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DM: sorry all, my husband picked me up late because he fell asleep
Travis: Tis ok
Tanya: we seem to be low on players
DM: yep
Lan has connected.
Travis: uno mos!
Tanya: yay
Lan: mas*
DM: And we shall have a possible observer
DM: alrighty....let's see....
DM: did you guys do anything without me, or are we picking up exactly where we left off last week?
Travis: We just say here..
Travis: sat*
Tanya: I thought we were picking up at Maksim falling on the floor
DM: okay
* Flint scribbles a quick journal entry (I thought we'd pick up the next morning, sorry)
Travis: ((So did i, sorry... That journal entry is going to have been made the next morning..))
DM: No big
Flint: (( Ashling's icon is a "?" today ))
Aben: what happened, exactly?
Ashling: ((crap, guess the new token is not working as per usual))
Flint: (afk a sec)
Ashling: (( I'll go back to old one I guess *sigh* ))
Ashling: We met with some cult members and Zoriada herself.
Aben: I see.
Ashling: She is the one who killed Kae.
Bin: I was attacked and these people help me.. I am sorry about your friend...
Flint: They were trying to kill Bin, here. (intorduces Bin and Aben)
* Aben nods
Aben: Bin, have you encountered this cult before?
Bin: No, i have been just passing time here in Shieldmeet... I just heard about the rumors... I never thought i would be one..
Aben: I see. What were you doing before they targeted you? Any clues would be helpful at this junction
Bin: I was on my way to preform at a noblemans house, that is all.
Aben: Which nobleman?
Bin: Lord Bartel, why?
Aben: hmmm....
Aben: I don't know.
Aben: And who is your other friend?
* Aben glances at Vhid
Flint: this is Vhid, he's with the guard in Shieldmeet.
Flint: he helped us rescue Bin.
Vhid: Aye!
Bin: He did display some roof top tactics...
Flint: (( you're thinking of Quickblades? ))
Bin: ((Oh shit, yeah sorry...))
Vhid: ((Hehe))
Flint: I'm at a loss where to check next. Most of the cultists survived and scattered, including their leader. She used magicks to get away.
Aben: Vhid, what do you know of the murders? If you are willing to share information?
Vhid: I can share with yeh some information, but be mum about it.
Vhid: There been 19 of 'em in all.
* Ashling gasps.
Vhid: All of which had sigils drawn about the bodies!
Vhid: In almost all o' the murders the sigils appeared similar, but not in all.
Flint: What about the victims? Is there any pattern linking them?
Flint: Other than sigils, I mean?
Vhid: No links that I could see, and I usually keep my wits about meh during time o' investigation.
* Flint scratches his head.
Bin: So why me...
* Flint looks up at Bin, shrugs, paces back and forth.
Aben: Can you tell us who the victims were? Maybe we can see a pattern.
Vhid: Aye, might I add another thing! All the sigils been painted in the victims blood, too.
* Bin whispers to himself
Vhid: Eh, I don't know yet if I be at liberty to share that much information with ya.
* Aben nods.
* Bin turns around...
Aben: I think there can be an exchange of information
Bin: Can you at least show me what some of them looked like, the Sigils i mean...
Vhid: Yes, yes. I could be doin' that for ya.
DM: (((for those that haven't seen the website, the sigils are here - http://zyanya.wikidot.com/sigils. All but Bin have seen sketches thus far, I think))
* Vhid hands Bin a paper with various scribbles upon it.
Bin: ((Can i do a knowledge arcana check on them?))
DM: ((yes))
* Bin reads the paper with interest
* Travis rolls: 1d20+14 KnowledgeA => 12 + 14 = 26
Bin: Hmm.. These seems to be Amareth sigils...
Ashling: Let Jerath take a look.
* Jerath examines the sigils
Jerath: Ningishzida, guardian of the gates.
* Jerath indicates the second sigil
Jerath: One of the Old Ones
Jerath: The rest, also Old Ones
Jerath: Which is the question
Ashling: So, like the sigils Darus drew?
