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DM: I wish maptools had a feature where I could force you all to listen to game 'theme' music. I just found my old collection
Tanya: oh lord
Chris: in OpenRPG there is a "/sound" command that lets you play stuff to all the clients
DM: lol
Chris: it was ... misued
DM: are you sure you want to risk telling me that?
Chris: misused*
Chris: one game got a little out of control with Evil Dead quotes
DM: I have everything from opera to gregorian chants to belly dance to harp to african drums to oh dear god what is that?
DM: Tanya, I actually have the music to go along with about half the lyrics I posted for you
Tanya: ooh, that would be handy
DM: Hazard of being a renaissance faire geek
DM: I have way to much Wagner too
Tanya: and don't forget the Conan soundtrack
DM: Now if I could find my CD of harp and mandolin covers of Bruce Springsteen, I could truly torture you all
DM: and yes, booze and a lost bet was involved in the making of said CD
Tanya: good gad
DM: It's kind of funny though.
DM: I get a lot of 'wait a minute, is that Born in the USA?'
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Tanya: I am trying to imagine it...
DM: I think my ex may have swiped it
DM: Alrighty, we've got a couple newbs with an interest. Try to scare them away
DM:, I think I said that right
Tanya: If we just had Born in the USA in harp that would be effective, I think
DM: Alrighty, our story begins the next day. It is evening, and the tavern is fairly busy
Flint: like I was saying, Quickblades just took these two guys, picked em up right by their shoulders, and threw em right through the wall!!
* Kae enters, looking grim
* Kae gestures for everyone not in Aben's study to join him there.
Kae: I just heard, there was another murder last night. Seafolk district
* Flint sighs, follows. "But you haven't heard the BEST part, I'll be right back..." (to J. Random Patron)
Kae: They haven't found several of the victim's body parts yet. Including the heart and right hand.
* Tanya shudders.
Tanya: (oops)
* Ashling shudders.
Kae: From what I heard, the victim was a sailor, and not a bad brawler. There was obviously a fight, and from what the watch found, it looks like one of the attackers was also badly wounded
Ashling: Oh? What did they find?
Kae: They only found the body about an hour ago
Kae: It might be worthwhile to head over there.
Flint: Maybe the attacker looked for treatment somewhere? Check the healer's guild for shady characters that may have come in?
Kae: It is possible that they are that stupid.
Ashling: Maybe we should head over there.
Rayner: (to Jerath) you'll keep an eye on her?
Jerath: yes.
* Aletha sticks her tongue out at Rayner
Rayner: (to Ashling) Healer's guild or site of the murder?
Ashling: Murder site, before they clean everything up.
Rayner: Let's go.
* Flint gets his things.
Ashling: (we go?)
DM: It takes you about 30 minutes to walk there
Flint: Kae? Can you track?
Kae: a bit.
Flint: He might've left a blood trail. The attacker, I mean
Ashling: Una can try for a scent trail.
* Ashling sets Una down.
Flint: Ok, try for both?
* Flint aproaches the Dwarf
Flint: 'allo, stoutfellow!
Flint: Ew, dirty work afoot it seems..
Dwarven Lawman: Aye, I'm not linkin' the looks of it!
* Rayner gazes about the crowd
Flint: (( do I recognize the victim by any chance? ))
DM: ((kind of hard to, as his face has been pretty well bashed in))
DM: There victim's body lies in a circle drawn in blood
Ashling: (( are there sigils or other marks?))
DM: it looks like someone started to scrawl something, but didn't finish it
Flint: ((there's gotta a be a trail outta here...))
Flint: (( is there a lot of people in the area? ))
DM: A large crowd has gathered
Flint: (to the lawman) I'm sorry if I overstep my bounds sir but these people are gonna contaminate the scene? Can we get them to move along?
Kae: looks like there were several of them.
Dwarven Lawman: (to flint) Ye be right, I be gettin them outta here up 'n quick
City Watchman: You folks need to step back
* Flint assists the dwarf.
Flint: Please move back, folks, let the professionals take a look.
