Feliks has connected.
Flint has connected.
Kazi: hello
Feliks: hiya
Ashling has connected.
Kazi: yo
Slowthinker has connected.
Ashling: I have arrived
Quickblades has connected.
Kazi: Hello peoples
Slowthinker: hello
Quickblades: Howdy
Feliks: hiya
Kazi: I will start the chatroom
Quickblades: Hopefully the recently upgraded Pidgin will not drop it this week
Slowthinker: Maptool really needs multiple channels...
Feliks: indeed
Quickblades: There is a way to wisper.
Slowthinker: yeah, but that's not the same...
Slowthinker: (hence, the chatroom I never actually managed to connect tol ast time)
Quickblades: I bet it would be possible to write a little diddy to make tabbed chat windows...
Quickblades: I didn't get into that chatroom...
Kazi: ST, if you could actually sign into a proper AOL client
Quickblades: Um... No...
Kazi: Dan, I just invited you
Quickblades: I accepted...
Quickblades: hehe
Kazi: I doesn't see you
Slowthinker2 has connected.
Slowthinker2: bah
Quickblades: try again?
Kazi: join the room called whisperbitches
Quickblades: It usually takes 2 tries...
Kazi: trying again
Quickblades: Got it that time.
Slowthinker has disconnected.
Quickblades: This newer version of Pidgin actually has a "Join Chat" option, which didn't exist previously
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Lalinlor Loth: shows me as in but still loading
Lalinlor Loth: 89
Slowthinker2 has disconnected.
Slowthinker has connected.
Lalinlor Loth: feart me I am here
Feliks: is there an extre "t" or "e" in that statement?
* Kazi bows with a flourish
Lalinlor Loth: I have no idea anymore
* Kazi wants to fight!
* Feliks is oblivious.
Lalinlor Loth: Maquahuitl: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 7 + 1 = 8 » Damage: « 1d10+0 ⇒ 10 + 0 = 10 »
Lalinlor Loth: does an 8 hit?
Feliks: So, last time, the Big Bad Bailed in the Body of my Best Bud.
Quickblades: -=groans-=
Kazi: MW Mighty Whip-dagger « 1d20+4 ⇒ 17 + 4 = 21 »
Damage «
 1d6+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Feliks: (getting it out of the way before the GM sees)
Quickblades: Who is Ashling?
evilgm has connected.
Kazi: Meet Tanya, peeps
Flint: our new player!
Ashling: Hola
Quickblades: Salutations Tanya
Kazi: Tanya was my roomie in grad school
evilgm: my aim is loading slowly
Ashling: yes, Kazi won't be the only girl in the group anymore
Lalinlor Loth: dm is girl
Ashling: in the party, I mean
Lalinlor Loth: 1/2 troll but female
Slowthinker: ok, so what do I do for this chatroom again?
Slowthinker: nm
Kazi: I just invited you
Slowthinker: yes, I see
evilgm: alrighty, where were we?
Lalinlor Loth: walking the fine line between sanity and insanity
Kazi: Where did Dan go?
Feliks: with our without alliteration?
Kazi: Feliks abandoned me
* Kazi sniffles disconsolately
Slowthinker: he's in the chat, apparently
Slowthinker: or is this a different dan?
evilgm: are you all chatting without me?
Kazi: I am trying to invite you
evilgm: okay, when we last left our valiant heroes, they were riding off towards certain doom
Kazi: Only some of them
evilgm: just the important ones
Feliks: Well, I was riding riding off with NPCs, so I'm doomed
Kazi: And without MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Quickblades: Oh yea. Doomy doom doom doooooom
evilgm: and the shift key on this computer apparently doesn't work, so apologies in advance for sucky capitalization skills
Lalinlor Loth: lEEt
Lalinlor Loth: it's contagous
evilgm: and an anvil hits LALINLOR
evilgm: feliks and kae were riding ahead after dima, who was following them
evilgm: ?
