(2) Kazi (enter): 09:54
(1) supporter of global warming (enter): 09:54
(3) Flint (enter): 09:54
(2) Kazi: holla holla
(3) Flint: testingk
(3) Flint: i'm on laptop, mic is funky on this one
(2) Kazi: ah
(4) Slowthinker (enter): 09:56
(1) supporter of global warming: Matt will be late if he can even show at all. We've got plumbing issues and the guy just showed up to do some repair work on our car
(1) supporter of global warming: Dan has something going on as well, and Joseph (he also missed the first session) never got back to me at all
(3) Flint: bummer :/
(4) Slowthinker: Ouch
(2) Kazi: :(
(1) supporter of global warming: I am willing to continue because I did have a relatively slow session planned.

(3) Flint: Eric just got here, he'll be on in a sec

(1) supporter of global warmingSo we should be good enough even after I kill off Eric's character
(2) Kazi: Noooooooo
(1) supporter of global warmingafk plumber showed up, be back in about 10
(2) Kazi: k
(2) Kazi: flint has a whisper when he gets back
(5) Feliks (enter): 10:01
(1) supporter of global warmingseems he has it handled
(3) FlintI got my ISP issues resolved so there should be much less disconnects this week
(5) Feliksyo
(1) supporter of global warmingI can't use my headphones with vent though, so I might miss anything said over it. My speakers sucketh ass
(4) SlowthinkerI wasn't even able to connect to vent... I'll try again
(1) supporter of global warmingOkay, where were we?
(1) supporter of global warmingI'll go ahead and start, anyone else showing up can jump in.
(3) Flint(ben is that you?)
(4) Slowthinker(( Just let me know when/how I show up ))
(4) Slowthinker(( Yes! ))
(3) Flint(chris here)
(1) supporter of global warmingIt's morning, and the weather is starting to look a bit unpleasant. Storm clouds are gathering, and every now and then you see a bit of lightning in the distance
(1) supporter of global warmingAben will tell you there is a small mining settlement a couple hours ahead, and he wishes to try and make it there before the storm hits.
(5) Feliksonward!
(1) supporter of global warmingThe wagoneers are skeptical of the ability to make it before the rain, but agree that shelter may be the best option
(1) supporter of global warmingThe prisoner is silent.
(5) Felikslike, dead silent?
(1) supporter of global warmingHe is alive, but he gives off the distinct impression he's trying to ignore all of you
(2) Kazi: Tally ho!
** (2) Kazi keeps the prisoner company **
** (2) Kazi grins evily **
(3) Flint(( did we bury our dead? ))
(1) supporter of global warming(( the Amareth did ))
** (2) Kazi will nudge the recalcitrant prisoner with a boot to make sure he is alive every now and again **
(1) supporter of global warmingThe wagons get underway quickly and efficiently.
** (5) Feliks will give the prisoner some travel rations. **
(1) supporter of global warmingThe prisoner grunts when you do this, and says something in different language that you are fairly certain would have been unflattering
(3) Flintso, (to Aben), any idea who is after us?
(3) Flintthat first day was rather rough, wouldnt you say
(1) AbenI am n..n..not certain. There are m...many f...f...f...f....factions in Shieldmeet.
** (2) Kazi is totally unconcerned with the prisoner's discontent, but offers him some water from her waterskin, should he be interested **
(5) Feliks(( did anyone claim that bow? if not, I can use it. ))
(2) Kazi: (( don't think anyone did ))
(1) evillest DMYou've been underway about 45 minutes when a great flash of lightning ushers in a downpour. 
** (2) Kazi frowns and pulls up her cloak **
(1) evillest DMThe thunder is nearly deafening, and you think the lightning may actually have struck something nearby
** (3) Flint scrambles to protect his goods from the rain **
** (3) Flint tucks his guns somewhere safe inside the wagon **
(2) Kazi: (to the prisoner) I've a warm blanket, if you're suffering undue discomfort. Or, you can continue to ignore me. Up to you. (shrugs)