* City Watchman looks at Flint
City Watchman: You best be moving back too
City Watchman: Vhid can handle the matter
Flint: Oh right, I'm with the gnomish investigator's guild. (Bluff)
DM: ((roll it))
Flint: hand him his engineering card (in gnomish)
Flint: Bluff « 1d20+9 ⇒ 6 + 9 = 15 »
Flint: (dangit)
* City Watchman nods
City Watchman: You should talk to Vhid then
* City Watchman gestures at the dwarven lawman
Dwarven Lawman: (to flint) That'd be a mighty big lie yer tellin' there short one!
* Ashling murmurs to Rayner, "Una has found a trail."
* City Watchman 3 goes on alert
Flint: You're right, I'm not with the guild, but I do want to see whoever did this brought to justice, friend
* Rayner murmurs back 'maybe we should go before Flint gets himself, and us, arrested?'
Flint: (Diplomacy?)
Ashling: (which way does the trail lead?)
DM: ((Vhid aka Dwarven Lawman is a PC, so you can roll it, but up to him how he reacts))
DM: ((south))
Dwarven Lawman: (to flint) Yeh have no business in this matter! Why would you be stickin' yer nose aroun' here?
Kae: Easy friend, we are just concerned citizens
Ashling: Yes, let's go.
Dwarven Lawman: (to kae) Might yeh know anythin' to help, then?
* Kae glances at Flint with a raised eyebrow
Flint: It seems like our furry friend has picked up a scent (nods to the weasel)
City Watchman: We can finish here Sir, if you want to take to the trail
Dwarven Lawman: (to the watchman) Aye, I'll stick with 'em and see what they're on about.
City Watchman 2: We should alert more guards. This looks like business unfinished, they may try again soon
* City Watchman 2 bows
* Flint follows Ashling and Una.
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Ashling: (QB!)
Ashling: (follow trail as far as we can)
DM: ((one sec))
Flint: *(evil-looking person?? to the east? heh))
DM: ((ignore for a few moments
Dan (aka Whingknutt): howdy yo!
Ashling: (come join us - we is hunting cultists!)
DM: ((we'll just assume he's been there all along. You guys all have int scores above 5, you'd have brought the heavy hitter ))
Ashling: (( damn right ))
DM: ((hang on, having a minor token issue))
Dan (aka Whingknutt): Hey, I leveled just in time it would seem.
Dan (aka Whingknutt): I may be a minute or two getting all of that straight...
Ashling: (( yay! ))
* Bin screams outloud in fear
Flint: whoa! what the?
Ashling: Which way?
DM: ((that is the sign it's time to roll initiative))
DM: ((came from the east))
Flint: (am I tracking Init?)
DM: please
Ashling: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 10 + 2 = 12 »
Evil-Looking person: Initiative « 1d20+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Flint: Initative: « 1d20+3+mod ⇒ 14 + 3 + 0 = 17 »
Bin: Initiative: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 10 + 1 = 11 »
Blood-stained person: Initiative « 1d20+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 »
Ashling: (( and who is this "bin"? ))
Zoriada: Initiative « 1d20+4 ⇒ 19 + 4 = 23 »
QuickBlades: Initiative: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 13 + 3 = 16 »
Bin: ((Me!))
Ashling: (( oh, all clear then ))
Flint: (Zoriada has first action)
Dwarven Lawman: initiative « 1d20+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 »
Zoriada: ((hang on, GM's child seems to have eaten Zoriada's character sheet))
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
* Zoriada casts a spell
Zoriada: done
QuickBlades: (( where is this bloodstainded person? ))
Flint: (they're all to the east of us)
DM: ((all sounds came from behind the buildings to the east))
* Flint dashes off in that direction.
Flint: (at his amazing 20')
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
Ashling: (( wait, did Kae and Rayner roll init? ))
Rayner: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 8 + 3 = 11 »
QuickBlades: (( what did I miss up to this point, in a 2 sentence summary? ))
Kae: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 2 + 2 = 4 »
DM: There was a murder and the dwarven lawman is helping you track the killers
Ashling: (( There's been another murder in the city and we investigated. Followed a trail to here. ))
DM: ((hah, I did it in 1 sentence ))
DM: ((a run-on, but still a sentence ))
Ashling: (( dammit ))
* QuickBlades rapidly dashes into the action
QuickBlades: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin backs up a bit and casts magic missle from his wand, targeting Evil Lookin person 1 and Evil looking person 7, 2 hitting each.
