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DM: So we will pick up again the next day, around noon-ish, as I figure that is when folks will be waking up.
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Kazi: (( one sec ))
Ashling: (( here at last... ))
Chris: (i'm back)
Kazi: (( hola ))
Kyrax: ((Bedededeee..))
Flint: (plz hold while I load Jocelyn's campaign file...)
Kazi: Aww, where be my beloved Feliks?
DM: Probably arguing with Jinan about the tavern
DM: Eric said he couldn't make it
Kazi: he should be on here at least for casting sake
Ashling: That's what you get for teaming up with a Frenchman
DM: and QB will be a bit late
Kazi: I know he isn't going to be here
DM: dammit, wrong file
DM: lol
Chris: I have "Sewer Adventure Backup"?
DM: try that one
DM: blah
Chris: this doesn't look right either
DM: I thought I'd named it Shieldmeet. Gimme a sec
DM: hang on a sec
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Kazi: I am in a world of darkness
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Kazi: (( ACK ))
Kazi: Hi Aben
DM: Breakfast/Lunch will be served to everyone, a spicy Basiran dish
Aben: Good...what time is it...morning? Afternoon? Ah well, hello.
* Kazi yawns
Kazi: Good whatever time of day
* Flint stumbles in to the house, dress in his shop gear
Flint: 'morning
Kazi: Flint!!!!
* Rayner steps into the room, glances around, and steps back out
* Kazi traipses over
Flint: (--- sleeps in his bunk at Novobitupur's)
Kae: Kazi, your husband went with Jinan to discuss the tavern. They'll either be back in an hour or we'll have to bail them out of jail.
Kazi: So where might I procure all this *stuff* that I need for my helping out with the boom boomology?
* Kazi grins at Kae
Kazi: Oh, ok
Kazi: I am sure they'll be fine
Flint: I'll have to take you shopping, Kazi
Kazi: Oooh, ok, Flint!
Kazi: I'll have to get some money from Feliks at some point, I am sure
Kazi: Depending on how much this sort of outfiture costs!
Kazi: I am sure he wouldn't begrudge me it though
* Kazi scowls a bit
Aben: Lilja usually holds on to the tavern earnings at the end of the day, speak with her.
Flint: it's not much. I think we could get you a full getup for maybe 100 gold.
Kazi: oh, excellent, that shouldn't be too big a problem, I could earn that in a week or two
Kazi: I've got some fabulous ideas on this whip routine
Kazi: should bring in quite a crowd
* Kazi grins
Kae: Maksim volunteers to help
Maksim: Do not.
Kazi: Excellent!!!
Kae: Shush you.
* Maksim grumbles
Kazi: I've been practicing, Maks
Flint: So, Aben, how're things here?
Kazi: I hardly even hit Feliks anymore, unless he's asking for it
* Kazi winks
Aben: Calm enough.
Flint: I heard about Lalinlor. Any other weird activity we should know about?
Kazi: Yes, what about these six attempts on the place?
Aben: There were also some murders in the city that may be tied to your cult
Flint: Like, within city limits?
Aben: yes
Flint: Hmm.
Flint: Anyone we know?
Aben: No. Seems to be random
* Kazi unwraps a candy and pops it in her mouth and chews thoughtfully
* Kazi offers one to Flint
* Flint eagerly accepts one
Flint: yum!
* Kazi offers one to Aben
Flint: Well, how recent are the murders?
Aben: One was a month ago, the other two weeks ago
Kazi: Same sort as we encountered on our expedition?
Aben: Yes. There may have been others, but the reports were not clear enough to be certain.
Kazi: Hmm
Kae: Nasty work.
Kazi: right here in the City?
Kazi: Pretty bold
Flint: I'm still waiting on some parts to come in before I can start on the dirigible's main hull ... I'd be up for a little walk about town, ify ou catch my meaning...
Kae: Surely you noticed the increased guard presence?
* Kazi offers Kae some sweets, and anyone who would like some
Flint: I take it the culprits are still at large?
Kazi: Yeah, they did ask after us, hadn't noticed such an interest before we left
Aben: Some have been arrested, but I doubt their actual guilt.
Aben: And there have been no signs of Dima and his friends.
Kazi: Yes, I had heard tell of such
* Kazi winks
Kyrax: ((*pokes the DM* I could use an answer to my question.. It kinda determines what I'm doing right now..))
DM: ((sorry, missed the IM))
Kyrax: (('s all good, and that's what I figured.))
Flint: Maybe we have something to offer the town guard. We've seen their activities before, maybe we could help them root them out?
* Kazi nods
Kazi: And there had been some mention of a possible connection between certain traitorous bitches and the cult
Kae: I'd step careful there. Those that know things about murders like this tend to be considered 'suspects'
Kazi: so we could look into that too
* Jerath enters
Kazi: Sir Jerath!
* Kazi waves
* Ashling gets some food, cajoles Rayner into eating.
* Jerath smiles and nods
* Rayner eats
Aben: So, anything else anyone would like to add to last night's report?
Flint: I'm sure Ashling covered everything
* Aben nods
Kazi: We should chat, Aben dear
Kazi: but we can do so later
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* Kazi smiles
Aben: Indeed.
Ashling: I need to speak to you again Aben, about something different, when you are free.
Aben: other thing I forgot to mention. Gervasi will have more details, but there was a man here, obviously Tatsuo, asking about someone that matches the description of Quickblades. Naturally, we knew nothing of any such man.
Kazi: Yes, I had heard that there had been some inquiries being made about Quickblades
Kazi: I tried to alert certain people, but...
* Kazi shrugs
* Ashling raises an eyebrow.
Kazi: (( everyone is invisible? ))
DM: ((dammit, who has the light?))
Kazi: (( ah, there we go ))
Chris: We should probably investigate the murders... but I wouldn't know where to start...
Flint: (Flint says)
Kazi: I've a few ideas, Flint, but I'd need to speak to a few people here in town first
Flint: (who is Gervasi?)
Kazi: (( one of the kids that works in the tavern ))
DM: (a waiter)
Kazi: (( or not? ))
DM: ((he is))
Kazi: (( ok, my recollection is not totally bad ))
Aben: Well, town is in a bit of shambles right now. Though it seems Lalinlor is doing well as council lord. The Healer's Guild is supporting him fully.
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* Kazi tries to keep her face neutral
Kazi: (( am I frozed? ))
Aben: Still, there is always chaos in any governmental change
Ashling: Aben, what do you know of Lord Adamo?
Aben: He is...well, a bit of a pompous ass.
* Kazi 's face squishes up
Aben: Seems to consider Shieldmeet almost an exile
Kazi: (( in distaste ))
Ashling: Then he is not exactly pleased to be here?
Aben: Has a mind to return to Amareth in glory, is apparently somehow in line for the throne of Worden, though rather far down the line
Aben: He dislikes non-Amareth
Aben: Especially non-humans
Ashling: Even elves?
Aben: I do not know. He knows better than to risk offending them
Aben: He has a particular hatred for goblins
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Aben: And, perhaps strangely, the Seafolk
Ashling: Bad experiences, perhaps....
Kazi: Or he's just an unmitigated ass
Kae: Combination of both, I think
* Ashling glances at Rayner.
* Rayner nods to Ashling and mumbles something in Isibael
Jerath: Adamo angered the king, some time ago.
Ashling: Oh? How so?
Jerath: The official story is that the king bestowed an honor on Adamo by sending him to Shieldmeet, which Adamo accepted gracefully. I do not know the unofficial story, it was a bit before my time, but I think it had something to do with a woman they both fancied
Kazi: Given his overall winning personality, you would think it wouldn't be that hard for him to anger someone, either
Rayner: Adamo tried to use the King's mistress to aid him in staging a coup against the king. It failed, but Adamo had sufficient power and friends that the King could not simply have him arrested and killed. So he sent him away. An honor he could not refuse, and a way to remove him from the Amareth political scene.
Kae: And you know this, how?
Rayner: I pay attention.
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
* QuickBlades walks in.
Jerath: Adamo is a friend of Hiram's.
Kazi: Yes, boon companions, they
Aben: Ah, Quickblades, a matter that concerns you. A man from Tatsuo was looking for you. Gervasi has details.