* Ashling peers at the paper.
* Vhid scratches his head in confusion, overhearing the conversation.
Aletha: Toslorba Erasbudik Aropael Enalor Natsanri Nroiretael Panmahanon Ramxosaat
* Jerath blinks
Rayner: what's that?
Flint: Wh-what language was that?
* Bin looks at Aletha
Ashling: Names?
Aletha: hmmm?
Jerath: Names
Jerath: Torsloba. The Old One who was the master of Necromancy
Rayner: sis...um...you shouldn't really be mentioning those kinds of names
Aletha: why not?
Bin: How do you know those names?
Aletha: what names?
Aletha: you all are being quite strange again
Flint: (in a quiet voice to Bin) she's a bit ill.
* Aletha leans towards Bin
Aletha: you are neat
* Vhid appears baffled
* Aletha reaches over and pinches Bin's cheek
* Bin looks at Aletha unnerved
Rayner: no touching sis, you know that
Aletha: but he can change his face.
* Rayner blinks and looks over at Bin
* Bin soflty laughs...
* Jerath adjusts his position slightly, assuming a guard pose next to Aletha
Rayner: Sis...what do you mean by that?
Flint: He is a spell-caster, so he can do those things, I'd bet...
* Bin walks back to where Flint and Vhid are
Aletha: it's in his blood
* Bin freezes
Rayner: um....
Aben: Interesting
* Bin looks back at Aletha startled
Flint: What's this all about? I don't care WHAT he is. He helped us survive, back there.
* Flint stepd to Bin's side.
Flint: (steps*)
Aben: I think they are concerned that Bin might be a plant
Aben: as, I might add, am I
Bin: Plant? I don
Aletha: Oh no, he's not a vegetable or a mineral
Bin: ..'t have roots...
* Tanya rolls to you: 1d20+14 Knowledge Nature => 13 + 14 = 27
Ashling: I think Aletha might mean that Bin is a changeling.
Flint: A what-ling?
Ashling: Are you?
Aletha: He's a changeling? Amazing, I've never seen one before. I think.
Ashling: (to Bin)
* Bin shifts his apperance back to that of the changling.
Jerath: wow
* Flint gasps, and steps back
Aben: Ah, I see.
Flint: remarkable...
* Bin skin purns pale-ish yellow, his hair white, his face becomes bland...
* Vhid stares in amazement at Bin.
Flint: Maybe the cult knew you were a changeling?
Aben: Perhaps...but to the best of my knowledge, they were only targetting humans.
Aben: Is that correct, Vhid?>
Ashling: I think being in the streets alone after dark is enough reason for them to target someone.
Flint: There's got to be more to it than that, though...
Bin: The girl is gifted... That is all i have to say..
Vhid: (to Aben) I'm not at liberty to discuss that!
Aben: Please, Vhid, we know a little about this cult. As you can see, Jerath and Aletha already gave you some extremely useful information by telling you what the sigils represent. Help us, and we can help you.
* Bin pulls out his flute and begins to play a soft melody...
Flint: You know, we might want to think about incorporating. Then maybe Vhid and the town watch might be more willing to work with us.
Flint: You know, form our own guild!
* Vhid nods.
Aben: Ah yes, the 'How the Hell did we get into this mess guild'
Flint: Something like that.
Aben: Very well. Vhid, this is our guild, and this is our guildhall. We shall sort out the details later.
Aben: We specialize in very strange problems.
Aben: involving extremely strange people.
Vhid: If ye' can convince them you'd be useful in this investigation, I could give ye' all the information.
Aben: Who do we need to convince?
Aben: A council lord?
* Vhid ponders the question a bit, gazing off.
Vhid: Yes! That'd do the trick! I'd be aidin' you through the rest of the investigation though.
Aben: Very well...which lord then.
SlyJohnny has connected.
