Eric has connected.
Feliks: So, is there a game tonight?
Feliks: and just later than usual?
Feliks: ah, I see 6pm Pacific on the wiki
Feliks: cool
* Feliks is oblivious
Tanya has connected.
Maggi has connected.
Chris: I'm back ... had a bit of a traffic snafu here
Maggi: eh?
Feliks: traffic sanfu? not fun
Feliks: snafu
Chris: I think it's time for Flint to start coming up with nicknames for the other PCs
Maggi: Uh?
Chris: Ashling = Sunflower, for example
Feliks: code names?
Chris: sure.
Ashling: secret names?
Kazi: And what, praytell, for Kazi? His favoritest favorite?
Kazi: Boom boom assistant, extraordinaire?
Kazi: That's kinda long though
Chris: definitely "Sonic Boom"
* Kazi purses lips
Chris: for her vocal qualities
* Kazi grins
Kazi: Excellent
Feliks: Thunderella?
* Kazi glares
Feliks: Blasterella
Ashling: a gnome has discovered sonic booms?
Chris: QB is "Short Stuff"
Feliks: Gnomes have discovered everything
Feliks: they just haven't categorized it all, yet
Chris: Flint's great-uncle was the first to break the sound barrier
Chris: he died in the process
Kazi: Flint is a great, great man
Ashling: please tell us how he managed it
Feliks: magnets?
Chris: it involves black pepper, a heavy crossbow the size of a dragon, and a whole lotta elbow grease
Chris: and a can-do attitude
* Kazi looks dubious
GM has connected.
Kazi: I think I'll stick to the Assistant Boom Boom, if you will
Feliks: Thunderella!
Kazi: Yes, dear
Ashling: I think Feliks has already chosen
Feliks: Thunderette?
Kazi: It's not the same as if Flint does though
* Kazi pouts
Ashling: oh, it must be bestowed by Flint
Chris: they're for our coded messages, like "Sunflower and Short Stuff take flank, I'll take Brushfire to the other side and hit from there"
Feliks: Thunderina! then you could be a nemesis of Wonderella
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: Brushfire
Feliks: sounds like a Transformer!
Feliks: one of those planes that dumps water on forest fires
GM: Let's see, when last we left our beloved heroes, they were standing above the eerie trap door, about to fall into the lair of the dragon unless they managed to answer the puzzle. A mountain goat attempts to scale a cliff sixty feet high. Every minute, the goat bounds upward three feet but slips back two. How long does it take for the goat to reach the top?
Feliks: It doesn't. I shoot it.
GM: Technically correct, but the god of riddles has no sense of humor. Feliks is eaten by a grue.
Kazi: That's not nice
* Kazi pouts
GM: Neither is shooting the poor little goat
Feliks: (( I'll have to leave in a couple hours for a lizard transfer. probably around 8pm Pacific ))
GM: okay
Kazi: sounds serious
GM: was getting towards evening, and Desya had informed you all he was leaving one hour after sunset.
Feliks: back to the ship, then
Kazi: after ordering our stuff and stuff
GM: Desya will be arguing with an elvish merchant over the quality of goods he is taking on, but in a good-natured kind of way
Chris: (( isn't that treason in the elf world? ))
* Flint clambers onto the ship with reams of cloth in tow
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): Hey all
Flint: ((hi!))
Feliks: (( yo ))
GM: ((not really. Just in the dwarf world))
Kazi: (( hola ))
* Flint tugging at a load of new goods, mumbling "yeah, first thing I'm doing when this damn airship is done is designing that power suit..."
Kazi: Will it be Kazi sized, Flint???
Kazi: or is that another special order?
Flint: Um, if you tuck your knees in reaaaaal, tight, Honeypot.
* Kazi looks bright-eyed at the prospect
Kazi: oooh
Kazi: Well, you know... if you need assistance....
* Kazi gives Flint a hopeful look
Flint: If you're as good with a hydrospanner as you are with those wicks for the cannons, yeah, you've got potential, kid...
GM: Desya starts directing his men to load the cargo, grumbling about it being fragile and threatening all sorts of dire and anatomically impossible consequences if they break anything
* Kazi flutters her eyelashes prettily
Flint: Wow, that Desya is funny! That isn't even anatomically possible!
* Kazi cocks her head
Kazi: Hmmmm
Kazi: doesn't seem to be, no!