Bin: ((For 1 then 7))
* Travis rolls: 2d4+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
* Travis rolls: 2d4+2 => 6 + 2 = 8
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Bloody guy)
DM: Rayner is done
Flint: UP NOW: Bloody guy (on deck: Evil guys)
* Blood-stained person charges at Bin, waving a dagger « 1d20+5 ⇒ 6 + 5 = 11 » « 1d4+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Blood-stained person: done
Flint: UP NOW: Evil guys (on deck: Vhid)
Evil-Looking person 7: SHE'S GOT BACKUP!
DM: Rest of evil looking people scatter
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Kae)
Dwarven Lawman: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Kae (on deck: Zoriada)
DM: Kae is done
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
* Zoriada casts a spell and vanishes from sight
* Flint keeps running.
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
DM: ((QB, you are clear to charge bad guy 7))
Flint: (and bloody guy!)
* QuickBlades charges Evil-Lookingperson 7
QuickBlades: (( what do I get for doing a charge? ))
DM: ((+2 to hit, -2 to AC)
QuickBlades: Attack: « 1d20+9+MOD ⇒ 19 + 9 + 3 = 31 »
Damage: «
 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 0 = 12 »
QuickBlades: (( crit threat! ))
DM: ((woot))
QuickBlades: « 1d20+9+3 ⇒ 14 + 9 + 3 = 26 »
DM: ((confirmed))
QuickBlades: Damage: « 1d10+4 ⇒ 8 + 4 = 12 »
QuickBlades: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
Ashling: on bloody guy
Ashling: Magic Missile (3): « 3d4+3 ⇒ 7 + 3 = 10 »
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
DM: ((fyi - QB instant killed bad guy 7))
Flint: (well, Bin did soften him up -- not to take anything away there)
Flint: (but it was pretty awesome)
Bin: (Burning hands on Bloody Guy)
Bin: (Consentration check)
DM: ((k))
* Travis rolls: 1d20+12 Concentration => 1 + 12 = 13
* QuickBlades dashed towards one of the attackers, and made a motion as if drawing and resheathing his blade. His opponent decapitated before he knew to scream.
QuickBlades: (( hehehe. Damn, now I have to redraw my sword ))
Flint: (it was worth it)
* Travis rolls: 5d4 => 12
* Blood-stained person takes the attack of opportunity on Bin « 1d20+5 ⇒ 19 + 5 = 24 » « 1d4+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Blood-stained person: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 17 + 5 = 22 » « 1d4+1 ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
Blood-stained person: worst crit ever
Ashling: (( so sad compared to QB's ))
Blood-stained person: ((is ashamed, and intends to go to a monastery and contemplate his choices in life))
Flint: UP NOW: Bloody Guy (on deck: Evil guys)
Rayner: done
* Rayner hopes he is blocking the path of the bad guy's escape
DM: (Bin can make an attack of opportunity. Though not a spell based one, unfortunately ))
* Bin makes an attack of opportunity again bloody guy
Ashling: (( don't you have to jhave a weapon in hand? (or be a monk) ))
Flint: (maybe he does!)
Ashling: (( have* ))
* Travis rolls: 120+4 => 120 + 4 = 124
* Travis rolls: 1d20+4 => 6 + 4 = 10
Bin: (woops)
DM: miss
DM: ((though the first one was amusing))
Flint: UP NOW: Evil Guys (on deck: Vhid)
Ashling: (( what is he attacking with? ))
Bin: ((quarter staff))
DM: Evil guys are done
Flint: (if Gm is done.... ) UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Kae)
Dwarven Lawman: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Kae (on deck: Zoriada (??)
Kae: done
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada, maybe? (on deck: Flint)
* Zoriada casts a spell, causing a burst of flame to explode in the area indicated for « 8d6 ⇒ 30 » damage, reflex DC 18 for half
Zoriada: The price of interference
Zoriada: (does not reappear)
Flint: (oh fudge, who sent Sashi to blow up stuff ? )
Rayner: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 11 + 7 = 18 »
Ashling: (( lol ))
Kae: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 7 + 6 = 13 »
Bin: ((awesome))
* Rayner is unharmed
QuickBlades: ouch.