Aben: Casimar, Basir, or Lalinlor would be our best bets
* Flint chuckles at the mention of Lalinlor.
* Bin finishes is song... taking the flute from his lips and placing it back in his pouch... Bin then turns around, shifting back into his human apperance, and says "I still have my appointment with Lord Bartel, and i am in your debt..."
Aben: Well, to be honest, Lalinlor would require the least explanation
Aben: Or Lord Bartel seems to be an option
Flint: Maybe we could join Bin as he heads over? Though I admit, I'm a crappy backup lute-player. Haven't played in years...
Aletha: You should learn the flute. Your wife loves flute music.
Flint: Why do you keep saying-- .... *sigh*, nevermind...
Flint: What do you think, Ashling?
Jerath: Bin, were you expected for a party, or a private performance?
Aben: ah yes, less attention we attract, the better
Bin: A private performace, I think one of his servents had taken to my playing and mentioned me for something... I am not sure what though.
Ashling: A procession across the city to a lord's house? After what just happened?
Aben: we could try being subtle.
Bin: What had happened?
* Rayner snorts
Aletha: Someone tried to kill you, you know
Flint: They're unlikely to try and retaliate tonight. They're on their heels.
* Aletha nods at Bin gravely
Bin: (To Aletha) I know, and this time i wont hesitate to strike back...
Aletha: Oh good.
Flint: We have the momentum and should probably make use of it.
Aletha: can I come?
Jerath: Probably not a wise idea
Bin: So are we going, i am going to be past due soon...
Rayner: Jerath should go. Bartel will like him
* Jerath raises an eyebrow
Rayner: Trust me on that one, kid.
Aletha: I'll be fine.
Aben: well, that settles that.
Aben: Jinan, you alert the guards, just in case.
Ashling: Who is this Lord Bartel?
Aben: A human council lord. Reputed to be a man of honor.
Ashling: Representing who?
Aben: Amareth
Ashling: I think I would rather stay and keep vigil over Kae.
Flint: we may need your healing hands if things go sour .... always a good precaution...
Aben: Are you certain? I think a unified front is best
* Ashling looks reluctant.
Aben: Bartel is not Adamo
* Aben smiles
Bin: Ashling, do you have song to your voice?
Ashling: I know some songs from my country. But if I am going I'd like to first take a few minutes with Kae.
Bin: I say we give her the minutes...
* Vhid nods.
Ashling: (Qb can carry him to a spare room?)
* Flint will pay his respects, as well.
DM: ((I assumed he did, and Maksim went with))
* Ashling prepares a bundle of herbs to burn in Kae's room. She spends some moments in prayer with Maksim.
* Flint comes out of his room in a new set of clothes, this set more formal looking, with an overcoat.
Flint: Ok, now that I look a bit more presentable
Flint: ((leaving most of his gear behind, save armor and his small weapons))
* Jerath also cleans up a bit
DM: Onward then...it will take about 3 hours to walk to the council district, but only about half an hour if you take the ferry
Bin: I am pressed for time, can we take the Ferry?
DM: The ferry is gnome-run, and reasonably safe. Most of the time.
DM: It has only exploded once this year
Flint: Sure. We won't make a good impression if you're late. Plus, I've met the ferry operator. Good guy.
Flint: His ferry RARELY exlpodes.
DM: The ferry operated will greet Flint warmly, though keeps calling him Shale.
* Ashling mutters something about preferring horses.
Shale: Bah, horses. Feeble things. Why, my cousin is working on a carriage that does away with horses entirely
Ashling: A carriage is not a companion.
ferry operator: why on those legs of flesh and blood, they can't get up to anywhere near decent speeds
Flint: My new dirigible will do away with the need for LAND altogether, heh.
DM: aside from the ferry operator's rambles, the journey is uneventful
* Bin pulls out a book and reads from it as the ferry is under motion
DM: From the dock, it takes less than five minutes to get to the council lord domiciles.