(1) evillest DMThe wagoneers have to do some fast work to keep the horses from spooking as more lightning arcs across the sky.
(1) evillest DMDima almost loses control of his wagon, and anyone riding with him should make a dex check (he is wagon 4)
(5) FeliksAbility Score Check: Dexterity [1d20+0+4] => [20,0,4] = (24)
(3) Flint(( I'm in 3 I think ))
(2) Kazi: Abilities: DEX [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
(1) evillest DM3 has Flint's gear. 4 is mostly empty, so it may be the most comfortable for riders
(5) Feliksand prisoner?
(5) Feliksas that's where I am
(2) Kazi: And me!
(4) evilest DMA large, ugly form appears from behind, backlit for only an instant by a flash of lightning and accompanied by a crash of thunder... it is difficult to make out anything but the enormous sword on its back.
(1) evillest DM1 = foodstuffs, 2 = digging supplies 3 = Flint's gear 4= prisoner and some sacks 5= foodstuffs and water barrells
(2) Kazi: Don't forget me!
(1) evillest DMAben appears startled at the form approaching
(1) evillest DM(nobody falls out of wagon 4)
You must be a GM to use this feature
(5) Feliksthere's a form approaching?
(1) evillest DMyep
(1) evillest DMJinan and Rayner both draw weapons
** (2) Kazi readies her crossbow **
** (3) Flint curses, and gets his weapons back out, muttering about rust... **
(4) Mysterious FormI'm looking for Kathak Quickblades Kanemavutho
(4) Mysterious FormIs he here?
(1) evillest DMAben responds 'I s..s...s...sent him ahead. W..w..who are you?'
(4) Mysterious FormMy name is Oakigo Slowthinker Throzair Kanemavutho.
(4) Mysterious FormI'm his brother.
(1) evillest DMAben visibly relaxes 'oh, he f..f...f.found you then? W..w...wonderful! Welcome!'
** (5) Feliks looks over. Is he huge? **
** (2) Kazi raises an eyebrow **
** (4) Mysterious Form is pretty big. (I need to look up the stats on goliath average height, but for now say he's quite large, while still being medium-sized) **
(1) evillest DM(( you should describe yourselves as well ))
(3) Flint(I think Quickblades is 7' 7"
(3) Flint)
(1) evillest DM(( goliaths can top 8 feet I think ))
** (2) Kazi is going to get a creek in her neck just talking to these boys! **
(5) Feliks(( i guess I meant for a human, is he big? not Huge, game terms. ))
(5) Feliks::Description:: Feliks Havel stands at 5'6" tall, and is 18 years old. He has a cocky grin, cocky copper colored eyes, arrogant jet black hair and a strutting rooster image on his shirt. He carries a rapier, and has a spiked gauntlet and buckler on his left arm.
** (3) Flint is a gnome, standing at 3' 7". He is wearing goggles and a long tailed jacket. He has strange weapons on his belt and back ((a Musket and a Pistol)) **
(1) evillest DMThe wagoneers all appear to be dressed as Sclavini. Maksim and Kae are obviously related, agewise you'd figure Maksim for Kae's son. Lev and Dima also bear a resemblance to each other and Feodor. Two men dressed as Amareth take point position. Aben is a well-dressed Basira man who has managed to stay impressivly dry in this rain.
(2) Kazi: Kazi is a Sclavini woman, 18 yrs of age, with a wealth of black curly hair, standing 5'2
(2) Kazi: she has hazel eyes, and carries a whip, a throwing axe, a crossbow, and also wears a spiked gauntles
** (4) Slowthinker is, now that you can get a slightly better look, around the same height as Quickblades. He is wearing a well-made chain shirt over a tunic, which is probably a bit unusual for a goliath... which he most definitely is **
(2) Kazi: (if I could type, that would be spiked gauntlet)
(3) Flintmy, he's a big one, isn't he.  
(1) evillest DMAben says 'p..p...p...p..please make yourself comfortable. You are w..w...w..welcome in our wagons.'  
** (4) Slowthinker appears to be carrying little in the way of weaponry other than an enormous sword... it looks out of place even on a figure as large as his. **
(2) Kazi: (( Kazi wears black leather breeches, knee high leather boots, a white silk shirt, black studded leather armor, a blakc felt hat with a purple featherand a cback cloak ))