* Kae is nearly dead
* Zoriada is done
QuickBlades: (( did she say that? ))
* Flint slows down, draws his musket, takes careful aim, and tries to shoot the Bloody fellow in the back.
Flint: (do I have a clear shot?)
DM: ((the price of interference, yes. Make a listen check if you want to try to pinpoint her location
DM: (clear enough))
* Flint fires his musket! (Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+8+atk ⇒ 14 + 8 + 0 = 22 »
Damage: «
 1d10+dmg ⇒ 10 + 0 = 10 »
Flint: HAH! Got ya!
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) rolls: 1d20+0 Listen => 15 + 0 = 15
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
* QuickBlades moves towards the voice and draws his blades.
QuickBlades: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
Ashling: (one sec)
Ashling: Begin casting Summon Nature's Ally I.
Ashling: (done)
* Bin picks up his wand....
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Travis rolls: 1d20 Listen => 5
Bin: What... Whats's going on....
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
Rayner: Stay back ma'am, it's trouble
Bin: ((... sir...))
Rayner: ((it's dark and confusing ))
Rayner: done
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Kae) (skipping Bloody/Evil guys if that's ok
DM: ((wise, they are dead or running away))
Dwarven Lawman: ((i dont have a clear shot from there do i?))
DM: ((nope, and she is still technically invisible))
Dwarven Lawman: ((oh okay i though the check succeeded))
Dwarven Lawman: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Kae (on deck: Zoriada)
* Kae drinks a potion « 1d8+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Flint: (oh he's still conscious? phew)
Kae: done
Kae: ((he was at 3 hp))
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
Zoriada: (voice coming from somewhere above QB's head) Silly little fools think to challenge me, Zoriada gets to go on a killing spree
QuickBlades: (( would a listen check help me pick the right square to attack? ))
Zoriada: ((yes, but you'd still take the 50% miss chance.))
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) rolls: 1d20+0 Listen => 5 + 0 = 5
QuickBlades: (( d'oh! ))
Flint: (someone glitterdust the bitch)
* Zoriada casts at Kae again « 1d20+8 ⇒ 16 + 8 = 24 » for « 8d6 ⇒ 32 » acid damage
* Kae melts
Flint: (ok, that's just mean)
Zoriada: done
DM: (yes, yes it is.)
* Flint steps forward, tries to get a lock on her....
QuickBlades: (( do I have any potions for this mission? ))
* You roll to the GM: 1d20+12+mod Listen Check => 18 + 12 + 0 = 30
DM: ((whatever you had on your char sheet))
QuickBlades: (( I'll have to make a note to start buying potions at every chance... ))
* Flint looks up quickly as his ears perk up. He draws a pistol and takes a shot in the air.
* Flint fires his pistol! (Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+9+atk ⇒ 15 + 9 + 0 = 24 »
Damage: «
 1d8+dmg ⇒ 3 + 0 = 3 »
DM: ((high is bad for Zoriada))
DM: « 1d100 ⇒ 75 »
Flint: You're gonna pay for that.
DM: some blood drips from the air
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
DM: about 10' up
* QuickBlades closes in on the blood and takes a strong swing.
DM: QB, if you can reach someone flying at 10', you can pinpoint her with a 50% miss chance
Flint: (um, Goliath? )
DM: ((I know, but he could be armed with a toothpick or something))
Bin: ((He isn't me))
Flint: (you just insulted his honor)
QuickBlades: Attack: « 1d20+9+MOD ⇒ 13 + 9 + -1 = 21 »
Damage: «
 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 2 = 14 »
DM: high=bad for Zoriada « 1d100 ⇒ 91 »
QuickBlades: (( I'm armed with a bastard sword. ))
* Zoriada shrieks in rage and pain
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
QuickBlades: Finish her Ash!
Flint: (your summon finished)
Ashling: (er, this is going to be useless now, but a wolf appears)
QuickBlades: (( throw it at her ))
Ashling: (maybe it can try to keep track of her by scent where the blood drops?)
Ashling: and for me... need a roll to target a spell with 50% miss chance?
