Feliks has connected.
Flint has connected.
Kazi: I demand you put a halo about yourself, Feliks Havel!
* Kazi laughs
Feliks: No Halo for Me!
Kazi: You're a brat!
* Kazi runs around in a purple halo
Kazi: wt!
Feliks: loading campaign
Scathach has connected.
Wrane LAtrobe has connected.
Kazi: Matt, you may want to sign back in with Lalinlor as your name
Wrane LAtrobe has disconnected.
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Minor wounds
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Cure Minor wounds kazi) « 1+5 ⇒ 1 + 5 = 6 »
Kazi: why thanks
Flint has disconnected.
Feliks: ((gonna get some cereal, afk. brb))
Flint has connected.
Scathach: Good Morning Chris
Kazi: Morning flint, lalinlor
Scathach: oh dammit, where did my wagon pics go?
Kazi: I can't see anything, GM, so I can't tell you
Kazi: lol
Flint: how are we going to do initiative
Feliks: back
Kazi: front
Feliks: are you in the cavern or grass?
Feliks: go to grass
Kazi: hello, hello
Feliks: tada!
Kazi: tada!
Scathach: be in the grass
Kazi: I am in the grass
Feliks: you can hide the other maps from players
Kazi: J, did you mess around with init tool at all?
Feliks: i think
Kazi: or are you gonna track it?
Kazi: by hand
Scathach: I messed with it
Scathach: And I'll use it
Kazi: k
Flint: I can be the init tool guy if needed
Kazi: you got my files?
Scathach: soon as I find what I did with the damn wagons
Scathach: yes
Kazi: k
Kazi: I set up special files Flinty-poo
Scathach: you guys will be minimized for a bit
Kazi: because apparently, I am a MapTool junkie!
* Kazi thinks it's cute that Flint has a size small token
Slowthinker has connected.
Flint: well, duh!
Kazi: GAWD
Kazi: Hello Slowthinkg
Kazi: goddammit
Kazi: It starts already!
Kazi: Hello Slowthinker
Feliks: speak up if you don't see grass
Slowthinker: hey
Slowthinker: I see it
Feliks: cool
Slowthinker: took a minute to load
Kazi: let's see how good my touch attacks are today
Kazi: stop running
Kazi: ok!
* Kazi runs and jumps on Feliks
Kazi: Touch Attack « 1d20+2 ⇒ 17 + 2 = 19 »
Kazi: oh, you're in for it
Feliks: Grapple: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 14 + 1 = 15 »
Kazi: Grapple: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 10 + 2 = 12 »
Kazi: d'oh
Kazi: you win this time
Slowthinker: ...
Feliks: What's up, Slow?
* Kazi gives Feliks a kiss on the cheek anyway
Slowthinker: not too much... just finishing up linch...
Kazi: I think I need to alias my touch attack
Slowthinker: and trying to figure out where to start with maptools
Kazi: Touch Attack! « 1d20+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 »
Flint: you can drag and drop an image for your figure directly to the map
Kazi: well that sucked
Flint: the fancy circular icons though, were made with TokenTool (same website as maptool)
Feliks: right, you don't have to "Tokentool" it
Kazi: you gonna slip on your halo, Feliks?
Kazi: everyone's doing it!
Slowthinker: right... an image from where? The default tokens?
Flint: anywhere. an image file, image on a browser
Flint: whatever
Feliks: anywhere.
Feliks: I wish I could see more than 60 feet in this sunshine
Kazi: me too
Flint: I know, that's weird
Feliks: turn off the light sources
Feliks: on your tokens
Flint: my 100' range incrememnt weapon is rather useless right now
* Kazi will be riding with Kae in Wagon 1!
Kazi: how do you turn it off?
Kazi: oh, there we go
Feliks: i turned it off for you
Kazi: thank you, darlin
Feliks: non-strict token ownership
Flint: so we're at 5/9 players
Scathach: Alistar had to quit
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Scathach: And Matt had to reboot
Kazi: Slowthing is Ben?
Kazi: goddammit
Kazi: Slowthinker is Ben?
Quickblades has connected.
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Kazi: oh, there is Dan
Slowthinker: yes
Kazi: Morning, Quickblades
Flint: what about Paul, the bard, and, other guy?
Quickblades: Howdy all
Slowthinker: and dragging from the web browser isn't working too good... hmm
Scathach: They aren't on aim yet.
Feliks: save to your desktop, and drag from there?
Kazi: I haven't seen MattL on AIM all this week
Slowthinker: just did
Scathach: I've seen him a couple times. He knows we are gaming today. They both do.
Lalinlor Loth: I hate aim
Kazi: Joseph said, see you tomorrow last night
Scathach: If they miss, they miss, and no XP for them
Kazi: Lalinlor just sat on Flint!
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 5 + 6 = 11
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 12 + 6 = 18
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 15 + 6 = 21
Scathach: I've gamed with Joseph before, he is notorious for being 15 minutes late, so I don't wait on him anymore.
Lalinlor Loth: for the found stuff
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 6 + 6 = 12
Kazi: Aben seems quite good at ID'ing stuff too, L
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 1 + 6 = 7
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 13 + 6 = 19
Kazi: Do Goliath get Large tokens?
Flint: no, they're medium
Flint: they're just a big medium
Kazi: ah
Slowthinker: powerful build
Slowthinker: large... but not large
Scathach: brb
Flint: large with a non cpaital L
Kazi: Why do I type Slowthinker "Slowthinkg" ?
Kazi: Yo! Slowthink-G!
Kazi: Yo! Slowthink-G-Dog!
Slowthinker: sup, yo
* Kazi is going a bit mad
Kazi: my skills of a typist are poor
Lalinlor Loth: vent?
Slowthinker: Sooth, be there a hizzouse nearby?
Slowthinker: I haven't been able to get vent to work... I'll try again
Flint: oh the server is not running, heh, was one needed?
Lalinlor Loth: I can put us on ts if needed
Flint: i'll start the vent server
Kazi: Feliks is riding with Maks?
Slowthinker: well, I wasn't able to get it working when there was a server; I don't have a lot of hope now
Kazi: ha ha ha
Feliks: cart 4 is prisoner cart
Kazi: oh
Feliks: wagon, that is
Kazi: still
Feliks: duh
Kazi: ha ha ha ha
Kazi: DUH, GAWD!
Lalinlor Loth: Please kill me
Kazi: Feliks is a prison guard
Kazi: doo doo doo
Feliks: ok
Flint: the vent server is up and runnin
Kazi: number?
Lalinlor Loth: talking baby toys are going to dfrive me insaner
Feliks: 2 Weapon Rapier: « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 10 + 4 + 0 = 14 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 3 + 1 + 0 = 4 »
Lalinlor Loth: you miss twice
Feliks: 2 Weapon Claw Bracer: « 1d20+1+MOD ⇒ 11 + 1 + 0 = 12 » Damage: « 1d4+MOD ⇒ 4 + 0 = 4 »
Kazi: that hits your AC, according to your token
Feliks: yeah, but only 4 pts damage
Slowthinker: heh
Lalinlor Loth: 2 I have dr 2
Slowthinker: man, the chat window won't stay scrolled down
Feliks: there's an icon of speech bubbles lower right that turns auto scroll on/off
Slowthinker: aha
Kazi: I think I hit that one night
Kazi: I was so pissed
Feliks: i hit it when i need to review coomands or my alias file
Feliks: commands
Feliks: Flying V formation!
Kazi: Where ya goin' Feliks dear?
Scathach: Stop moving my wagons!
Feliks: oh, you're back
Kazi: ooooh, you're in trouble!!!
Feliks: when moving, you can hit the spacebar to drop an anchor, to go around corners
Scathach: Okay, what is everyone's initiative modifiers?
Flint: Flint's is +2
Feliks: Initiative: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 8 + 4 = 12 »
Feliks: +4
Slowthinker: um... -6...
* Slowthinker thinks slow
Kazi: +2
Scathach: Oh Quickblades?
Feliks: very pretty patterns, there
Slowthinker: if one can call it that...
Kazi: Does Ben have AIM?
Slowthinker: yes
Feliks: lol
Flint: he's logged out
Slowthinker: oh, right
Kazi: Everyone might want to log in for whisper purposes
Kazi: pspspspspsp
Kazi: whispers in here are inline with chat
Flint: why would I have to say anything to you?
Kazi: You're a jerk
Flint: dmeon-child
Quickblades: my init mod is +3
Kazi: Shup
Kazi: shortypants
Quickblades: sorry , I've been setting my mini up.
Quickblades: what's the vent ip again?
Kazi: if Slowthinker is logged into AIM, may I pretty please have his ID?
Flint: « 1d4 with a comment! ⇒ 1 »
Slowthinker: it's impossible to remember unless you know my name
Quickblades: hehe
Kazi: lol
Kazi: mine is rather obscure, unless you know me
Flint: whatever you do, NEVER roll '1d1e'
Kazi: yeah, GAWD
Flint: e is notation for "if you roll max, roll again"
Kazi: infinite loop jerk
Kazi: or infinite adding of 1 jerk
Slowthinker: « 1d2e ⇒ 3 »
Quickblades: that function is kinda cool though.
* Scathach rolls: 1d20 => 19
Kazi: please don't explode dice, use your powers with care
Flint: they should have a hard-coded response to 1v1e of "=> Infinity. Retard."
Kazi: unlike meaniehead Chris!
Kazi: lol
Kazi: I would have
Kazi: that sounds like something I would code
Kazi: you should read my code comments
Scathach: It is midmorning when the wagons are ready. The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. It's still cold and muddy, but it could be worse
* Kazi is very cheery this morning
Flint: (( sounds like good weather ... for ADVENTURE! ))
Scathach: The wagons get underway without difficulty.
Quickblades: Ah. You know, this weather really reminds me of home. A bit of mist, always cold...
* Kazi hops into wagon 1 with Kae and smiles happily
Feliks: Flint! You've been staying out of sight these past few days
Kazi: Remember our deal, Kae dear!
Flint: oh, I've been busy.
Slowthinker: Ah, home... it's strange to think of it, now...
Quickblades: True
Scathach: The wagonneers will make polite conversation with their passengers.
Slowthinker: uh-oh
Flint: how many more days are travelling, Aben, assuming no more untimely monsoon seasons?
Feliks: Do you think my stuff will ever not smell of wet dwarf again?
Quickblades: ((Can anyone move my mini other than me and J?))
Slowthinker: ((sorry; just lost power momentarily))
Aben: P...p...p...probably no more than three
Kazi: You're such a baby, Feliks! (Kazi calls over her shoulder)
Slowthinker: ((yes))
Aben: Sometime t..t...t...t....today though, we may run out of r..r...r....r...road.
* Kazi chatters happily with Kae about her new whip routine
Aben: it will g..g..g..g...g...g...g.et d..d..d...d..d...d...d..d..d.d..difficult then
Flint: and then, do we drag these things corss-country after that?
Feliks: ((I didn't turn Strict Token Ownership on today, that will prevent others from moving or altering the token.))
Flint: we only have 2 goliaths to carry the wagons, after all
Kazi: ((IM me if you want the alias to do ooc comments thusly))
Flint: unless they can carry 2 each, but still...
Kae: (yells back) it's flat country. Shouldn't be hard
* Kazi shows Kae her new red whip
Slowthinker: Well, I don't know if I could carry more than two... how about you, Quickblades?
Kazi: Isn't it pretty?