DM: Lord Bartel's is to the southeast, and thus near the docks
DM: The guard on the gate will recognize Bin, but question him about the others
Bodyguard 4: what's this, thought it was just you coming?
Bin: I had picked up some help along the way, I hope it doesn't cause to much trouble?
Bodyguard 4: you'll have to wait in the entry hall while I check with his lordship. And you friends will have to leave their weapons at the door.
Bin: Thank you for you understanding, we will await your lordships call...
* Bodyguard 4 indicates where to place your weapons and goes, leaving you under the watchful eyes of two other guards
Flint: (did Aben come with?)
DM: yes
* Flint chit-chats with the guards while unloading his pistols and placing them on the table.
* Bin places his oak Quarterstaff in the indicated place....
DM: afk briefly
* Vhid grumbles, unloading his bow and axe.
* Ashling sets down a sickle, sling, club and dagger.
Bodyguard 4: you may proceed once you have disarmed. Lord Bartel would like to speak with you
* Bin motions for everyone to join him
Lord Bartel: Ah, Bin. I heard you were attacked. I am pleased to see you safe.
* Lord Bartel bows his head in greeting
* Flint bows in respect
Bin: My life was spared because of these kind folk, i owe them my life so at thier request i had brought them with me.. What have me do today my lordship?
* Lord Bartel is around 30 years of age, and carries himself like the soldier he used to be. Is dressed in black, with the white armband around his left arm that signifies mourning
Lord Bartel: Today, I have merely some questions.
* Bin bows his head as he says such...
SlyJohnny: Aye, and that's when the feller would nae leave me alone about it, so I agreed tae- oh, who's this, then?
Bin: I may or may not know the asnwers my lordship but i will try to answer them...
Lord Bartel: Tell me of this attack.
* Lord Bartel gestures to a table containing a decanter of wine and a silver tea service.
* Bin recounts of the details, adding in the death of thier companion
Lord Bartel: please excuse the informality, but I have dismissed my servants for the night
* Lord Bartel nods.
Bin: (Whispering) Do not offend the lordship, go and drink...
* Flint gingerly heads over to the refreshments
* Jerath pours and serves drinks for all
* Vhid mulls about, pretending to enjoy himself.
Lord Bartel: And these then, are the folks that came to your aid?
Bin: Yes my Lordship
Mar'Solla: is tall, for a halfling, and she has green-grey eyes, and faded, washed-out brown hair cascading down like a mane around her small head. She's wearing a dusty brown cloak underneath a sturdy traveller's leather vest with metal strips forming a skirt around the waist. She appears to be wearing some kind of holy symbol around her neck, which she swiftly tucks away underneath her shirt.
* Lord Bartel glances over to Mar'solla
Lord Bartel: Does their description match those you have encountered?
Mar'Solla: Aye, that's how they do it, alright.
* Lord Bartel glances at the party.
Mar'Solla: Dif'rent rituals fer different... effects, you might say, fer different people. The feller who was pressing me ta join was fairly specific. Seemed ta like the intricacy of it.
Lord Bartel: And what is your interest in these events? If you are who I believe you to be, you did not come to the murder site by pure chance.
Flint: ((if you could, please turn off your portrait in chat ... Edit > Preferences > Show Avatar per line, should be unchecked))
Mar'Solla: ((Done, sorry))
* Flint steps forward.
Flint: No, sir, we've had multiple runins with the lot.
Flint: Excuse me, I'm Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle.
* Mar'Solla speaks with a thick Righnach lilt, and sizes up each of you in turn as she talks.
Lord Bartel: A pleasure to meet you, Sir Flintwhistle.
Flint: This here is Aben, Ashling (introduces the party)
Flint: etc..
* Lord Bartel nods to each in respectful greeting
Lord Bartel: Please, tell me about these 'run-ins'
* Vhid salutes the lord.
Flint: Aben is our sponsor, and can probably fill in with most of the details, I'm not privy to all of it.
* Flint though, will give a brief summary of their first expedition.