Flint: (no LOS, it would need to be an area spell)
Ashling: well, in that case I cast Cat's Grace on myself
Ashling: (done)
QuickBlades: (( Like... Fireball ... or ... poison cloud... or even entangle, if it can get up 10' ))
* Travis rolls: 1d20 Listen => 5
Ashling: (( sure, if I had any of those spell... ))
QuickBlades: (( you could heal me... I look a bit singed... ))
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin casts glitterdust at the area Duskblade attacked
Bin: ((Quickblades))
Bin: ((Sorry... Thinking about a rpg for some reason...))
DM: glitterdust has no save, yet?
DM: yes?
Bin: ((It does, will))
DM: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 13 + 8 = 21 »
Flint: but it only negates the blinding
Bin: Blinding only though
Bin: ((and it makes it))
DM: ((she is not blinded, but you all can see her outlined in the air))
Flint: Nice!!!!
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
Bin: ((Done))
Bin: ((lasts 6 rounds))
* Rayner takes aim with a shortbow - « 1d20+6 ⇒ 17 + 6 = 23 » « 1d6 ⇒ 2 »
Rayner: done
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Zoriada)
* Dwarven Lawman nocks an arrow and fires his longbow « 1d20+10 ⇒ 10 + 10 = 20 » for « 1d8+4 ⇒ 7 + 4 = 11 »
* Zoriada hisses
Dwarven Lawman: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
QuickBlades: (( aoo? ))
Zoriada: ((not on a full retreat))
QuickBlades: (( drat, she 4x'd it. ))
Zoriada: ((actually, she just double moved and put a building sort of in your way
Flint: (where is our rooftop-running swordsage when we need him)
Zoriada: done
Bin: ((Does she have concealment agains us?))
Bin: ((Or total?))
Flint: (Do I have a shot aginst her, DM?)
DM: with the building in the way, she has concealment
QuickBlades: (( I may be a Samurai, but I haven't gotten to the Anime Rooftop Leaps feat yet. ))
Flint: (if I can still see her I'm going to take another shot.)
* Flint fires his pistol! (Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+9+atk ⇒ 6 + 9 + -2 = 13 »
Damage: «
 1d8+dmg ⇒ 6 + 0 = 6 »
DM: miss
* Flint curses
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
Flint: I'm out. .. gotta reload.
QuickBlades: (( how high is the lowest lip of the roof? ))
DM: two stories. So....18'
* QuickBlades takes a running leap up onto the roof
DM: some vines and stuff on the building, climb check would be easy
QuickBlades: I can use the fast-climb without the -5 penalty, I think...
DM: have at it
DM: avenge the poor dead wagoneer
QuickBlades: Jump « 1d20+13 ⇒ 17 + 13 = 30 »
Flint: (wow, you might just clear the roof with that one)
QuickBlades: Climb « 1d20+10 ⇒ 15 + 10 = 25 »
Bin: ((He did...))
Bin: ...((Nvm))
DM: done?
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
QuickBlades: ((done))
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin attempts to use his wand to shoot 4 magic missles at Zoriada
Bin: ((miss chance?))
Flint: (hmm, either you have LOS or you don't))
Bin: ((So i can't, okay fine...))
DM: No line of sight
DM: building in way
Bin: ((Can i forball her?
Bin: ((Fireball))
QuickBlades: (( whoa, forball... ))
DM: area of affect, yes. but you risk catching the building (and QB) on fire
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: (worth it IMO)
DM: ((don't want to go fireball?))
QuickBlades: (( do it, she is going to forball me anyway. ))
Bin: ((Fine...))
QuickBlades: (( and I am up here to put the building out... ))
QuickBlades: (( lol ))
DM: ((I was going to lightning bolt you, actually))
Bin: ((qb is out of range though, its only 20ft))
* Bin casts fireball on Zoriada
DM: you can see QB, but not Zoriada
Flint: (we can just blame the fire on Zoriada)
QuickBlades: (( I'm actually only partially up the building, as that was the end of my double move... ))
Bin: ((Can i see 15-20 ft to the left of QB?))
DM: yes
Bin: ((Which one?))
Lan has disconnected.
Lan has connected.