* Kazi sighs happily
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+3 Knowledge (Nature) => 2 + 3 = 5
Scathach: It is quite pretty, the rain has caused a few early flowers to bloom
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+3 Craft(Herbalism) => 4 + 3 = 7
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+3 Knowledge (Nature) => 20 + 3 = 23
Quickblades: Hmm. Well, I certainly wouldn't carry less that you
Lalinlor Loth: for crafting materials
Lalinlor Loth: collect stuff as we move
Quickblades: So long as we don't have to jump over ravines
Scathach: The wagons are going at an easy pace, those walking alongside can keep up without trouble.
Kazi: ((was Feliks sitting on the prisoner?))
Slowthinker: Pity we don't have enough wagons for three apiece, then...
Quickblades: True
Quickblades: We could take turns on the fifth wagon though.
Flint: is it true that a goliath can crush rock with his bare hands? I heard that once...
Scathach: You break for a quick midday meal without incident
Quickblades: I'll take 10 strides with three, then you can have a turn.
Slowthinker: I never tried just a rock... seemed somewhat... pedestrian
* Kazi will practice with her new whip, idly
* Feliks eats on the wagon
Quickblades: I've seen it done with Boulders, though it takes a long time, and much blood.
Feodor: Ya know, the longer we go without attack, the more nervous I get. Ironic that.
* Slowthinker looks around
Slowthinker: Usually, that's their cue, right?
Kazi: We could ask the prisoner when his fellows plan to ambush us again
Kazi: they crossed through town right before we did
Kazi: we arrived, that is
Feliks: PRisoner, when's the next ambush?
* Slowthinker glances at Quickblades
Slowthinker: Who are "they," anyway?
Quickblades: You worry too much brother.
Lalinlor Loth: when do we get to kill deer with 4 bit technology?
Prisoner: According to my calculations, it is in four minutes. But I could be off.
* Flint has a snakebite.
Scathach: Flint dies
Feliks: He says 4 minutes
Kazi: Isn't he droll?
Slowthinker: Quite.
Scathach: The next hour passes without attack, and the road is quickly vanishing
Feliks: are we in real grassland, or woods? or what?
Scathach: The ride is getting bumpy, and the wagons slow a bit more. The land is flat, though ahead (probably a day's journey away at your current pace) you can see some hills.
* Flint does a quick check of the gear in wagon 3 to make sure nothing is going to explode
Lalinlor Loth: ((one of us was supposed to get to sleep in late today; the other got hte baby ; she forgot about the yapping dog then wouldn't come get him so I could get sleep ))
Scathach: grassland with some trees here and there.
Scathach: ((revenge for yesterday when he dragged me out of bed to make breakfast))
Lalinlor Loth: ((at 10:30))
Quickblades: Laninlor, have you a spell to smooth the roads?
* Feliks is oblivious.
Scathach: Spot checks?
* Feliks is oblivious.
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Light Wounds
Flint: is this one we're supposed to roll with rollsecret?
Quickblades: Spot « 1d20+0 ⇒ 9 + 0 = 9 »
Slowthinker: spot « 1d20+1 ⇒ 12 + 1 = 13 »
Scathach: yes
Kazi: y'all... those should be rolled to the GM
Slowthinker: ...
Lalinlor Loth: change /r to /rgm in the macro
Quickblades: How do we do that?
Flint: use /rollsecret
Flint: and then a roll
Flint: ro to GM?
Scathach: ((the secret rolls can be seen by the player who rolled them and the GM, but not by other players))
Feliks: it's /rgm
* Slowthinker hasn't reached that part of the training yet
Kazi: it's /rgm 1d20+modifier
Scathach: ((no worries))
Kazi: then you can also do something like, /rgm 1d20+1 Spot
Scathach: Those of you whose spot checks didn't totally suck ass (meaning everyone except Feliks and Kazi) notice you are coming up on a river.
Kazi: that will work too
Kazi: hey!
Quickblades: got it
* Kazi is pretty
Scathach: And the bridge seems to be gone.
Flint: ....crap.
Lalinlor Loth: does the river see me?
Quickblades: Cool Graphical Effects...
Scathach: Yes
Kazi: ooooh, water!
Slowthinker: ((so, do we ford, or caulk the wagons and float across?))
Flint: we can't risk getting this stuff wet.
Quickblades: I haven't any caulk. I think we shall be fording.
Scathach: ((jump in the water and see how deep it is. And how many piranha there are))
* Slowthinker goes forward to check the water depth
* Quickblades jumps in.
Kazi: ((is there someone else with WIS lower than the Sclav pair?))
Feliks: I hope not
Lalinlor Loth: not still alive?
Scathach: In the part of the river that looks easiest to cross, the deepest spot is about 10'
Slowthinker: ... are you sure that's a goo-- never mind.
* Quickblades returns
Quickblades: It's about an arms length over my head at the deepest.
Scathach: And as the river contains the spring thaw, Quickblades is turning blue from hypothermia
Flint: ....crap.
Feliks: that's deep
Slowthinker: That might not work well for the wagons...
Quickblades: And it's rather cold
* Quickblades is shivering slightly.
Slowthinker: You don't say...
Quickblades: ((have we taken a break for lunch yet?))
Feliks: how tall are the trees around here
Flint: ((yes))
Scathach: There is in fact still some ice flows on the river
* Slowthinker takes out a blanket and hands it to Quickblades
Quickblades: Thank you.
Scathach: The taller ones are 30-40 feet
Kazi: Do you need a hug, Quickblades?
* Kazi smiles
Quickblades: Not just yet.
* Feliks grumbles
* Kazi laughs merrily
Rayner: So, can the gnome divert the river for us?
* Slowthinker looks for where a bridge would have been
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+3 Knowledge (Nature) => 10 + 3 = 13
Lalinlor Loth: for the best place to cross
Quickblades: I will say though that the river reminds me a good deal of some of the mountain flows from back home.
Feliks: do we drop some trees, and make a rough bridge?
Flint: I suppose I could .... I mean, if you want to wait long enough
* Quickblades takes in a deep breath of the fresh air.
Kazi: That's very impressive, wee man
Scathach: There was a bridge here, where you are, but someone has totalled it
Kazi: Hmmm, wonder if the gang of 19 had something to do with this
Slowthinker: If I were going to ambush us, I might take out the bridge and attack while our backs were to the river...
Flint: (( does it look like it was .... blown up? ))
* Kazi glances at the wagon with the prisoner
Slowthinker: Of course, I would never ambush us...
Quickblades: Of course. Unseemly thing to do.
Slowthinker: but it's good to try to put oneself in one's enemy's shoes once in a while.
Lalinlor Loth: J afk; putting monster in restaints
Quickblades: I suppose we ought to bring our wagons into a tight pack while we figure out how to cross here.
Lalinlor Loth: X is a cr 5 wailing lord
Flint: circle the wagons, literally?
Scathach: more hacked apart than blown up you think
Scathach: It's about two hours to dark
Slowthinker: So who did you say these people ambushing you... us... were, again?
Quickblades: Um. We could do a circle.
Feliks: time to camp, drop some trees?
Quickblades: You should talk to our prisoner.
* Kazi gives Slowthinker a strange look
Flint: there's gotta be another way to cross right? another bridge? who knows this area - besides the bad guys?
Scathach: The Sclavini start breaking out axes. 'Which trees do you want?'
Kazi: 19 of the prisoners fellows
Kazi: prisoner's*
Slowthinker: Right...
Slowthinker: why are they after us?
Quickblades: Do we have any spare axes?
Aben: They w..w...w..w...w....w....wish to stop us
Kazi: They don't want us doing what we're doing, presumably
Feliks: ask whoever plans to build the bridge?
Scathach: There are plenty of axes available
Flint: Well, the rumor is there are those in the city that don't want us exploring ... whatever it is we're headed to.
Lalinlor Loth: ones that you can drop so they land on the other side of the rive and still are on this side
Quickblades: All of this idle walking is making me feel dull. I need some sport. Slowthinker.. You game?
* Slowthinker smiles
Lalinlor Loth: then we can push them into position and have a makeshift bridge across
Scathach: The Sclavini fell two 40' tall fairly straight trees rather quickly
Slowthinker: What did you have in mind?
* Quickblades takes an axe and saunters over to a tree.
Slowthinker: Wouldn't want to shirk the work building bridges...
Flint: please don't say it's "toss the gnome" (nervously)
* Slowthinker takes another axe and follows
Quickblades: (in slight surprise) I think these smaller fellows may be able to keep up.
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Scathach: the smaller fellows have you outnumbered and are working two to a tree
Lalinlor Loth: lets play roll the trees to the water
Quickblades: Fantastic
* Quickblades starts chopping ferociously
* Feliks watches in amusement.
* Kazi rolls her eyes at all this male posturing
* Flint sneaks off to a nearby tree with one of his satchel charges
* Flint lights the fuse, and runs for it
* Slowthinker lets Quickblades have a couple seconds headstart, then begins chopping as well, more carefully but still with great enthusiasm
* Kazi yawns
Scathach: A tree falls down.
* Kazi jumps, startled
Flint: yeeeeeeee-haw!
Kazi: My, my!
* Slowthinker blinks and looks over
Slowthinker: Brother, I think the little folk are showing off...
Flint: that's the gnomish way of cutting down trees.
Quickblades: I think so.
Kae: I think the gnome won
Slowthinker: Interesting... how long does it take to make one of those?
Scathach: spot checks?
Quickblades: He still has to roll it to the water
Feliks: I like the booms
Flint: not too long, but the gunpowder I have on hand is limited
Flint: so can't take too many down that way.
* Kazi is playing the oblivious game too
Feliks: fuck!
* Slowthinker looks over
* Quickblades chases after him.
* Flint lifts his gun and shoots at the prisoner
Slowthinker: ((I don't see where he is on the map))
Scathach: He is there
Feliks: I'll chase after
Kazi: he's northeast of us
Quickblades: Full on run.
Scathach: He is also doing a full on run
* Kazi watches the excitement
Kazi: Huh?
Scathach: Initiative?
* Slowthinker runs as well.... extremely quickly
Flint: Init « 1d20+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Slowthinker: « 1d20-6 ⇒ 1 - 6 = -5 » init
Kazi: ((don't you do init? lol))
Scathach: nm, I roll it
Slowthinker: ((gah))
Quickblades: Init « 1d20+3 ⇒ 13 + 3 = 16 »
* Slowthinker is going last last last
Kazi: ((the GM does it))
Flint: afk for 2 min
Quickblades: oh
Quickblades: hehe
Feliks: ((the icon at at the right of the top left bar is a measure tool, fyi.))
Scathach: Initi order goes - Feliks, Flint, Prisoner, Lalinlor, Sclavini, Quickblade, Slowthinker, Kazi
Quickblades: Ok
Kazi: dang
Quickblades: Am I at my tree, or near the prisoner?
Slowthinker: ((actually, you beat me... I got negative 5))
Scathach: ((at your tree))
Quickblades: Drat!
Feliks: Do I see him? I doubt it
Kazi: ((I am last, sigh))
Scathach: The trees are light, and when the alarm went off, he abandoned subtlety for speed, so yes, you can see him
Slowthinker: ((ohhhh, right, never mind))
Feliks: Off the wagon, and give chase
Scathach: Flint is afk, so we'll assume he's gathering up his gun
Kazi: ((and I have a +2 mod, lol))
Feliks: looking for obvious signs of others
Feliks: done
Scathach: Lalinlor, you are up
Lalinlor Loth: It's a trap
Lalinlor Loth: don't go
Lalinlor Loth: please
Lalinlor Loth: you are valuble
Feliks: WHAT?