* Aben will add in a detail here and there.
Flint: .... and ever since then we've been trying to track them down, but we don't want to step on the City's toes, if you catch my meaning.
Lord Bartel: I see...
Flint: That's where we would hope some sort of formal sponsorship could be arranged. We have information that can help you.
Lord Bartel: Two of the victims were dear to me. The daughter of my head bodyguard was one. The son of my secretary was another. She was not yet sixteen. He left behind a newborn son.
Flint: We share some pain, it seems. We've also had losses...
Lord Bartel: I think a formal sponsorship could be arranged. In fact, I may insist upon it. You already seem to know more than the city guards do about the origin of these vile murderers.
* Lord Bartel gestures to Mar'solla
Lord Bartel: This young...lady, also has some useful information.
Mar'Solla: Aye, though I imagine Ive not half the experience of these fine genlefolk... bloodied fingers, you lot don't mess about, do ye? Quite a tale, that was.
Lord Bartel: I would like to place her in your care, for now. And as for sponsorship, you have it. Should any interfere with your investigations, let them know they will answer to me. Report back to me all your findings, as soon as possible.
* Lord Bartel turns to Mar'Solla
Flint: ((marsolla, you can get our descritions/story on the wiki if you want, it's a lot to post here))
Lord Bartel: You will be under my protection, but you will behave yourself. They will also be reporting to me on your actions.
Flint: Thank you my lord! We won't disappoint.
Lord Bartel: Do not make me regret this.
* Lord Bartel gazes solidly at Mar'Solla for a moment
Flint: Aben! We
Flint: 're going to need a name, now.
Mar'Solla: Ah... I understand, m'lord. Thank you for your generosity in this manner...
* Lord Bartel nods
* Mar'Solla averts her eyes from Lord Bartel, gnawing on her lower lip.
Lord Bartel: Aben, your reputation proceeds you. But do let me know if you require anything.
Ashling: Wait a moment. Who is this woman that we need to watch her actions?
Flint: I second that.... is there reason for concern, here?
Lord Bartel: She is someone whom the cult attempted to recruit, and who instead of joining their vile acts, chose to help me try to defeat them.
Mar'Solla: No one of real consequence, ma'am! Just an innocent bystander an' a material witness, as it were...
Ashling: Why should they recruit her?
* Flint raises an eyebrow.
Lord Bartel: She seems to be an occasional dabbler into the forbidden.
* Lord Bartel gazes at Mar'solla
Lord Bartel: and I stress the forbidden.
* Vhid eyes her suspiciously.
Mar'Solla: Not quite how Id put it, in all fairness.
* Ashling gives Mar'solla a narrow look.
* Mar'Solla pouts.
Flint: Suppose what you'd call forbidden. In Amareth they forbid a lot of things.
Lord Bartel: Yes. They do. Which is why she is under your eyes, and not those of the guard.
Mar'Solla: I am a watcher of Mider.
Flint: Watcher of who, now?
* Mar'Solla beams at Flint.
Mar'Solla: Right, right! Someone who understands! Ah, he's a deity, paid homage to back in Righnach.
Ashling: God of the underworld.
Jerath: oh
Aben: oh
Mar'Solla: He watches over... well, he ensures the safe passing of souls t' their proper place of rest.
Flint: Oh ... hm.
Mar'Solla: ((*she))
Flint: I'm not up on my pantheons.
Flint: Well if you know of anything, like their possible meeting places, other information, we'd be glad to make use of it.
Mar'Solla: It shouldn't be a... I mean, I don't prolystize, and I... well, frankly, I wish to be left to pay homage to my patron deity without these maniacs and cultists accostin' me at every turn. What they do is... well, it's evil, is what it is.
Lord Bartel: Sir Vhid, if you could also accompany this group, as part of the city guard, it would be appreciated. Share what you have learned thus far.
Vhid: Aye!
* Vhid salutes the lord with respect.
Lord Bartel: Is there anything else you require tonight?