(5) Feliks(speaking slowly) Why...do...they...call...you...Slow...thinker?
(2) Kazi: goddammit, black cloak
(4) SlowthinkerAh, that was because I'm rather deliberate... and I overthink things a bit.
(4) SlowthinkerActually, the elves call me Throzair, because I'm so quick and impulsive.
(5) FeliksOh, so you're not...slow?
** (3) Flint grins broadly, offering his hand "Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. YOu can call me Flint." **
(5) Felikslike, in the mind?
** (2) Kazi cocks her head to the side, pursing her lips **
(4) SlowthinkerIt all depends on your point of view
** (4) Slowthinker gives a large grin **
** (5) Feliks breathes a sigh of relief. **
(2) Kazi: Welcome, Sir Slowthinker (bows with a flourish)
(4) SlowthinkerSo you say I can meet my brother on ahead?
(4) SlowthinkerOr would it be more polite to wait here?
(1) evillest DMAben looks a bit confused at the conversation, then shrugs and indicates the wagons should continue. Kae and Feodor converse a bit between themselves, and then continue on, but at a slow, careful pace with Feodor occasionally disembarking from the wagon to check the road ahead.
(1) evillest DMAben says 'we are g...g....g..going to him. Travel with us'
(4) SlowthinkerI must confess, I have had few dealings with humans... or ...
(1) evillest DMhe smiles warmly
** (4) Slowthinker glances at Flint **
(3) Flint../
(3) Flint?
(3) FlintGnome?
(4) SlowthinkerAh, gnome.
(4) SlowthinkerRight.
(3) FlintI'm not a child, if that's what you were thinking
(2) Kazi: (to Feliks in Sclavini) Watch over our friend? (glances at the prisoner)
(5) FeliksHe has a boomstick!
(1) evillest DM(( we will assume Lalinlor and Quickblades both went ahead ))
(1) evillest DMThe wagons continue for about another half hour when you are all called upon to make a spot check
(1) evillest DM[1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
(1) evillest DM[1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
** (3) Flint trots back on to the 3rd wagon **
(2) Kazi: Skills: Spot Check: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
(5) Feliks[1d20] => [5] = (5)
(3) FlintSpot: [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
(4) Slowthinker[1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
(1) evillest DMwow.
** (4) Slowthinker is a slow spotter too **
(2) Kazi: (( Kazi has vaulted off her wagon to go ride with Aben and Feodor ))
(1) evillest DMRayner shouts out 'WATCH IT' and points left
(3) FlintEYAAHAHH!!! take cover!! left side
** (4) Slowthinker is following along, conversing with whoever wants to... **
(1) evillest DM[1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
** (4) Slowthinker draws his sword and looks frantically over to the left **
(1) evillest DMThere is a loud sound like thunder and a massive rock slams into the 2nd wagon, knocking it off the road and down the bit of a slope on the right
** (5) Feliks leaps off the wagon, running to the left **
(3) Flintwhat the hell?!
(1) evillest DMRayner charges to the left, Jinan goes to the wagon. Kae leaps off his wagon and also rushes to the 2nd wagon
(2) Kazi: Crap! Maksim!
** (2) Kazi leaps off her wagon and runs down to the 2nd wagon **
(1) evillest DMAnyone looking to the left sees Rayner with his bow out, shooting at something.
(1) evillest DMAnyone looking to the right sees a horse with an obviously broken leg and a very smashed up wagon.
(5) Feliksso, is it a cliffy region?
(1) evillest DMNope, just slightly hilly.
** (3) Flint checks for targets to the left, readying his gun **
** (4) Slowthinker dashes toward Rayner, trying to see what he's shooting at. **
(5) Feliksi'll follow the arrows, rapier drawn
(1) evillest DMInitiative?
(2) Kazi: Initiative: Kazi [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7) init
(3) Flintone sec,I'll call for it
(2) Kazi: oops
(3) Flint
Starting Round 1 [D20]
(3) FlintRoll New Initiatives