Scathach: The Sclavini grab up weapons but don't give chase
Scathach: Quickblades is up
Lalinlor Loth: ((I created a macro called ackbar))
Feliks: they did have axes
Feliks: ((lol))
Kazi: ((ackbar?))
Scathach: ((I know, but they were distracted by the recent load KABOOM))
Feliks: ((it's a traaaaaap!))
Lalinlor Loth: ((watch star wars please or visit fark.com photoshops
Flint: i'm back sorry
Scathach: Slowthinker?
* Quickblades sprints after the prisoner, trying to get him into range
Quickblades: done
* Slowthinker sets off in pursuit, very quickly
Kazi: ((dude, I watched Star Wars, I am just not a total SW geek )
Scathach: ((Flint we assumed you were getting gun and preparing to shoot, you can take your shot if you want))
Lalinlor Loth: ((other types of geek are not in question though))
Scathach: ((Kazi, if it's got the word 'geek' in it, you are a total
Flint: « 1d20+2 Musket (w/ range increment) ⇒ 16 + 2 = 18 »
Kazi: ((Sigh))
Scathach: ((hit))
Kazi: ((Guilty as charged))
Flint: « 1d10 damage ⇒ 7 »
Scathach: ((ow))
Slowthinker: ((done))
Scathach: Kazi you are up
* Kazi jumps lightly from the wagon
Kazi: (yells) Feliks, please don't don't get yourself killed
Kazi: moves over to Flint
Kazi: Whispers something to him
Scathach: Feliks, your go
Feliks: WHAT? IT'S A TRAP?
Feliks: done
Scathach: Flint
* Flint reloads his weapon, and has too stubby legs to give chase.
Flint: done..
Scathach: Lalinlor?
Lalinlor Loth: hold
Lalinlor Loth: done
Scathach: The Sclavini do not give chase, the Amareth do.
Scathach: Quickblade
* Kazi mutters under her breath in Sclavini (assume it's something rude about the Amareth
Quickblades: ((is Jinan one of ours?))
Scathach: Yep
Quickblades: Done
Scathach: Slowthinker?
Quickblades: (( Do I see them?))
* Slowthinker continues to give chase, almost supernaturally quickly
Scathach: If you glance over your shoulder, yes?
Quickblades: I SEE THE TRAP!!!
Scathach: Kazi?
Flint: (( that's no tree ... it's a space station ))
Kazi: hold
Quickblades: ((Take that back, they are trees))
Scathach: Feliks?
Feliks: done
Scathach: Flint?
Slowthinker: ((I don't think I had a chance to draw a weapon if I was running all the way... can I make an AOO unarmed if I don't have improved unarmed strike?))
Scathach: ((I don't think so))
Slowthinker: ((ok))
* Flint scans the area closer to the wagons, from other directions
Scathach: ((spot check))
Flint: you can draw a weapon as part of a move action if you BAB is at least +1
Quickblades: (( you do have the axe))
Quickblades: ((I think we are proficient with them as a race))
Scathach: ((as with most actions, you have to declare you are doing so
Slowthinker: ((oh yeah, that's true))
Slowthinker: ((I figured running was a full-round action, not a move))
Scathach: ((for the full run, it is))
Scathach: The prisoner waggles his fingers and casts something
Scathach: Slowthinker, reflex save
Slowthinker: « 1d20 ⇒ 5 » reflex
* Slowthinker probably fails
Scathach: Consider yourself entangled.
Kazi: oh, that should be a DM roll to, friend
Kazi: too*
Slowthinker: ((right))
Feliks: ((but then we can't laugh at nat 1s))
Kazi: ((sigh))
Scathach: ((entangle))
Scathach: Lalinlor
Flint: (I thought it was gonna be Fireball)
Kazi: ((I don't think he's *that* high level, or he would have trounced us earlier))
Scathach: ((if he could cast fireball, you guys would already be fucked))
Kazi: ((what *she* said))
Lalinlor Loth: It's a trap
Lalinlor Loth: ((using the ackbar macro)
Kazi: ((I grok))
Feliks: ((that's still funny, like you're stuck on it!))
Kazi: ((oh yeah, get entangled, you jerks!))
Flint: (sorry that was me)
Scathach: Quickblades
Kazi: ((I mean))
Scathach: ((can tackle))
Kazi: ((go team))
Scathach: ((for AoO if you want))
Kazi: ((at Amarethi, not QB))
Flint: The character is ensnared. Being entangled impedes movement, but does not entirely prevent it unless the bonds are anchored to an immobile object or tethered by an opposing force. An entangled creature moves at half speed, cannot run or charge, and takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and a -4 penalty to Dexterity. An entangled character who attempts to cast a spell must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + the spell’s level) or lose the spell.
Quickblades: ((I'll try the tackle))
Kazi: how did you paste? I can never paste
Slowthinker: Grasses, weeds, bushes, and even trees wrap, twist, and entwine about creatures in the area or those that enter the area, holding them fast and causing them to become entangled. The creature can break free and move half its normal speed by using a full-round action to make a DC 20 Strength check or a DC 20 Escape Artist check. A creature that succeeds on a Reflex save is not entangled but can still move at only half speed through the area. Each round on your turn, the plants once again attempt to entangle all creatures that have avoided or escaped entanglement.
Flint: Ctrl+V?
Slowthinker: regular
Scathach: Slowthinker?
Kazi: ((it never works for me )
Quickblades: What kind of roll do I make for the tackle?
Feliks: ((i can't paste either. Mac?))
Quickblades: I moved just ove my doublemove...
Slowthinker: ((I need to make a full-round action to break free, as per the spell description, I think))
Scathach: ((if it's just a double move, you can do it as a charge))
Kazi: ((it's literally ctrl-v, ericpants))
Kazi: ((not apple-v))
Feliks: ((oh))
Quickblades: it was 95 to here
* Slowthinker breaks free
Slowthinker: ((done))
Quickblades: I can do a doublemove at 80
Quickblades: so I guess I'll have to wait
Scathach: (Got to wait for the AoO then)
Quickblades: I still have my hand axe.
Flint: if this is a trap, it's not a good one
Prisoner: DAMMIT!
Flint: I think he just slipped his restraints
* Prisoner sits down and mutters 'caught me'
* Slowthinker looks over at Quickblades
Kazi: ((my turn?))
Slowthinker: That was a better game
Scathach: Feliks can move up there during that time
Quickblades: Agreed. You seem to have gotten much faster since we started our temporary
Scathach: Yep, Kazi's turn. I sort of took the folks too far away to effect anything out of initiative
Feliks: Wow! I didn't know you could do this!
Prisoner: you didn't ask.
Kazi: I was gonna run over, but nah
* Feliks gestures to entangled area
Slowthinker: I picked up a couple of tricks...
Feliks: Nice try, though
Kazi: Well that was exciting!
Prisoner: You bought shoddy manacles.
Feliks: Are the wagons still there?
Slowthinker: ((gosh, I hope so... ))
Scathach: Yep. You can get him back to the wagons without incident
* Flint is standing next to them, so they'd better be
Feliks: I guess so
Slowthinker: So Quick, how has your temporary been, anyway?
Scathach: Assuming of course, you take him back to the wagons
Slowthinker: It's been so long...
Kazi: Bravissimo
* Kazi applauds
Quickblades: Difficult, but Good nonetheless
* Slowthinker nods sagely
Scathach: Night has pretty well fallen at this point.
Quickblades: I had some cultural challenges, but nothing that I couldn't overcome with determination.
Quickblades: And yours?
* Flint tries to push his exploded tree towards the river, in vain
Slowthinker: The same with me, largely.
Slowthinker: The elves think so differently from how we do...
Flint: hnrrrrrrkkkk!! Man, this thing is heavy
Slowthinker: It was quite enlightening
Scathach: The Sclavini manage to roll their tree into place.
Scathach: Though they get wet in the process
Kazi: So are we to camp, or continue with this through the night?
Slowthinker: Well...
Scathach: Aben has a campfire going and is cooking something
Slowthinker: We still need to finish our contest.
Scathach: It doesn't smell that appetizing, but you've probably eaten worse
Quickblades: Likewise with the Tatsuo.
Feliks: So, camp for evening, make brifge tomorrow, cross, andsee where we are?
Quickblades: True.
Slowthinker: Can't start somethi8ng and leave it unfinished, after all.
* Kazi sits next to Aben
Rayner: So, um...how exactly do we keep a spell-caster from casting
Kazi: What's cooking?
* Rayner glances at the wagon with the prisoner
* Kazi looks at Rayner
* Quickblades climbs halfway up his tree then out to a branch, using his weight to pull it down. Then pushes it to the other trees.
Kazi: Aside from your people's quaint custom of burning them at the stake?
Aben: A stew. I t..t...think I g...g...g....got the spices right.
Rayner: that's illegal here.
* Rayner shrugs
* Slowthinker continues his chopping, saying what might be a quick prayer over it after it falls
Slowthinker: I believe you won that one, brother.
Scathach: ((4 trees will build a more than adequate bridge))
Kazi: I suppose binding and gagging should be sufficient then
* Kazi turns and then pointedly ignores him
Feliks: perhaps he'll talk more, now
* Rayner glances at Kazi's whip and says 'I'll leave you to that then, I assume it's something you can handle'
Quickblades: Ah, but you caught the prisoner. An even day.
* Rayner smirks
* Kazi growls
Slowthinker: We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Prisoner: that will be difficult if a gag is involved
Flint: he's wounded. I shot him in the back, he's probably stinging a bit
Feliks: does that shoot tiny arrows?
Kazi: The stew smells... interesting
* Prisoner continues to bleed a bit
Kazi: Warm meals are always much more pleasant
* Kazi smiles at Aben
* Flint holds out a handful of shot for Feliks to see. "nope ... these."
Lalinlor Loth: if I don't heal him he will have a tougher time running again
Aben: I may have added t...t...t....t...to much curry
* Kazi glances at Lalinlor
Kazi: It seems a bit cruel to leave him to bleed
Feliks: well, let's at least stop his leaking
* Prisoner sighs
Feliks: weird, so it's like a sling! *looking at shot*
Quickblades: We could just leave him to Lalinor for a few hours. As much as we may not like it, he is the only one to have gotten any information out.
Scathach: Who takes guard shifts?
Kazi: I do not agree with you there, friend
Feliks: we can ask him again now
* Slowthinker will take one
* Quickblades will take one
* Kazi will take one
Scathach: ((first shift is who?))
* Flint will take one whenever, as well
Quickblades: Shall we work in pairs?
Feliks: I was up all day, so I'll need my rest. I can take a late shidt
Quickblades: I'll take a shift with Flint.
* Kazi will take a shift with Feliks
Aben: P...p...p....pairs are a must
Kazi: though
Kazi: maybe the two nitwits shouldn't be paired
Rayner: I'll take middle watch
Kazi: ll
Kazi: lol
Feliks: hey!
Kazi: hey!
Jinan: I'll take third watch
Flint: Flint & Quickblades on First Watch
Lalinlor Loth: To prisinor; have anything new to say?
Kazi: evs, looks like stinkypants Jinan will be on watch too
Jinan: stinkypants?