QuickBlades: (( so at my jump height of 7.5 feet ))
DM: ((you can get her and not QB with the fireball))
Bin: ((kk... doing it...))
* Travis rolls: 6d6 => 23
DM: « 1d20+6 ⇒ 7 + 6 = 13 »
Bin: ((Reflex save is 18))
DM: ((ouch))
DM: next?
Bin: ((Sorry for the lengthy turn))
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
Rayner: done
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Zoriada)
Lan: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
Rayner: done
Zoriada: er...done
* Flint hustles east.
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
Bin: ((Did the building catch fire?))
* QuickBlades finishes climbing and runs
DM: ((oh, the building's roof is definitely burning, and some screaming can be heard))
Bin: ((ha ha ha ha))
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) rolls: 1d20+2 Balance => 4 + 2 = 6
QuickBlades: (( AP! ))
QuickBlades: « 1d6 ⇒ 5 »
DM: ((you do not fall, but you have a bit of difficulty making it to the top and nearly slide into the burning area
QuickBlades: (( hmmm... 130' on the dart... ))
DM: ((you could roll a nat 20))
QuickBlades: (( It has a range of 20', so my penalty is ?? ))
QuickBlades: Dart Attack: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 14 + 8 = 22 »
Damage: «
 1d4+4 ⇒ 2 + 4 = 6 »
DM: ((enough to make that a miss))
QuickBlades: (( that is without penalties... ))
QuickBlades: lol
Flint: (like, -12 ... I think you only get 5 range increments anyhow)
QuickBlades: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin decides to sprint...
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
* Rayner takes a shot « 1d20+6 ⇒ 10 + 6 = 16 » « 1d6 ⇒ 3 »
Rayner: is done
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Zoriada)
Lan: ((done))
QuickBlades: I suppose that by killing spree you meant a retreating spree!
* Flint keeps running, but is falling behind...
random people in tavern: AHHHHHH Fire! Help!
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
* QuickBlades eyes the distance between the buildings
DM: the roof is irregular terrain
Flint: (it's only DC 70, go for it)
Bin: ((Your carzy, just to let you know...))
Bin: ((crazy**
DM: ((you have AP points. And it's only like, 30' to the ground))
DM: ((come on QB, all the cool kids are doing it!))
* QuickBlades continues the pursuit, charging to the edge of the building and leaping out, as if the ground were only a few feet down.
* QuickBlades uses one of the window overhangs to decrease the chance of severe damage.
* Dan (aka Whingknutt) rolls: 1d20+12 Jump => 4 + 12 = 16
QuickBlades: AP!
QuickBlades: « 1d6 ⇒ 3 »
QuickBlades: UOGHERRRG
DM: ((That won't make it to the next building, but it will keep you from cracking your head open))
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
Ashling: (can I see her or no?)
DM: ((she has concealment, and is 250' away. So, 20% miss chance and appropriate range penalties))
Ashling: (one sec...)
* Ashling pulls out a scroll.
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin casts Haste, Giving Bin, Vhid, and Flint its effects... If the target is unwilling make a Will Save...
Flint: (I just want to reiterate how mean it is to have this encounter without Feliks present)
Bin: ((Fort Sorry))
* Flint looks faster!
Bin: ((Done))
Ashling: (his own fault for being a pansy and going back to Andrzej )
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
DM: ((well, it was planned for him being here, but the silly boy seems to think that work is more important than DnD ))
Rayner: done
QuickBlades: (( haste? I could catch her in a single move with haste! ))
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Zoriada)
Bin: ((Couldn't see you or target you with its range sorry))
QuickBlades: (( if she doesn't kill me first. ))
Lan: ((so then i've got a 120ft run with haste?))
Flint: (your speed goes up +30 or double whichever is lower)
QuickBlades: (( np, I figured as much. Also, it isn't very good to have a 1-on-1 situation with a flying spellcaster ))
Bin: ((Figured you two would like it... Lasts for 6 rounds...))
Flint: (yeah, it rocks! I just hope it'll be enough)
Lan: ((yeah so that would put my speed at much do i get if i run though?))
DM: 160
Lan: ((okay))
* Lan is done
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
Zoriada: done
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
* QuickBlades continues running without missing a step from the leap down from the building, picking up speed even with a level surface under him.
