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Dan (aka Whingknutt) has connected.
Tanya has connected.
Tanya: so... small group tonight, eh?
Dan (aka Whingknutt): yea, just the 4 of us.
Tanya: lets all go to the druid grove!
DM: want to take any of the NPCs with?
Tanya: I suppose it's a little soon to be taking Aletha anywhere
Chris: what's need to be done at the druid grove?
Tanya: Ash just wants to check in and see if they are still losing people to the cult
Tanya: that sort of thing
Chris: so, nothing for anyone to do but Ash...
QuickBlades: When's the last time we checked in with them. It would also provide me a good place to find out how my letter is received.
Tanya: last Ash was there was about three months ago before we went to Sclavini
Tanya: but yes, boring for Flint
DM: Flint, Aben will set you up with a good sized spot for a lab, and Maksim is willing to be a pair of hands for you as well
Chris: not really fair, but if that's what you've decided on, Flint will stay behind
Chris: (ok, Flint is glad for the help!)
DM: Flint would be allowed into the druid grove if he did want to go
DM: But he wouldn't be allowed to test any of the trees for their usability as kindling
Chris: he's really got nothing to do there though, other than to tag along
DM: alrighty then
DM: (huh, I wonder what's up with the black bars around some of the NPCs?
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DM: alrighty then, meanwhile, back at the ranch.....
DM: In the tavern, various folks are talking about rumors they have heard regarding the upcoming festival
Flint: tries to figure out what some of his competition will be, exhibit-wise
* Flint tries to figure out what some of his competition will be, exhibit-wise
Random Tavern Patron: I hear one of them gnomes has a machine that can let folks walk underwater
Flint: Whoa! Now THAT would be useful
Other Random Tavern Patron: Well, I heard one of them has a printing press that can print out waht you say!
Flint: Ha! I know the guy in charge of it ... it'll never work!
Random Tavern Patron: I heard they have a device that records and plays back music!
Flint: (( iGnome? ))
Other Random Tavern Patron: Speaking of music, did you hear about all the bards coming in?
Other Random Tavern Patron: (yes)
Random Tavern Patron: I heard that the council lords are going to be offering prizes for some of the contests!
Other Random Tavern Patron: One is offering a prize for the device that lets him see the smallest object in detail!
Random Tavern Patron: Hah, Itotians are nuts
Random Tavern Patron: I just wish one of them would invent a way of getting these murderers off the streets
Flint: Prizes! Any word on what? Is it monetary??
Other Random Tavern Patron: Yep
Other Random Tavern Patron: Lot of gold
Other Random Tavern Patron: Hundred or so
* Gervasi keeps Flint's drink filled
* Quan Ti enters the tavern, looking around a moment before going to sit at an empty table
Flint: ((whozat? familiar looking?))
Random Tavern Patron: There are going to be prizes for the gladiators too, and for the races
Flint: Quickblades should join the gladiator competition...
Flint: Where is he, anyway...
* Quan Ti is an obviously Tatsuo man, wearing a pair of swords. He is lightly armored
* QuickBlades is unfortunately hiding out until he has settled the hit put out on him.
* Quan Ti glances at Flint when the name 'Quickblades' is mentioned
Flint: I'm telling you, Quickblades is the BEST!! (to whoeevr will listen)
Cross: ((better question, do I recognize this Quan Ti, assuming I'm there))
Flint: The guy can crush boulders with his BARE HANDS. He doesn't even NEED those samurai swords!
Quan Ti: You know Kathak then?
Flint: Me? I don't know that name...
Quan Ti: He is oft called Quickblades
Flint: Yeah. Big goliath. He's a friend o' mine!
Quan Ti: You are friends then? Do you know where he is?
Flint: Nah, sorry. He comes in and out on his own business.
Quan Ti: I see. I would like to leave a message for him
Flint: surrrre! *hic*
Flint: (stop spiking my ale, Gervasi)
Cross: ((I am there, right?))
DM: ((yes))
Cross: **coming up to the rowdy Gnome** "Ah, Flint my friend. Who is your friend here?" **noting the Tatsuo**
* Quan Ti swings a longsword at Flint « 1d20+13 ⇒ 3 + 13 = 16 » for « 1d8+6 ⇒ 2 + 6 = 8 »
Quan Ti: do tell him I stopped by
* Quan Ti turns to leave
Abbi: Wait just a damn minute!
