitedly to Feliks
Rudolph: All of you get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day
Flint: Sorry Ashling. But we should be ok if we keep our wits with us
GM: -----> ------> ------> ------> oh, look sunrise.
Paul: Wow, these chairs sure were comfy.
GM: and breakfast
QuickBlades: Did you all sleep in here?
QuickBlades: It was a beautiful night.
* Kazi will have bought her two items, and the rest of her stuff is in coin for her eventual property purchase in Shieldmeet, AHEM
GM: hugs, kisses, tearful farewells, Pyotr making at least one attempt to pinch Kazi's butt when Feliks is looking and Rudolph is not.
QuickBlades: The sky was almost perfectly clear.
GM: anything else to do before you are underway?
* Flint makes some final materials preparation with Pasha before wishing him well.
* Kazi gathers all her stuff, gives many hugs and kisses to her Family
* Kazi cries A LOT
* Jerath says his goodbyes to the children and promises to write.
QuickBlades: And there was a wonderful breeze with a faint scent of the mountains still lingering in it...
* Kazi will also say tearful goodbyes to the children, admonishing them to be good
* Kyrax has everything he owns in a bag already, and is acustomed to moving a lot, so he was ready as of.. waking up.
Llyssa: ((brb-comp troubles now...))
Ashling: I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to go with you by this route.
Flint: Is there something we should know?
Ashling: (she says, only to the party, no hangers on around)
Flint: Beyond what you've already warned us about?
Ashling: You know what I'm carrying, don't you?
Kazi: Eh?
Ashling: Which we can't afford to lose.
Feliks: a baby?
Flint: It means we'll have to protect you extra-hard then, won't we?
Ashling: No, you fools. The key to that artifact.
Flint: right QB?
QuickBlades: Well, I can't let you go in your own direction on your own.
Flint: that's what I mean Ash
Paul: We will protect you.
Feliks: oh, right
Kazi: Well, duh Ash, I gave the damned thing to you
* Kazi rolls her eyes
QuickBlades: Does the key emit a noticable aura of any sort?
Flint: You're among friends who will watc your back. Just stay close.
GM: ((it's magical. A lot))
Kazi: Yeah, it emits a blindingly bright magical aura
Flint: Put it in that haversack thingie!
Flint: Would that mask the magick?
Kazi: Were you in the Caves when I looked at it, you might have seen me nearly knock myself senseless
Kyrax: Hiding magic in magic doesn't really work.
Feliks: (Bye family! We'll visit!)
QuickBlades: And how far away would you be able to see this aura?
QuickBlades: Miles?
Kyrax: There are spells that will disguise magic.
Kazi: Do you know them?
Kyrax: Nope, sorry.
Ashling: Actually, I need a small lead box.
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Flint: Maybe we can get one before we leave?
QuickBlades: So we should definately have a decoy party leave at the same time as we do...
Ashling: But even with the box, we cannot be captured or arrested or searched or anything like that.
QuickBlades: well, we will have to become part of the smuggling crew then...
Flint: Yeah, Understood. I think most of us would be in trouble
QuickBlades: and defend the vessel as if it were our own.
Flint: if they searched us
Llyssa: ((apparently it was computer and food))
Kazi: I think all of us have many reasons not to want to be caught at this point, Ash
Ashling: So why do you insist on the most dangerous route?
Feliks: Take whatever route you want to, Ash.
Flint: Ash, you don't have to come with us.
Feliks: See you in Sheildmeet.
QuickBlades: Well, once we are out to sea, if there is a possibility of the key falling into the wrong hands, we can drop it into the water.
Flint: also true, QB
Feliks: Take QB and go overland.
QuickBlades: It is your decision Ash. Mayhaps we could even bring Kyrax along with us.
* Kazi frowns
QuickBlades: The three of us are accustomed to sleeping under the moon.
Llyssa: "If I've understood the situation thus far, I go where that key goes."
GM: The border has all the chaos of an army breaking down camps, abet reluctantly.
Kazi: Splitting up seems unwise
Kazi: But do as you see fit
GM: You are almost immediately stopped by a squad of Amareth soldiers, 'state your business!'