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+8 Diplomacy => 13 + 8 = 21
Prisoner: yep
Prisoner: I got to take a leak
Lalinlor Loth: lets hear it then
Kazi: It's a term of endearment, Jinan
Feliks: c'mon
Jinan: Somehow, I don't believe you
* Slowthinker will take whichever watch the others think is best
* Kazi blinks innocently
Lalinlor Loth: urine is sterile ; it can b e used to prevent infection; would you rather have the goliath's or the gnome piss on your wound?
Kazi: No need to be rude, Lalinlor
Scathach: First watch - Quickblades and Flint, Second watch Slowthinker and Rayner, Third watch Kazi, Flint, Jinan
Feliks: real nice, Lalinlor
Kazi: Feliks, Kazi, Jinan
Prisoner: Somehow, I doubt you'll convince them
* Kazi stands protectively over the prisoner
Scathach: (((Some F person or another)))
Lalinlor Loth: not being rude; urine is sterile and if you need to prevent infection it can be used; I am getting tired of using my resources to fix him up so he can run
Lalinlor Loth: make the decision to kill him or let him go
Prisoner: I vote let me go.
Feliks: Tell us why you're attacking us
Kazi: Mayhap you can ask our employer if you should use your resources on his behalf then, if you are so grudging to decide on your own?
* Kazi says sweetly
Lalinlor Loth: it's far more humane than poisiing a water supply
Feliks: be truthful, and I'll vote for release
Prisoner: I think I've proven the poison wasn't fatal
* Kazi glances at the prisoner
Lalinlor Loth: because I healed you
Prisoner: Because we don't want you opening the damn crypt. It was sealed for a reason.
Kazi: You are not helping your case much
Feliks: A crypt?
Quickblades: Well, lets look at the odds. 2 to 1 in numbers. We don't know the territory, the enemy's weaponry or armor, nor their skill.
Lalinlor Loth: It was sealed to hide the truth about the origins of sheildmeet and who the founders were
* Kazi snorts
Prisoner: making some guards sick versus letting an evil out to do who knows what? It was a necessary decision.
Quickblades: I think the information you posses would give you an undue advantage.
Quickblades: If we don't think he will talk then we should kill him quickly and humanely.
Lalinlor Loth: just for arguements sake what is your source that it is an evil ?
Flint: how do you know there's "evil" in there anyway? why don't you tell us what awful thing is in there, then? maybe we'll change our minds
Kazi: I am curious as to the basis of everyone's information!
Lalinlor Loth: did your boss tell you it was evil?
Prisoner: Elves were enslaved to. Our memories are longer than that of humans. We keep records. The one who built the place managed to enslave whoever he wanted. You want that unleashed again?
* Kazi puts her hands on her hips
Slowthinker: ((he's an elf? Somehow these details escape me))
Prisoner: ((half-elf))
Kazi: *Someone* is not telling the truth here
Kazi: ABEN!
Lalinlor Loth: because my sources don't make any claims about evil. The sources that financed this trip, including elves, don't make the evil claim
Feliks: Aben, did you know it's a crypt we're going towards?
Lalinlor Loth: not a crypt, I did the translation from the original text
Kazi: well what in bloody hell is it then?
Aben: I think the truth h...h...h...h..here is relative. We are g..g...g....g..going to what may now b..b...b....be a crypt. It was a base of someone p..p..powerful, killed in a rebellion. The rebels sealed the p..p..place
Kazi: Who were the rebels, Aben dear?
Aben: former slaves
Kazi: And who was the powerful person in question?
Aben: That I d..d....d...don't know.
Kazi: ah
Aben: Only that it was a m..m...m...m..m.agic user.
Feliks: A Slave keeper, though
Aben: Lalinlor translated the t..t...text for me.
* Kazi glances at Lalinlor
Kazi: And you are confident in his translastion, Aben dear?
Lalinlor Loth: under your directionl; it was you who found and brought the text to me
Aben: well, yes.
* Kazi shrugs
Kazi: (to the prisoner) So, Jack... who is it YOU work for?
Lalinlor Loth: he got it confirmed independantly; but I am not supposed to know about that
Prisoner: The ones trying to stop you
Kazi: That's rather not specific
Prisoner: It wasn't intended to be specific. Suffice it to say your failure would suit several interests
Kazi: You do realize that most of the people here are not very concerned about whether you live or die?
Flint: enough with this dragon-spit. tell us, or I put another hole in you. Intimidate « 1d20+11 ⇒ 18 + 11 = 29 »
* Flint holds a pistol to prisoner's head
* Kazi sighs
Feliks: maybe, we can work together?
Lalinlor Loth: he doesn't know ; he is a pawn that is simpleminded and will do what he is told ; without thinking
* Prisoner glances up at the pistol, glances at Kazi. 'I've told you what I know.'
Quickblades: I really don't understand why you wouldn't have tried to talk to the rest of us initially. Attack then reasoning rarely helps build trust.
Lalinlor Loth: he probably can't describe his employer more than to say male
Kazi: Jack, my dear, name some of the parties that are interested in seeing us fail
Kazi: That would help
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4+2+6 Diplomacy => 2 + 4 + 2 + 6 = 14
* Prisoner inhales
Kazi: that sucked
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+8 Diplomacy => 8 + 8 = 16
* Flint lowers his pistol, clearly aggravated
* Slowthinker rolls sense motive: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 3 + 7 = 10 »
Kazi: ((ok, now is not the time to roll a TWO!?!?!?!))
Lalinlor Loth: shieldmeet is full of factions ; each trying to gain infulance; everyone on the council wants a represnative on every mission; short of that they want it sabotagged
Prisoner: The lords of Shieldmeet, the witch-slayers, the Agaeran cabal, a group of dwarves who didn't identify themselves, an aasimar, and my own group
Kazi: Your own group being?
Feliks: Listen, If Aben here knows about whatever is in there, then anyone in Shieldmeet knows what's there.
Prisoner: Elves
Kazi: I see
* Kazi glares at the group
Slowthinker: What are their names?
Kazi: See what being reasonable can get you over threats?
Kazi: Though...
Prisoner: And those that do want you to succeed want you to because they want to use what is in there for their own purposes. Few of which are in your best interest.
* Kazi gives Jack a thoughtful look
Kazi: I don't think you are telling the whole truth
Prisoner: I didn't get names. We don't use them.
Feliks: And that means it's out there. If someone wants to get in there, they will. If we can be first in, and destroy whatever may be evil, then we should.
Prisoner: destroy it....that could work. If you can.
Feliks: And you could help.
Feliks: And if it's not evil...
Feliks: then, well...
Prisoner: you do know my group isn't the only one trying to stop you, right?
Prisoner: Think the lords of Shieldmeet would let this caravan get on the road without having at least one spy in the group?
Kazi: Are you not part of the 19, Jack?
Feliks: You've named at least 5 others
* Prisoner glances around
Quickblades: I don't think there are 19 others.
Quickblades: They would have all come at us in their frist ambush.
Flint: You're failing to convince me to open this crypt. Or whatever it is. Actually, now you've piqued my interest.
Kazi: Quickblades, my friend, I am but telling you what the Dwarves told me
Feliks: true, Flint, and not just our interest
Kazi: 19 passed through the town
Quickblades: The tactics that they are using are idotic if this is an evil worth dieing to keep sealed up.
Kazi: And Jack, my dear, we've been warned of potential spies
Feliks: They could feel hurried. Bad decisions
Prisoner: afk
* Kazi grins wolfishly
Feliks: I mean, I'd be worried if I had to stop me!
* Kazi groans
* Flint looks up at Feliks
Flint: what is it .... you ... DO, anyway?
Slowthinker: This is much more complicated than I originally thought...
Quickblades: Still, 5 or 6 against 10? Even in haste that kind of desicion would be foolhardy.
Flint: besides backflip?
Kazi: He eats fire!
Feliks: Somersaults, cartwheels, and fire eating
* Kazi smiles fondly at Feliks
Feliks: A formidable combination, I must admit
* Flint looks like he is getting a migraine from this response
Flint: right...
Quickblades: I think the 19 passed through before us on their way to unseal the evil, and left the 5 or 6 behind to slow us down, in case we decided to try to destroy it.
* Kazi shrugs
Feliks: That could be, too
Kazi: Then they have a bit of a headstart
Feliks: either way, we have to get there
Prisoner: back
Flint: ( well, watches are set up )
Kazi: So our friend Jack here has been most cooperative
Quickblades: All of this conjecture, and so little fact.
Kazi: Perhaps we can stop the bleeding, at least?
Feliks: Life is conjecture, my large friend
* Scathach rolls: 1d20 => 10
Kazi: Aben dear?
Aben: yes?
Kazi: Do you suppose we can help our friend Jack here?
Kazi: a little bit?
* Scathach rolls: 1d20 => 3
* Aben fails a heal check
Aben: I'm afraid this isn't m.m.m.my t.t...t..t.alent
Feliks: Or this, we cross on the morrow, pull the trees over with us, and leave him on this side?
Feliks: unless we think we can work together
Kazi: Perhaps you could ask Lalinlor if he might deign to help? He doesn't seem much inclined... and I don't think he much cares for me.
Scathach: Lalinlor stops the bleeding
Lalinlor Loth: I bind his heals and hands together
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: Thank you, Lalinlor
Lalinlor Loth: and tie him under a wagon
Kazi: Um, I doubt THAT is necessary
Lalinlor Loth: how many times has he run now?
Feliks: um, 1?
Lalinlor Loth: It would have been cruel if we were not building a bridge across
Maksim: Sir, with respect, we can't exactly drive the wagons with him tied like that.
Maksim: no way to make a fast getaway if we have to stop to untie him
Quickblades: I think it would be acceptable to leave him naked on this side of the river.
Lalinlor Loth: look closer I thing the wagons are drivable
Feliks: naked? leave him clothing, at the least
Feliks: it's still cold
* Kazi nods in agreement
Slowthinker: I don't see a need to treat him less than civilly.
* Kae gets out of the wagon with a large sack.
Slowthinker: We're not savages, after all.
Lalinlor Loth: speak for yourself
Flint: i'm pretty savage.
Kae: put him in this, leave him here, by the time he gets loose, we'll be too far ahead to care
Feliks: not everyone here, at least
Quickblades: Ah, the sack will act as both clothing and time.
Kazi: Not I, at least
Kazi: I don't believe he meant naked, friend
Kae: Now, let's stop babbling and get some sleep. I think tomorrow will be a long day.
Kae: leave him his pants.
Kae: His friends nearly killed my kid, so I'm all for throwing his shoes in the river.
* Quickblades goes to take first watch.
Flint: agreed, I make a motion of this meeting of the Prisoner Goodwill Society to close
* Flint sets up for his Watch
* Kazi gives Kae a sympathetic look
Kazi: Agreed, Kae
* Aben serves the food, it tastes better than it smells.
Scathach: The night will pass uneventfully
Scathach: and the bridge can be finished by mid-morning. It's rough, but functional
Feliks: oh good, cause I can't make a spot or listen check to save my life
Kazi: me neither!
* Flint will help bind the logs with some spare rope
* Kazi yawns and stretches
Slowthinker: ((we did organize it so we didn't put the only people with decent checks on one watch, right?))
* Feliks works on his rapier forms for a bit in the morning
Kazi: ((yes))
Scathach: The wagoneers help pack up and load people into wagons. Kae will grab Feliks by the arm and get him to help sack up the prisoner
* Quickblades spars with Feliks
Kazi: ((the nitwits were paired with someone with a good check))
* Kazi will practice with her whip
* Flint grows more agitated with each crack of the whip.