QuickBlades: ((done))
Ashling: nowhere in sight, eh?
Flint: UP NOW: Ashling (on deck: Bin)
DM: nope
Ashling: (done)
Flint: UP NOW: Bin (on deck: Rayner)
* Bin sees the smoke rising from the building, "Shit..." Runs to the entrance to see if everyone is ok..
random tavern goers: AHHHHHHH!
Bin: ((Done))
Flint: UP NOW: Rayner (on deck: Vhid)
Rayner: Ashling, help the people in the tavern, they may need healing.
Rayner: done
Flint: UP NOW: Vhid (on deck: Zoriada)
* Lan races to the tavern, hoping everything isn't as bad as it sounds!
Lan: ((done))
Flint: UP NOW: Zoriada (on deck: Flint)
DM: Zoriada takes her action
Vhid: ((my bad, didn't have Vhid impersonated))
Bin: ((Np))
DM: and she is done.
* Flint is giving up the pursuit to help the people in the tavern.
DM: city watchmen are arriving, allerted by the fire.
Flint: UP NOW: Quickblades (on deck: Ashling)
QuickBlades: She has either figured out a way to become invisible again, or has circled around us behind the buildings.
QuickBlades: Let's fall back
DM: leaving initiative?
Bin: ((The glittering dust effect is over..))
QuickBlades: (( Ah ))
* Flint heads to the building, opening windows and doors if he can
DM: a bucket brigade has started up, the ocean is fortunately nearby
Bin: ((We out of initative?))
DM: yes
* QuickBlades starts helping with the buckets.
* Bin makes sure most of the people are out of the building...
DM: a few people have minor burns, but in spite of the panic, it doesn't seem that bad
QuickBlades: If we get a few people on the top of the building I can hand buckets up without having to move much.
* Vhid is helping out Bin and Flint
DM: a few spry folk climb up. Seafolk are good at climbing
* Ashling fetches Una and takes her to where Zoriada's blood fell.
Ashling: (we also look for her scent where she was probably standing)
Bin: ((Should i do a search check to see if everyone is out?))
DM: sure
DM: Looks like everyone made it out safely. The fire gets under control quickly, and the tavern owner is quite upset
Flint: (to Bin) hey, are you ok?
Tavern Owner: Oh dear, oh dear, how did this happen?
* Bin replies to Flint as he is walking out fo the building, "Yeah yeah yeah but i feel kind of bad..."
* City Watch gazes at the dead bodies
Bin: Ummm...
Flint: We'd better split. Ashling, got a scent?
* Bin walks up to Flint, "Can i help you, i want to know why she attacked me... Me above all people?"
QuickBlades: (Quietly to Flint and Ashling) What? I think we may need to stay a night or two a the inn
* Vhid tends to the city watchman, recounting the whole storey.
* City Watch nods
QuickBlades: It's the least we can do to to compensate them for the roof.
City Watch: We'll get the bodies out of the way
* Ashling doesn't let them touch Kae.
* City Watch nods sympathetically to Ashling and loads up the other two bodies
* Flint hopes Vhid can do the talking
* Rayner puts down his cloak and starts to wrap Kae inside.
Rayner: damnit. Damnit.
* Ashling helps him.
Ashling: (there are tears)
* Bin being ignored by Flint, Bin approches the tavern owner....
* City Watch gets details from Vhid and offers to write up a report
Flint: (sorry Bin i didn't see it)
Tavern Owner: oh dear
* Tavern Owner wrings his hands
City Watch: What do you want done with the other two bodies, Sir?
Bin: I am sorry for the damages caused by myself... I would gladly play at your Tavern tonight, maybe to help bring in some extra income... I am kind of good with my flute...
Tavern Owner: Did this have something to do with what has been happening in the city?
Vhid: Eh, I be thinkin the evil-lookin' one can be taken as collaterl, but let them tend to the other.
* Ashling calls Quickblades over.
* City Watch nods. The bodies are packed into a wagon and taken away
* Rayner picks up Kae
* QuickBlades wanders over to Ashling
Ashling: (that's what I was calling QB over for)
* Vhid thinkin' everythig be fine at the moment, motions for the watch to be gone.