(1) evillest DM(( for some reason, when I try to use the tool, OpenRPG crashes on me ))
(5) FeliksInitiative:  [1d20+4+0+0] => [7,4,0,0] = (11)
(3) FlintFlint  added to list at init count 18 !
(3) FlintFlint [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18) init
(2) Kazi: [Kazi 7d1 init] => Kazi 7d1 init
(3) Flint added to list at init count 2 !
(2) Kazi: shit
(1) evillest DMbad guy init [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
(3) Flintbad guy init  added to list at init count 8 !
(5) FeliksFeliks [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8) init
(3) FlintFeliks  added to list at init count 8 !
(4) SlowthinkerSlowthinker [1d20] => [17] = (17) init
(3) FlintSlowthinker  added to list at init count 17 !
(1) evillest DMgood guy ini [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
(2) Kazi: Kazi [7d1] => [1,1,1,1,1,1,1] = (7) init
(3) FlintKazi  added to list at init count 7 !
(2) Kazi: there we go
(3) Flintgood guys need to reroll
(1) evillest DMgood guy init [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
(3) Flintgood guy init  added to list at init count 3 !
(3) Flint

Initiatives (Current Count: 0; Sandglass: off):
 1) : [18] Flint 
 2) : [17] Slowthinker 
 3) : [8] bad guy init 
 4) : [8] Feliks 
 5) : [7] Kazi 
 6) : [3] good guy init 
 7) : [2] 

(3) Flint has been removed from the initiative list !
(3) Flint:             
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [18] Flint  
(on deck: [17] Slowthinker )   

(3) Flint(( can I see any bad guys? ))
(1) evillest DM(( one sec ))
(1) evillest DM(( if you can beat a 10 on a spot check, you certainly can ))
(3) Flint(( I rolled 22 earlier, do you want another roll though? ))
(1) evillest DMground slopes up at about a 10 degree angle in the direction of the arrow
(1) evillest DMYou see them
(1) evillest DMand you actually have a clear shot
(3) Flint(( yep, they appear to be about 130' away or so ))
** (3) Flint lets a shot ring out from his musket **
(3) FlintMusket: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
(1) evillest DMhit
(3) Flint(( 150' range increment ))
(1) evillest DMdeal some damage
(3) Flintdamage [1d10] => [2] = (2)
** (3) Flint is done **
(3) Flint:             
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [17] Slowthinker  
(on deck: [8] bad guy init )   

** (4) Slowthinker says something that's drowned out by the chaos, and runs forward, slicing at something with his sword **
(4) Slowthinker[1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) attack
** (4) Slowthinker probably misses  **
(3) Flint(( you need a mini? ))
(1) evillest DM(( just a tad ))
(1) evillest DMafk one sec, sorry
** (4) Slowthinker is done **
(3) Flint:             
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [8] bad guy init  
(on deck: [8] Feliks )   

(3) Flint(( thought goliath's didn't get reach? (by default anyway) ))
** (4) Slowthinker doesn't, I don't think **
(1) evillest DM(( he doesn't, I just didn't position the mini very well ))
(1) evillest DM(( stupid plumber just drove off and I still have no running water AHHHHH ))
(5) Feliksaiieeeee!
(3) Flint(( maybe he's getting parts ))
(1) evillest DM[1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
(1) evillest DMsword at Slowthinker
(1) evillest DM(( he better be getting parts. The ground here is frozen and I really don't want to have to dig a grave ))
(1) evillest DMThe 2nd guy closes with Rayner but can't make an attack
(1) evillest DM[1d8+3] => [2,3] = (5)
(1) evillest DMbaddies are done
(4) Slowthinker(( I take it I don't get an AOO on the other guy? ))
(1) evillest DM(( he was 10 feet from the other guy ))
(3) Flint:             
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [8] Feliks  
(on deck: [7] Kazi )   