Flint: I bet he needed some rocks moved.
QuickBlades: I would bet against you Flint.
QuickBlades: Which Shogun was he from?
Aben: I haven't a clue
Aben: He was quite rude, and thus we assumed he was not a friend of yours and said we'd never heard of you.
QuickBlades: Excellent.
Maksim: He called Svetlana stupid, and Leonti wanted to hit him, but we figured that was a bad idea.
QuickBlades: Do you know if he was asking around in general, or if he only came here...
Flint: Why anyone would want to come after Quickblades is beyond me, seeing what he can do with those swords....
Flint: Must have a death wish...
Aben: You'd have to ask Gervasi, he did most of the conversing.
QuickBlades: It probably would have been, unless he was just a messanger, which I also doubt...
QuickBlades: Some of the Samauri that I modeled my fighting after would put me down in less than 30 seconds.
QuickBlades: And probably not break a sweat.
QuickBlades: I would wear armor, but it always chaffes.
Jerath: The elves and the men of Tatsuo like to argue over who taught who the art of the blade-dance
Aben: One of the guards is from Tatsuo, but Kae's friend vouched for him.
QuickBlades: That seems comical. The styles are radically different.
Kyrax: ((... Front door is the southward facing one roight?))
Jerath: ah, but the philosophy is much the same.
DM: ((yep))
QuickBlades: I would bet the philosophy came from the gnomes.
DM: ((not a lot of people in the tavern today))
* Kazi pops another candy into her mouth, offers one to QB
QuickBlades: Or some other race.
Jerath: I just learn history, making it up is their job.
QuickBlades: hehe
Aben: I take it then, we should be on guard against any more inquiries regarding Quickblades.
* Kyrax trots in casually, hoping to avoid damaging the floor, and then lurks behind Quickblades, because he's blocking the door.
QuickBlades: Right, so I will pen a letter to the Shogun that I offended, and have a courier deliver my old blades back to him.
Aben: Will that settle the matter?
QuickBlades: Do we know of any trustworthy couriers?
Aben: I will ask Virote.
Aben: Is this Shogun in Shieldmeet, or part of the embassy?
Kae: The gnomish courier guild is always trustworthy, and the Seafolk usually are.
QuickBlades: I doubt it, but it should reduce his wrath, and draw down the resources he may have put towards my capture.
Kae: You know gnomes, all business, no fun.
* Kae winks at Flint.
Kazi: Should we go rough him up for you, Quickblades?
* Kazi 's eyes glow purple
Flint: I resent that statement! Or resemble it..
Aben: I think we have quite enough international incidents going on.
QuickBlades: At the very least it will force him to hide any further efforts on me, as the other Shogun will take note.
Aben: well. Sounds like it should be fun
Aben: or mayhem. Seems to be the same thing.
Kyrax: This crew has strange ideas of fun..
QuickBlades: His son's weapons were fancier than functional. That's what you typically get as heirlooms...
Aben: Will you need new blades then?
Kazi: He got some spiffy ones on the road!
QuickBlades: Especially those that you are forced to pass on to unqualified non-heirs.
Aben: marvelous. May I see?
QuickBlades: Yes, I believe they have been imbued with some sort of magic to keep them sharp and swift.
Aben: delightful
QuickBlades: Unless someone here can tell me their exact properties, I was going to take them to a magic shop to have them checked out...
Flint: Don't forget abotu that peal of lightning that went off when you drew them that one time!!
Flint: That was cool!!
* Kazi nods
Kazi: Yes, quite the effect
Aben: I would be happy to study them for you
* QuickBlades makes a low rumbling.
QuickBlades: Hmmm.
QuickBlades: Yes.
* QuickBlades unstraps them, then passes them to Aben.
Aben: I have a text on Tatsuo weapons....
QuickBlades: I have kept them in their scabbards just in case it was the sheathing that was magical, and not the blades themselves.
* Aben takes the swords and almost immediately goes into scholar mode, studying them every which way and nearly running into Maksim as he goes to get the aforementioned book.
Kae: Now you've done it. He'll be stuck to the book for at least an hour.
* Kazi giggles
Kyrax: As far as identifying them, if you get me a pearl, I can do so tomorrow. I don't have the spell prepared right now.
* QuickBlades cracks a tight-liped grin that seems to split his face in half.
* Kae looks at Jerath
* Kazi eyes Maksim up and down
Kae: 'so, what to do with you then...?
QuickBlades: I should remain hidden for the time being. At least until I have gotten word that my letter has been delivered.
Jerath: hmmmm?
Maksim: write it. I'll find you a courier today.
Kazi: So, I'll expect you around back for practice near sundown, young man
Kazi: (to Maks)
* QuickBlades heads off to write his letter.
Maksim: Yes ma'am, unless I'm delayed finding a courier for Quickblades
Kazi: Ok, then
* Kazi smiles
* Kae says to Jerath 'you any good with those blades?'
Jerath: fair enough.
Kae: You know books?
Jerath: I'm not a librarian
Kazi: So Flint, what sort of hours are involved in this line of boom boom business?
* Kazi gets a serious look
Kazi: I've got my performing career to keep up
Kae: Not what I meant. I want a bodyguard on Aben, and the others tend to get glazed over when he gets going.
Kazi: but my days are pretty free
Jerath: If I am not needed elsewhere, I believe I can do that.
Kae: Done then. You
* Jerath nods in a bemused fashion
Kyrax: ((AFK a sec))
* Kazi glances over
Cross: *cough, cough* "Um, hi there" *standing in the doorway is Cross and Llyssa in tow*
Cross: ((if you want a descrip it is on the wiki))
Kazi: Oh, excellent, Sir Jerath! We will be able to see each other quite a bit... Feliks' tavern is here... though we will likely perform at the Wolf and Swindler, you must come see!!!
Ashling: (to Cross) Here so soon?
Jerath: I see.
* Kazi glances at the newcomer and Llyssa in tow
Cross: "Soon? As fast as I ever am." *smiling at the young lady*
* Kazi 's eyes roll involuntarily
Ashling: Then all is well? You were able to retrieve Vin's papers?
Cross: "That I have and they, in part, are what led me here." *walking further into the room*
* Flint pullshimself up onto a chair, and prepares his mid-morning smoke
Kae: so.....friend?
* Kazi breaks off from her conversation with Flint and watches this with idle curiousity
* Kae gestures at Cross
Kazi: curiosity*
Flint: We know Llyssa. Hi Llyssa! But I'm afraid we haven't met the new gent.
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Kae: Does that make them friends then?
Kazi: Well, apparently, some people know him
Cross: "If you allow me to be. Angelus' reports could prove useful even if what you seek isn't his 'cult'. They seem to be well traveled."
Flint: I suppose so. If not, we can have Quickblades show him the door.
Kazi: But apparently we aren't worthy of being introduced
Flint: Ashling knows them, I guess...
* Jerath makes introductions
Cross: "Where are my manners. I, call me Cross. It's easier for non-elven tounges"
Cross: ((seeing as how i still can't say his first name right...))
* Kazi snorts
Ashling: He is Llyssa's half brother as well.
Aben: This is fascinating, the blade appears to....oh, company
Kazi: (in her heavy Sclavini accent) Is there something peculiar with your name that makes it comely only to the Elven anatomy?
Flint: (answering Kazi from earlier) helping on my dirigible will probably be the best way to pick up skills in the short term. we can pair you with an engineer...
* Kazi nods at Flint
Kyrax: What he means is those who are not native speakers of the elven tongue.
Kazi: Dirrrrrrigible?
* Aben obviously notes the katana Cross carries
Cross: "No, merely saving trouble. So be it, I do not mind."
* Kazi gives Kyrax a pointed look
* Kazi murmurs something in Sclavini
Ashling: Aben, this is Sebrindir's son, Cross.
Ashling: And his half-sister Llyssa.
Aben: well, honored to meet you, Sir Cross.
Kazi: With the complicated name for the non-Elven
Aben: Lady Llyssa
* Aben glances at Kazi
Kazi: What? That's what he said
Aben: Kazi dear, if you are going to pick a fight, could you not do it in my office? I do not want the books damaged.