Flint: Hey. WORKING here!
Kazi: Me too, little man
* Kazi coils her whip and hops in the wagon with Kae
Flint: hey, this bridge ain't half bad!
Kazi: My, the little ones are grumpy in the morning
Flint: shup! my head hurts today
Slowthinker: The parts that survived the explosion, you mean?
* Slowthinker grins
Flint: I blame the prisoner
Slowthinker: ((he is not a number! He is a free man!))
Kazi: Feliks might have some vodka
Kazi: That'll fix you right up!
Feliks: Vodka!
Kazi: Vodka!
Flint: isnt' it ... I don't know, a little early for that
Kazi: It's never too early, friend!
* Kazi laughs
Feliks: Just think of it as really, really late
Scathach: Kae climbs into his wagon and yells back 'everyone aboard?'
* Kazi nods sagely
Quickblades: We left the prisoner on the other side, no?
* Flint hops on wagon 3
Slowthinker: We might want to have most people walk rather than ride the wagons across the bridge
Feliks: I'll cross
Kazi: Sure, why not?
Scathach: There are a few scary moments (especially on wagon 3) but the wagons get across safely
Feliks: and dry?
Scathach: The sun has dried most of the mud, and for much of the day, the wagons ride fairly smoothly.
* Kazi chats with Kae in Sclavini
Scathach: By late afternoon though, you've reached the hills, and Kae often dismounts his wagon to check the trail.
* Feliks sleeps
Quickblades: Such a fair day. It does remind me of home, does it not brother?
Scathach: There is shale and rocks that slide underfoot, and Kae will pass the word back not to ride in the wagons anymore, he doesn't want more people hurt if he can help it.
Slowthinker: A bit flatter... but I can see the resemblence.
Slowthinker: I do miss the mountains sometimes.
* Kazi dismounts
Scathach: The scouts move furthur ahead, keeping an eye out, as the terrain seems rip for ambush.
Quickblades: I'm sure we will return eventually. With much wisdom for the tribes
* Flint grumbles that he actually has to walk
* Kazi will walk along side the grumbling gnome
Kazi: Mind if I join you?
Scathach: There are 4 extra horses
* Flint smiles, though seems distracted "sure!"
Kazi: those are some nifty goggles
Slowthinker: Yes... though it appears that for now, there is much to be done right here.
Flint: wanna try? *holds them up*
Kazi: oh, sure!
Scathach: Towards nightfall, Rayner reports he has found a suitable campsite.
* Kazi puts them on
Kazi: What do they do?
Flint: they let you see THE FUTURE!
Kazi: oooooh
Kazi: ((what do I really see? lol))
Flint: (um, nothing really, it's just green-tinted)
Kazi: The future is very greeen!
Flint: indeed!
Slowthinker: ((the green party has taken over))
Kazi: how wonderful!
* Kazi takes them off and hands them back
Kazi: I think I need some future seeing goggles!
* Kazi giggles
Scathach: The wagons are circled for the night
Flint: i'll sell you mine, only 50 platinum!
* Kazi laughs
* Feliks wakes up, stretches.
Kazi: If I had 50 platinum, I might consider it, my dear!
Flint: these aren't some podunk dwarf-make crap, this is the real deal!
Kazi: They are very fashionable!
Kazi: Pfffft... that Feliks!
Scathach: Rayner volunteers for 2nd watch agan, Jinan for 3rd.
Kazi: Kae says to get out and walk, and instead he naps!
* Flint volunteers 1st watch again
Feliks: Who said what?
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
* Quickblades also volunteers 1st watch./
Kazi: Third watch, Feliks?
* Slowthinker takes the same watch as last time
Feliks: I'll be up for them all, methinks
Kazi: I'll take third with you then, just wake me
Feliks: ok
Lalinlor Loth: cast goodberry 4 times before sleeping
Scathach: ((Slowthinker, give me a spot check))
Scathach: The night passes uneventfully
Quickblades: afk
* Kazi will practice some tumbling in the morning, if there is a clear spot
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 Tumble => 16 + 4 = 20
* Feliks again runs through his forms in the morning, before settling in a wagon for arest
Scathach: Dima will make the morning meal, having gotten a lucky shot on a rabbit with his sling
* Kazi will do some handstands and handsprings
Flint: is it true goliaths can just eat rocks? I heard that once...
Scathach: Jinan will comment that they are only about a day's journey from the southern coast
Kazi: The ocean is so pretty!
Kazi: or so I've heard tell
Feliks: Where did the dragon live?
Slowthinker: Just eat rocks?
Slowthinker: Don't be ridiculous.
Quickblades: Rocks are kind of bland.
Slowthinker: You need to season them properly.
Flint: ohhhhhh, I see
Scathach: ((the dragon live(s/d) in the actual city of Shieldmeet))
Slowthinker: Perhaps some paprika, a bit of cumin...
Quickblades: Once you have them properly spiced though.
* Kazi gives the Goliaths a thoughtful look
Slowthinker: A few pounds of meat, some vegetables...
Feliks: oh
Quickblades: Slowthinker always had a knack for the old rock stew.
Slowthinker: and there's always some rock left over somehow.
Scathach: The wagons get underway
* Flint is fascinated
Kazi: Perhaps though, when cooking for us, you could leave out the rocks?
Kazi: I'm a bit delicate
Slowthinker: Perhaps, in deference to your tender sensibilities...
* Kazi smiles
Slowthinker: You sure you don't want just a small one?
* Kazi laughs
Kazi: I don't think that I am as hearty as you, friend
Kazi: or hardy
* Kazi giggles
Slowthinker: Well, it's true that rocks aren't for everyone.
Quickblades: Perhaps some pebbles, to see if you like the texture of them.
Kazi: If it were shiny
Kazi: and pretty
Scathach: About two hours before nightfall, you reach a cliff, and Aben announces that somewhere along the cliff-face is your destination. Of course, you are on top of the cliff, and the destination is at the bottom of the cliff.
Kazi: and could be worn all decoratively
Flint: oh right, this is where the tricky part with the mountain-climbing expertise was needed, right? (looks at goliaths)
Slowthinker: Edible jewelry? Whatever will they think of next...
Quickblades: That is a custom that we will have to try to remember when we return home brother.
* Kazi laughs lightly
Scathach: Kae finds a suitable spot for the wagons a bit away from the cliff edge
* Kazi looks nervously at the cliff edge
* Feliks wakes up, stretches
Quickblades: Well, I suppose that tomorrow we can drop these wagons down.
Kazi: DROP??!?!?
* Quickblades winks
* Slowthinker goes out to the edge and looks out, appearing much more comfortable now
* Kazi gulps
Slowthinker: You don't have to ride them down...
Quickblades: Slowthinker, shall we make a quick decent to find a nice soft landing spot?
Kae: What makes me nervous is I'm not entirely convinced they are kidding.
Kazi: How, praytell, do you propose to get me down then?
Slowthinker: Now, or in the morning?
Kae: Well, that and the fact we haven't been ambushed
* Kazi looks very nervous
* Kae looks around the campsite
Slowthinker: These people are very odd...
Quickblades: We have what? 2 hours?
Flint: afraid of heights Kazi?
Kazi: A bit
Slowthinker: They're only happy when someone is jumping out of the shadows at them, apparently.
Feliks: Can I see the ocean?
Quickblades: I'm not sure that we would be able to get down and back up each on our own. Perhaps together though.
Quickblades: I brought some rope and some hooks.
Scathach: yes. It's about a quarter mile from the base of the cliff. You can also see the jagged rocks in the ocean that are the reason this trip couldn't be by boat
Slowthinker: As did I...
Slowthinker: ((how high is the cliff?))
Flint: next time, we'll bring my dirigible for this trip. oh, wait, I don't have a dirigible .... yet!
Quickblades: Well, which of us must stay at the top?
Scathach: Rocks fall. Everyone dies.
Feliks: dirigiwhatta?
Kazi: I think I might be able to climb it, it'll be a bit nerve-wracking though
Flint: dirigible!
Feliks: incorrigible!
* Kazi sighs
Scathach: ((you know if you get a dirigible it will of course come with a pit fiend bent on your destruction
Kazi: ((can he be my pet pit fiend?))
Flint: (it's worth it!)
Feliks: ((sweet!))
Quickblades: ((have you decided how big you are yet slowthinker?))
Scathach: Feodor makes the nightly meal.
Slowthinker: ((umm... no, I haven't))
Scathach: afk a moment
* Quickblades and Slowthinker put together a quick harness with a tugline for comunication.
Quickblades: ((are you lighter or heavier than me))
* Kazi does some more tumbling runs before nightfall
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 Tumble => 4 + 4 = 8
Kazi: and falls on her head
Quickblades: afk
Kazi: ow
Kazi: Feliks, I need a spot on these new stupid flips!
* Kazi rubs her sore backside
Feliks: let's practice them by these treacherous cliffs!
* Kazi glares at Feliks
Kazi: No thanks
Kazi: maybe tomorrow
Feliks: no sense of adventure.
* Aben walks along the cliff, sighting along various landmarks and muttering to himself
* Flint considers rubbing Kazi's backside as well, sees the whip, and changes his mind
Kazi: My sense of adventure is sound, it's my sense of self preservation that is winning out
* Kazi shudders
Feliks: i thought those were the same thing
Feliks: oh well, ready?
Kazi: sure
Kazi: Let me try again
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 Tumble => 15 + 4 = 19
Kazi: ah, much better!
Slowthinker: ((how high did we say these cliffs were, again?))
Scathach: 150ft
Flint: so where is this opening anyway? *scans the side of the cliff from what angles he can manage*
Quickblades: I'll scale down. I think we can anchor you down with a few hooks.
Aben: b..b...b....b..by my calculations, somewhere b..b...b...b..b..between here and here
* Aben he indicates two spots about 50 feet apart
Slowthinker: Seems a pity to waste another good opportunity for a race...
Quickblades: I suppose it isn't that far down
Aben: lot of s..s...sand d...d..d....d...d..down there and rocks that c..c...c....c...c..could be c...c...c...covering it
Scathach: The Slavini will unload any necessary equipment the goliaths need
Kazi: the opening is down at the bottom then? no trying to get in in the middle of the cliff face?
Quickblades: So, what equipment shall we use?
Quickblades: Just the pittons?
Slowthinker: What do we need to bring the wagons down for?
Kazi: so no one steals them?
Slowthinker: (to quickblades) Agreed.
Slowthinker: Seems a bit excessive... if we'll need to carry them back up, too.
* Quickblades hands 4 pittons to Slowthinker, and takes 4 for himself.
Feliks: right, If we leave the wagons up here, when we leave we don't have to get them back up
Feodor: Well, I was thinking me and my boys would stay up here and watch. Cause it looks like a long way down.
Quickblades: Let us find the opening first. Then we will know if the wagons will fit.
* Kazi grins at Feodor
Kazi: Tell me about it!
* Slowthinker gives Quick 4 pitons of his own in trade
Feodor: And we didn't exactly sign up for spelunking, just driving wagons
* Quickblades steps to the edge of the cliff.
Feodor: Perhaps you boys should wait until dawn? Only got about an hour of light left.
* Quickblades looks at ST
Slowthinker: I suppose...
Quickblades: Fair enough.
Kazi: Such enthusiasm!
* Kazi shudders
Slowthinker: We could climb now for fun, and then for work.