(5) Feliksrunning full tilt, and done
(3) Flint:             
(on deck: [3] good guy init )   

** (2) Kazi checks on Maskim and the wagon in general **
(1) evillest DMMaksim's leg is bent in a direction it was never meant to go and he has a head wound that is bleeding, as well as blood on his abdomen. The wagon could probably be fixed, but not quickly and probably not in this weather.
(3) Flint(( that had our digging supplies in it too ))
(2) Kazi: would a potion of CLW help him? I think my heal check will probably do more harm than good
(1) evillest DMHe is alive but unconcious, so it would help.
** (2) Kazi administers a CLW potion... is that d8+1? **
(1) evillest DMafk again, sorry
(3) Flint(( by default yeah ))
(2) Kazi: CLW : [1d8+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(2) Kazi: well shit
** (2) Kazi is done **
(3) Flint(( waiting for the GM anyways ))
(2) Kazi: Er... things are looking so good over here! (free action)
(1) evillest DMokay
(2) Kazi: (( he has 3 HP ))
(1) evillest DMcan go on, Maksim looks a bit healther, though he is still unconcious
(3) Flint:             
6) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [3] good guy init  
(on deck: [18] Flint )   

(1) evillest DMKae helps Kazi tend to Maksim, the other wagoneers group around
(1) evillest DM[1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
(1) evillest DM[1d6] => [6] = (6)
(1) evillest DMFor a worthless Amareth, Rayner makes a good showing of himself. Jinan tries to deal with the horse
(1) evillest DMdone
(3) Flint
End of Round
Starting Round # 2

(3) Flint:             
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [18] Flint  
(on deck: [17] Slowthinker )   

(1) evillest DM(( you still have line of sight to both baddies ))
** (3) Flint leaps off the wagon, moving towards the swordsman. He draws his sidearm and takes a shot at the one near Rayner **
(3) FlintPistol: [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(3) Flinti'll try an AP
(3) Flint[1d6] => [4] = (4)
(1) evillest DMhit
(3) Flintdamage [1d8] => [7] = (7)
(1) evillest DMhe has owies.
(4) Slowthinkershowinits
** (3) Flint is done **
(3) Flint:             
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING:  [17] Slowthinker  
(on deck: [8] bad guy init )   

(4) Slowthinker(( hm, I can's do that, can I... ))
(3) Flint

Initiatives (Current Count: 17; Sandglass: off):
 1) : [18] Flint 
 2) : [17] Slowthinker 
 3) : [8] bad guy init 
 4) : [8] Feliks 
 5) : [7] Kazi 
 6) : [3] good guy init 