Cross: "Idhrenion Crocifisso Evinco Anadrieril, son of Sebrinir of the Dragon Knights. Um, I doubt more is needed." ((damn this keyboard, not used to my laptop for typing))
Kazi: Oooh, another Knight
Aben: No, that is certainly enough.
Kazi: Dashing
* Kyrax idly chuckles. "Elves, the only people I've met who it takes an hour to say their full name."
Kae: You obviously haven't encountered enough gnomes.
Cross: "Heh, knight? no. no. I am merely a traveling healer"
Aben: delightful. Have you eaten?
Cross: "Actually no, I came straight here after arriving"
Kyrax: On the contrary, I've encounter too many gnomes...
Kazi: Kazi Havel, pleased to meet you
Flint: Hey! Mine's only six syllables. His is like 30.
* Kazi smiles winningly
Cross: "The pleasure is mine m'lady"
Aben: please, order what you like in the tavern. It is on the house.
Kyrax: But then, the number of gnomes I've encountered can be counted on one hand...
* Flint puffs his pipe with an annoyed look
Flint: sheesh...
Kazi: Kazi will do just fine, no 'm'lady-ing' necessary, thanks kindly
* Kazi grins
Cross: "Why thank you." *turning to Aben* "And here, I take it you may like such things?" *handing over his katana*
* Aben admires the katana. 'Ah, a peace-blade? Rare.'
* Kyrax chuckles. "I kid Flint. I've nothing against Gnomes. I was actually researching on earlier. One I don't think I'd like to meet.."
* Kyrax then to Cross "As for introductions. I am Kyrax. Wandering scholar who seems to have been roped in to something of a slightly grander scale than I'm used to."
Cross: "Oh, and as good will." *hands over Vin's notes to Kazi* "And no, I insist, miss Kazi"
* Aben returns the blade to Cross
Cross: (( "miss-Kazi" *))
* Kazi takes the notes
Kazi: Um, what?
Aben: Are any other guests going to be showing up? And Lord Cross, will you need a room?
Cross: "Well from my travels I know well that something grander always hindes just around the next bend, it is up to you to notice it or not"
Cross: "Um, well, if a room is available and I'm not imposing I will gladly take it but I can find my own way if needed."
Kazi: Well, strictly speaking, it be Mrs. Kazi, but, uh...
Aben: oh, it's no trouble.
Kazi: Thanks?
* Kazi smiles and winks
Aben: well, I'll let all of you get to whatever business you have.
Cross: ((first off, i imagine i will get in trouble one day cuz of this but I never did learn when to use which miss))
Ashling: Aben, do you have a few moments?
Kyrax: ((ms. is single. Mrs. is married.))
Aben: yes, of course.
Kyrax: ((Ms = miss, mrs = missus.))
Cross: "No thankyou, you helped out my cousin and sister. And thank you my generous host."
Cross: ((hmm, i'll have to keep that in mind, but if it shows up wrong know that i meant the correct form))
Ashling: Could we speak in your study?
Aben: certainly
Kazi: These are Vin's notes regarding the cult, then?
* Aben leads the way, only to discover QB and Gervasi are in there as well
Kazi: Or, Angelus'?
Cross: "Yes, among other things. Aben is mentioned in there along with other things he noticed in his pursuit of that cult"
Kazi: I see.
Cross: "His given name was Angelus but use whatever is most comfortable, I understand he used many names."
Cross: "Also a few things about the shieldmeet nobility and rulership is mentioned"
Kazi: Well, perhaps it is best that Aben gets these, actually, as he is really the brains of the operation, but I suppose I could take a quick look at them in the meantime.
Kazi: Fascinating stuff... I know he had mentioned something about being in the Tatsuo embassy or some such?
Kae: What should we be looking for regarding this cult?
Cross: *Cross will order a small bite to eat and any Falkor drink if it is avaiable*
DM: it is
* Kazi will say something quickly to him in the Andrjez dialect
Cross: "From what I understand he worked for an official in the Tatsuo embassay"
Cross: "I don't know all the details yet. It seems he originally started chasing them out of moral reasons. He...disliked, the way they did things."
Kazi: You mean blood sacrifices and that sor of thing?
Kazi: Generally quite distasteful, yes
Kazi: sort*
QuickBlades: (( I'm glad I'm not in this conversation :0 ))
Cross: "Yes, he seemed to have given a few of the members a taste of their own doings"
Kyrax: Hmm. I fail to quite follow something. Is there somethign connecting this cult, and Tatsuo?
Kazi: We generally tried to deliver anywhere from sound thrashings to general death and dismemberment when we ran across them too
Kyrax: ((AFK))
Kazi: usually they were one step ahead of us though, and we ran across their rather gruesome leavings
Cross: "As I'm sure they deserved."
Cross: "It seems the same for Angelus as well"
Kyrax: ((and back, with foods!))
Cross: "Nothing I've seen connects it to Tatsuo. If you refer to his job, he gained his position by following the cult in the first place."
Kazi: following... their practices?
Kazi: or following their trail?
Cross: "Their trail" *sounding a little annoyed he should be asked such a thing of his cousin*
Kazi: (( that was a bit of an ambiguous statement ))
Cross: "One of the victims he came across seemed to be connected to the Tatsuo embassay and thus when he returned of news he was rewarded through his efforts."
Cross: ((he holds angelus in rather high regard even if he speaks casuallaly about him now that he is dead, tis all))
* Kyrax nods
Kazi: Ah, I see
* Kae gathers some blank parchment and a pen, starts making notes on the murders.
Kae: I wonder if there is a pattern to the killings?
Cross: "Llyssa here knows Angelus' contacts in the city but I haven't the chance to ask them anything yet. They could potentially know something"
Kazi: I've a few I could suss out as well
Kazi: of my own
Kazi: not of his
* Kazi grins
* Kazi 's eyes sparkle wickedly
Cross: "A lady of your stature, I have no doubt." *smiling at the comment a little deviously himself*
* Kazi frowns slightly
Kazi: Are you mocking my height, good sir?
Cross: ((still surprised noone is surprised by his appearance any, cept for aben and my sword))
Kae: stop snarking, you two, this is serious business.
* Kazi rises up to her full 5' 2" height
Kae: people are being killed.
Flint: I'm going to head back to the workshop unless I can more immediately help with something here.
Cross: "No, not at all. Honestly there have been times I wished I was shorter myself, the scrapes I could have avoided, heh."
* Kazi frowns
* Flint puts out his pipe
Kazi: Ah, rubbish, Flint, really?
Cross: "Um, sir gnome, I understand that you have some of my cousin's possessions?"
Kazi: I suppose I should catch up to you later?
Flint: Sure Kazi. *looks at Cross* yes, he gave me these *shows Cross the pair of pistols*
* Kyrax shakes his head and says to Cross in Elvish "Trust me, you're not going to win with her."
Cross: "Alright, then please treat them well. My cousin was rather...well greedy honestly. To give out his things like that is special."
Kazi: Ah, Vin seemed like the good sort
Flint: I was sorry to see Vin go. We only knew each other a hsort time but I thought we hit it off rather well
Cross: ((to Kyrax in elvish)) "Fun is fun, no?"
Flint: I didn't want to take the pistols but Llyssa insisted...
Kazi: He knew a few rowdy Sclavini songs
Kazi: 'Tis a shame he fell, truly
* Kyrax once more in elvish "Indeed, but she doesn't have much of a sense of humor at times."
Cross: ((to the others)) "His people will miss him, they loved him and he kept them prosperous. More than I can say his parents ever achieved"
Kazi: Then a good man he was, indeed
Kazi: He served his people well
Kazi: and the world is darker now for his passing
Cross: "I thank you for your sympathy(I think that is the term I want)"
* Kazi smiles solemnly
Flint: I should probably go. Kazi, I'll talk to you later! Come by if you need me for anything!
Kazi: I sure will Flint!
Kazi: I will be by later!
* Kazi hands him a handful of candy before he leaves
Kazi: For the road, my dear
Flint: You're going to make me fatter than I already am!
Cross: "But that is why I am here, If I understand what I have been told I should do everything in my power to pick up where he left off with his relationship with you lot"
* Kazi grins
Kazi: Just spreading the love, Flint!