Quickblades: I think ST and I were
Kazi: And Kazi will, once she is assured that Aben is secure
Slowthinker: I think there are 3 groups
Kazi: (( OK SCOOBY GANG! ))
evilgm: aben was willing to go with the group
Slowthinker: feliks, those who rode after him immediately, and those who rode off after a minute or two of questioning
Kazi: (( and stop pointing the business end of your sword at me ))
Slowthinker: I could be wrong about that though
Kazi: (( why is Lalinlor so close to me? ))
Kazi: (( hee hee ))
Feliks: ((wasn't he checking Aben?))
evilgm: lalinlor thinks you are cute
Kazi: (( lies ))
Feliks: ((she has a CHA 18, everyone thinks that))
evilgm: he thinks you have an attractive bone structure
Feliks: ((and that's creepy))
Quickblades: I thought we all discussed it (not your bone structure) before we headed off as a single group...
evilgm: so, are you all riding off?
Feliks: no lil' Paul Wennet?
evilgm: don't see him yet
Slowthinker: we were leaving someone with the wagons, yes?
Quickblades: Oh, right.
Kazi: Well, there's Maksim and the Amareth
Kazi: ?
evilgm: rayner will stay with the wagons, as will maksim
* Kazi will give Maks a kiss on the cheek
evilgm: and you go riding off
Kazi: Paul will be with wagons too?
* Flint looks around nervously
Flint: can I get a ride?
* Kazi giggles
Kazi: (( that's a funny statement ))
evilgm: paul will stay with the wagons
evilgm: he's a scaredy-cat
Kazi: I am worried about Feliks
Kazi: Let's go!
evilgm: and off you go
Flint: if I only had that dirigible...
evilgm: remember, dirigibles come with demons
* Kazi looks innocent
evilgm: who is tracking for you? jinan?
* Kazi is short, can she have a lift too?
Quickblades: Ok, so who is going again?
* Kazi giggles
* Kazi raises her hand
evilgm: jinan will, after a few hours, find a spot where he says that felik's group seperated. two went down the cliff, two rode off with all the horses
Slowthinker: ((the present PCs, plus Aben, minus Ashling and Feliks, I think))
Kazi: My other half took off without me, so I think I need to smack him in the head
evilgm: he isn't sure which went where
Quickblades: I don't think we need to split up on this one...
evilgm: aben told you that the cliff path and the beach path will both meet up ahead.
* Slowthinker conspicuously doesn't ask why we didn't just go around instead of climbing like 8 times
evilgm: because they meet a loooooooooooooooong way ahead
Quickblades: My concern is that the evil spirit will try to double-back to ambush us in the cavern.
Kazi: I think I mentioned that
evilgm: ((that is a possibility;
Slowthinker: ((which way did Feliks go? Down the beach?))
evilgm: you'll come to where the paths meet, several hours later, through an area the wagons probably couldn't have managed, and find kae and feliks waiting
Flint: Hi!
Flint: Any luck?
Feliks: GARRR!
* Kazi walks up to Feliks
Flint: eep!
Feliks: by the wolf, I'm so confused!
* Quickblades draws his blades.
* Kazi will say something to him in Sclavini
Feliks: Took you guys long enough.
* Slowthinker will glance at Aben
* Kazi sticks her tongue out at Feliks
Feliks: all right, Feodor and Lev took the high road, and met up with Dima/Big Bad, and some group that captured him on the beach, and now it looks like they joined up.
Kazi: huh?
Feliks: exactly!
evilgm: listen checks?
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 12
Feliks: What the HECK is going on?
* Feliks rolls: 1d20-1 Listen => 18 - 1 = 17
* Flint 's ears perk up
evilgm: flint, you hear the sounds of people furthur up the path
Flint: ((like, talking??))
evilgm: like someone is about to get attacks
Feliks: it looked like Dima, who took off down the beach, got "captured" by another group
Flint: ShhH! Someone's coming!