** (4) Slowthinker grunts with pain and takes another swipe at the swordsman in front of him **
(4) Slowthinkerattack [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
(4) Slowthinkerap: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
(4) Slowthinkerdamage: [2d8+6] => [5,4,6] = (15)
(1) evillest DMHit
(3) Flint(( ow, that's a big sword ))
(2) Kazi: dang!
(4) Slowthinker(( yes... yes it is ))
(3) Flint(( large greatword? ))
(1) evillest DMcan end initiative at your whim
(4) Slowthinker(( well, huge ))
(4) Slowthinker(( right, sorry ))
(4) Slowthinker(( done ))
(3) FlintClearing Initiative List !
(3) Flint(( out of init now ))
** (3) Flint reloads his weapons **
(2) Kazi: (in Sclavini, to the wagoneers) how bad is it? (glancing at the wagon and Maksim
(2) Kazi: )
(5) FeliksAbility Score Check: Dexterity [1d20+0+4] => [3,0,4] = (7)
(5) FeliksSkill Check: Heal  [1d20+0+0+0] => [9,0,0,0] = (9)
** (4) Slowthinker picks up both halves of his guy and carries them over to the other one **
(1) evillest DMKae responds in Sclavini "the important part will be okay, but I think the horse and wagon are irrepairable."
(4) SlowthinkerAre they both dead?
(5) Feliks(( sorry, wri=ong button, trying to stabilize dying guy ))
** (2) Kazi frowns, nods **
(1) evillest DM(since the heal check of Felix failed, yes, both dead)
(2) Kazi: Good that Maskim will be all right... but this constant effort to delay us is troubling
(2) Kazi: Can we move the contents of the wagon to another?
(1) evillest DMEasily.
(5) Felikswell, he's gone.
(3) FlintLet's get what we can out of the wagon on to the other ones that have space. We'll need the equipment
(4) SlowthinkerWhat's going on here? Who are these people?
(3) FlintOur little expedition isn't too popular. This is the 3rd attack on us in 2 days
(5) Felikspains in our collective ass is what they are
(1) evillest DMboth badguys had longswords, leather armor (somewhat battered now), handaxes, some rope, and coin purses containing 30 gold each
(2) Kazi: (( will note ))
(3) Flintand where did they get a boulder?
(3) Flintwas it magic?
(1) evillest DMKae carries Maksim to Lev's wagon and puts him inside carefully
(1) evillest DM(( there are some rocky outcroppings around, and you are coming up on a mining settlement. The bad guys were human btw ))
** (2) Kazi will sit with Maksim **
(3) Flintlet's get to town as soon as we pack up
(1) evillest DMThe others get the gear out of the 2nd wagon and load it into the 4th and 5th wagons. Kae puts the horse out of it's misery since the druid isn't here to object
(3) Flint(( where is he anyway ))
(1) evillest DMIt takes another half hour to reach the settlement. It's small, tiny really, maybe a total population of 25 people, 20 of which are dwarves. There isn't an inn to speak of, just a building that sort of serves as a multipurpose room for the town.
(1) evillest DM(( always fun to game with half the party missing. dunno, neither he nor the other guy responded to emails, but like I said, slow session, I won't worry, just use it to get to guys where you need to go ))
(2) Kazi: Skills: Heal Check: [1d20] => [10] = (10)
(2) Kazi: eh, crap
(3) Flinthow long are we staying here, Aben?
(1) evillest DMThere is however, a very good smith here.
(1) evillest DMAben responds 'until the r..r..rain lets up, I suppose. And the b..b...b...b...boy recovers'
** (3) Flint nods **
(1) evillest DM'I suppose we n..n...need another wagon'
(3) Flintwe should find the healer we sent ahead.
(1) evillest DM(( I found him, he's shoulder deep in a car engine. we'll assume he spends time fixing Maksim. Gently, because Kae is watching carefully ))
(2) Kazi: (( as is Kazi ))
(4) SlowthinkerSo where did you say my brother was, again?
(1) evillest DMThis settlement mines the iron used by most Shieldmeet smiths.
(1) evillest DM(( he's around here somewhere ))
(1) evillest DMsince the two folks who said they'd just show up about half an hour late didn't show, what say we go ahead and call it here?