Kazi: Fun?
Quickblades: Perfect!
Scathach: Maksim seems to be trying to convince Kae to let him climb down with the goliaths, but Kae doesn't seem to keen on the idea. The Amareth look a bit green at the thought.
Feliks: who was the faster runner?
Quickblades: I think the elves term Throzair may fit you better.
Kazi: Who, me?
* Slowthinker smiles
Feliks: of the 2 goliaths?
Feliks: my money is on him
* Quickblades slips the first two pittons into the cliff wall, then starts the decent, adding footholds and handholds as he goes.
* Slowthinker does the same, a few feet away
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+7 Climb => 1 + 7 = 8
Slowthinker: climb: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 9 + 8 = 17 »
Kazi: ((when Aben returns, Kazi will go speak to him))
Scathach: ((um...wow))
Quickblades: ((so... that 1...))
Flint: ( action point?!!?!?! )
Scathach: ((flipping pages now))
Quickblades: If I have one...
Flint: ( they ARE tied together )
Feliks: hope you set your pitons well
Kazi: oh dear
Scathach: ((yes, there are action points available))
Quickblades: Actually, we are not tied together.
Slowthinker: ((well, 1s don't autofail on skills, at least))
Slowthinker: ((we get 5 at 1st level, I believe))
Flint: ( i think they are houserules to be an autofail here )
Slowthinker: ((never mind then ))
Scathach: ((No autofail necessary. DC was 15, and he failed by 5 or more))
Quickblades: I will use an action point to try to use a slight slip to my advantage, catching a pitton a few feet lower than I might otherwise have...
Flint: (oh an AP can be spent to treat it asa normal "1" instead )
Scathach: Quickblades' rope starts sliding.
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+7 Climb => 9 + 7 = 16
Quickblades: Do we get any bonus for using climbing gear?
Quickblades: even if it is minimal?
Scathach: ((yep +2))
Feliks: you should be getting some bonus
Feliks: ((Yay!))
Quickblades: so I got a 10 before...
Quickblades: and an 18 now
* Slowthinker reaches over to grab the rope if quickblades continues to fall
Scathach: You manage to catch yourself, but you get jerked around and bruised.
* Scathach rolls: 1d6 => 4
Scathach: subdual
Flint: DC 15 for a natural stone wall/cliff accordign to PHB
Quickblades: OUCH>
* Slowthinker continues climbing down
Slowthinker: climb: « 1d20+10 ⇒ 17 + 10 = 27 »
Slowthinker: A bit rusty, are we?
Feliks: They are inspiring a great amount of confidence, aren't they?
Scathach: Slowthinker climbs down with style and grace
Kazi: Not so much
Scathach: Practically a ballet down the mountain
Quickblades: It has been a while.
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+7 Climb => 12 + 7 = 19
Scathach: You both manage to get to the bottom.
Quickblades: Well, we are here now, we might as well find the enterance
* Slowthinker looks around for a few moments while waiting for his brother
Slowthinker: May as well.
Scathach: You see a lot of cliff-face, and you'd wager there is at least another 30 feet of rock-face below the sand you are standing on
Scathach: search checks
Slowthinker: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 12 + 4 = 16 » search
Kazi: ((i think that's another secret roll))
Scathach: Slowthinker, you find an area of rock that seems 'off' to you.
Slowthinker: ((I'll get the hang eventually))
Scathach: Just doesn't quite match the surrounding cliff all that perfectly
* Slowthinker goes over to examine it more closely... taps it with another piton, looks for seams/edges, etc
Scathach: No seems or edges, just a slightly different color to the rock in that location
Scathach: it's all sandstone
Slowthinker: Interesting.
Quickblades: I've got nothing.
Scathach: just a slightly different color
Slowthinker: Not a lot of sandstone where I've been... does this look normal to you?
Slowthinker: Maybe the dwarf would know more. We'll have to ask him when he comes down tomorrow.
Scathach: it's a lighter shade there
Quickblades: Well, it is a bit different.
Quickblades: You poke at it?
Slowthinker: Yeah
Scathach: it's a little harder in that area as well.
Scathach: the other area you can dig into.
Quickblades: It could be a door.
Slowthinker: Well, maybe he'll break it with another of those explosives or something.
Quickblades: Or it could be the magical seal that the prisoner mentioned...
Quickblades: Oh, the Gnome!
Slowthinker: Hm, good thought...
Flint: ( was I referred to as "the dwarf"?
Flint: )
Scathach: ((thems fightin words!))
* Slowthinker looks thoughtful and mutters something under his breath
Slowthinker: ((apparently ))
* Quickblades steps back
Slowthinker: I think there's something here. We can look at it more tomorrow.
Slowthinker: So a gnome?
Slowthinker: Huh.
Scathach: The sun sets.
* Quickblades hammers a piton into the wall a bit to the side of the "enterance" then ties the rope to it.
Quickblades: Yes.
Slowthinker: Well, goign to try to redeem yourself on the way back up?
Quickblades: And from the sounds of it he wouldn't take kindly to the mistake.
Quickblades: I shall.
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+7 Climb => 16 + 7 = 23
Slowthinker: ((+2, dont' forget))
Quickblades: Right.
Slowthinker: « 1d20+10 ⇒ 17 + 10 = 27 » climb
Quickblades: 25
* Slowthinker is a climbing machine
Scathach: You both manage to get up the cliffs with dignity intact
Quickblades: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 6 + 9 = 15 » Climb
Slowthinker: « 1d20+10 ⇒ 15 + 10 = 25 » climb (for racing)
Quickblades: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 3 + 9 = 12 » Climb
Slowthinker: ((I don't think we need to draw it out...))
Quickblades: Ok
Scathach: Quickblades gets a little stuck, and Slowthinker reaches the top first.
Scathach: Dinner is excellent.
Scathach: Usual watches?
Quickblades: Well, I hope I shake this rust from my skills soon, or you will be forced to leave me behind when you return home.
Slowthinker: You'll have to practice for next time...
Slowthinker: ((yes))
Slowthinker: Only if I have to climb there...
* Slowthinker grins
Quickblades: Heh heh.
Scathach: Spot checks from the first watch
Flint: (rolling)
* Quickblades smiles.
* Kazi is going to sleep the night through, in prep for tomorrow
Kazi: ((assuming she doesn't get awakened))
Lalinlor Loth: goodberry x4 before sleep
Slowthinker: ((you like that spell...))
Scathach: Both of you notice, way off in the distance, a bit of light that could be a campfire of some kind.
Quickblades: Well, what do you think Flint.
Flint: hmm.
Quickblades: Shall we try to scout them out?
Flint: I don't think we should leave the camp.
Quickblades: Do you have something to let you see them, or shall we rouse one of our mages?
Flint: *shrugs* I got nothing.
Quickblades: Well, perhaps we can plan an ambush for them for tomorrow...
Flint: maybe just let the next watch know what it was. i don't see it anymore, anyway
Quickblades: I'd feel more comfortable with a third person on watch, just as an extra arm in case they don't wait.
Quickblades: I'll wake one of the wagoneers.
Scathach: Which one?
Quickblades: Rayner
Quickblades: Unless he has a later watch.
Scathach: (Rayner is on for 2nd watch)
Kazi: ((WHAT! That's a dirty Amarethi))
Scathach: (Kae, Dima, Feodor, Maksim, and Lev are the wagonneers)
Quickblades: Maksim then, unless he has a later watch
Scathach: Maksim will stand guard with you. He has a light crossbow and a short sword
Scathach: The rest of your watch passes uneventfully
* Flint lets the 2nd watch people know what he saw
Slowthinker: Really...
Slowthinker: Where?
Scathach: Maksim will wake Lev to stand watch with Slowthinker and Rayner
* Flint points in the general direction
Slowthinker: I don't see anything now...
Slowthinker: ((unless I do))
Scathach: Nope, tis gone now
Slowthinker: Should we send out someone to check it out?
Slowthinker: Or are they doing that right now, now that they've seen our fire?
Flint: I wasn't about to go running off
Rayner: We could wake a couple more Sclavini, send them to check it out
Rayner: Maybe sic the healer on them
Quickblades: Unless they throw all 19 of themselves at us we are not in too much danger.
Quickblades: And even then, we have the cliffs to help us
Slowthinker: Wait for morning, then?
Rayner: sure
Slowthinker: All right...
* Rayner lights his pipe and assumes his watch position
* Slowthinker sits down for his watch, keeping an eye on that direction in particular
Scathach: The rest of your watch passes without incident
Scathach: Spot check for those on third watch? (Lev will wake Dima to join)
Scathach: The sun rises, it looks to be a beautiful day. It's even warming up a bit.
Scathach: Feodor will make the morning meal, a tasty stew of potatoes and beef
Slowthinker: So, did anyone see anything else unusual last night?
Feliks: was there something unusual?
Slowthinker: Someone saw a fire on the first watch...
Feliks: really?
Quickblades: Both Flint and I.
Feliks: how come no one tells me this stuff? Where?
Quickblades: Over that way
* Quickblades points
* Feliks draws rapier, ready for a fight
Quickblades: I think Flint got a better look at it though.
Flint: it was a brief flash of light. down by the water actually
* Feliks will stand up on a wagon for a better look
Flint: but what's weird is, it was out in the water a bit.
Flint: maybe a boat?
Feliks: a shipwreck, you mean, in that water
Scathach: Aben offers Feliks a telescope
Feliks: neat!
Feliks: it makes everything smaller!
Scathach: Aben rolls his eyes
Slowthinker: You think someone else is after the same thing we are?
Aben: other w..w...w..way my friend
Feliks: whoa! neater! It makes everything big!
* Kazi gets her gear ready
Kazi: Sheesh, this stuff is heavy... you think we'll need, like, camping gear and stuff?
Jinan: So, who all has to climb down there?
Quickblades: So, there is another matter we need to discuss. ST, why don't you give them the story on your find at the bottom of the cliff.
Quickblades: before we decend
Feliks: we can probably set up a camp down there for us
Slowthinker: There was a section of rock that looked...
Slowthinker: different... from the surroudings
Slowthinker: I think it might have been magical.
Quickblades: ((was the ledge large enough for camping?))
* Slowthinker glances at Flint
Slowthinker: Maybe you could take a look at it.
Flint: what? I don't "DO" magic, if that's what you mean
Aben: since we are unloading the w..w..w...wagons, Lev, Maksim, and Dima can g..g.....g....guard them. The rest of us will d..d....d...d...decend.
* Flint makes quoty fingers
Slowthinker: But you do stone, ri--
Slowthinker: Or mabye someone else
Scathach: ((wasn't a ledge, was the base, there is just sand piled against it. You can make a comfy camp on the beach))
Flint: unless you mean special explosion "magic". I can do that.
Feliks: oooh, explosion magic
Feliks: i like that kind
Quickblades: Well, we should have plenty of rope. ST and I can lower each of you down, then the equipment, then we can climb down after you.
Quickblades: Or whatever order you all like.
Feodor: I volunteer not to be first.
Kae: eh, I'll go first.
Flint: I'll go!
* Feliks volunteers.
* Kazi takes some stuff out of her pack, carefully puts it in a sack, and loads it into the back of Maks' wagon
Kazi: Maks, can you look after this stuff for me?
Flint: I could just grab hold of someone else too...
* Kae picks up Flint.
Maksim: sure
Quickblades: How about we lower you with your gear Flint, to prevent it from smashing into the cliff wall.