GM: Desya comments, 'hey, ain't that your friend...whose that with him?'
GM: Jerath is coming down the dock, followed by Ashling and Quickblades
* Kazi squints
Flint: hey! what the?
Kazi: Oooh!
Kazi: It's Ash and QB!!!
Feliks: It's an illusion!
* Flint waves from up on the ship
Kazi: How the heck did they get here???
Flint: Maybe another boat?
Kazi: That was quick!
* Jerath climbs on the boat, 'you'll never guess what we found!'
Feliks: i thought they were taking the safe and slow route.
Kazi: Hello Sir Jerath!
Kazi: And what do you know!
Flint: I bet they went straight through the earth ... I heard somewhere goliaths could do that.
QuickBlades: We did take the safe and slow route
Kazi: What the heck are you two doing here???
Jerath: What the interesting news, the sad news, the strange news, or the good news?
* Kazi looks at Ash and QB in amazement
Ashling: Jerath, where is the captain?
* Jerath points to Desya
QuickBlades: I'll let Ash clear this one up...
Flint: Jerath, I want all 4!
* Ashling goes over to speak to Deysa.
Kazi: Yeah, and hello to you too!
* Kazi rolls her eyes
Kazi: So, QB
Kazi: What's shaking?
QuickBlades: Um...
QuickBlades: Not the ground?
Jerath: Okay....interesting news. Resia is buried in the Hall of the Dragon.
Kazi: Wow!
* Kazi touches the pendant around her neck
Jerath: Sad news - One of the Council Lords of Shieldmeet died.
Feliks: who?
Kazi: Which one???
Jerath: The Itotian lord
Kazi: Oh
* Kazi frowns
Jerath: Interesting news - The guy who replaced him is called Lalinlor. Isn't that you friend?
Kazi: Hmmmm
QuickBlades: Really?
Kazi: Well, friend is a sort of loose term
Kazi: Interesting indeed
QuickBlades: That guy seemed a bit blunt to have elevated through the political world that quickly.
* Kazi gives Feliks a look
* Feliks does a handstand.
Flint: Lalinlor .... a lord? huh.
QuickBlades: I'm willing to bet that there was a string of recent deaths... and the Itotian Lord was just the last of them...
* Kazi smiles
QuickBlades: Not to say that he isn't capable.
Jerath: And the good news - my father is one his way to Tatsuo so he won't be in Shieldmeet when we get tehre.
Kazi: Oh delightful!
QuickBlades: Hmmm. What business does he have in Tatsuo?
* Kazi looks relieved
Jerath: Something with the Marshalls
* Kazi shoots Feliks another glance
* QuickBlades frowns slightly
Jerath: The friend I spoke too didn't have details
Jerath: Oh, and I ran into Ashling and Quickblades. Llyssa said something about getting Vin's stuff, she and I think he was...said they'll meet us in Shieldmeet later
* Kazi in a dry voice
Kazi: Splendid
* Ashling goes up to Quickblades, "I've arranged our passge."
Desya: You lot ready to go, or is the rest of the circus coming? I ain't got no room for elephants.
* Ashling goes about loading her horse on board.
Feliks: Is the centaur back?
Kazi: Flint, are you planning to spend all your time in those precarious heights?
* Kazi eyes the crow's nest warily
Flint: Oh, it's lovely up there! But no, I have a cannon belowdecks to fix....
Kazi: I am quite serious about discussing my apprenticeship
GM: ((assume the centaur is aboard))
* Kazi grins widely
Kazi: Ooh, neat! Perhaps I can assist???
Flint: Ok, ok! Sheesh! Roll up your sleeves, we're gonna get a little dirty! Gotta clean the whole thing out.
* Kazi dances
Flint: And you need to learn how to use tools.\
* Kazi frowns
Kazi: I am supposing you will be teaching me this?
Flint: Real tools, not like those Dwarven clubs...
Flint: Yes
QuickBlades: I suppose we are starting to look a bit like a circus...
Desya: If that blasted gnome puts a hole in my ship I'm tying the cannon to his ankles and tossing it overboard
* Kazi narrows her eyes, which glow faintly purple
* Desya yells in a booming voice 'SET SAIL'
Kazi: You will do no such thing
Flint: Any holes I put in your ship, sir, will be to increase speed throughput
Paul has connected.