(3) Flintsure, up to you.
(2) Kazi: awwwwww
(3) Flinttoo bad about the crappy attendance
(4) Slowthinkerit does seem a little awkward, missing so many people
(1) evillest DMYou guys can do shopping and selling in this town if you'd like. I can do NPCs for you
** (4) Slowthinker was almost done entering his character, too... **
(2) Kazi: can anyone call the late people?
(2) Kazi: and kick some ass?
(1) evillest DMI'm hesitant to call the druid's player, as he was sick last time I talked to him and worried his kid was coming down sick as well.
(1) evillest DMDon't have the other guy's player.
(1) evillest DM's number
(2) Kazi: oh yuck
(2) Kazi: sick = bad
(1) evillest DMSo if you want to keep going and do interacting in the town, that's cool with me.
** (3) Flint is just about broke **
(1) evillest DMbut I don't want to continue on the 'adventure' cause there is too big a chance for TPK with so many folks missing.
(4) Slowthinkerin-game, I'd probably really want to be interacting with Dan's character right now...
(1) evillest DMYou guys do have some treasurey stuff to sell
(4) Slowthinkerlike I said, awkward
(1) evillest DMyeah
(4) Slowthinkerpfeh... treasure...
(1) evillest DMHe also indicated he might show up a little late, but not to count on it
(2) Kazi: well, I have the treasure list
(1) evillest DMyou can sell here at 60% list price.
(3) FlintKazi, let's sell what we can to split it up next time
(1) evillest DMand buy here for 95% list price.
(2) Kazi: k
(1) evillest DMprovided you are buying items made of iron or steel.
(1) evillest DMIf Kazi shows a little leg, you might be able to get a little better price. There are no females living in this town.
(5) FeliksSkill Check: Tumble  [1d20+4+5-0+4+0] => [13,4,5,0,4,0] = (26) 
(2) Kazi: Skills: Diplomacy Check: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
(2) Kazi: well, so much for that
(1) evillest DMsince it's raining too hard to work, most of the folks are in the common building gambling
(5) Feliksso it's a pit mine, and not a tunnel mine?
(1) evillest DMFeliks gets some applause for his tumbling
(2) Kazi: we have : 1 dagger, 3 leather armors, 2 longswords, 2 handaxes
(3) Flintsell 'em all
(1) evillest DMIt's actually a little bit of both, but the rain is an excuse to take the day off
(1) evillest DMwasn't there a good bow in there somewhere too?
(3) FlintFeliks has it now.
(1) evillest DMokay
(2) Kazi: one of the leather armor was sort of bloody ...
(2) Kazi: appraised at 1 gp
(1) evillest DMOh, forgot. One of the guys had a set of masterwork trap-making tools
(1) evillest DMduh
(3) Flintcan anyone here use that?
(3) Flintif not, I say sell
(5) Feliksno good to me. not that kind of rogue.
(2) Kazi: so, 21 gp for full book value for armor (including the 1 gp for the messed up one)
(3) Flintbook price 55 gp for tools
(2) Kazi: dagger = 5 gp, according to our treasure page
(3) Flintsell armor and tools for .6 * 76 gp
(3) Flint45.6
(2) Kazi: 2 ls = 30 gp
(2) Kazi: 2 handaxes = 12 gp
(2) Kazi: 42*.6 = 25.2
(2) Kazi: so, 70.8 gp from selling stuff, plus 90 gp in gold from pouches
(3) Flintcool, throw it in our "bank" for now
(2) Kazi: 160.8 total 
(2) Kazi: will do
(3) FlintI've got nothing else then, till next time, methinks
(2) Kazi: sigh, I guess I am done too, pout pout
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (2) Kazi wants to fight too! **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
(3) Flintspammer!
(1) evillest DMsorry, was on phone
(3) Flintwe sold stuff and we're all set now, I think
(1) evillest DMthere are a couple interesting things for sale here
(3) Flintdo tel
(3) Flintl
(2) Kazi: (( is that a macro, Feliks? ))
(5) Feliks(( yes ))
** (5) Feliks wants to fight. **
(2) Kazi: Skills: Tumble Check: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