Flint: (whoa, did he really hit me? or try to?)
DM: ((yep))
Flint: ((my flatfooted AC is 14 so I guess he hit ))
Flint: Owwww!!! Help!
Cross: ((did me coming up and talking even happen?))
Quan Ti: Kindly step out of my way, lass
DM: (yes)
DM: ((initiative may be needed now))
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( what we really need here is walkie-talkies... or push-to-talk ))
Flint: ok, need me to track?
DM: please
Flint: Initative: « 1d20+3+mod ⇒ 12 + 3 + 0 = 15 »
Cross: Initative: « 1d20+0 ⇒ 18 + 0 = 18 »
Cross: ((one good roll of the night I bet))
Quan Ti: initiative « 1d20+3 ⇒ 17 + 3 = 20 »
Abbi: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 »
Cianan: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 13 + 2 = 15 »
DM: okay
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( You guys may have wanted to wait for me... ))
Cross: ((do we have our weapons, those of us that keep weapons anyway? I know I have my katana but...))
Flint: (I can't exactly wait ... he hit me first!)
DM: ((if you wear it normally, you have it now))
Flint: (Quan Ti is up first)
DM: (other NPCs Init - « 1d20 ⇒ 4 »
DM: (afk phone)
DM: (back)
DM: okay, who was I about to kill? Oh, right
Quan Ti: I said out of my way
* Quan Ti swings at Abbi « 1d20+13 ⇒ 1 + 13 = 14 » for « 1d8+6 ⇒ 4 + 6 = 10 » and an attempt to trip « 1d20+17 ⇒ 10 + 17 = 27 »
Flint: (yay, a 1)
Quan Ti: « 1d4 ⇒ 1 »
DM: (but no crit fumble)
Flint: (Cianan is up next)
Cianan: Drop your weapons!
* Cianan blocks Quan Ti's path and holds action
Flint: (Flint's next)
* Flint stumbles backwars, clutching his arm
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance he becomes dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 5 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 6 »
* Flint begins shaping a mass of solidified ectoplasm that has appeared before him. He appears to be shaping it into a creature...
Psi Power: Astral Construct (PP Varies, Metacreativity (Creation)): Flint creates a temporary astral construct to do his bidding.
Flint: (the creature has long spindly tentacle arms that look just right for grabbing its target)
* Flint is dazed now, however, and is done
Flint: (Corss is next)
Flint: (also, the manifestation time is 1 round so the creature is still forming)
Cross: ((1 sec, have to look up this spell))
Cross: ((ok))
Cross: **Cross chants a small prayer and touches Flint, a shimmer appears before Flint (Shield of Faith)**
Cross: **and then pulls his mace to bear**
Cross: ((Shield of Faith: This spell creates a shimmering, magical field around the touched creature that averts attacks. The spell grants the subject a +2 deflection bonus to AC, with an additional +1 to the bonus for every six levels you have))
Flint: (Abbi is next)
Abbi: You'll want to be dropping your sword now
* Abbi holds action to see if he does so
Flint: (other NPCs go now)
* Other Random Tavern Patron gets the hell out of the way
* Random Tavern Patron gets the hell out of the way
* Gervasi goes looking for backup
Flint: (Quan Ti's up again.)
QuickBlades: Initiative: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 11 + 3 = 14 »
* QuickBlades will come running as fast as possible (160/round)
* Quan Ti tries to move past Abbi and Ciaran « 1d20+17 ⇒ 2 + 17 = 19 » tumble check
DM: (doh, takes an attack of opportunity)
Flint: (Abbi/Cianan get held actions too?)
* Abbi swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 4 + 4 = 8 » for AoO « 1d8+6 ⇒ 4 + 6 = 10 » and « 1d20+4 ⇒ 19 + 4 = 23 » for held action « 1d8+6 ⇒ 8 + 6 = 14 »
* Cianan swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 14 + 4 = 18 » for AoO « 1d8+5 ⇒ 4 + 5 = 9 » and « 1d20+4 ⇒ 5 + 4 = 9 » for held action « 1d8+5 ⇒ 1 + 5 = 6 »
DM: each hits him once, good
Flint: (I had the init wrong last round, so Cross is actually up next)
Cross: give me a sec, turns out my better spells aren't on the srd
Flint: (you should really make macros for your frequently used spells)
Cross: well this is the first time he's casted a spell...