QuickBlades: If he blasts a hole in your ship, then it will be as if we all were tied to the cannon and thrown overboard...
Desya: Bloody hell, a comedy trope.
Flint: Boats will be obsolete soon, anyhow...
* Desya attends to the setting sail
QuickBlades: A comedic circus, I belive is what you meant.
Kazi: We aren't anywhere near the size to be a carnival, dear sir
Kazi: proper, anyway
Desya: Rudolph owes me big for this one.
* Kazi smiles sweetly
* Desya continues grumbling as he works
* Flint pulls out a spare apron and tells Kazi to put it on
GM: The Elvish city is lovely, even at night, for the lights on the taller buildings are positioned so as to resemble stars
* Kazi dons the apron
* Flint hands Kazi a handful of obscure artisan's tools
* Kazi ties her hair back and rolls up her sleeves
* Feliks stays away from the work
Paul: (hello)
Kazi: (( you will note quite a few tatoos up her arms and on the backs of her hands ))
* Kazi will accept the tools solemnly
* Kazi will give Feliks a kiss on the cheek
* Flint then goes about fixing the cannon, asking for tools from Kazi, pointing out things to Kazi as he goes
Kazi: Wish me luck, love!
* Kazi listens intently as she hands Flint tools
Flint: Craft (Engineering): « 1d20+13+mod ⇒ 7 + 13 + 0 = 20 »
Flint: (I don't know what that gets me, I guess some positive progress)
GM: By the time the ship reaches Shieldmeet (it will be around midnight when it enters port) the cannon will be approaching a state of near full repair
GM: (afk 5 min)
Flint: Ok Boss. (to Desya) The action's still a little rusty, and it might jam if you try to fire too quickly, but this'll last you a while longer.
Ashling: (( woah, short trip ))
Paul: ((yay for the red line of travel))
Feliks: (( I'm guessing it was more than 1 day to get there ))
GM: ((about a week))
Ashling: (( ah ))
* Ashling when not asleep is either caring for Trista, writing, reading or talking with QB.
* Desya thanks Flint. Sees everyone else off his ship with mild grumbling and minimal fanfare. It's fairly obvious he is trying to avoid to much notice
* Feliks relaxes on the shuffleboard deck, drinking digustingly fruity alcoholic beverages, and getting a tan/burn
* Kazi will thank Deysa
GM: There are a few patrols, but nobody seems to take too much notice. Desya puts into port in the Seafolk district
* Kazi will spend her time assisting Flint, and when not doing that spending a brief moment or two with Feliks
Feliks: To Aben's?
* Kazi shrugs
Paul: That would seem to be logical.
Flint: Home sweet home! In a relative sense...
* Ashling thanks the captain and heads towards Aben's.
Flint: I think it would be good to check in, yes.
* Kazi rolls her eyes
GM: There are black flags flying on some of the official buildings, signifying grief for the dead council lord
Kazi: So Flint, should I hold onto this apron, or should I see about getting my own gear?
* Kazi grins
Flint: If you're serious about an apprenticeship, we should look into a proper artisan's outfit and tools for you.
Flint: And of course, goggles.
* Kazi nods
Flint: Come by Novobitupur's with me and we can look into it
Flint: after Aben's of course
Kazi: Sounds like a plan, my dear!
Kazi: Wow, the City is quite solemn
Feliks: My legs are all wobbly
Kazi: you can lean on me dear
Feliks: it's kinda cool
Flint: (I have to leave for an hour or so ... kind of unexpected schiz came up)
Flint: (sorry)
Kazi: (( uh oh ))
Feliks: (( hope all is all right! ))
GM: (shall we call a halt and pick up next week?)
Flint: (it's nothing bad )
Kazi: (( could do, I am sort of tired ))
Flint: (i can leave the server up for you all)
GM: (or is everyone cool to go on?)
Feliks: (( i'm cool for an hour or so ))
Ashling: (( I can play longer ))
Flint: (and i will be back in an hour or so, yes)
QuickBlades: (( ))
Kazi: (( I can keep on, too ))
QuickBlades: (( whichever way you like. ))
GM: ((we'll keep on))
Feliks: (( Onwards! ))
Paul: A shorter night tonight would be appreciated, but I'm good to continue for now.
GM: It takes about half an hour to get to Aben's place. You are stopped by a patrol on the way in, but only given a cursory look before being politely told to go ahead.