Slowthinker: Maybe one of us should go first and last
Feliks: perhaps all the wagoneers can guard the wagons, or move them if need be?
* Slowthinker gestures at himself and Quick
Quickblades: I was thinking that the both of us could lower stuff at the same time
* Slowthinker shrugs
Feliks: I'll climb down
Quickblades: We should have enough rope for two lines.
Slowthinker: I guess the landing isn't the hard part
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+6 Climb => 9 + 6 = 15
* Kazi looks at the cliff edge nervously, then goes apart apace, she looks to be praying
Lalinlor Loth: down I go into the breech once more
Slowthinker: If you slip, just hold onto the rope.
Slowthinker: You'll be fine.
Scathach: Kae will also climb down. Both he and Feliks (and Flint if he wants Kae to carry him) get down the cliff easily
Flint: (( with a -2 to my climb? yeah, I'll hold on ))
* Kazi puts on her pack, takes a deep breath, and gets ready to climb
Scathach: Flint can start examining the rock. It should asplode nicely
Slowthinker: ((don't halflings get a racial bonus to climb?))
* Kazi is a Human, thanks
Slowthinker: ((not you, Kazi ))
* Flint considers shooting Slowthinker
Kazi: ((do I make it down?))
Kazi: ((do I need to rolllllllllllll diiiiiiiiiiiiice?))
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+1 Climb => 6 + 1 = 7
Kazi: heee!
Scathach: ((you don't need to roll))
* Flint digs into his gear that has been lowered down. He pulls out several of the leather-bound packages that look similar to what he used yesterday.
Kazi: lol, k, good, because, pitiful
* Flint also rolls over a small barrell, painted black, with a skull and crossbones emblazoned on one side
* Kazi goes over to the area marked "entrance" and takes a look
Kazi: ((after putting her pack down in a safe place, that shit is heavy))
Quickblades: ((I'm getting a feeling that we are going to get indiana jonesed when we come back out of this cave.))
Lalinlor Loth: climb down
Scathach: ((smiles innocently)))
Kazi: Feliks dear?
* Flint looks over the stone, looking for a good spot to set up explosives.
Feliks: Yes?
Kazi: Walk a bit with me?
Feliks: ok. We can scout our perimeter!
Slowthinker: ((The goliaths probably climb down too at some point, after everything/one else is done))
* Kazi and Feliks walk northerly
Scathach: Everyone gets down safely
Slowthinker: ((before the rocks fall, at least))
* Flint is working on that
Kazi: Hallooo?
Scathach: Aben directs people to stay a safe distance from Fint
Kazi: ABEN?!?!?!
Aben: y..y...yes?
Kazi: Um, I think maybe you're in the wrong spot?
Aben: hmmmm?
Kazi: could you come here a sec whilst Flint works on that?
* Flint nods to the goliaths. "can you guys grab a shovel and help clear the sand in front of this area"
Quickblades: Sure!
* Kazi will feel around the face where she is standing
Kazi: I am pretty sure it's here
* Quickblades starts digging at an even measured pace
* Kazi purses her lips thoughtfully
Aben: how c..c...can you be sure?
Kazi: Just a feeling
* Kazi smiles
Kazi: A strong feeling
Feliks: are you sure?
* Kazi nods
Aben: this area seems no d.d....d....d...different from the other rock?
* Slowthinker starts shoveling as well, watching how he's doing relative to Quick
Feliks: cause I don't see anything
Scathach: Kae and Aben help Feliks search, but neither of them sees anything out of the ordinary
* Quickblades starts shoveling quicker as ST starts catching up.
* Flint starts to set the charges in the cavities left my the digging
Flint: by*
Slowthinker: shoveling race: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 20 + 4 = 24 »
Kazi: I am absolutely certain it's behind here
Quickblades: Shoveling Race « 1d20+4 ⇒ 8 + 4 = 12 »
Kae: What makes you so certain?
* Kazi gives Kae a look
Flint: wow, you guys are doin' great!
* Kae touching the rock, obviously not doubting Kazi, just curious
Kazi: I just...
Kae: perhaps we should tell the gnome before he wastes explosives?
Kazi: I just *know*
* Kazi nods
Kazi: Sounds like a wise choice
* Kae walks over to Flint
Kae: Kazi found the entrance. It's over there
* Kae poitns
Flint: what?! you're KIDDING.
* Kae points too
Slowthinker: So what's this here?
Scathach: Aben seems a little less certain
* Flint looks sad.
* Feliks rolls: 1d20+6 Climb => 16 + 6 = 22
* Kazi smiles
Feliks: to go up a bit
* Flint wipes his hands on his smock as he walks over the other entrance. "what's this nonsense? it's a CLIFF!"
Feliks: I see nothing up here
Kazi: Friend Aben, trust me?
* Slowthinker looks at his shoveling and, satisfied, walks over as well
Aben: d..d...d....do we have enough explosives for b..b....b....both locales?
Flint: not likely.
* Quickblades finishes his portion of the shoveling.
Flint: this looks pretty soild.
Slowthinker: What did you find here?
Feliks: a feeling
* Kazi glares at Feliks
Feliks: What?
Slowthinker: A feeling... ?
Feliks: I happen to trust it.
Slowthinker: Where, exactly?
* Kazi smiles
Feliks: sorta
* Kazi points at where the entrance is
Kazi: Behind here
Feliks: down?
Feliks: or right there?
Kae: let's try the lass's idea. Then, if it fails, well, I'm willing to bet a few hours with a pick-axe that's she's right.
* Slowthinker mutters something under his breath and examines where Kazi indicates
Flint: it's possible that BOTH are entrances.
Flint: with enough explosive's, anything's an entrance.
Kazi: It's about 4 feet behind the face of the cliff
Slowthinker: Or that one is a trap...
* Kazi says with great certainty
Flint: 4 feet?! cripes. that's gonna use, like, all my powder.
Slowthinker: Kazi, did you look over there, too?
Kazi: yes
Slowthinker: And you didn't get any feeling there?
Kazi: and the entrance is not there
Kazi: it's here
* Slowthinker looks at her oddly
* Kazi gives him a serene look
Slowthinker: sense motive: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 9 + 7 = 16 »
Lalinlor Loth: J making save vs soiled diaper
Lalinlor Loth: she is afk
Flint: is that Fort, or Reflex?
Lalinlor Loth: both
Lalinlor Loth: we had a syrangy bonus
Scathach: back
Kazi: When I examined the other marked "entrance" it felt wrong
Slowthinker: Well, there's obviously something here. And there. But here is less obvious.
Kazi: I had a feeling to look more to the north
Kazi: and this spot feels absolutely right
Kazi: And from what I can sense, the entrance lies four feet behind the rocks here
Slowthinker: The other spot may be an Ackbar...
Kazi: That is all I can tell you
Slowthinker: I mean...
Feliks: a traaaaaap?
Slowthinker: Maybe. I don't know much about these things...
Kazi: I don't know much about traps, but I do know what I can sense
Slowthinker: But it wasn't hard to find that spot, if I looked.
* Kazi smiles slightly
Slowthinker: I wouldn't have found this.
Lalinlor Loth: baby going into baby jail
Quickblades: Well, if you think that it is only 4 feet in, perhaps we can break up a small section that is that deep. And try to pickaxe the rest of it. To preserve some of Flints stuff.
* Kazi shrugs
Flint: well. hmm. if I rig it just so, i might have enough for both. MIGHT.
Kazi: I leave the blasting to the expert
Feliks: let's bring the noise
Quickblades: Can do your think at half-height or so?
Flint: yeah. sorry, big fellas, this might be a bit tight.
Quickblades: I'll put my arm behind enlarging the hole enough.
* Flint moves his equipment over to the new site
* Flint fashions the charges in the area Kazi was "feeling"
* Kazi moves away
Lalinlor Loth: I stand away
Flint: let me just set up "Ole' Chubby" here (refers to the barrell with skull and crossbones)
* Kazi moves away from the group somewhat, and takes something out of her beltpouch
Flint: ok. I think that'll do it!
* Flint walks away trailing a long thin piece of fine cloth
* Kazi examines something and puts it back into the pouch
* Flint takes cover from behind a rock and lights it up
* Feliks plugs ears
Feliks: ((but does watch))
Lalinlor Loth: watches
Scathach: Kaaaaaaaaablooooooooooeeeeeey
* Flint watches from behind his magi-goggles
* Quickblades takes out his weapons.
Scathach: You can see a tunnel headed into the cliff
* Kazi gives a satisfied smile
Kazi: Wonderful!
* Flint 's face is blackened from standing a little too close
Flint: whew..
Slowthinker: That does look a bit small...
Scathach: It's about 2 feet wide by 5 feet tall
Quickblades: Yea, that just isn't going to work for me.
Feliks: the actual tunnel? or the hole?
Scathach: But you even the goliaths would be able to just barely squeeze through
Quickblades: Does it get any bigger deeper in?
Slowthinker: Does it get any wider when you get inside?
Scathach: The tunnel. It looks to widen deeper in
Slowthinker: ((heh))
Quickblades: hah
Slowthinker: ((jinx!))
* Quickblades takes aim with a pickaxe.
* Kazi peers into the tunnel
* Feliks will enter
Slowthinker: We can just crawl in, if it gets wider inside
Quickblades: I'll just chip into it a bit.
Slowthinker: I doubt I'll be able to use the sword in there, though
Lalinlor Loth: it must be bigger inside than it appears
Kazi: I think it widens deeper in
Scathach: Who enters first?
Quickblades: I'd rather it larger in case we are fleeing some sort of grand evil.
Feliks: me
Lalinlor Loth: like the tardis
Flint: it's just fine, I don't see what the problem is!
Kazi: I'll go next
Slowthinker: Short people got no reason...
Quickblades: I'll catch up when I'm done.
Scathach: Switching to cavern map
* Slowthinker helps Quick widen the entrance, then follows
* Kazi will secure her pack before she leaves, and grab 10 extra xbow bolts
Scathach: The staircase descends into a large chamber. It appears mosaics may have once adorned the walls, but the elements have worn most of them away. From the smell, something has been using this chamber as a lair. Several rotting carcasses are scattered throughout the room.
Feliks: light?
Scathach: Only what you bring with
Quickblades: I suppose there must be a second way in.
Quickblades: Torches for everyone?
Feliks: pass one to me?
Scathach: You can see a small opening on the ceiling, about a foot and a half in diameter. You can feel air coming in that way
* Slowthinker gets out a couple of torches as well
Slowthinker: I have a sunrod, too, but those are expensive...
* Quickblades retrieves a number of torches from the camp and passes a few of them out.'
* Kazi will let feliks hold the torch
Quickblades: ((is the new map up?))
Flint: you have to change to it yourself, top right,.
Scathach: Switch to cavern map by clicking on the globe in the top right
Feliks: the icon in the upper right should get you here
Quickblades: oh cool.
Flint: how do I move my mini to the other map
Scathach: You have to put it in again
Scathach: search checks?
Feliks: do you want a new one?
* You roll to the GM: 1d20+1 Search => 11 + 1 = 12
Scathach: Feliks, you find something there.
Feliks: there's somethinghere...
Scathach: Looks like a bit of the cut stone wall slides away
* Kazi squints a bit in the torchlight
Scathach: listen checks? and spot, for that matter
* Feliks rolls: 1d20-1 Listen => 19 - 1 = 18
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 10
Scathach: You all hear a strange hissing noise
Kazi: Hmmm
Scathach: Kazi and Slowthinker, you look up in time to see what appears to be the head of a massive snake coming out of the hole in the ceiling
Feliks: are the torches steady, or being blown about?