Feliks: (( what Amareth are still in tur party at this point? ))
Kazi: (( Jerath ))
Llyssa: ((me))
GM: ((and Llyssa. Jerath will speak if you wish))
Kazi: (( you went with the key, It hought ))
Feliks: (( so no split? ))
GM: ((one sec, looking for right token))
Llyssa: ((was there a split? I haven't see Ash confirm it yet))
Feliks: (( wtf is the situation with route choices? ))
Kazi: (( we need to clear this up before proceeding, GM ))
GM: ((okay))
Feliks: (( split is fine by me. ))
Kazi: (( I don't care either ))
Kyrax: ((On the OOC level: I despise party splits. But that mainly comes from spending 90% of my time in D&D as a GM.))
Kazi: (( talk in the room please ))
QuickBlades: How much travel experience do you have Llyssa?
Llyssa: "I was in the army for about 4 years if you count that as travel experience"
QuickBlades: Um... did you do any work as a scout?
Llyssa: "But beside that I went with my cousin on all his foreign delegations before he left to shieldmeet without telling me"
Llyssa: "Front-line soldier"
* Ashling joins up with the caravan heading towards Righnach.
QuickBlades: Hmm. Well so long as we are going with a caravan...
Llyssa: **Follows Ash**
* Kazi waves cheerily
Kazi: Be careful of Dima and gang, Ash
Kazi: Prawujeck says they are on the loose
GM: Everyone on the map is with the party, yes no?
Flint: (yup!)
Paul: (absolutely)
* Kazi gives Feliks a sound kiss
* Kyrax has no reason to be with either group, so just stays with the one he's with.
Kazi: Yay! Adventure
Kazi: !
GM: So, Amareth guard was telling you to state your business
* Flint looks to Jerath
Flint: (or may speak up if he doesn't)
Jerath: Just trying to get home, Sargeant
Joseph has disconnected.
Guard: And your companions?
Paul: Seeking the fastest passage possible to Shieldmeet.
Jerath: Best damn black-powder man I've ever seen. Headed back to Shieldmeet, I expect he'll make a fortune.
* Guard grins
Guard: move along then
* Jerath moves along
* Paul waves his hand.
Flint: (sends a missive to Jerath) You are pretty smooth!
Paul: (these are not the adventurers you're looking for)
Kazi: (( lol ))
Jerath: Didn't tell a single lie
Jerath: Flint is the best damn black-powder man I've ever seen
Jerath: And if he gets that dirigible working, he'll make a fortune
Flint: You're a paladin of your word.
GM: You can get to the port city peacefully, but when you get there, the city seems to be having itself a minor riot
Flint: whoa! what's this?
Feliks: Wonderful!
Feliks: I mean, tragic!
Flint: Paul, I think this is your cue .... to do, .... something
GM: Seems word of Amareth butt-kicking has spread.
Flint: so is this Sclavini vs marethi violence?
Feliks: As much as I'd love to stay and partake, let's move fast
Flint: Agreed.... sorry Paul.
GM: Seems to be poor Sclavini versus Amareth and noble Sclavini
Paul: Yeah.... that said, any particularly good places for looting?
Flint: Let's find that contact of Rudolph's, first and foremost.
Kazi: OOOOH!
Paul: Yes
Kazi: Damn, Feliks
Kazi: This seems like there would be such fun to be had!
GM: lots of good places for looting
Kyrax: .... If there's one thing worse than a city, it's a city with a civil war.
* Kazi glares at Kyrax
Flint: The law's not on control here. That's good for us.
Kazi: There is good reason for this civil war, sir
Feliks: What's so civil about war anyway?
Kazi: Indeed, beloved
Kyrax: Try manuvering through a city that's at war with itself, when you're as big as a horse.
GM: Rudolph told you to find a man called Desya, or failing him, a woman called Agafa, and told you what inns they frequented
Flint: an Inn? in this mess? Criminy.
Feliks: very well, we go there
* Kazi grins excitedly
Flint: well, let's see if they are still standing.
GM: dockside inns.
GM: How fancy would folks be dressed?