* Kazi winks
Cross: "Nice meeting you sir gnome"
Flint: There is plenty in town to do here, Cross, but it sounds like some contacts need to be pumped first. And/Or Ashling's leads.
Flint: Be seeing you!
* Flint leaves. (his player will be AFK for a little bit)
Kazi: Well, you know, we did not know each other all that well, so, I suppose it is well and good that you are a new face amongst us all
* Kae will describe the guards and employees to Cross and give him some tavern background
* Kazi shrugs and asks Gervasi for a glass of spiced wine
Cross: "Um, mrs. Kazi, as it stands what is your next move? I will try to assist where I can"
Kazi: To tell you the truth, darling, I haven't the slightest inkling
* Gervasi serves everyone drinks
Cross: *finally finding time to enjoy his drink he takes light shots of his Falkor drink*
Kazi: We've been here nary a day, and I've not even had a chance to get used to being back here
Kazi: I suppose we'll look into these unhappy murders
Cross: "It has been quite a while for me as well. Last I was here...4, maybe 5, years ago."
Kazi: and more into the doings of these Cult ne'erdowells
Kae: The murders are throughout the city. Several peoples were hit.
Cross: "I will investigate Angelus' contacts to see what they know of these murders. One seems to own a tavern so she must have heard something with all the faces that come and go there"
Kazi: Feliks and I have some things to take care of in the "procuring of permanent abode" business, plus we must drum up our following again... then there is the whole apprenticeship to Flint, and I suppose there is Ashling's obsession... why, there is much to be done
Kazi: So, no real pattern, Kae?
Kae: no...and the absence of pattern is perhaps as telling as any pattern would be
* Kazi nods
Kazi: When did Dima up and disappear?
Kae: 'They've struck nobles and poor alike'
Kae: Soon after you did.
Kae: And no way to be certain where he went
Kazi: Any hint as to where they might have headed?
Kazi: Ah drat
Kazi: I knew we shouldn't have left him to his own devices
Kazi: And Lev?
Kae: Seems to have gone with him, as did Faelivrin
Kazi: Poor boy
Cross: "is there any similarities in age or sex? Perhaps even magical ability if we know that much?"
Cross: "In the murders I mean"
Kazi: So there goes another possible lead, up in smoke
Kyrax: Or perhaps in religious background?
Kae: two are distinctive
Kazi: And what of the death of the Council Lord? Any connection there?
Kae: There were double murders in which a woman was cut to shreds, and a man burned alive.
* Kazi wrinkles her nose
Cross: "...Um, well."
Kae: One of those was in the Amareth district, the other in the Falkor district
Cross: "Mrs. Kazi, please look at Angelus' notes again, I remember him going into detail about such an incident when he first met up with you"
* Kazi looks through notes
Cross: "He even recorded symbols found at the scene if I remember right"
Kazi: Sir Cross, Kazi is just fine
Kae: The women were young. The men were men that should have been able to put up a fight.
Kazi: The "Mrs." is truly unnecessary
Cross: "And the sir is unneeded as well"
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: All right, then, Cross
* Kae flips through Aben's notes, apparently finds what he was looking for.
Kae: 'These sigils?'
* Kae points at sketches of sigils that look very similar to the ones Vin noted
* Kazi flips through the notes to see if she finds anything
Kazi: hrm, yes
* Kyrax looks at the sigils ponderously.
Cross: "They do seem to be similar"
Cross: *looking over Kazi's shoulder to look at the notes*
* Kazi busts out the two books she smuggled with her from Gostislav Manor
Kae: No one made sketches of the signs found at other murders. It's only guesswork that they are related
Kazi: (( one of them is the Behold the Red Moon one, the other is the book with the lesser wolf paw print from her vision ))
Kyrax: ((Any chance of me recognizing the sigils, boss?))
DM: ((okay))
Kazi: Jerath, could you come over here?
Cross: "Well the one my cousin found seems to have had a knight of all things burned alive"
* Kazi hands him the two books
Cross: "And he states that only two men were present after the fact but a woman's name was mentioned and he seemed to have chased after her for some time"
Kazi: See if you might be able to find anything that looks like these in there? And if there are any sorts of interesting bits that are helpful?
Jerath: may take some time.
Kyrax: The sigils there, they're the symbols of old Amarth gods... I'm not sure which, off the top, but I should be able to find out.
Kazi: If you don't mind helping?
Jerath: I think he may be right.
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: Ok, and maybe these blasted books might have something too
Jerath: They also look like the ones Darus drew, though there were a couple more in his notes.
* Kazi pulls a face when Darus is mentioned
Kazi: what was the woman's name, Cross?
Kazi: That Angelus was chasing?
Jerath: One of the symbols is Ningishzida, the gatekeeper.
Cross: "Zoriada I think"
Kazi: Really now?
* Aben reenters the room
Kazi: Does he mention what she looks like?
Cross: "Seems everytime he got close to her she move a few more steps ahead and left quite a few bodies in her wake"
* Ashling follows Aben.
Cross: "I don't think he ever caught up to her to have seen her"
Kazi: hmm, that's a shame
Kazi: Oh, hullo Aben
Kazi: Cross here has some more notes to add to your collection, we were just looking over them
Aben: Interesting.
Aben: Oh, Kazi, it appears Lord Adamo has attempted to arrange for the assassination of yourself and Feliks.
Kazi: I've given over some books to Jerath to have a look at... er... what?
Cross: ((as soon as my net catches up I will describe more))
Kazi: How splending
Kazi: splendid*
Kazi: Whatever for?
Aben: Oh, and you may have to break into an asylum, possibly tonight.
* Aben glances over at Jerath.
Kazi: An asylum?
Aben: You may have annoyed him somehow
Aben: To rescue a woman falsely imprisoned by Amareth zealots.
* Kazi gets a certain look about her
Kazi: Oh really now
Cross: "Adamo...Adamo...Oh wait, he was that idiot that Angelus was sent to dispose"
Aben: They think she....huh?
Aben: well, that could be yet another reason he'd be annoyed
Kazi: Dispose?
Kae: bloody politics
* Ashling looks at Rayner.
Kazi: So wait a damned tick
* Rayner glances at Aben
Cross: "Apparently Adamo was to be replaced by my cousin when the time was right but until then he was to be watched and possibly made a fool of"
Kazi: Adamo is mad at Feliks and I because we rescued Sir Jerath from a lifetime of ignorance and blind servitude?
Cross: "Or so says his notes at least"
Jerath: It's far more complicated than that.
Kazi: No offense, Jerath, dear
Jerath: Adamo doesn't like Sclavini, and my father hates them.
Kazi: What did WE ever do, sheesh
Jerath: They are good friends, and Adamo owes Hiram a favor or four
* Kazi grins wickedly
Jerath: And it is possible that Adamo is someone's pawn as well
Kazi: You still like me well enough, right Jerath?
* Kazi winks
Kae: I miss the goblins. Yeah, they fought dirty, and they bite, and they use poison, but at least they don't pretend to be righteous about it.
* Jerath chuckles
Aben: So. Rescue mission. Adamo has imprisoned a 'witch', and we cannot have that.
* Kazi elbows Jerath
* Kazi whispers are you laughing at me or Kae?
* Jerath nods.
Kazi: Yes, Aben, totally unacceptable
* Kazi sticks her tongue out at Jerath
Cross: "So I assume going through the front door isn't going to happen huh?"
Aben: Tonight then
Kae: Where is the fun in that?
Kazi: Dammit, I wish I could fly
Jerath: Well, it would certainly be the last thing anyone would expect.
Kazi: So close
Kazi: I guess walking up walls will have to do in a pinch
* Kazi grins
Kyrax: Not quite as fun as blowing a hole in the way, but a little bit less of an attention getter, I suppose.
Cross: "Um, before wall climbing is decided, I'd like to join you in saving an innocent but I am quite a bit heavier than I look"
Aben: No, we do not want attention. If we can do it quietly, there should be no retaliation.
Kazi: Dammit, where is Feliks when I need him
Rayner: With your rank, Sir Cross, you could walk right in the front door.
Ashling: Rayner, you knwo what the asylum is like. What do you suggest?
Ashling: know*
Rayner: The guards are focused more on the prisoners than anyone coming from the outside.