* Flint points
Ashling: (a woman on a horse comes riding up, quickly - description time)
* Ashling is a beautiful young human woman with brown hair and luminous green eyes. There is something about her in her face and graceful movements that seems more fey than human. Her hair hangs below her shoulders with narrow braids here and there woven with feathers and bits of herbs or flowers. She wears leather armor and a cloak over sturdy clothes in earthy green tones. A sickle and wooden club as well as a few pouches and pieces of plants hang from her belt. A weasel peers curiously at you from her shoulder and she is accompanied by a small but sturdy and handsome horse.
* Ashling pulls up abruptly
evilgm: and following her are three men, looking as though they have hostile intent
* Kazi cocks her head curiously
* Ashling eyes the group
* Feliks draws sword
Feliks: ((again))
Ashling: Are you with the murderers?
evilgm: the three men look surprised to see the party, and draw weapons
Kazi: The who, what?
Slowthinker: Depends on who you ask, I suppose.
Feliks: ???
Ashling: If not the help me capture these men!
Ashling: then*
* Slowthinker looks at the men
Slowthinker: Are you the murderers?
* Flint puts a hand on the handle of his pistol
* Kazi is confused
* Slowthinker takes a full-round action to draw his sword slowly
evilgm: the trolls are men
Slowthinker: (???)
Kazi: Could you place us?
Slowthinker: (ohhh... I was on the wrong map))
Ashling: A young druid was killed and I want to know why.
Kazi: Huh?
evilgm: initiative?
* Kazi is confused
Quickblades: We are currently hunting down a very seriously evil creature. It may have killed your druid.
Kazi: Who are those men? Are they with you?
evilgm: and will someone kindly keep track of initiative for me?
* Kazi uses her chin to indicate the guys
evilgm: the guys are about to attack
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20-6 initiative => 15 - 6 = 9
Flint: (( I have the init tool, I can do it))
Quickblades: But we don't really have time to exchange pleasantries
* Slowthinker goes on a positive number!
Quickblades: Or blows...
evilgm: please and thank you
Flint: ((I need everyone's init bonus, not roll))
Feliks: Initiative: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 20 + 5 = 25 »
Kazi: Initiative: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 16 + 2 = 18 »
Quickblades: +3
Flint: Slowthinker? Ashling? Peoples?
Ashling: +2
evilgm: bad guys are +2
Slowthinker: -6
evilgm: lalinlor is +1
Flint: Feliks first, then QUick
Feliks: where be Ashling?
Feliks: so's I can slice her open
Ashling: I tried to load a token
Ashling: can anyone see it?
evilgm: nope
Feliks: not i
Ashling: sigh
Slowthinker: no... did you put it on the map here?
Flint: (( a temp one is there for you ))
Feliks: do i see the attackers?
evilgm: yep
evilgm: there are two humans and a dwarf
Ashling: ok, wrong map - let me try again
evilgm: two humans have swords, dwarf has an axe
Ashling: is she there now?
Feliks: Burning Blade Strike: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 12 + 8 + 0 = 20 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 1 + 1 + 0 = 2 » Fire: « 1d6+1 ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
Feliks: done
evilgm: prettiest question mark i have ever seen
evilgm: hit, ow
Flint: (( Quickblades, then Bad Guys ))
Quickblades: Look, I really don't think this is necessary. Though it will probably be quicker than trying to talk it through. We do outnumber you 2 to 1.
dwarf bad guy: does make for poor odds. go get more of your friends
* dwarf bad guy grins
* Quickblades steps towards the leader, and holds action, trying to avoid actual combat.
Slowthinker: ((leader?))
* Quickblades then thinks better of it, seeing that the battle has already started...
bad guy in ugly hat: give us the girls, and we might let the rest of you live
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+7+MOD ⇒ 14 + 7 + -2 = 19 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 3 + 4 + 2 = 9 »
Quickblades: ((maybe I'm the only one confused...))