* Rayner staggers a bit under the weight of Kae's remains
* QuickBlades will let Rayner carry the burden of his countryman and companion, if he desires.
Ashling: Can you help, Quickblades?
QuickBlades: I certainly can. If Rayner doesn't mind.
Ashling: (they aren't countrymen)
* Rayner hands Kae to QB
QuickBlades: (( Oh ))
DM: ((just friends))
Ashling: (( right ))
Tavern Owner: no, it's okay. Just go. Get the villainous dogs that did this!
Flint: Thanks for your help Mr...? (to the Dwarf)
Bin: (in response) I have no idea sir, i myself have just been trying to make due... To be honest those people over there helped me, i really have no idea who they are....
* Vhid , hands on hips, asks Flint was this whole ordeal was about.
* Tavern Owner goes back inside to see just how many repairs will be needed
Vhid: ((throw a what* in there haha))
Flint: We have a personal stake in catching those responsible for this, I guess you could say...
Flint: Some of Ashling's friends in the druid lands have been killed by the same people. I think...
* Bin walks up to the group of people..
QuickBlades: Is there a store in this town that carries healing potions?
Ashling: I think we should go. (wiping at tears)
DM: ((several))
Flint: Let me introduce myself. Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle. Call me Flint. This is Ashling, and Quickblades, Rayer.... (introdcues party)
Ashling: Oh! I'm sorry!
Flint: Who might you be?
Ashling: Cure Light on QB: « 1d8+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 »
QuickBlades: Only after you have healed those in the tavern.
Ashling: (( argh ))
QuickBlades: I need to get some potions anyway.
Bin: Hi, My name is Bin Ther... and like the name implies i probably have been there...
Rayner: Sir, we have a friend we need to get home. Perhaps you could accompany us and we could discuss the matter on the way?
Vhid: ((to all)) Names Vhid! A fine ranger and member of the city watch!
* Rayner indicates Kae
Flint: Vhid, Bin ... thanks for helping us today.
Ashling: Oh dear...
QuickBlades: Um... I don't think I have any coin...
* Ashling goes to see if anyone is badly wounded.
* Flint is not wounded.
QuickBlades: (( do we get money as individuals, or as a group? ))
* Bin is five points about being bloodied...
Bin: above*
Flint: Can I ask why they were attacking you Bin?
Rayner: Aben has healing potions at the manor
Flint: (Flint asks this as they walk)
Bin: To behonest i dont know...
Ashling: on Bin:
Ashling: Cure Light Wounds: « 1d8+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 = 12 »
Bin: ((wow))
Ashling: (( ooh, you got a good one ))
QuickBlades: (( lol ))
DM: ((everyone headed that way can make it back to Aben's without trouble. The folks in the tavern who were damaged get healed up nicely by one of the healers with the city watch))
QuickBlades: (( It's midnight+11 here. I have to get to sleep. ))
Flint: That was quite the spell slinging back there! Maybe they wanted to recruit you!
Flint: Forcefully..
DM: ((okay))
Bin: ((are we stopping?))
DM: ((I am good to keep going a little while longer, to wrap up, if you want
Bin: Maybe, maybe for other reasons...
Bin: ((I dont sleep so idc...))
Ashling: Where's Maksim?
Aben: oh no, what happened?
Ashling: Kae is...
Aletha: no more
* Ashling points to Quickblades.
Vhid: ((i got some psych reading to do and i got some other stuff to do first))
Aben: oh no. Jinan, go get Maksim
Flint: Maybe he shouldn't seeh im like this.
Aben: no, of course not
* QuickBlades takes on a half-somber, half-forlorn look as he gazes out the window.
Flint: It's too ... gruesome
Dan (aka Whingknutt) has disconnected.
Aben: put him....
Aben: leave him wrapped tight.
* Jerath looks at Aletha oddly, then picks up a bundle of cloth sitting in a corner and starts helping wrap Kae
Maksim: what's the matter? Where is dad?
Ashling: Your father fell.
* Maksim sits down abruptly
Maksim: no....
Flint: We'll find the woman who did it.....
DM: So....pick up here next week?
Vhid: ((sounds good...))
DM: I should sleep. Night all
Ashling: 'night!