Rayner: The front door may actually be the weakest point in terms of entry.
Cross: "Hmm, I could use my families' status and my skills as a healer to have an 'official visit' "
Jerath: You could probably just tell them to release the prisoner to you and they would
Kazi: Well what's the fun in that?
* Aben raises an eyebrow
* Kazi gives Aben an innocent look
Kazi: What?
Cross: "I'll gladly try"
Aben: It may be a bit more difficult than that, considering Adamo appears to have a special interest. They'd certainly call him to release the prisoner.
Kyrax: There's a certain risk in that option though...
Kazi: What if I disguise myself as Adamo?
Kazi: I could, you know
Kazi: I have the spell
* Kazi grins
Jerath: But not the smell.
Kazi: Well, of course not
* Kazi looks offended
Cross: "Um, well as a nobility myself it would be common place to have 'assistants' accompany me"
Rayner: You could then create a distraction.
Kyrax: True, but I think such a .. unique crew would stand out too much.
Rayner: Pretend you are there for another prisoner.
Rayner: Then distract the guards while we smuggle ours out.
Kazi: Oooh, oooh, I am totally up for a disguise... who should I look like?
Cross: "Well, sir Jareth here and possibly Rayner as well are both Amarethi, they would blend nicely"
Kazi: I could look like an Amarethi
Cross: "And disguising a Sclavini isn't all that hard"
QuickBlades: And the rest of us would be better suited to performing the actual breakout
Kazi: just give me one to model myself by
Kae: You'd never be able to breath in an Amarethi dress.
Cross: "You could use my sister here"
Ashling: We need Rayner to find the right cell.
Kazi: I could disguise myself as a boy
* Kazi grins
Kyrax: That's the beauty of magic.
Cross: "My sister passes as a boy too" *smirking*
Jerath: As a boy you'd be able to wear armor. They'd look too closely at an armored woman
Kyrax: Good enough spell and I could look like an elven woman.
Kazi: You Amarethi and your strange notions
* Kazi winks
Rayner: They'd recognize Jerath
Ashling: So, wait, we are thinking of a distraction at the front while other sneak in elsewhere?
Ashling: others*
Jerath: They would?
Cross: "Well it wasn't I who disguised as a boy to enter the army, look at miss chain girl there" (i would assume Llyssa would be kicking him by now)
Rayner: Some are Adamo's men.
* Llyssa kicks him
Rayner: I think all in at the front, then split up
Cross: "I could probably draw enough attention just by acting like a noble that the guards would be lessened, even if just sligtly"
Kyrax: ((If only I was playing a kobold demolitionist.. we'd have a lot more fun breaking them out.... ;) ))
Ashling: Then won't you be recognized too, Rayner?
Rayner: They are used to seeing me
Flint: ((well, Flint is also a demolitionist of sorts ))
Kazi: Well, you know, my spell will only last for 10 minutes, so we'd have to be quick about it
Cross: ((of sorts? you are too modest))
Kae: Jerath and Cross in one team then, and play the snooty nobles. Demand attention and generally make arses of yourselves.
Ashling: They won't be suspicious, seeing you with Cross?
Rayner: That's why we'd go in seperate
Llyssa: You wouldn't need a disguise. Dress in finery, do your hair up with gems, they'd see only noblewoman and behave accordingly.
* Kazi gags
Kazi: Dress up?
Llyssa: Your reaction is why no one would suspect the woman in the fancy jeweled bodice is you.
* Kazi scowls
Llyssa: pile your hair on top of your head, carry a fan and play coy.
Cross: "Hmm, I guess I will have to change for the occasion..." *snapping his fingers his clothing distorts and becomes fine noble garb apprpriate for the situation*
Kae: Lady, I'll give you 50 gold if you can actually get Kazi dressed up like that.
Maksim: Make it 75
Kazi: Have you been hanging around with my Mother, Llyssa?
Aben: Even 100.
* Kazi glares at everyone
Cross: "I wager 100 coins that she does it, who wants to take that bet?"
* Jerath wisely remains silent, he's in kicking range
* Kazi gets a long suffering look
Gervasi: Daciana has a dress that would fit
Kazi: Someone is going to have to help me with my hair
Gervasi: Katja, Daciana, and Svetlana would do it happily
Llyssa: I'll help.
* Llyssa grins in a just slightly evil manner
* Kazi gives her a frigid look
Aben: Should you do Ashling as well?
Cross: "My sister does have to dress up too you know"
* Llyssa steps on Cross's foot.
Cross: "on the occasion when a noble visits home"
* Kazi narrows her eyes
Rayner: Ashling's skills as a healer may be needed to help
Cross: *eyes begin to water as he finds a chair to lean on*
Kazi: I am thinking Lady Llyssa may have had an opportunity to have too much private time with my Mother while my back was turned
Aben: alright. So you have a semblance of a plan. I'll have a room made up for our guest.
Aben: Remember, the sooner the better.
Aben: And try to be subtle.
* Kazi grins widely
Kazi: Subtle is my middle name, Aben dear
Kyrax: I don't believe subtle is in Kazi's vocabulary OTHER than as a name.
Flint: (because eldritch blasts are subtle)
Cross: "Subtle is a fine line here, I sadly can't be subtle in my demeanor"
* Kazi bows with a flourish
Kae: Jerath, Kazi, Cross, and Llyssa as the distraction then. Kyrax maybe should stay out of it.
Kae: The rest of us to the rescue.
Kazi: Sheesh, I can't be to the rescue?
Kazi: I am good at to the rescue
Kazi: I can climb walls and blast things
* Kazi pouts
Kae: Wouldn't you rather put on a performance that bamboozles the finest guards the Amareth can offer?
Kyrax: What, you don't think a centaur is a nice subtle addition?
Kazi: Of course, of course
Cross: "I guess we will be limited on weapons so, if possible, please don't screw up, hmm?" *smiling as he makes the joke*
* Kazi waves her hand airily
Kazi: You just want to see me in a damned dress
Kae: Yes.
Kae: And petticoats. Don't forget the petticoats.
Cross: "He's not the only one, Mrs... I mean Kazi."
* Kazi 's face turns all sorts of pretty shades of scarlet
Cross: "I didn't think about the petticoats, good call"
DM: ((It's getting on to 11, want to continue to midnight and possibly complete the break-in?))
Kazi: By the Wolf!
Kazi: (( sure ))
Cross: ((i'm up for it))
Ashling: ((it'd be good to try))
DM: ((bueller, bueller?))
Cross: ((just let me get more food, 1 1/2 min break? lol))
Flint: (sure, but Flint is off being a doofus ATM )
DM: ((take 5))
Kazi: (( being a doofus? ))
Kyrax: ((If the session is being wrapped up with the break in.. then I am leaving now. I have no part to play in it.))
Kazi: (( poor Kazi has to wear a dress, and it's not a wedding... and her mother didn't steal all her pants ))
Ashling: (( it'll take at least an hour to do Kazi's hair ))
Flint: (could alwyas be in the Break-in group, Kyrax)
Ashling: (( could have a third wedding ))
Kazi: (( or the getaway group ))
Kazi: (( you could be the getaway vehic ))
Kazi: (( I think Eric told me quite sternly that we are having no more weddings ))
Kazi: (( lol ))
Kyrax: ((heh, I could carry one person at a speed of 40', 50' if I had time to prepare a spell, and I would stand out like a sore thumb.))
Kazi: (( that is how I got the cottage ))
Cross: ((I make some damn good alfedo if I say so myself))
Ashling: (( still on break? ))
DM: You guys can continue your RP, I need another couple secs on the map
Cross: ((i'm back and rdy whenever needed))
QuickBlades: Hey all, it's midnight here. I'm turning in for the night.
QuickBlades: sorry to be short on both ends tonight.
Ashling: goddnight!
Kazi: goodnight!
Ashling: er, goodnight*
Cross: night
DM: night
Kyrax: (('night))
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Ashling: So, who is in which group exactly?
Kazi: Cross, Jerath, Llyssa, and me?
Cross: ya
Cross: group 2: everyone else
DM: Okay, everyone can switch to the Asylum Map
Cross: ((yay, i finally have a map!))
Flint: (ok for Flint to re-join here?)