Cross: ok
Cross: **casting mass lesser vigor, targeting Flint and Abbi**
Cross: ((basically fast healing ))
Flint: (cool, how much?)
Cross: ((for 1, let me see if my augment healing effects that))
DM: (nope)
Cross: ((lasts 15 rounds))
Flint: (Anyhow, Flint's up next .... he heals a li'l bit)
* Flint is dazed, overcome by the psychic backlash, so he's done for this turn. His new pet stands motionless without being commanded./
Flint: (QB is up next)
QuickBlades: (( have I arrived at the tavern? ))
DM: (where were you hiding out?)
QuickBlades: (( close to the livestock (if Aben has any), probably looking out at the closest mountain range ))
DM: ((so 2nd floor of the barn? 4x move you could be at the door of the tavern)
* QuickBlades sprints to the tavern
Flint: (Other NPCs are up, if any)
DM: (the visible ones are staying the hell out of the way)
Flint: (Cianan and Abbi changed initiative, so they get to go now)
QuickBlades: (( having heard a commotion, and anticipating a dishonerable ninja-like assasination is surprised he was not the first target. ))
* Cianan swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 » for « 1d8+5 ⇒ 2 + 5 = 7 »
* Abbi swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 5 + 4 = 9 » for « 1d8+5 ⇒ 2 + 5 = 7 »
Cianan: « 1d4 ⇒ 2 »
DM: both miss
Flint: (Quan Ti next, then)
* Quan Ti tries to tumble past Abbi and Ciaran again « 1d20+17 ⇒ 5 + 17 = 22 »
* Quan Ti fails, and decides to go for broke « 1d20+13 ⇒ 11 + 13 = 24 » for « 1d8+6 ⇒ 7 + 6 = 13 »
Quan Ti: pity, you folks are going to make me kill you, aren't you?
Flint: (i thought DC 20 was ok?)
DM: (is it 20 or 25?
Flint: sorry it is 25
Flint: but 15 to go around them at half move?
DM: oh, in that case, he'll do that
DM: ignore the hit then
DM: he's also at the door of the tavern
DM: and he is done
* Flint shakes his head a bit, then orders his construct to try and knock him out
Astral Construct: Slam (nonlethal): « 1d20+10 ⇒ 15 + 10 = 25 »
DM: (hit)
Astral Construct: « 1d6+10 ⇒ 4 + 10 = 14 »
* Flint also attempts a mind blast
* Quan Ti curses
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (6 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 40 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
Flint: (no surge this time)
* Quan Ti uses moment of perfect mind « 1d20+13 ⇒ 9 + 13 = 22 »
Flint: (QB is up)
DM: upon opening the door (it opens inwards), QB will see Quan Ti
QuickBlades: You!
* QuickBlades has his blades in his hands instantaneously, and attacks
QuickBlades: (( does quick-draw allow me to make a full round attack? ))
DM: ((I don't think so))
Flint: (if you haven't moved yet, I would think so)
QuickBlades: (( and is he flanked? ))
DM: ((yes he is flanked, but you'd have to use a move action to open the door)
QuickBlades: Attack: « 1d20+9+MOD ⇒ 8 + 9 + 2 = 19 »
Damage: «
 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 10 + 4 + 0 = 14 »
* QuickBlades readies for the return attack
QuickBlades: ((done))
Flint: (other NPCs?)
DM: the visible ones are scrambling away
Flint: (Abbi/Cianan are up)
* Cianan swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 15 + 4 = 19 » for « 1d8+5 ⇒ 7 + 5 = 12 »
* Abbi swings in an attempt to deal nonlethal damage « 1d20+4 ⇒ 12 + 4 = 16 » for « 1d8+5 ⇒ 5 + 5 = 10 »
Flint: (Quan Ti is up)
Quan Ti: (in Tatsuo) I see, Kathak. You are afraid to fight an honorable duel, and will only battle with the aid of your friends
* Quan Ti tries to move past Quickblades « 1d20+17 ⇒ 9 + 17 = 26 »
* Quan Ti finally manages a decent roll
QuickBlades: Your presence here is an insult to my honor on behalf of your Shogun. I defeated his son fairly for those weapons. And I they are even being returned as we fight.
QuickBlades: (( aoo? ))
Quan Ti: (he made his tumble check)
* QuickBlades gives chase.