* Kyrax is naked.
* Flint is dressed in his dirty field gear
Paul: Paul wears standard travelling clothes, I think he still has some children's clothes that one of the villagers gave him.
GM: Most folks are staying way clear of Kyrax
* Kazi is in her standard adventuring gear
Feliks: War? I break out the battle stained clothes from the fort
* Kazi is not in her fancypants ones
Kyrax: ((Well, other than a belt, quiver, and bag.. but you get the idea.))
GM: Jerath is still dressed in Sclavini style armor, and has wrapped the hilt of his sword
GM: The civil unrest is pretty much limited to throwing rotten eggs at Amareth, but here and there someone has revealed they had a weapon or two stashed away
Feliks: any deserving folk fleeing the city in need of wagons?
* Kazi has all her arsenal somewhat subdued
GM: probably
GM: You have to take several alternate paths to get to the first inn, but you can make it there relatively safely.
* Kyrax will be waiting outside of the inns while they try and find the persons they are looking for. Meanwhile, his player will be getting food.
Paul: Ummm, Kazi and Feliks, can you handle the stuff in there? I'd like to go treasure hunting.
* Kazi nods
Flint: Best of luck, Paul
Paul: Thanks.
Kazi: Find me something pretty?
* Kazi grins
* Paul scurries off.
Flint: keep an eye on the docks if you can, we may leave at any time.
Flint: (( I don't think Paul will ever want to leave! ))
Kazi: (( me neither! ))
GM: The inn seems to be doing rollicking good business, and there are no less than three ladies dancing on table tops, singing boisterous songs
Flint: Wow!
Paul: (But are there tops on the ladies?)
GM: sort of
* Flint pulls up a chair to the bar, and with some effort, climbs it.
Feliks: Sure about leaving, Paul?
Flint: Oy! An ale, please!
Flint: In a clean glass!
* Kazi will give Flint a hand if he needs
* Kazi will take a seat next to him
Kazi: And a glass of wine, if you will!
GM: The innkeeper pours, shooting Flint an odd look but relaxing when he sees Kazi
* Feliks leans against the bar, ready to take action. But Casually.
Flint: (whispers) probably better if you ask, Kazi....
* Kazi nods
Kazi: So, is Desya about?
* Kazi is cheery
* Maggi rolls: 1d20+5+2+6 Diplomacy => 15 + 5 + 2 + 6 = 28
GM: The innkeeper points to a table in the back, where a man is saying 'so, there I was, two Amareth bruiser vessels, and me without a working topsail.....
* Kazi indicates to her companions their intended contact
Flint: I think we've just found our dirigible pilot...
Kazi: Shall we, gentlemen?
Flint: Aye.
GM: 'and old Barvo, he says to me, theres only two of them, we can handle it...
* Kazi walks up to the table indicated and puts on her winningest smile
GM: He grins up at you, 'well, there be the loveliest smile I've seen these days, come, sit, have a drink with me' he indicates his lap
* Kazi 's smile does not falter a bit
* Flint considers sitting on his lap
* Feliks smirks
Kazi: * in Sclavini * (Andrzej dialect) So Rudolph told me to look you up, said you owed him one?
* Flint approaches the table, looking over the top of it barely, with a devilish grin (wearing his goggles now)
GM: 'Rudolph....ah, this be business then. What's he got this time, silver or furs?'
* Kazi grins
Kazi: * in Sclavini * It's a bit delicate. Is this a good place to be talking about such things?
GM: 'eh, nobody is paying attention anyway. And it was a good story, too. But the legs on them lasses....'
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: Flint my dear?
Flint: Yes?
Kazi: I do believe this is the man we seek
Kazi: perhaps you can explain?
Flint: Indeed.
Flint: We need a ship.
GM: 'a gnome?
Flint: We need to get to Shieldmeet, and right quick. And we'd prefer not to cross the Amarethi, if you know what I mean...
Dasya: ''s people this time...well...
Kyrax: ((semi-back. eating.))