(1) evillest DMfor a mere 95 gold, you can get a gemstone that, when attached to a weapon of masterwork quality, will cause it to function like a torch that illuminates out to 5'. This item can be easily removed and attached to different weapons.
(3) Flintjust 5'?
(1) evillest DM(( the performers can earn about 1 gp worth of copper and silver pieces by performing ))
(1) evillest DMbut that's not all. Another crystal, for a mere 300 gold, will give your weapon a +2 to hardness.
** (2) Kazi performs with gusto **
(2) Kazi: (( what does the +2 to hardness do? ))
(5) FeliksSkill Check: Perform Carnival Stunt  [1d20+2+4+0] => [19,2,4,0] = (25)
(1) evillest DMFor 200 gold, there is a gem that when attached to masterwork armor, will give you a bonus against the attack forms of many undead
(3) Flintall items have some hardness, it's a resistance to damage
(1) evillest DMAnd last, but certainly not least, a gem that when attached to armor prevents that armor from interfereing with your swiming, for the low price of 250 gp
(3) Flintis there someone in particular here that makes these gems?
(5) FeliksI eat fire like it's breakfast.
(1) evillest DMyes. yes there is.
** (2) Kazi tumbles and will do some comedic acting (see tumble check above) **
(2) Kazi: Skills: Perform(Act) Check: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
(1) evillest DMthere is also a mithral chain shirt for salel
(1) evillest DM(( Kazi earns herself about 10 gold for her tumbling, as well as one offer of marriage from an older dwarf ))
** (2) Kazi will politely decline, but will flirt outrageously **
** (5) Feliks is unconcerned by the attentions of the dwarf. **
** (2) Kazi blows Feliks a kiss **
(1) evillest DMThe dwarf(Guder Blackmace) that makes the magic gemstones can also enchant weapons and armor 
(1) evillest DMFeliks also gets 3 gold for the fire eating. No offers of marriage though
(1) evillest DMThere is gambling going on, and you are all invited to play in the dice games.
(1) evillest DMThe rule is simple. You roll 2 6 sided dice and bet a certain amount of gold that you will roll higher than your opponent.
** (2) Kazi will observe a bit with interest, but will not participate **
** (4) Slowthinker is oddly intrigued by the games **
** (3) Flint will give it a go. **
** (4) Slowthinker bets 2 gold against someone other than flint  **
(3) FlintHope you boys are ready to lose the clothes off your back!
(3) FlintI never roll below a 12. Ever! Bluff: [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
(5) Feliksyou'll make 5 outfits from one of Slowthinker's!
(1) evillest DMEach of you can find someone to take you up. A red-bearded dwarf will take Slowthinker's bet.
** (2) Kazi laughs lightly **
(1) evillest DMFlint, they are undetered by your boasting
** (3) Flint puts up 2gp vs. a Dwarf **
(1) evillest DMSlowthinker, your opponent rolls - 
(3) Flintlet's go, short stuff.
(1) evillest DM[2d6] => [1,6] = (7)
(1) evillest DMFlint, yours rolls 
(1) evillest DM[2d6] => [3,1] = (4)
(3) Flint[2d6] => [6,2] = (8)
(4) Slowthinker[2d6] => [4,6] = (10)
(1) evillest DMafk
(4) SlowthinkerInteresting game...
** (2) Kazi 's eyes widen in mock innocence **
(2) Kazi: my my!
** (2) Kazi goes to look for Feliks, who is not answering her whispers **
** (5) Feliks thinks Kazi should stage whisper in crowded bars **
** (2) Kazi is quite good at that **
(2) Kazi: Treasure is updated
(1) evillest DMsorry guys, I got to go
(3) Flintit
(3) Flintit's cool
(3) Flintso our next game is in 3 weeks correct?
(1) evillest DMyou guys can purchase the gems if you have the funds, otherwise, see ya then
(1) evillest DMI put the date on the homepage of the wiki
(3) Flintok, good luck with the plumbing/car
(1) evillest DM: Disconnecting from server...
(1) evillest DM (exit): 12:05
(2) Kazi: no funds, really
(3) Flintoh well, sorry Ben, hope things pick up next game
(2) Kazi: boohoo
(3) Flint: Disconnecting from server...
(3) Flint (exit): 12:07
(5) Feliks: Disconnecting from server...
(5) Feliks (exit): 12:07
Disconnecting from server...
Game disconnected!