Flint: (Cross is up)
Quan Ti: (in Tatsuo) are they now? Well then, we shall see how the Shogun responds
* Quan Ti bows
* QuickBlades check's his pursuit and bows back.
QuickBlades: If he deems my death is still honorable, I shall fight you Samurai to Samurai.
Joseph has disconnected.
* Flint orders his construct to stop attacking.
* Flint moves outside the tavern.
Flint: What's going on, QB? (done)
Flint: (QB's action.)
Quan Ti: (in Tatsuo) If the battle was fair and the dishonor of the stolen blades undone, I may still like to test you, but in the battle circle, not the field
* Quan Ti bows and gives an almost smile before turning and walking away
Flint: You're just gonna let him go?!?!
Abbi: He did kind of poke the gnome with a sharp stick
QuickBlades: He said he will return to the Shogun that sent him, and that he may be back. But he has promised to call me out fairly, perhaps even if the Shogun does not order it.
* Flint looks at his wound which is closing rapidly, thanks to Cross's spell
Flint: Well, he was trying to send a message .... I thought it would be on paper...
Cianan: can't deny it got attention
* Cianan smiles at Flint
Cianan: you okay?
QuickBlades: If he comes on his own it will be as a test of skill, not of mortality.
Flint: I'll be fine. Got a migraine now though .... aghh
* Flint looks at his Construct, which shimmers and fades from existence.
QuickBlades: Hopefully the message gets to the Shogun before he does.
* Tanya comes up, "Is everything all right?"
* Ashling comes up, "Is everything all right?"
Ashling: (( oops ))
Flint: Hey Ash!! You just missed him!
Flint: This ninja guy came for QB's hide!
Ashling: This... what?
* QuickBlades gets a look of though on his face.
QuickBlades: You know, I don't think that was the Ninja Merc...
Gervasi: Everyone alright?
QuickBlades: We should stay sharp. Just in case.
Joseph has connected.
Flint: Whoever he was, he was dangerous ... doing crazy flips like that...
QuickBlades: But you all have reminded me of an important thing.
QuickBlades: I will hide no more.
Flint: I don't think even Feliks has movs like that...
QuickBlades: I have learned much in these past few months. I do not need to hide from these assasins any longer.
Random Tavern Patron: see, I told you, this place has the best bar fights!
Ashling: Is anyone hurt?
Flint: Surprisingly, no. Thanks to Cross!
* QuickBlades seems to have a new sense of himself.
QuickBlades: I'm going to have to see about armor though.
Flint: What are you gonna do next, Quickblades?
Flint: I take it that it's not "go after that guy" ...
QuickBlades: There has to be a way to get armor that will not be damaged by me, nor will damage me.
Joseph: "Quickblades, if I may, which shogun are you having problems with?"
QuickBlades: No, he will let us know if he intends to kill me. And he has at least a 2 week trip ahead of him.
QuickBlades: Flint, how are you with armorsmithing?
Flint: .... I've never tried!
Cross: "Quickblades, if I may, which shogun are you having problems with?" **
QuickBlades: Hmmm, then perhaps I should look into getting magical armor... a ring, or something of that sort...
Cross: ((forgot to change back into my alter-ego...))
QuickBlades: The Shogun's name is Jun'ichi.
QuickBlades: I feel that between my returning the Daisho, my letter and now one of his agents hearing my side of the story, he will have little that he can do openly.
QuickBlades: I am hoping that is the case.
QuickBlades: Otherwise he may try to bring a sizable contingent.
Cross: "Hmm, that would be the case if he sees what you did an attack on his family's honor."
Flint: Who would wanna kill you? You seem like a nice enough guy...
Gervasi: That wasn't the guy who was in asking about you earlier though.
Flint: It wasn't? Man...
QuickBlades: I only realized that after he had left.
QuickBlades: He was dressed in the more traditional Samurai style than the other agent would.
Flint: Quickblades, you should sign up for the Glatior contest!
Aben: dammit, Kae, I want to know what is going on!
Flint: It might be a chance to "expose" your enemies.
QuickBlades: I was not accepted to train to become a Samurai, so I learned from a distance. When I felt confident enough I challenged one of Jun'ichi's less deserving offspring to a dual. I fought him with Bushido, a set of wooden Daisho. After I broke both of his legs I claimed his weapons as my prize. The only dishonerable aspect of all of this was that I left him alive.