Dasya: That's not so easy. Or so fun
Kazi: Well, think of it as an adventure, my good man
Dasya: but if'n the lady needs a cabin, I can surely arrange one
* Dasya winks suggestively
Flint: Got any cannons aboard? I could make some improvements, if you knwo what I'm saying....
Flint: during our trip
Flint: to sweeten the pot.
* Kazi smiles non-commitally
Dasya: cannons eh.... well, our last one got a little busted.
Kazi: I'll not ask
Flint: I'll fix it. I'll even up the reload time. If you take us.
Kazi: So... when can we leave?
Dasya: 100 gold. But I have a cargo already that I am committed to unload. Won't add but two days to the trip
Kazi: 100 gold?
Dasya: for the lot of you. I'll have to forgo a bit of cargo to make room
Dasya: only fair.
Dasya: I assume you wouldn't be talking to me if you didn't need to get there fast and quiet like
Kazi: all right then
Paul: (Take the deal. I can cover us out of my petty cash.)
Dasya: We leave tonight.
Flint: sounds fair.
Kazi: (( she was gonna, no worries ))
Flint: (docking bay 94?)
Dasya: (sure)
Dasya: (and that's -94 XP for you ))
Flint: (it was worth it)
Kazi: great then
Dasya: see ya then.
Kyrax: ((It'll only be better if we leave with a bunch of people in white who cannot hit the broadside of a barn flinging arrows at us >.>))
* Dasya stands up, wobbling a bit, and pats Kazi on the ass as he leaves
* Flint laughs
* Kazi rolls her eyes
* Feliks stares daggers
GM: One of the ladies dancing begins a song about a jealous husband
Kazi: Well, ok, there we are, so we just have to stay out of trouble until nightfall
* Kazi glares at the dancing lady
GM: She winks at you, and gestures for you to join her on the table
* Kazi politely declines
Feliks: aww
GM: She smiles again, and gestured for Feliks to join her
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Flint: My grandpop once told me you only live once..
Flint: He was a smart gnome
* Eric rolls: 1d20+7 Perform Carnival Stunt => 10 + 7 = 17
* Paul saunters into the bar.
Kazi: I thought we were trying to stay out of trouble
* Kazi shrugs and watches with amusement
GM: Just in time to see Feliks nearly blow a backflip
Feliks: I'm a bit rusty.
GM: The woman grins.
* Paul applauds happily, and then toddles over to the bar.
* Eric rolls: 1d20+18 Tumble => 5 + 18 = 23
Feliks: definitely rusty.
GM: The entire bar applauds
Paul: Hi Flint
Flint: Heya. We're all set for our ride.
* Kazi smiles
Paul: Excellent.
Flint: So now we're "relaxing"
GM: Jerath keeps a low profile, as he doesn't speak the language
Flint: (fats forward to boat?)
Flint: fast*
* Kyrax is, as prior stated, still outside, idly reading one of his many books.
Paul: I see.
Kazi: (( she could bust out her whip, lol ))
Kazi: (( now that would be a scene ))
GM: You get to the docks sately, and just in time to see Desya quite obviously bribing an Amareth soldier
Paul: So, Kazi, how much is this venture gonna cost us?
Kazi: Just 100 gold, my friend
Paul: Ah. Okay. I'll cover it for the group.
Kazi: rather a good deal, I think
Kyrax: Is he aware there's a centaur aboard for the ride, too?
GM: Desya does a double take at Kyrax
Kazi: Why thanks you!
Kazi: thank*
Kyrax: ... I am guessing not.
Flint: It'll be ok.
Flint: I'm fixing his cannon for this!
Flint: PLUS, we're paying him well
Kazi: And he owes my Father
Dasya: it tame?
Flint: Ever been on a boat, Kyrax?
Kyrax: I should think so. I actually just got back FROM Shieldmeet.
Dasya: huh.
Kazi: Temper, temper
Dasya: 'well, um...can it manage the gangplank? We ain't got a hoist
* Paul gives Dasya 100 gp.
* Dasya accepts it, still gazing worriedly at Kyrax
Kazi: I believe he is a he, Mr. Daysa
Kazi: Not an "it"
Dasya: Okay, but if he kicks a hole in my ship, you be paying for it. ALL ABOARD
* Kyrax shakes his head and laughs "I don't kick, I spit. Seriously."