QuickBlades: (( I would like to wrap up in about an hour. I need to get to bed around that time... ))
GM: ((okay))
GM: ((so as soon as Chris gets back, the rest of us will all log off ))
Yverthel has connected.
Yverthel: ((I keel yoo alll!))
GM: There are two guards on the gate into Aben's place.
Paul: ((For those of us who joined the group outside of town, what does Aben's place look like?))
GM: Big manor, surrounded by a fairly sizable chunk of land
Feliks: (( bigwalled estate ))
Feliks: (( big grounds ))
Feliks: (( haunted ))
Byrun: Sorry folks, we are closed
Ashling: Aben is expecting us.
Feliks: Hey, we've been away for a while, but some of us live here.
Feliks: or own here
Abbi: Aben's been asleep for a while. He hasn't mentioned expecting guests tonight
Feliks: unless he bought me out while I was away
Byrun: Your names?
Feliks: Feliks
Ashling: Ashling MacRaith
Feliks: Feliks Havel
Paul: Paul Wennet
Kazi: Kazi Havel
Maksim: WOOOHOOO! you guys are back!
Kazi: MAKS!!!!!
* Maksim comes running up to the gate
Maksim: Let um in. That's Feliks, he owns half the place!
* Byrun shrugs and opens the gate
Feliks: I own half the tavern
Byrun: 'can't be too sure these days
Feliks: it's only a tiny portion of the place, really
Abbi: Aben never mentioned a centaur
Feliks: No worries.
Maksim: um...yeah, the centaur is sort of new
* Maksim stares at the centaur
Feliks: he's smart
Maksim: Come on, wait until we show you what we've done with the place!
* Kyrax is thusly stared at. "Well, atleast I pretend to be smart."
* Maksim starts running up the path, gesturing for you to follow.
* Kazi gives Maksim a big hug
Kazi: (( before the dolt runs off ))
Ashling: (( did you guys bring back the horses/ponies/riding dogs you left with? ))
Kyrax: ((Sorry for the delay folks. I was eatin' dinnars.))
* Abbi is a husky half orc female, dressed in armor and looking more than capable of blenderizing someone with the two-bladed sword she carries
Feliks: Do centaurs have 2 hearts?
* Kyrax smirks "Three. Let you guess what the third one is for."
* Byrun is a human man, around Kae's age, armed with a longsword and a shortbow. He is plain faced, the sort who blends in easily
Kazi: Where's your father, Maks?
Feliks: Do you have 2 brains?
Kyrax: ((That's actually a very good question. I would assume they do. But I suppose the DM has the final say.))
Kyrax: Doesn't every man?
Feliks: like, a tiny one in your butt to keep the horsy parts going?
* Maksim tosses a rock at the window of the rooms above the barn and shouts 'Dad! There is some woman at the gate who wants to talk to you about this baby she's carrying!'
* Kazi giggles
Kae: Wha?
* Ashling takes the horses and starts putting them away.
Feliks: Wait? What? Already?
* Kae sees you all and almost falls out of the window
Kazi: Shush, Feliks, it's all your fault anyway!
Kae: 'Maksim, go wake Aben.
Kae: And don't care my like that, you cheeky bastard
* Kae comes down and helps Ashling put horses away
* Kazi waves happily at Kae
* QuickBlades helps Ash with the horses
Kae: Go inside everyone (to Ashling) I'll take care of this, you go inside, there should still be food warm-ish
Ashling: Thank you.
* Ashling heads to the house.
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Dan (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): Hey Chris
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I think you kicked everybody when you rejoined...
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GM has connected.
Tanya has connected.
GM: The tavern has been redecorated in a hodgepodge of styles. There are Righnach wall hangings, Sclavini tapestries, Basiran rugs, Amareth paintings, and knick-knacks from all over
GM: Just about every table and chairs set is done in a different style, with no attempts made to blend anything in. And strangely, it manages to look good
Maggi has connected.
Maggi: hello?
GM: hello
Eric has connected.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): howdy
Eric: yo?
* Ashling goes to examine one of the Righnach hangings.