DM: yes
DM: I'll assume they've told him what is going on
Kazi: yes
Cross: ((i don't have a token yet, completely fogot to make one, anything will do i guess))
Flint: ok, Kazi said "subtle", so I didn't bring satchel charges this time...
Kazi: Well, everyone else said "subtle"
* Kazi winks
Flint: I did however, bring a smoke bomb or two
* Kazi goes oooooooooooh
DM: The asylum is an imposing, thick-walled stone building with a really bad smell to it.
DM: There are no windows
Ashling: (who is actually in group 2?)
Flint: (where does the semll come from, then?)
* Kazi is looking distinctly uncomfortable in her dressy dressiness
Flint: (ohhhhh, I completely forgot, we could have come through the SEWERS! Flint's got a suit for that n everything)
DM: The stone
Kyrax: ((I think everyone but QB and Kyrax, and the 4 in group one, of course.))
Kyrax: ((Seein' ask Kyrax was specifically told to sit it out. heh.))
Flint: (by whom?)
Kyrax: ((whoever was making the plans))
Flint: (I thought we were tryin' to talk you into the group 2)
Flint: (we just need to cast a disguise self-human spell, and cast permanency)
Ashling: (will cast message before we get there on: Llyssa, Jerath, Rayner, Kae, Flint)
Kyrax: ((While OOC, I'd love to.. IC it makes no sense.))
DM: ((Everybody on the map?))
Kazi: (( screw you too ))
Ashling: (we can whisper to each other within 160')
Flint: (I think so)
Kyrax: ((Two reasons. A centaur stands out like a sore thumb.. And Kyrax is a scholar, he doesn't have anything to offer in this case.))
Cross: ((getting token now))
Rayner: Once in the entry, there is a single door that leads to the 'treatment room'. That would be the best place to lure the guards too, then the rest of us could get in.
Kyrax: ((And disguise self wouldn't work on me. You have to maintain the same type. I'm a monsterous humanoid. :) ))
Rayner: There are guards in each row, and two in the entry. There is also usually at least one attendent.
* Kazi looks elegant and quite becoming in her noble lady get up
Flint: (kind of begs the question why you'd write yourself out of the story like that, but I digress)
Rayner: The attendant usually has a means of paralyzing folks, whether it is magical or drugs.
DM: ((everyone on the map who is coming?))
Flint: (I think so)
Cross: ((I am))
Kae: Kyrax can wait outside and shout a warning if he spots reinforcements coming
Kazi: (( why is Ashling way off in the middle of nowhere? ))
DM: Alrighty, go for it.
DM: The front doors are open
Flint: I can take care of the door to her cage, since Paul isn't with us. I'll use gnomish tech.
Rayner: I can also pick locks
Flint: I was going to hurtle the door forward in time, but whatever.
Cross: "Well here we go"
Ashling: Let us know when we can come in.
Kazi: I don't want any sass about this dress business, either, fellas
* Kazi glares
Kyrax: ((I ... actually have some shit I HAVE to do tonight that I forgot about.. so I need to leave, anyways. (if it doesn't get done, I can't get to work tomorrow) so, I'll see ya'll next week.))
Rayner: Say you are wanting to talk to a prisoner known as Sirabu.
Flint: (message sure can be handy)
Cross: "no sass, I swear, noble's word" *nearly cracking up at the last part*
Rayner: They'll believe nobles want to talk to him, and he's on the other side of the asylum from her
Yverthel has disconnected.
Cross: *moves forward with noble self-assurance and arrogance*
Guard: 'Greetings my lord. We were not told anyone was coming tonight'
* Kazi walks forward with her hand on Jerath's arm
* Kazi waves a fan in front of her face and looks coyly through her lashes
Guard 1: If you wish to schedule a visit with an inmate, we can arrange a more pleasant visit
Cross: "Must you be told everything in advance? We just came from a party and haven't the time 'later' to come to"
Cross: "We want to see Sirabu, I trust there is no trouble there?"
Guard: My apologies my lord. We do not have the visitation room prepared.
Flint: (probably because they're playing poker in that room)
Guard: The corridors are not pleasant places for the ladies.
* Guard bows respectfully and a bit fearfully
Cross: "So you are saying you would deny us?"
* Kazi opens her eyes widely in mock alarm
Guard: Oh no, my lord, of course not.
* Guard steps out of your path, bowing low.
Guard 1: It is just we are not prepared for a visit, and thus may not be able to offer you the hospitality your rank deserves
Cross: "Then stop thinking you are going to be reassigned to Itotia or I will make sure that is what happens"
Guard: Please, enter
* Kazi flutters her fan nervously
Jerath: There there, my dear. I am sure it was nothing to be concerned about.
* Jerath pats Kazi's hand
* Kazi smiles wanly and simpers in with Jerath, glancing at the guards all nervous-like
Kazi: (( in the oooo-aaaaah kind of way ))
Cross: "If that was one of the guards' doing want none of it while we're here"
Guard: Oh no, my Lord. Some of the inmates can be loud.
Guard 1: That is why we have the visitation room.
Guard: We can have Sibaru brought to you there.
Cross: "Then stop dwaddling, if the lady here becomes bored it will be your head to pay"
Guard: This way, my lord
* Guard unbars the door
* Kazi smiles nervously and tries to be pretty
* Jerath turns to the other guard
Jerath: 'are you not going to offer to protect the lady?
Guard 1: Yes, of course.
* Guard 1 follows
Attendent: What is all this then?
* Kazi gives him a relieved smile in appreciation
Kazi: My thanks, good man (she says in a very neutral accent)
Rayner: looks like they got both guards off the door
Llyssa: oh no! Spiders!
Kazi: Eeeek!
* Attendent rolls his eyes impatiently
Attendent: There are no spiders. What is the meaning of this?
* Kazi dances about nervously
* Rayner gestures for you to follow him
Flint: But we haven't got the signal yet!
* Kazi is looking a bit flustered and trying to be all nervous and pretty and showing cleavage and all that sort of stuff
Cross: "Only 2 guards in a nut house to guard us and spiders on top of that scaring the ladies? Maes me wonder why funds get put into this place"
Kazi: (( she will hyperventilate and pass out if distraction is necessary ))
Attendent: There are more than two guards. The others are inspecting.
Attendent: Very well, who is it you wish to see this time?
* Attendent sighs long-sufferingly
* Kazi fans herself and gives the guards all small smiles
* Guard 10 gazes at the ladies appreciatively
Cross: "(guy's name, i forget it)"
Jerath: Are all the guards properly armed?
DM: (Sibaru)
DM: Jerath and Llyssa will both message back to the group that the guards are off the front door
Attendent: what? Of course they are. Some of these inmates can be quite violent
Cross: "Sibaru, and if things go like they have so far he won't be the last"
* Kazi sort of looks around and oohs and ahs and smiles winsomely at the guards
Attendent: This way then
Flint: (message-speak) ok, which way
DM: The room he leads you through he refers to as the 'treatment room' but to your eyes it bears considerable resemblance to a torture chamber
Jerath: (in a voice like a drill sargeant) Guards! Attend
* Rayner whispers to the left through this door
Guard 10: yessir
* Kazi clutches Jerath's arm and smiles at the guards appreciatively
DM: ((sneaky party - hide checks))
Flint: (crud, hangon)
* Attendent mutters to himself before going down another corridor
Flint: Hide « 1d20+7 ⇒ 9 + 7 = 16 »
Jerath: Soldier, what is that hanging from your belt?
Cross: "So this is what is bought with the gold we contribute to this place...seems less than satisfactory with how much we give" *looking around at the various instruments*
* Guard 2 stammers 'It's a dice cup sir'
* Kazi looks in askance, fluttering her fan nervously
* Jerath turns to Kazi, 'Dicing on duty.'
* Rayner gestures for you to follow
Cross: "What do you expect?"
* Kazi gives a serious little nod
Jerath: (to Cross) I'd like to check them all for additional contraband sir. A distraction on guard duty could get men killed
* Rayner whispers 'still a guard on this corridor'
Cross: "So far I have seen little reason not to cut the budget... Go ahead, mayhap you find me a reason to cut it entirely"
* Kazi says very seriously
Kazi: (in neutral accent) You need to be careful, seems very dangerous in here
* Kazi nods and flutters her fan
Jerath: (drill sargeant voice) You four, attend the Lord. You, signal the others to report for inspection. And march!