* Flint makes straight for the crow's nest.
* Paul motions for the group to join him once everyone is aboard.
* Kazi eyes the crow's nest warily
* Dasya nods uncertainly.
Kazi: What's up, Paul?
* Dasya orders his men to cast off
Kazi: did you find me something pretty?
* Kazi grins
Paul: Here. This is for each of you. There are 5 of us, so I'm dividing it equally.
* Paul hands Kazi, Feliks, Flint, and Kyrax 20 gp each.
Flint: whoa! thanks!
* Jerath goes to the side of the ship, gazing out at the water.
Paul: I didn't find much in town. I did find some jewelry, but Kazi, you already have much nicer stuff.
* Kyrax shakes his head "Keep it. Technically I would owe you that for the passage anyways. And I have little need for money."
Dasya: Alrighty, it's about a week to Celebrindal, we'll be stopped there about 2 days, then another week to Shieldmeet.
Paul: Oh, I figured what I acquired while we were together was ours.
Kazi: Thanks, Paul
Paul: I made 200 gp out there.
Flint: (I'm ok with you switching to the other players)
Feliks: (( same ))
Flint: (to handle their travel)
Paul: So, 100 gp for travel, and 100 gp for profit.
Kazi: (( yep ))
Paul: ((works for me))
GM: ((I'm already working with them )
Kazi: (( sounds good, Paul ))
Kyrax: ((Arr, no preference, here. I be eatin'))
Flint: (sounds like we got off easy .... at least so far.)
Flint: (our aquatic adventure might not be as easy)
Kazi: (( Pirates! ))
Kyrax: ((Naw, we got ON easy. I'm a centaur so it's gonna be interesting for me to get off.))
Dasya: 'now, if'n I give the word, you folks head below deck, find a hole, crawl in, and pull it in after you. Got it?
Flint: Okeedoke!
Paul: Won't have to tell me twice.
Kyrax: I doubt I'll even fit below decks, let alone able to find a hole big enough for me.
Dasya: oh, and no sticky-fingering
Feliks: can you point a few of the better options out for us?
Kyrax: However, I also, as of last I checked, didn't have nayone looking for me.
Paul: Don't worry. You're on my team.
Dasya: I'm having them move some stuff from the aft hold to make room for your friend
Paul: Unless I see you stealing food from mothers with babies or something.
Kazi: Try not to leave me in the dust while you're bolting, beloved (Kazi to Feliks)
Joseph has connected.
Dasya: You ever been to the elf lands?
Flint: Nope, though I'd like to, someday
Kyrax: ((Unless the GM has some reason why he hasn't, Kyrax would have.))
Dasya: well, we'll be stopping there a day. Them elves like rubies.
Paul: Not me. I grew up near a desert, then moved to SHieldmeet, then I've been working with Feliks and Kazi.
Kazi: Where did you grow up, Paul? That was near a deser?
* Kyrax chuckles "I always tended to concern myself more with their books, than their jewels."
Kazi: desert*
* Kazi is very interested to hear Paul talk of his past
Paul: Basira
Paul: I grew up in Basira.
Kazi: Oh wow!
Kazi: Like where Aben is from?
GM: ((yep))
Paul: I never knew that. He didn't tell me.
Flint: (I'm gonna have t o step out now. Must pack before my trip tomorrow morning. I'll leave this running.)
GM: ((okay))
Flint: (Flint enjoys his boat trip from the crow's nest, and fixing Dasya's cannon)
Kazi: (( have a good trip, Chris! ))
GM: The waters get rough the third day, and anyone who gets sea-sick would find it most unpleasant
* Kazi is super cheery
GM: 6 days in though, Desya points out land ahead. 'We made good time'
* Kyrax has remarkable sea-legs.. for a centaur. No sea-sickness here, just needing to find something to remain steady with because, face it, centaurs weren't built for boats.
* Jerath smiles. 'I went to the academy there. It's up on that white cliff'
* Paul seems comfortable on a ship, but then, he spends most of his time sleeping.