* Aben enters, followed by a protesting Kae
QuickBlades: If you all would keep watch for a lookout I will surely sign up.
Flint: With your name on the public roster, whoever is looking for you will know you're around
Flint: Then we can take action if he tries something...
Aben: what exactly happened?
QuickBlades: That sounds like as good a plan as we can have in the situation.
Flint: Hi Aben. I was chatting with some patrons, and Quickblades' name came up. Then this fellow took interest.
Flint: He cut me with a sword to "leave Qb a message, then the scuffle started...
Aben: Do I need to explain any corpses to the city watch?
Flint: Nope!
Aben: good. Did you get any blood on the floor?
Flint: um, I might have left some by your nnorth wall, there...
Cross: "Assassins and the like, he was a pro so he wouldn't have killed anyone except the target unless they posed a serious obsticle. Course that is only Tatsuo agents, I couldn't say it would have been the same had it been a different country invovled."
* Flint will thank Abbi and Cianan for leaping to his defense
Abbi: Thats what we are here for
Flint: (and Cross, too!)
Aben: well, as long as you are all safe and sound. Quickblades, do you want this incident reported?
Cross: (yay! compliment for the 1 hp regen a round!)
QuickBlades: No. This is not a local matter.
QuickBlades: It was a needed reminder even, of what my behaviour in this situation should be, rather than what it has been.
Aben: very well.
Aben: I take it then we do not need to worry about a repeat performance here?
Flint: We're doing something to avoid it, i think.
Flint: by making Quickblades a Gladiator!!
QuickBlades: I think so.
Kae: There is a hefty prize to be won in the gladitorial arena
Kae: 1000 gold, in the higher circles
Flint: By the Guilds!
Flint: Quick, you could get one o them magicked rings, I bet, for that
QuickBlades: That may even be enough to fetch me a solid bit of magical protection.
Kae: Won't be an easy fight though, and some folks have been killed in those battles
Cross: "Too bad my armor only appears different at command rather than actually changing shape to suit you. I would let you borrow it if it did"
QuickBlades: Well, as long as I don't get hit with a poison dart from the ninja that we know is out there, I should be able to take a few hits...
QuickBlades: As much as it would be appreciated, I would feel confined in most armor.
QuickBlades: Even these lethers are constricting...
Cross: "Well I found a need for mine through my travels, not everyone appreciated my presence"
Flint: Well let's go sign you up in any case. Maybe there'll be some familiar faces on the roster...
Rayner: (to Ashling) Where is Aletha?
Ashling: By the pond with Jerath.
* Ashling heads back that way...
* Rayner follows
* Flint is easily distracted, follows as well, with what's left of his ale...
DM: The area around the pond is devoid of knights and crazy women
Ashling: Well, they were here a moment ago...
* Rayner starts looking around
Rayner: Aletha! Jerath!
Cross: **Cross with follow Rayner and Ashling, not being the arena fighting sort**
* Ashling has Una hunt for their scents.
DM: Una finds their scents, leading toward the gate
* QuickBlades follows Flint
Ilridn: They went that way
* Ilridn points
Ashling: (follow the scent?)
Ilridn: The lass was running like devils were chasing her, and the kid was trying to catch her. Byrun went after them both
Flint: Ut oh. We'd better go get them...
Cross: ((wasn't Flint not with us?))
DM: ((he followed drunkenly)
Cross: ((ah, oh well, brb, going to fix a burger))
Flint: (I did follow along, but I've been tipst today)
DM: There are not a lot of folks on the street, but there are a couple watchmen
* QuickBlades keeps glancing around, to make sure nobody is hiding in a window.
DM: (afk 1 sec)
* Ashling asks a watchman, "Did you see a woman go running by here?"
DM: (back)
Watchman: sure did. Got a little concerned when the two guys followed, but she pointed out they were guards and the lass was sick.
* Watchman gestures at Ilridn
Watchman: They had it under control.
Watchman: Figured we'd let them handle it, that way it wouldn't get reported like
* Watchman taps the side of his nose with his forefinger
Flint: Well, which way did they go?
* Watchman points north
* Flint dumps out the rest of his ale, silently promises to pay Gervasi back for it
Flint: ok, let's go....