* Kazi smiles at Jerath
* Guard 8 gulps and pulls on a chain, causing a bell to ring 3 times
* Flint freezes
Kazi: So official, darling!
* Jerath messages 'they should all be coming to us now'
* Kazi will keep speaking in her very neutral accent
Attendent: this way then, if you please my lord.
* Attendent gestures for Cross to follow
Cross: "Finally"
Kazi: Shall I stay here, then? (looks nervous)
* Kazi smiles winsomely at Jerath
Jerath: of course, my dear.
Kazi: All right then
* Kazi smiles charmingly at the guards
Sibaru: oh, look, visitors. Who might you be? The king of the elves?
* Jerath performs a credible inspection
* Rayner starts picking a lock on a cell. Inside, you can see a form asleep on a pallet
Ashling: (( walls are stone and the doors are...?)
* Flint looks antsy.
Sibaru: Come to question me again?
DM: (also stone, with metal grills in them)
Sibaru: Sorry pointy-ears.
Cross: "I doubt it would matter if I were the queen of the fey to you. I imagine you can guess my first few questions. Why not go ahead and answer them and save me some time."
Sibaru: What are you, stupid? Think I'll tell you anything just because you are trying to convince that pretty lady on your arms that elves actually have genitilia?
* Jerath criticizes the guards ill-kept armor
* Rayner manages to get the door open
Cross: "Rude and unrespectful, at least I was told true there"
Rayner: Aletha, Aletha, it's me.
Aletha: Shhhh, I can't talk now. I'm waiting for my brother. He is going to rescue me tonight.
Cross: "What types of 'treatment' have you administered to him?"
Ashling: He's here now, just as you saw.
Sibaru: And what have you that I should respect? Gonna pull out the rest of my toenails?
Aletha: Oh, Flint, it's you! Have you fixed the seat in the dirigible yet? You still owe me a ride!
* Aletha hugs Flint like an old friend
Flint: Huh?! Ma'am I don't think we've met....
Attendent: He is a most difficult prisoner. Unfortunately, the strictures the dragon has on the facility make it difficult to actually get what we need from him
Aletha: And Ashling! You are looking marvelous.
* Flint looks to Rayner
Flint: I need an explanation when we get outta here...
Ashling: Thank you. Let us go now, shall we?
Rayner: Come on sis, we've got to get you to Aben
Aletha: We should hurry. They are going to start screaming in a few minutes.
* Aletha follows you
Cross: "And is pulling out his appendix against the dragon's whims?"
Guard 5: My lord, I am sorry, but I must attend to the prisoner
Cross: "As much as we put into this place I would have thought you would have found ways around 'regulations' by now"
Attendent: Any blood shed. You should know that
Attendent: damned gnomes and their blasted guilds
* Kazi looks nervous at the screaming
Jerath: The inspection is not complete
Ashling: (whispers) We have her. Let's go.
Guard 11: Dammit
Cross: "Then tell me, what would you need that we already haven't given you to get this done?"
* Flint hears the cue for a fire, and draws a smoke bomb
Flint: Allow me.
DM: Several of the guards start headed towards the yelling inmate
* Flint throws a smoke bomb into the guards room, if he can
Guard 11: FIRE! FIRE
Flint: (or at least a nearby corridor)
Kazi: Who, what now?
Jerath: Take care of this immediately
Attendent: I am sorry my lords, but I must attend to my patients
DM: The entire populace is starting to pick up the scream of 'fire'
Jerath: come, my lady. Let us leave these men to their duty
Kazi: Yes, dear Sir, do let's!
Cross: "So be it, I have a few more words for him and then I will take my leave. Don't expect good reports though"
* Kazi beats a hasty retreat, looking spooked and nervous all the while
Attendent: I quite understand my lord.
Attendent: But please, it appears there actually is a fire
Random Inmate: OOOH! Guard Barbeque. MMMMMMM
* Sibaru laughs
* Sibaru lays down on his pallet and turns his back on Cross
* Aletha giggles
* Kazi is swishing nervously around in her big ol' dumb dress
Kazi: Bother
Flint: ok, let's clear the area before they decide to evacuate.
Guard 10: This way, my lords
Cross: "Blast it all! Remember if he dies it's your head." *starts to head away but mutters in Tatsuo as he's leaving* "I wish you luck poor soul"
Guard 10: my lord, my lady
Flint: see you all back at Aben's.
Kazi: ok, darling!
Cross: "Coming, coming!"
Sibaru: (in Tatsuo) Luck is a false mistress
* Kazi glares at Kae and Maks
Kazi: I can barely move in this thing
Aletha: Ohh, it's like a party!
Ashling: (back to Aben's?)
DM: yes
Flint: (we definitely shouldn't hang out here!)
Flint: best to split up and go back to Aben's in groups
* Kazi nods
* Rayner wraps a cloak around Aletha and pulls her gently towards Aben's
* Kazi glares at Kae and Maksim and Jerath
* Flint heads off
Kazi: You scalawags can accompany me, yes?
* Ashling follows Rayner and Aletha.
Jerath: Those guards really were horrid. Did you see their armor?
* Kae follows Kazi
* Kazi nods distractedly
Kazi: Yes, Jerath dear, and I need to get out of this damned bodice before I pass out
Kazi: let's go
Cross: "Heh, and I thought the people of Righnach were megerly armored"
Jerath: They haven't done even the most basic maintenance. If they were properly trained, we never would have pulled that off.
Kazi: Let's count ourselves lucky, Jerath
DM: ((back to Aben's House map)
Jerath: But it's positively shameful
Kazi: It truly is, my dear
Cross: ((still can't load it...))
* Jerath continues grumbling about poor discipline and lazy guards
* Kazi is seriously thinking that they can just cut her out of the dress
* Kae is seriously willing to do just that
Kazi: (( lol ))
Ashling: Lets get her to her room. (to Rayner)
Rayner: Come on, Sis. We have a room ready for you.
Kazi: What all this, and nary an introduction?
* Kazi is fluttering the fan in earnest, as she is having a hard time breathing by this point
Cross: Let her come to us after she is recovered
Aletha: Kazi! Whatever are you doing in that dress?
Kazi: Eh?
* Aletha grimaces.
Kazi: Oh they forced me into it to rescue you, darling
Flint: Kazi, she knows us all somehow!
Kazi: have we met?
Aletha: You boys should be ashamed of yourselves.
Flint: I don't get it, but she does.
Aletha: Hoping for a glimpse of her panties like that!
* Rayner sighs
Ashling: She is a seer. That' why she was in the asylum.
Ashling: That's*
Flint: Oh, I got a glimpse. Sorry Kazi, but I did. When you're under 4 feet, well...
Kazi: Oh how delightful!
* Kazi frowns
Kazi: What?
Kazi: Oh dear heavens, Flint!
* Flint shrugs
Kazi: Don't let Feliks hear that
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: A seer, you say?
Kazi: How splendid
Aben: Hello
Flint: The male to female ratio of gnomes is 3.14159 to 1...
Aletha: Hello Ekaterina.
* Aben blinks
Kazi: Oh, she can see her too!
Kazi: Fabulous!
Aletha: See who?
Kazi: Wait, darling, what's your name?
Rayner: She's a bit confused
* Aletha frowns
Aletha: Am not.
Kazi: Of course she's not
Aletha: Of course I'm not.
* Kazi waves her hand at Rayner
* Flint scratches his head nervously
Kazi: Your name, darling?
Flint: maybe she just needs some rest, guys.
Aletha: My name?
* Aletha turns back to Rayner.
Aletha: 'What is my name?
Kazi: Yes, dear, you know mine, and I don't know yours
Rayner: You are Aletha.
Aletha: I am Aletha.
Aletha: Are you sure?
Rayner: yes
Kazi: Why, that's a beuatiful name, darling, and you know that I am Kazi already, so that's just peachy
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: beautiful*
Kazi: You must be tired though?
Ashling: Aletha, would you like a cup of tea before bed?
Kazi: Perhaps you do need a bit of rest?