The tavern has been redecorated in a hodgepodge of styles. There are Righnach wall hangings, Sclavini tapestries, Basiran rugs, Amareth paintings, and knick-knacks from all over
Just about every table and chairs set is done in a different style, with no attempts made to blend anything in. And strangely, it manages to look good
Eric: (( so how long were we away? ))
GM: (three months-ish)
* Kazi murmurs something to Feliks
Eric: (( cool. our apartment is still paid for, then ))
Kazi: (( yay ))
* Kyrax idly looks over the decorations, seeing if anything is extremely interesting.
* Aben stumbles out of his room, still trying to fasten his pants.
Aben: Oh, you are all here! And you made it back safely
Ashling: Aben, you look well.
Kazi: Aben!
QuickBlades: We have even expanded a bit...
* Kazi runs up and gives him a hug and a kiss on each cheek
* Aben hugs Kazi back
* Eric looks for food
* Feliks looks for food
Aben:'ve brought friends. Hello (to Jerath and Kyraz)
* Jerath bows
* Kazi introduces the two new folks
* Kae enters and closes the door behind him, locking it
* Kyrax nods politely "Greetings."
Kazi: May I present to you Sir Jerath, Knight of Samad, and honored scholar Kyrax
Kae: Knight of Samad, eh?
* Kazi says a bunch of stuff quickly and quietly in Sclavini to Aben, and grins
Aben: Welcome, both of you
Ashling: (( some of us speak Scalvini now ))
Ashling: (( or even Sclavini* ))
Kazi: (( she is saying it quietly ))
Kazi: YES!!!
Aben: Oh, congratulations!
* Kazi smiles
Kyrax: ((I make super listen check 1d20-5 >> =-6 ))
* Maksim sighs dramatically. 'I guess that means I don't get to call Kazi 'mom'
Kae: Excuse me all, I have to go drown my son.
* Kazi laughs merrily
Aben: Later
Aben: you all need rest, or shall we discuss what you've learned?
* Kazi squeezes Aben's arm and says, more to discuss later, in private, my dear, and winks
* Ashling pulls out a packet os parchment and hands it to Aben.
* Aben makes it obvious he's hoping for the latter
* Aben accepts
* Kazi then scoots across the room to join Feliks
* Kae starts bringing out some food
Ashling: You can read it at your leaisure and then we can discuss it. It's my report.
* Kae pokes Maksim and tells him to pour beverages
Aben: I see. Well, have a seat then, my dear. Eat.
Aben: so.... okay...let's start did you get a centaur, move on to how did you get a knight, and then how did you Sclavini this time of year?
Kazi: We got the knight first, Aben dear
Feliks: Peaceis breaking out in Sclavini, The Knight is a part of that, and the centaur followed us home.
Aben: okay,
Kazi: Oh, and Andrzej and Amareth are no longer at war
Aben: peace? How?
Kyrax: Yes, I followed Feliks home and he said to Kazi "Can I keep it?"
Kazi: Well, Feliks and I managed to finagle some sort of treaty by way of my Father
* Kazi grins
Kazi: Oh, Kyrax, you are so delightful!
Feliks: I'm guessing it's a few Amarethi higher-ups who started the whole thing, and now they're facing Elven problems?
Kyrax: I do try. Sometimes, at least.
Jerath: The Elves leaned on Amareth, the war in Sclavini was pointless, and needed to end
* Aben starts taking notes
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Yverthel: ((.. two.))
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Eric has connected.
Kazi: (as I was saying) I think those in Bohdan might be seeing a change of regimes soon, from the way things were looking when we left
Aben: marvelous...I think...yes.
Aben: okay...and that is how you got the knight, because of the treaty?
Kazi: Well, we met him prior to the treaty
Kazi: on our way to Agrilop
Eric: (( can we just say we tell him everything? ))
Aben: (yes)
Kazi: he was protecting some children he rescued from a rather unfortunate incident involving a dam that the Amarethi blew above a village...
Eric: (( we tell him everything ))
Kazi: (( make it so, number one ))
Feliks: so yeah, here we are
* Kazi smiles brightly
Aben: Well...there is news here. You all remember Lalinlor?
Feliks: I'm hoping with some rest, Kazi can use the scroll and we'll see what Statuette can add to our knowledge
Feliks: sadly, yes
Aben: oh, delightful
Aben: Well, Lalinlor is now the council lord for Itotia
* Kazi growls softly in the back of her throat
Aben: He arrived the day AFTER the council lord took sick and died
Kazi: Well, how unfortunate that his great healing skills were not available to assist
Feliks: How are Jinan and Rayner?