Watchman: Way she was runnin, she might try to swim the bay
Watchman: Good luck
* Flint gingerly starts to go in that direction, though he's not too quick in his current state...
* Ashling hurries north.
DM: From Aben's place, it's about half a mile to the canals
DM: spot checks
Flint: (any bodies floating here?)
DM: no floating bodies, but you do see someone's legs sticking out from behind a bunch of crates
* Flint points.
* Ashling rushes over to see who it is.
DM: Byrun is bleeding from a head wound, but is breathing
Ashling: Cure Light Wounds: « 1d8+MOD ⇒ 4 + 4 = 8 »
Ashling: (on Byrun)
Byrun: oow
Ashling: What happened?
* Byrun quickly gets to his feet
Byrun: dammit
Byrun: That girl hit me in the head with a bottle.
Ashling: What girl? Aletha?
Rayner: what did you do to her?
Byrun: yeah Aletha, and I didn't do a damn thing.
Byrun: I was just trying to cut her off so she wouldn't get to the bridge
Rayner: Where did she go?
Byrun: Did you miss the part where she hit me in the head with a bottle and knocked me out?
Rayner: Did you see where she was headed before that?
* Ashling sets Una down to find Aletha's scent again.
Flint: C'mon, let's get to the bridge, then!
Byrun: looked like she was going to the bridge
DM: sure enough, Una starts heading to the bridge
Ashling: (run to bridge)
DM: spot checks
DM: this time, you do spot folks in the water. Jerath is trying to get Aletha to shore, and as near as you can tell, Aletha is trying very hard to drown him
* Ashling dives in.
* Rayner also dives in
Ashling: (she is not wearing her armor)
* Flint runs to the closest spot he can, but doesn't jump in yet.
* QuickBlades dives in
Rayner: Aletha, sis, calm down
Aletha: Kill them, flay them, scratch out their eyes, don't let them see you! Don't let them see you
Flint: What in the world....?
DM: Between the four of you, you can manage to get Aletha to shore. She calms down almost immediately upon leaving the water
Aletha: Ashling, dear, why are you all wet?
Aletha: you'll catch your death of cold
Ashling: Lets talk about it back at Aben's.
* Jerath is having trouble walking, and is holding his side gingerly
Ashling: Jerath, are you hurt?
Jerath: I think....
* Jerath coughs up some blood
Jerath: maybe I am
Ashling: Cure Light Wounds: « 1d8+MOD ⇒ 7 + 4 = 11 »
* Jerath looks better
* Jerath flexes his arm carefully
Jerath: she's a lot stronger than she looks
Rayner: what happened?
Ashling: Maybe we had better have two with her at all times.
Jerath: She was looking at the pond, then said something about 'it went still', then started freaking out
Flint: Maybe keep her away from water?
Rayner: damn. Mirrors. She always freaks out when she can see her reflection. I didn't think about the pond
Aletha: Language, Rayner!
Rayner: sorry
Aletha: we shouldn't be on the streets. It's not safe.
* Aletha suddenly steps up on her tiptoes and starts waving wildly, grinning
* Ashling looks around to see who she's waving at.
* Aletha giggle
Aletha: s
DM: There are a lot of people on the bridge, you seem to be attracting a crowd
Ashling: (start back to Aben's)
Flint: Well, that should have people talking for tonight, anyway...
* Aletha follows, taking Ashling's hand and chatting to her about various items in storefront windows. She occasionally drags her feet and tugs at Ashling's hand to get a closer look at things
* Jerath follows, still limping slightly
Flint: Maybe tales will be spun of the Goliath with the swords who jumped into the river. *nudges QB* Could be just the press you're looking for...
Aletha: ooh, Ashling, look at these scarves!
Dan (aka Whingknutt): Press?
Cross: ((back, ended up having to cook alot more than i expected))
Aletha: can I have one, please?
Flint: Yeah. Like printing press. Ever seen one of those?
Ashling: Not now, dear, we are dripping water everywhere. The shopkeeper wouldn't like it.
* Aletha pouts and drags her feet like a child
Cross: "To be young, how I miss it"
Flint: You don't look that old to me..
Aletha: Flint, tell Ashling we need scarves
Rayner: We'll get you a scarf later
Cross: "Part of being of the elves I suppose."
Rayner: We need to get Jerath home before he gets sick. You have to make him tea and tuck him in
* Rayner gives Jerath an apologetic look
* Flint has an idea .... then realizes he's broke.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): No I haven't seen one of those.