Feliks: nope
Flint: (( I'm confused ))
evilgm: ((you attacking ashling?))
Flint: (( I thought she was yelling at us ))
Quickblades: ((are the guys behind ashling chasing/attacking her, or is she leading them at us?))
Ashling: (( uh, yes to help her ))
evilgm: ((hard to say. she could be a decoy))
Flint: (( please explain ))
Slowthinker: ((they were chasing her, she asked for help if we weren't with the murderers))
Quickblades: Oh
Kazi: (( she asked for help ))
Slowthinker: ((could be a decoy, though... only way to be sure is to kill them all))
Quickblades: got it.
Feliks: oh
Slowthinker: ((and then us))
evilgm: your hit hurt him
Ashling: (( so am I now wounded or what? ))
* Quickblades joins Feliks in destroying the dwarf.
Flint: (( Bad guys, then Flint ))
Quickblades: ((sorry, I thought you were their leader...))
Slowthinker: ((that was almost the shortest-lived PC ever...))
Ashling: (( well, did I take damage? ))
evilgm: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 5 + 7 = 12 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 » against quickblades
Slowthinker: ((he moved over to one of the bad guys instead, and attacked him))
evilgm: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 20 + 8 = 28 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 3 + 3 = 6 » against quickblades
evilgm: « 1d20+8 ⇒ 15 + 8 = 23 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 1 + 3 = 4 » confirm
bad guy in ugly hat: tries to pull ashling off her horse but doesn't quite manage to get a grip on her yet
evilgm: done
* Flint steps forward
Flint: get BACK!!!!!
Flint: (at guy in hat)
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance of becoming dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 3 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 20 »
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (3 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 19 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
* Flint overload his target's mind with overloading thought patterns
Quickblades: ((should have known you were going to go there...))
Flint: (( did it work? ))
evilgm: yep, but he is still up
Flint: (( Lalinlor, then Ashling ))
Lalinlor Loth: done
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Sanctuary on self
Lalinlor Loth: really done this time
Feliks: ((lol))
Flint: (( Ashling, then Kazi ))
Ashling: cast Magic Missile at guy in hat: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
Kazi: done?
Ashling: Why'd you kill her?! (to guy in hat)
Ashling: done
bad guy in ugly hat: cause she weren't no fun anymore
Kazi: Hey! You leave Feliks alone!
bad guy in gray vest: make me, bitch
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 1 = 13 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Kazi: (( ranged touch ))
evilgm: it slammed into him and he looks a tad less cocky now
Kazi: done
Kazi: Oh, I will, bitch
bad guy in gray vest: you are gonna pay for that
Flint: Slowthinker now
Flint: ( then back to Feliks )
evilgm: tick tock
evilgm: feliks?
* Slowthinker charges at the guy in the ugly hat
evilgm: good choice
Slowthinker: attack « 1d20+5 ⇒ 16 + 5 = 21 » damage « 2d8+6+4 ⇒ 8 + 6 + 4 = 18 »
Slowthinker: Be more polite to the lady.
bad guy in ugly hat: uuuuuuuh
Slowthinker: ((done))
Flint: (( Feliks then Quickblades ))
Feliks: 2 Weapon Rapier: « 1d20+6+MOD ⇒ 15 + 6 + 2 = 23 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 3 + 1 + 2 = 6 »
Feliks: 2 Weapon Claw Bracer: « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 2 = 14 » Damage: « 1d4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 »
evilgm: ap?
Feliks: not for the second
evilgm: still up then
Feliks: that includes sneak attack
Feliks: and done
Flint: (( Quickblades, then Bad guys ))
* Quickblades takes advantage of the flanking move
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 5 + 5 + -2 = 8 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 4 + 4 + 2 = 10 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 8 + 5 + -2 = 11 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 »
evilgm: ap?