Kazi: Yes, how are they?
* Feliks does a handstand.
Aben: Oh, yes, we should wake them
Feliks: we can talk tomorrow
Feliks: I just didn't see them.
Jinan: to late
Kazi: Oh Jinan!
Aben: Other things you should know, there have been... four attempts...
Kazi: So I suppose you'll be disappointed to hear we shall no longer have to be mortal enemies!
Jinan: five
Rayner: six, actually
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Kazi: Six?
* Kazi raises her eyebrow
Feliks: attempts to?
Jinan: crap. I guess I'm going to have to settle for embarassing your husband
Aben: break in here
Feliks: eat a whole pig?
Feliks: oh
Rayner: Four survived their attempts
Jinan: Abbi brained one, an our er...friend, got the other one.
* Jinan points upstairs
Aben: Ah, yes. Frithik was most annoyed when he found the body.
* Kazi makes a silent ooooh
Aben: Apparently, it is impossible to clean blood out of oak and he had to replace some flooring
Aben: We asked her nicely to aim for the rug next time
Rayner: That's when she dumped the bucket of soapy water on Aben
Kazi: She's got spunk! I like her!
Jinan: The tavern is doing well. I suppose you'll be wanting your share of the profits
Aben: well...a lot to go over tonight.
Feliks: oh, keep cycling them into improvements for now
Aben: Some things...yes, a lot to think on
* Feliks yawns
Feliks: Are our rooms still available?
* Tanya goes over to Rayner, speaks to him a language you haven't heard her use before.
Kazi: (( who is Tanya? ))
Ashling: (( er, Ashling does... ))
Kyrax: ((I must ask, what language it is.))
Feliks: (( the language…of loooove? ))
Aben: yes. Lilja kept them clean, otherwise they are exactly how you left them
Kazi: (( then ours would be messy, no doubt ))
Feliks: Hmm. So clean, or not clean, as we left them?
Ashling: (( Isibael ))
Aben: Well, other than...well, Feliks, she says your taste in vodka is horrible and she took the liberty of replacing them with something that 'won't peel the rust off swords'
Feliks: But that's what I used them for
* Kyrax would understand it, not that he bothers eaves dropping if it's too low for him to comfortably pick up.
Feliks: that and they burn well in my act
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: And he uses them to distract people from his good stuff
Aben: Well, you may be out of luck. I think Frithrik used them to clean out the other firepit
* Jinan yawns
Feliks: cheap vodka is cheap. I'll get more
Feliks: goodnight all. a real bed is calling my name.
Aben: Bed. Everyone. Um....I'm sure we can find something comfortable for Kyrax. Jerath, there are plenty of rooms available.
* Kazi trails after Feliks
Kyrax: Interestingly enough, if you filter cheap vodka well, it becomes nearly indistinguishable from higher grade..
Kazi: Goodnight darlings!
Kae: Kyrax, what do you need, I'm sure we can find it
Kyrax: I'll be fine outside. It's what I prefer.
Kazi: Flint, I wil find you at your shop on the morrow?
Kazi: will*
Kae: Don't step in Lilja's gardens, and you'll be fine. There is a copse of trees in the southwest that will give you some privacy
GM: Everyone can get to their beds safely, and that's a good enough spot to leave it here for tonight I suppose. IM me if your character wants to do anything specific, otherwise, we can pick up next week on the assumption that everyone comes to the tavern for dinner the next day
Feliks: Use the scroll ASAP?
Kyrax: ((.. Short session. :( ))
GM: (lots of people need sleep, including the GM with the flu))
Kyrax: ((Understandable.))
GM: (I'm off tomorrow, so I'll be online for side-thingies)
GM: Scroll 'tomorrow' or 'tonight'?
Kazi: tomorrow
GM: okay
Kazi: his wife is tired
Kazi: and she may need assistance
GM: night then, like I said, IM me with any special plans your character has for the next day
GM: or even still tonight, if they don't want to sleep
Kyrax: Ayep.
Kyrax: peace all.
Kazi: night!
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GM: And...I'm out
GM has disconnected.
Ashling: bye...
Tanya has disconnected.
Feliks: bye!
Kazi: bye
Eric has disconnected.
* Flint returns, with a whiff of sulfur following
Flint: (huh? we're done?)
Maggi has disconnected.