* Aletha immediately begins lecturing Jerath on not going swimming in his clothes and fussing over him
* Jerath sighs
Cross: ((Did I jump in the river too?))
Flint: (I don't think you needed to, they had it under control)
DM: (not unless you wanted too)
DM: (it's nearing winter, and the water is damn cold)
DM: you all get back to Aben's house without further incident
Cross: (hmm, cold ass water in plate mail...nah)
* Aletha goes docilely to the house and heads straight for the kitchen
Dan (aka Whingknutt): (( and that will be it for me. ))
Ashling: (( 'night! ))
Cross: ((*waves*))
DM: (night)
QuickBlades: Flint, perhaps we can see what you can come up with for making a breastplate comfortable for me, or perhaps even just studded leathers...
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
* Ashling follows Aletha.
Aletha: We'll need hot tea. Or cocoa. Cocoa might be better.
Ashling: Let's put on dry things while the water warms.
Aletha: why?
Aletha: oh, dear, I'm all wet
Aletha: is it raining?
Ashling: We all fell into the canal.
Aletha: Canals are dangerous
Ashling: Yes, we'll have to be more careful.
Aletha: That one half-elf that used to guard the gate drowned in one
* Jerath blinks
Jerath: did she just?
Rayner: yeah, I'll warn her
* Jerath nods uncertainly
Aletha: you boys are being strange again
* Ashling puts on the kettle.
* Aletha starts taking off her wet clothes
* Jerath blinks and turns around, his face reddening
Ashling: Come, to your room first, dear.
* Flint averts his eyes
* Ashling takes her arm.
* Rayner sighs and grabs a cloak, throwing it around Aletha
Aletha: hmmm?
Cross: "Strange we are, now run along before you make the others blush to death"
Aletha: why are they blushing?
Ashling: Good question.
Flint: That's it, I need a smoke...
Rayner: Not all men are used to having women in their lives that randomly take their clothes off
Ashling: But in any case, your dry things are in your room, not here.
* Flint gets his pipe out..
Aletha: poor boys
* Aletha giggles and heads towards her room
Ashling: Indeed.
* Rayner figures Ashling can handle it and doesn't follow
Rayner: Sorry about that.
Cross: "They won't blush forever, though us married folk are hard to phase I guess"
* Ashling heads after her with a smile.
* Flint blows a smoke ring.
* Jerath sighs
Flint: Interesting day...
Cross: "Ninjas, canals, and well I doubt that will be all"
Jerath: I should invest in a pipe. I think I'm going to need it with her around
Jerath: Ninjas?
Flint: Oh, you know, the usual.... Samurai warrior starts a fight in a bar to egt to Quikblades' hide...
Flint: He got away...
Cross: Well it was close enough to a ninja, but an agent none the less
Jerath: eh, he probably faired better than I did. I nearly got killed by a lady half my size and unarmed
Cross: "Yes...we are going to have to fix that.
Flint: Ashling was right, you should have more people watch her.
Flint: That, or break all the mirrors in here.
Cross: She means no harm though. And who knows, what she 'sees' may be the truth and we the illusion.
Jerath: she says things though...knows things she shouldn't.
* Flint chokes on smoke when Cross says this...
Flint: Gods, I hope not...
Jerath: Aben wants us to write down everything she says but....
Rayner: sometimes she tells us things about ourselves we'd rather not know
Jerath: yeah
Cross: Sorry, my travels have shown me a great deal of ways of thinking.
* Aletha comes back in, clean and dry
Aletha: you've only begun to travel
Aletha: you haven't even seen the phoenix yet
* Aletha smiles and continues making cocoa
Cross: I have no doubt, I don't plan on stoping for some time. *not missing a beat*
Ashling: What, haven't you three changed clothes yet?
Flint: Is the phoenix before or after "I get married", precisely?
Jerath: we'll dry
Ashling: (though, actually, Ash hasn't either)
Aletha: oh, are you getting married?
Aletha: congratulations
Flint: Um....
* Aletha smiles and kisses Flint's forehead
Flint: nevermind...
Aletha: who is the lucky lady?
Flint: I .... um, haven't met her yet.. You see, you said ..... oh bother...
Cross: Oh yes, clothes... *snaps fingers for a more relaxed looked* Will this do? *smirking*
* Ashling points at the wet men. "Go change now."