GM: The ship docks.
Kazi: Wow, pretty!
Kazi: Do you miss it, Sir Jerath?
Paul: Where are we now?
GM: The elvish city is absolutely amazing. It looks as though it was grown from white marble, and is a masterpiece of architecture and art. The buildings are adorned with sculptures, and colorful flowers and vines are encouraged to grow along the walls.
Paul: Wow.
* Kazi is impressed
Jerath: it's an amazing place. I can show you some of the sights if you want, we seem to have a day here.
Feliks: cool
* Kyrax find Desya before getting off the ship "Captain, I have a request of you. I have in my posession some books the elves would not be fond of finding. Is there a secure place I can stash them aboard?"
Dasya: Leave um in your cabin, nobody will look there.
Feliks: Jerath, I need a scroll. Is there somewhere here I can get a rather pricey spell scribed?
* Kyrax nods, and of course does so.
Jerath: Of course. The Hall of Magic.
* Jerath will do a quick sketch of a map of the city.
* Kazi has the forbidden tomes with her too, so she'll leave those on board
Feliks: LEave Flint to guard the stuff?
Kazi: sure
Joseph: ((you lot and forbidden stuff...))
Kazi: Want some company, beloved?
Jerath: Best sights to see are the Museum, the Hall of Magic itself, the Great Library, oh, and the gardens.
Feliks: certainly, and Jerath?
Jerath: Mind if I go visit an old friend? I'll rejoin you tonight
Feliks: very well
Kazi: ok
Kyrax: ((Not my fault the best information you can find on darker subject matters is written in darker languages.))
Feliks: To the Halls of Magic!
Kazi: Adventure!
Feliks: i hope not
Kazi: well, it's fun to say
Feliks: we need to get back to Shieldmeet.
* Kyrax already knows exactly where he's going. ((One guess. Ya'll know already I'm sure.))
Feliks: then we can adventure
Feliks: The Stables?
Kazi: true, my love
Kyrax: ((Only if there are cute and accepting mares there....))
GM: The Hall of Magic is more tower than hall.
* Kazi holds her husband's hand as they stroll through the streets, whispering quietly to him
GM: There is a shop attached to it, and some signs in common there.
* Kyrax is, of course, going to the library, to research nothing and everything, more or less.
Feliks: (( we can have told you our mission on the trip, if you want to research anything in particular about it. THe ARtifacts! OOooooh! ))
Kazi: (( doooom! glooooom! ))
Kyrax: ((Could have, but did you?))
Feliks: (( yeah. ))
Kazi: (( kazi has all the notes, she might have shown you some of them ))
Feliks: (( and if you didn't seem to like us after it, we'd toss you overboard. ))
Kyrax: ((Like to see you try. ;) ))
GM: ((centaurs make great anchors))
Feliks: (( with great effort ))
Kyrax: ((if I was told about the mission, and shown the notes on the artifact, that's an entirely different matter.))
Feliks: (( full disclosure ))
Kazi: (( it depends on if you piss Kazi off or not ))
Kyrax: ((Most notably, I can read the texts you have on it. Otherwise. DM, what kninda knowledge would be needed for the information on it?))
Flint: (checking in: Flint asks about purchasing thistledown while in the Elf lands)
Kyrax: ((Arcana, Religion.. One of each?))
Flint: (how much does it go for, can you send to shieldmeet, etc.)
Kazi: (( Kazi may not let you see those ))
Kazi: (( her notes, maybe, the books, probably not ))
GM: ((you'll be able to find it. 10 gold a yard))
Feliks: (( oh c'mon. give him the info ))
Kazi: (( hey! he can look at the notes, our caravan died for those books ))
Kyrax: ((What is contained in the notes?))
* Flint pays for 20 square yards of material, and asks it to be sent to Shieldmeet, in his name
* Flint will take it directly, if it's easier that way
Kazi: (( notes on the stone, as on DM's blog, translation from book, as on forum, that's all she'll let you see ))
GM: ((it is, much))
Flint: (ok, noted)
Kazi: (( the rest is her journal and she ain't sharing that ))
Feliks: so, does the shop have a price list?