Aletha: yes.
Kazi: We can chat more tomorrow then, dear?
Aletha: Can't I go for a ride in the dirigible first?
Kazi: How exciting, a seer!
Flint: This might really confuse you but ........... the dirigible isn't built. Yet.
Cross: Rayner, now is not a good time but I need to talk to you later after everything is settled down if you would *heads off to find more of that falkor brew he had earlier glad the innocent is safe now*
* Aletha blinks at Flint
Flint: But it will be!
Kazi: Yes, I am going to help!
* Kazi nods enthusiastically
Aletha: You people are all very strange.
Flint: Maybe when you have more time, you could tell me about this dirigible of mine, hmmm?
Ashling: (to Rayner) I'll bring the tea to her room.
Aletha: I am going to my room now.
Kazi: We are very strange darling, but I think you'll like us just fine, yes?
Flint: You see I have this problem with the engine core and I need to know ..... well nevermind...
* Rayner follows her
Kazi: Goodnight, dear
* Aletha pats Flint on the head. 'Don't worry dear, your wife will help you with that'
Kazi: ooooh, wife?
Flint: what?!?!
* Kazi claps her hands in delight
Flint: She's just trying to pull my chain
Kazi: Would she do that?
Aben: I'm wouldn't be entirely certain of that....
Flint: So she can see the future or something?
Rayner: She went right to sleep. I hope that actually was the room you intended for her
Kazi: A seer, hot damn!
Kazi: Rayner, well, I'll be!
Aben: Second door on the left?
Rayner: Yes
Flint: Do you mean, a seer, as in the psionic variety?
Aben: That is the one.
Flint: Or something else?
Rayner: She...sees things. She can't always tell what is real and what is a vision.
Kazi: Is that why you didn't freak out about the...
Rayner: It's why I don't freak out about a lot of things.
* Kazi lets the purple Eldritch energies coalesce around her hands
Flint: Does the things she see come to be true, usually?
Flint: Do*
Rayner: yes. Though if she forewarns of something, it can be avoided
Flint: like me getting married. ok.
Rayner: Or I'd have been crushed to death by a mule when I was ten
Kazi: Wow
Rayner: but not always. Somethings...somethings are apparently written in the stars
Jerath: wow
Kazi: Wonder if she knows about these seven sons Feliks wants so badly
Rayner: (addresses Aben) She can't be left alone. She doesn't see the same reality the rest of us do. And sometimes, there are things she sees that scare her so badly that she goes almost rigid
Cross: Don't you think seven children would slow your adventuring days down a bit? *reentering*
Aben: Someone will remain with her.
* Kazi shrugs
Kazi: No one said we had to get to them immediately
Maksim: Does she read the cards?
Cross: It's wonderful to actually have some of this after so many years, Tatsuo doesn't import many brews from Falkor and Righnach *showing off a glass*
Aben: Jinan and Lilja tried to have a little of everything here. Seems to work
* Flint joins Cross for an ale.
* Rayner shakes his head at Maksim
* Kazi will ask Gervasi for a glass of spiced wine
Rayner: and don't go pestering her to tell you your future either. So far, everyone who has done that hasn't heard anything they liked
Kazi: Oh, no, thanks, I think I'd much rather find that out all on my own, Rayner
Flint: I think I got mine, unsolicited...
Maksim: Assuming marriage is a fate you fear
Maksim: And who wouldn't? Wives are a pain.
Flint: It ....... does have its drawbacks
Cross: I've seen quite a few seers around, granted ,most of them were fake, the real ones are rare finds.
Kazi: I beg your pardon?
* Kazi glares at Maks, then at Flint
Maksim: I didn't say anything
* Flint avoids eye contact
* Ashling returns with a hot cup of tea. "Which room?"
Flint: She's asleep already...
Aben: Jerath, I know Kae assigned you to pester me, but I'd appreciate it if you kept an eye on her as well. She should stay to this wing.
Rayner: She went right to sleep.
* Jerath nods to Aben
Kazi: Just you wait, Maksim and Flint
Cross: Now, now. Marriage isn't bad, it all depends on 'who' you marry. Amaya is the best thing that ever happened to me and nothing will keep me from going back to her once all is said and done."
Ashling: Oh? Well then, why don't you take it, Rayner. Won't hurt you.
Rayner: Second door to the left.
Kazi: Just you wait
* Rayner takes it
Rayner: I'm going to make up a pallet in there. I don't want to leave her alone
* Rayner leaves
Kazi: Goodnight, Rayner (Kazi calls after him)
Aben: Was there any trouble?
Flint: Aben, I don't mean to impose, but is there a spare room here I can use tonight? Don't like walking the streets when it gets late
Jerath: Those are the most undisciplined guards I'd ever seen
Cross: Other than ill-armed and trained gaurds? nope
Aben: My house is your house my friend
Jerath: They'll probably cover up the escape just to prevent themselves from getting into trouble. Dicing on duty.
Kazi: Oh hurray, Flint, perhaps we can chat a bit
Flint: it went a little TOO smoothly, I thought
Aben: It's late. Most of you should get some sleep
Kazi: once I get into more comfortable clothes
Kae: need help?
* Kae grins lecherously
Aben: Kae, Feliks is going to bury you ankle deep in the garden. Headfirst
Cross: Something troubles me though.
Flint: You need to blow off some steam, big fella.
Flint: If you catch my meaning
Kazi: I think I might impose upon my husband to aid me in this endeavor, you!
* Kae chuckles.
Kae: night all.
Kazi: Goodnight Kae!
Maksim: Dad just likes teasing Kazi.
Maksim: night
* Kazi blows kisses at Kae
Cross: "Um, sir Aben, later could I take some of your time? I have a small matter to bring up"
Jerath: I'll stand watch, just in case they manage to come up with some competence
Aben: yes, of course
Kazi: Well, Flint, I am going to go see if I can find Feliks and see if I can get out of this ridiculous rig
Kazi: if you're still up and about I will come find you later
* Kazi grins mischievously
Flint: sounds good.
Cross: "Take care sir Flint, there may be two people pushing up dasies in the garden here soon"
Flint: I hope that's not as ominous a meaning as it sounds!
Flint: And good night
Aben: What was your concern?
DM: Those of you in your rooms hear an unearthly voice singing a soothing lullaby
Kazi: (( aww, the nanny? ))
DM: ((sounds that way)
Kazi: (( that may soothe Kazi a bit as Feliks helps wrestle her out of this get up ))
Cross: "There was an inmate at that place, seems he was being questioned extensivly about something but I never did dicern what. His name was *blah, i fogot again*. He clearly wasn't insane"
DM: 'Many of them aren't, I am sure.
Aben: They have to prove guilt to get a foe arrested. But it's much easier to put them in the asylum where they can be questioned and protestationg of innocence are considered part of the insanity
Cross: "I thought you may know why he was being held. Honestly speaking, I feel sorry for him and if I knew his plight better I could at some point help him"
Flint: (i'm off to bed)
Cross: (cya)
Flint: (will leave server running, etc etc)
Aben: I'm afraid I don't.
Kazi: (( k, thanks Chris, night! ))
Aben: The name Sibaru is unknown to me. Sounds Tatsuo though
Aben: ((Night))
Aben: you might try talking to the embassy. It is possible they do not know he is held there
Cross: "Yes. he spoke Tatsuo. Hmm, I guess I will have to find out on my own. I apologize for imposing but I'm afraid I might have to once more...where might my room be?"
Aben: Help yourself to any of the unoccupied once. Llyssa is at the end of the hall, you may wish to room near her.
Cross: Thank you. Oh and I trust Kazi left you the notes'm sure they're arund. I hope they help. *heads off to a room*
Aben: thank you
DM: alrighty then, that's a wrap folks.
Kazi: (( yes, Kazi handed them over ))
Kazi: (( prior to the storming of the castle ))
Cross: kk
Kazi: (( along with her precious forbidden books ))
Kazi: (( which she will have a chat with Aben about later ))
DM: night all
Ashling: 'night
DM has disconnected.
Tanya has disconnected.
Cross: alright, night everyone
Joseph has disconnected.
Kazi: night everyone
Kazi: oh,
Kazi: um
Kazi: right
You have disconnected.