* Flint is reduced to grumbling
Rayner: yes mother
* Rayner grabs Jerath's arm and drags him along
Aletha: I really should teach him manners
Aletha: cocoa anyone?
Flint: Sure.
* Aletha starts pouring cups
Cross: So Aletha, I'm quite interested. I love hearing about things from other people's points of view. How would you described me from what you've seen of me?
* Ashling will take a cup and sample it.
Aletha: You are sad about your cousin
Cross: *courtesly takes a cup but doesn't drink just yet*
* Aletha sips her tea
Aletha: (er, cocoa)
DM: (it is surprisingly good)
Aletha: and about your wife.
Flint: (do I catch crazy when I drink it?)
DM: (you had crazy before you drank it)
Flint: (oh, well then all is well)
Cross: Tell me, what of Amaya?
Aletha: She has a surprise for you
* Aletha smiles
Aletha: You'll like it
Aletha: I like her. She's a very nice woman. Solid.
Cross: If I was a betting man, I think I may know what that surprise is already, but as a man of the cloth I would never indulge in such things, right? *chuckling at his comment*
* Aletha gazes at Cross for a long moment
Cross: She would love to hear you say that by the way. She always did love compliments.
Cross: Not that she knew how to take them well.
Aletha: (in Tatsuo) Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
* Aletha sips her cocoa
* Rayner returns, followed by Jerath
Aletha: What did the druids say?
Cross: *gets up and pats Aletha on the head* You I like missy. *and goes to stare out a window sipping his cooa*
* Rayner raises an eyebrow at Cross
Ashling: Two more have gone missing.
* Aletha sighs.
Aletha: Someone should do something. They will just keep getting bolder and bolder.
Ashling: Do you know where to find them?
Aletha: find who?
Ashling: The ones taking our druids.
Aletha: Ask Evaric
Ashling: Ah, if only we knew where to find him.
Aletha: Didn't Lev bring him here?
Flint: (don't mind the Construct token, just adding some stats)
Ashling: (looks at Rayner) Did he?
* Rayner shakes his head from side to side
Rayner: We haven't seen hide or hair of them
Ashling: Then perhaps we will..
* Aletha finishes her tea
Aletha: (cocoa)
Aletha: can we go get scarves now?
Cross: You know what, if you don't mind, I will take her. I have gold to spare and a gift for the young lady is the least I could do after what she has been through.
Ashling: I still have to go put on dry things.
Cross: *looking away from the window*
* Aletha smiles at Cross
Aletha: let's go
Joseph has disconnected.
Rayner: I'll go too.
Jerath: Think she's right about Ilridn drowning?
Joseph has connected.
Joseph: ((Waaaahhgggg! I hate wireless net))
Ashling: MAybe if she is warned it won't come to pass.
Jerath: Maybe
Ashling: I should go change...
Ashling: (heads off to her room)
* Jerath shrugs to Flint
Jerath: Before I met you, my life seemed to make some sort of sense
DM: ((call it a wrap here?))
Ashling: (( sure ))
Flint: (sure)
DM: ((anyone have anything else to do 'today' or shall we pick up the next morning?))
Flint: (I'm good)
DM: Flint can make a bit more progress on his dirigible tonight if he wants
Chris: he'll do so. he's probably found other to help as well, by now
DM: you can also bring in some gnomish friends to work at the lab if you'd like
Chris: that's what I was thinking
Chris: FLint's providing the oversight and will build the more complicated parts, btu there's plenty else to do
Ashling: What are the arrangements for watching Aletha going to be like?
DM: Aben will comment about hiring someone from the healer's guild to help with watching her
Chris: Flint's too busy to help with Aletha, but we have plenty of guards at the tavern who could probably elp...
Ashling: uh, the healing guild that Lalinlor is so involved with?
DM: Can't judge the entire guild by Lalinlor. Besides, what have you ever 'seen' him do that was so bad ?
DM: oh, that reminds me
DM: a rumor will meet your ears
DM: Lalinlor is pushing to have control of the asylum officially turned over to the healer's guild, with a gnome bookkeeper to stand as overseer
Chris: I'll have Maggi upload the transcript, she's been saving them in her web space
DM: cool
DM: or we can always post them to a wiki page if she doesn't have the time
Chris: shouldn't take long
DM: okay