Feliks: Specials of the Day?
GM: Looks a lot like the price list in the DMG
Paul: ((Was up early, and I'm crashing. Gonna head to bed.
Paul: ))
Feliks: Is Stone to Flesh in stock?
GM: yes, it is.
GM: ((okay))
Feliks: I'll take one.
GM: ((goodnight))
Paul has disconnected.
GM: ((bookprice))
Feliks: will note.
Feliks: Study this, Kazi. Can you cast it? Or anyone else we know on the Island?
Kyrax: (("Behold a Red Moon" is the translation you're talking about?))
* Kazi will take a look
Kazi: (( yes ))
Kazi: (( to the Red Moon ))
* Kazi looks at the scroll
Kazi: I think either I, or Prawujeck, or the two of us could cast this, yes
GM: Anything else you needed to buy here?
Feliks: not at the hall of magic
Feliks: i think i'm all good.
GM: Where too next?
Feliks: Shieldmeet?
Feliks: or the Gardens
Feliks: meet up with Jerath
Feliks: be tourists
Feliks: and head home
* Kazi likes to spend non getting killed time with Feliks
GM: The elvish gardens are amazing, they are attempting to have plants from all over the world
Feliks: Don't they know about invasive species?
Kazi: Ash would love this
Kazi: Too bad she went off in a huff
GM: The areas are divided by region, and carefully cultivated. There is obviously some magic used here.
* Kazi tries to memorize stuff so she can describe it to Ash
GM: There are also sculptures pertaining to the regions. The Falkor region has a runestone, the Sclavini region has a model of a fey ring, the Righnach region has standing stones, the Tatsuo region has a meditation circle...
GM: There is probably about a square mile of garden
Kazi: Ooh, a Fey Ring, Feliks!
GM: Several elves will be tending the garden, and are happy to answer questions for you.
GM: They are quite cordial.
GM: one will even encourage Kazi to pick some of the flowers to enjoy.
Kyrax: ((One one of the flowers, is a note. "I prepared Explosive Runes today."))
QuickBlades: Hey I have to go to bed.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( early to work, and it's almost midnight... ))
Joseph: ((and here i was about to talk to you, lol))
GM: ((getting close to done-ish))
Kyrax: ((I know how that goes! 'night mate.))
Eric: I've had a long day, too
GM: ((I'm having storms, so may loose power))
GM: ((I'm going to finish up with the other group, then call it a night))
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( have a good week everybody ))
Kazi: (( you too, Dan! ))
Eric: (( you too! ))
Kyrax: ((I will be writing down any useful information I am able to obtain. I'll post what he'd tell them on the forums once I have it all recorded.))
Kyrax: ((But, seeing as Kyrax is hole up in the library all day researching and such, and the DM is working with the other group, I'mma wander off now.))
Kazi: (( if Feliks berates Kazi, she will grumblingly give the books over to Kyrax, because she loves Feliks *that* much ))
Kazi: (( but this will be on the ship later ))
Kyrax: ((Well, he will exrpress that he could use more information, when they meet up again.)
Kyrax: ((Along with giving them what he knows.))
Kyrax: ((The book-related stuff can come next session..))
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Eric: (( all right, I'm off. later! ))
Eric has disconnected.
GM: later
Kazi: (( bye dear ))
GM: ((we will probably pick up next session with everyone back on the boat ))
GM: This is about the only place in the world you'll be able to buy any item in the magic item compendium.
Kyrax: ((I has no money so I can't buy anything.))
* Kazi is saving up for her cottage in sM
Kazi: SM*
GM: Gonna have to call a night. Storm is right on top of us and I want to shut off the computers
GM: Night all
Kyrax: 'night GM!
GM has disconnected.
Kazi: night
Flint: I'm going to shut down the server as well.
Flint: Last chance before I boot!
Joseph has disconnected.
Kazi: ok
Kazi: boot me!
Kazi: lol
Kyrax: aaaaahhhhh *explode*
Yverthel has disconnected.
Kazi: it's *asplode*
Kazi: sheesh
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