* Flint looks up at Aben, Ashling
Flint: *ahem* .... no, thank you Lord. I suppose we will be in touch.
* Lord Bartel bows
* Flint returns bow
* Aben bows
* Jerath bows
* Bin bows
Lord Bartel: My apologies for being curt this night. Hopefully, joy will return to this city soon.
Flint: I can only hope we have this cleaned up by the festival, personally...
* Lord Bartel nods
* Vhid bows
Lord Bartel: good night, then. Let me know when you find anything.
Bin: Good night my lordship
* Flint looks rather giddy as he heads out the door.
Flint: This is the big time! We're official now!
* Vhid follows
* Mar'Solla mutters to herself
Mar'Solla: Oh, that's just perfect, that is. Risk my life comin' forward with valuable evidence, and the best he can offer me is a steely glare and being put under th' guard of a bunch of thugs 'n mercenary oddballs.
* Bin gets belongings
* Flint loads his pistols, looking sideways at Mar'solla
DM: You can get back to Aben's place without incident via the ferries
Flint: "thugs"? we're a bit more re4fined than that.
Mar'Solla: Well, I can only hope...
Aben: Our rooms are far more comfortable than those of jail cells, I am certain.
* Mar'Solla eyes the pistols.
Flint: Or Amarethi-controlled asylums...
Mar'Solla: Those are quite fancy... must've cost you a pretty penny.
Flint: (( they are oldschool type manual flintlocks ))
Flint: well, I build them for a living. so not really.
Mar'Solla: Jail cell?! I was threated with death if I went forward tae the watch! I should've been given a medal, for all that!
Flint: You'll find not all are tolerant to .... whatever it is, that you do, anyway.
Jerath: You have been given a chance to act against a great evil
Mar'Solla: And these people, they make GOOD on their threats, as well you know!
* Mar'Solla rolls her eyes.
Bin: As good as i am dead....
Jerath: And provided with protection that the guards may not be able to offer.
Aben: It seems these 'thugs' you refer to nearly killed Zoriada tonight.
Aben: And killed two of her minions
Aben: Sending the rest fleeing
Mar'Solla: Fighting evil. Right. Ill try tae feel righteous an' brace when Im bleeding my last, spread eagled amoungst some dark sigils or other.
Aben: They've been trying to kill us for months now
Mar'Solla: Zoriada? You what?
* Mar'Solla looks impressed, despite herself.
Flint: So you know her, then?
Aben: oh, didn't we mention that? I believe they set her on fire.
Mar'Solla: Well, o' course. She's the leader of these bastards.
Flint: GAHHH!! so we were THAT close?! DAMN it!!
Ashling: I don't suppose you'd know where we might find her?
* Flint kicks a rock
Aben: Alright. Let's regroup. What do we know and what do we need to find out?
Vhid: I can be givin' ye' that information now.
Mar'Solla: No. I was nae exactly pals with these degenerates. They asked me polite-like if Id like to join, I was shown more about their operation, and decided that it weren't exactly my type of people, if'n you catch my meaning.
* Vhid busily scribbles some pages of notes.
Mar'Solla: They have bases in th' sewers, and your friend Zoriada has a sanctum somewhere around, but I was never that deep.
Flint: The sewers!! We were just DOWN there! Well, a few months ago...
DM: (((http://zyanya.wikidot.com/forum/t-94041/murders)))
Vhid: (( thank you))
* Vhid hands Aben all the information he could muster.
* Aben begins reading
* Aben begins reading somewhat aloud, summarizing the information for the group
DM: info on murders now posted
Aben: They've been a bit more prolific than we thought.
Aben: Mar'Solla, what do you know about the rituals/
Bin: .. Thats what would have happened to me?
Aben: It appears so
Mar'Solla: 5 different ones that I was shown or told of, consisting of about nine sigils, in different positions
Mar'Solla: They did different ones fer different people, depending on who the person was and what they hoped tae accomplish.