Kazi: Eeek
Kazi: SNAKE!
* Kazi points to the ceiling
* Flint has a snakebite.
Quickblades: How do we save the info in our minis from one map to the other?
Kazi: you need to save your mini
Scathach: ((it should automatically))
Kazi: locally
Flint: I saved it, but how do you load it again?
Kazi: then when you reimport it
Slowthinker: if I save my mini, and I try to drag it back in, it's nothing
* Lalinlor Loth rolls: 1d20+3 Knowledge (Nature) => 14 + 3 = 17
Lalinlor Loth: it's not poisionus
Quickblades: Ok, Got it now.
Scathach: Feliks, Flint, Kazi, Lalinlor, Quickblades, Slowthinker, Snake
Feliks: does it save a .rptok file?
Scathach: yes
Kazi: Not poisonous doesn't equal not dangerous
Quickblades: You have to delete it from the cavern map, then go to the grass map, then save, then go back to the cavern map, then drag it onto the map.
Slowthinker: yeah, I get that
Flint: (I have to go in a few minutes)
Quickblades: likewise.
Feliks: pause here?
Lalinlor Loth: dibs on the skin; It would make a wonderful gift for this lady im trying to woo
Scathach: sure
Feliks: I can save the campaign right here.
Flint: I have like 10 min if we want to do this first
* Kazi gives Lalinlor a strange look
Scathach: up to you guys
Feliks: whatevs
Kazi: ((I can stay a whiles longer))
Quickblades: If you think we can finish the combat in 10 minutes, I'm good for it.
Scathach: I think it will be done in one round
Quickblades: Then let's get it on!
Scathach: Feliks, Flint, Kazi, Lalinlor, Quickblades, Slowthinker, Snake
Feliks: Charge!
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 19 + 6 + 2 = 27 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 2 + 1 + 0 = 3 »
Scathach: That would be a hit and damage
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 8 + 6 + 2 = 16 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 6 + 1 + 0 = 7 »
Scathach: confirmed
Flint: (hey, he IS useful)
Feliks: done
Scathach: The snake hisses angrily and starts to slide back into the hole. Flint you are up
* Flint will hold from here.
Scathach: Kazi
Kazi: Whip!
Kazi: MW Mighty Whip-dagger: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 6 + 3 = 9 » Damage: « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Kazi: or not
Scathach: miss
Scathach: Lalinlor
Lalinlor Loth: hold
Scathach: Quickblade
Quickblades: Powerattack « 1d20+2 ⇒ 9 + 2 = 11 » Damage: « 1d10+8 ⇒ 7 + 8 = 15 »
Scathach: miss
Quickblades: done
Scathach: Slowthinker
Slowthinker: ((is there room for my big-ass sword?))
Scathach: The ceiling is about 9 feet high
Slowthinker: ((I'll use my flail, I guess... the sword is really huge))
* Slowthinker swings his flail (which is also rather large)
Slowthinker: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 17 + 5 = 22 »
Slowthinker: damage « 2d6+6 ⇒ 5 + 6 = 11 »
Scathach: Hit, and you crush it's skull. 18 feet of snake slides out of the hole and more or less lands on Feliks
Kazi: Feliks!
Slowthinker: Whoops...
Scathach: He is uninjured
Scathach: Feliks that is, the snake is deader than a doornail
* Kazi backs away in distaste
Kazi: Ugh, snakes!
Lalinlor Loth: save that for parts for me; I want the skin
Quickblades: Nicely done brother. This has thus far been your week!
Feliks: Can you eat snake?
* Slowthinker cleans the gore off his flail, after Feliks is ok, and puts it back by his side
* Kazi gives Lalinlor a look
Kazi: What a strange man (murmurs)
Slowthinker: I didn't know I'd be spelunking about, killing snakes...
Scathach: ((snake is nummy))
Slowthinker: What a week it's been.
* Kazi will check on Feliks
Kazi: You ok?
Scathach: call it here, before you guys go stumbling into the traps?
Feliks: cool
Quickblades: yes
Kazi: ((sounds good to me!))
Scathach: alrighty then
Kazi: ((we need Paul!))
Feliks: we'll need little Paul Wennet, then
Lalinlor Loth: good idea
Quickblades: I'm going to test out a few aliases quickly, then I'm off.
Flint: ok, I'm out too, thanks guys
Scathach: He showed up online about 10 minutes ago. Apparently, it's his birthday
Feliks: oh
Lalinlor Loth: later guys
Slowthinker: later
Kazi: Later!
Feliks: later, lal!
Flint has disconnected.
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Kazi: ((the junkie will stay around a bit))
Feliks: campaign saved
Scathach: I'll stick around for some BS if you guys want.
Feliks: I am useful!
Kazi: I am useful too!
Scathach: So, Ben, Dan, what do you guys think of maptools?
Slowthinker: I like it
Slowthinker: It looks much snazzier than openrpg
Quickblades: I like it a lot.
Slowthinker: and hasn't horribly died even once
Kazi: lol
Feliks: it worked really well, even with all of us on.
Quickblades: Much smoother.
Kazi: I had no troubles on this end
Kazi: I've got the transcript saved
Quickblades: I like that it handles the distance that you can move.
Scathach: Maps are much easier. Especially deleting stuff I don't want.
Feliks: my memory is only at 160/207
Kazi: May need to find where the damned smilies are
Feliks: so it can handle it
Quickblades: and the aliases are much more sraightforward
Slowthinker: I haven't set up many aliases in either yet
Kazi: See the tutorial
Quickblades: And the line of sight and fog of war are pretty nice so far too.
Scathach: Matt has all his character stuff set up in the push-button macros
Feliks: I set up macros for attacks and emotes on the token
Slowthinker: but I like what I glanced over on the wiki.
Scathach: Fog of war is cool
Kazi: I have all sorts of stuff set up everywhere
Feliks: and set up the macro buttons for skills and saves, linked to my alias file.
Kazi: I haven't decided what I like best yet
Feliks: that way, I can import a new character and have the skills all set up and ready.
Slowthinker: I like the map best
Feliks: the map is keen.
Slowthinker: the rest is nice, too, but.. well, what do you expect from "map tools"?
Feliks: the measure tool could revolutionize ranged warfare
Feliks: right
Kazi: my skills are a bit different depending on character, but I may make some more macro changes, sigh
Slowthinker: Still difficult to get beyond a range increment on most weapons/spells, but *shrug*
Scathach: I still need work with the init tool. It crashed on me and I wound up using excel
Slowthinker: :-/
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+6-4 ⇒ 12 + 6 - 4 = 14 » Damage: « 1d10+4+4 ⇒ 9 + 4 + 4 = 17 »
Quickblades: Sweet!!!
Slowthinker: you know you can only power attack at your bab, right?
Quickblades: Oh
Quickblades: oops
Kazi: you can also do it with the MOD call
Feliks: You can replace the "-4" with "+MOD"
Quickblades: how doee the mod call work
Kazi: and that way you enter in the number when you roll
Feliks: and adjust each time
Feliks: right
Slowthinker: btw, what do we do for experience?
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 11 + 6 + 2 = 19 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 »
Feliks: that's me flanking
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 10 + 6 + 0 = 16 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 1 + 1 + 0 = 2 »
Feliks: that's not flanking
Quickblades: I was just using the "${1}" call
Slowthinker: mod can be 1d6, for example?
Feliks: yep
Quickblades: hmmm
Feliks: just type it in
Kazi: yes
Quickblades: when/where do you define the mod?
Kazi: it brings up a window
Kazi: when you roll
Quickblades: ah
Quickblades: cool
Feliks: you can add a lot of mods to a single roll, but you have to remember what order they go
Kazi: So Ben, you're not quite sure what Kazi is hiding, probably
Feliks: Rapier: "1d20+6+MOD" Damage: "1d6+1+MOD"
Feliks: " are brackets
Slowthinker: Not entirely
Kazi: In character, you don't know what she is
Kazi: Out of character, you may know
Slowthinker: Don't know what pretty much anyone is, in character
Slowthinker: Have certain suspicions though
Feliks: I'm a dork
Kazi: I'm pretty!
Feliks: with a sword
Kazi: with a whip!
Slowthinker: I'm just a brute
Feliks: yay brutes!
Kazi: The Brute Squad!
Slowthinker: I'm on the brute squad!
Feliks: You ARE the Brute Squad!
Kazi: Dangitall, Ericpants raises a good point about the macro buttons and universality
Slowthinker: ((thank you))
Kazi: Now I have to redo them again
Kazi: Touch Attack! « 1d20+2 ⇒ 6 + 2 = 8 »
Kazi: damn
Feliks: I'll just do future characters with the same alias file.
Quickblades: A1
Kazi: Foiled again!
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+6-MOD ⇒ 6 + 6 - 1 = 11 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 4 + 1 = 7 »
Feliks: w00t!
Kazi: right, good call
Kazi: except I still am aliasing all the emotes
Quickblades: A1
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 6 + -1 = 14 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 6 + 4 + 1 = 11 »
Kazi: because I have some that are targeted
Slowthinker: « 1d20+6-MOD ⇒ 13 + 6 - 1 = 18 » dmg « 3d6+6+2*MOD ⇒ 10 + 6 + 2 * 1 = 18 »
Slowthinker: hm, I think an alias is better
* Kazi glares at snakey
Feliks: we're eating snake all week!
Feliks: snake steak!
Feliks: BEAR!
Quickblades: Ak!!!
Kazi: Huh?
Slowthinker: 1
Slowthinker: hm
Slowthinker: Attack: « 1d20+6-1 ⇒ 10 + 6 - 1 = 15 » damage « 3d6+6+2*1 ⇒ 13 + 6 + 2 * 1 = 21 »
Scathach: miss
Quickblades: MMMMmnnnnn Yummmy Octopus
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 6 + -12 = 3 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 4 + 12 = 17 »
Quickblades: It's prone, right, being out of water and all???
Slowthinker: going for the nat 20, I see
Feliks: someone's been busy with tokentool
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 9 + 4 + -1 = 12 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 10 + 4 + 1 = 15 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + -1 = 11 » Damage: « 1d6+4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 4 + 1 = 7 »
Scathach: Xaiver and I were looking at the national geographic website and any pic he made noise at became a token
Slowthinker: What are you doing for experience, again?
Feliks: i saw a shark documentary monday night at the aquarium
Kazi: how was that?
Scathach: 95 xp for this session
Feliks: It was good. Then I went to a bar.
Feliks: that had We Barbarians playing.
Quickblades: alrighty guys. I'll catch you all next time
Feliks: laters
Slowthinker: ok. How about the other one I was in? (I just want to keep track)
Feliks: yo
Slowthinker: see ya
Scathach: I think I posted it on the wiki
Kazi: See ya
Feliks: xp is posted by transcripts
Kazi: yes
Slowthinker: ok. I haven't found it yet; I'll keep looking
Kazi: It would be under "Game Transcripts"
Kazi: lol
Feliks: all right. close this campaign?
Kazi: see the left nav bar
Feliks: closing in 10
Feliks: 9
Feliks: 8
Feliks: 7
Quickblades has disconnected.
Feliks: 6
Feliks: 5
Feliks: 4
Feliks: 3.5
You have disconnected.