Aben: please, enlighten us
Flint: Great, a personalized murder service...
Mar'Solla: Oh, the only service was to themselves... this "void" they keep on bangin' on about
Flint: That sounds familiar.... like the book you and Kazi translated? (to Jerath)
Mar'Solla: All the rituals serve it in some way... let's see, you've got your 5 sigil ritual, where the corpse is left spread-eagled, five sigils drawn around him, with a circle connectin' them in chalk...
* Mar'Solla begins counting off fingers on one hand
Mar'Solla: They do that one fer philanphopists and other goody-two-shoes... supposed ta make the world darker
Mar'Solla: Suppose it certainly does THAT, but the idea is it makes this world more attractive tae th' void...
Bin: What is this void you keep talking about?
Aben: A force of undeath this cult worships
Bin: So tomorrow the sewers?
Mar'Solla: Yes, what that man said. They want to usher the void into this world, with the eventual aim o' turnin' everything into undead. Which I suppose makes sense if'n yer a total eejit.
Flint: We should hit them in their base, yes. While they're still recovering. We should get Quickblades and others and do this the right way.
Flint: We should do it soon, too.
Flint: Give them a bloody nose.
Mar'Solla: I mean, everything... some of them are just bastids, some of them seem to think that being undead makes them free of mortal desires and petty hatreds... presumably the ones what have never had to spend time with a ghoul, or a shadow...
* Aben nods to Mar'solla
Bin: I just want to know why me... That is all really...
Flint: Because it was convenient? We might never know, Bin...
Mar'Solla: I dunno... do you know how many sigils they had planned for you? Or what you'd done to them?
Mar'Solla: Are you a craftsmen, or a sage, or have you some special skill they'd want?
Aben: I'm trying to find a pattern here, and I am failing. I can't help but feel I am missing something
* Aben glances over the notes on the murders
Aben: it seems almost random...
Ashling: What do they get from killing a druid?
* Bin passes his hand over his left forearm, closing his eyes remembering...
Flint: It can't be random if they knew something about the victims ahead of time ... they have to prepare the right sigils. am I right?
Mar'Solla: Well, let's have a look see... this first one, that Makil feller...
Jerath: huh
Jerath: that's interesting
* Jerath glances at the notes
Mar'Solla: That was a five sigil one, so he must've been a giver to the poor, a man o' charity.
* Jerath hands the list to Ashling
Jerath: Look.
* Jerath points
* Ashling looks at the notes.
Aben: what do the other rituals mean?
* Mar'Solla frowns
Aben: or perhaps a better question, what is the ritual trying to accomplish?
Mar'Solla: What'd this Constance woman do t' annoy them, then? That two sigil one, that's their revenge one...
Jerath: I don't know that she was the one who did anything
* Jerath frowns
Bin: I need to think, I am going to take a walk... I will be back as soon as i can...
Aben: stay on the grounds of the estate, they are protected
Bin: ok, sounds good to me..
Mar'Solla: Oh, the others... well, there's the four sigil one... remove the subjects face, hands, and heart, draw four sigils around them in a diamond... that's to bring their skills into the fold, somehow
Bin: ((assuming there is a door here....))
Aben: ((sure))
Vhid: ((night all! got a bit to do))
Mar'Solla: From your notes, looks like they did that to a big-time gladiator, and a... a singer? Why?
Lan has disconnected.
Aben: perhaps we need to learn more about the victims then
* Bin leans against the building...
Mar'Solla: Know anything about this Constance woman?
Mar'Solla: She musta done something to oppose them, or at least rankle them somethin' fierce.
Aben: we will see what we can find out
Flint: (I'm gonna have to excuse myself as well)
Ashling: Which one was the girl Lord Bartel knew?
DM: Abina
DM: Let's call a halt here. GM needs food
Travis: So same time next week?
DM: yep. Except hopefully I'll be on time
Ashling: okies
Ashling: 'night!
Travis: Good night all
Travis has disconnected.