Quickblades: ((done))
Quickblades: ((no AP))
evilgm: two misses
Flint: (( Bad guys, then me ))
evilgm: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 3 + 7 = 10 »« 1d8+2 ⇒ 8 + 2 = 10 » against feliks
evilgm: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 16 + 9 = 25 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 2 + 3 = 5 »« 1d20+4 ⇒ 7 + 4 = 11 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 1 + 3 = 4 » against quickblades
evilgm: ((yes, that is two swings from the dwarf))
Quickblades: Ouch.
evilgm: the other guy just lays there and bleeds. done
Quickblades: Little help over here!!!
Flint: (at the guy being flanked....)
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance of becoming dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 3 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 29 »
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (3 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 35 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
evilgm: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 19 + 3 = 22 »
evilgm: sorry
Flint: anyone near flint hears a depep bitched bass hum in the back of their heads when this happens
Flint: pitched*
Flint: hehe
* Kazi thinks... son of a...
* Slowthinker winces
Flint: (( Lalinlor, then Ashling ))
Slowthinker: What the...
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Light Wounds
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Light Wounds
Quickblades: ((I should be good with just one...))
* Kazi looks over her should at Flint
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Light Wounds
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Cure Light Wounds on quckblades « 1d8+5 ⇒ 6 + 5 = 11 »
evilgm: ((macro trouble))
evilgm: he is done
Flint: (( Ashling then Kazi ))
Ashling: cast Magic Missile at dwarf: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 2 + 1 = 3 »
dwarf bad guy: dammit
Ashling: Damn you! How many others have you killed?!
Ashling: (to dwarf)
Flint: (Kazi, then Slowthinker)
Ashling: (( done ))
Kazi: vest
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 9 + 4 + 1 = 14 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 5 + 1 = 6 »
evilgm: still up, but wobbly
Kazi: (( teetering! ))
Ashling: (( lol ))
Flint: (( Slowthinker, then Round 3! - Feliks ))
Slowthinker: You get away from my brother...
* Slowthinker charges once again
Slowthinker: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 8 + 5 = 13 » damage « 2d8+6+4 ⇒ 6 + 6 + 4 = 16 »
evilgm: ap?
* Slowthinker doesn't AP it
evilgm: miss
Lalinlor Loth: slowthink should of
Kazi: did you include the charge?
* Slowthinker didn't
Slowthinker: ((whoops))
Slowthinker: ((may still miss though))
evilgm: ((does))
Feliks: recovering BB maneuver with standard attack on Vesty
Feliks: Rapier: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 12 + 8 + 2 = 22 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 5 + 1 + 2 = 8 »
bad guy in gray vest: thud
* Kazi coos in glee
Kazi: Yay Feliks!
Flint: (( Quick, then bad guys ))
* Quickblades whirls and attacks the last standing assailant!
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 9 + 5 + 0 = 14 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 4 + 4 + 0 = 8 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 2 + 5 + 0 = 7 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 3 + 2 + 0 = 5 »
evilgm: ap?
Quickblades: ((no))
Quickblades: ((done))
Flint: (( Bad guys, then me ))
evilgm: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 9 + 9 = 18 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 5 + 3 = 8 »« 1d20+4 ⇒ 10 + 4 = 14 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 7 + 3 = 10 » quickblades
dwarf bad guy: take that stone-boy
evilgm: done
* Flint staggers forward, the bass hum still emanating from somewhere
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance of becoming dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 3 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 79 »
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (3 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 27 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
evilgm: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 15 + 3 = 18 »
Flint: (( Lalinlor, then Kazi ))
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Minor wounds
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Cure Minor wounds quickblades « 1+5 ⇒ 1 + 5 = 6 »
Lalinlor Loth: done
Quickblades: ((my HP are like a yo-yo))
Flint: (( lal then Ash, sorry, then Kazi ))
Ashling: (( ah... ))
Ashling: cast Magic Missile at dwarf: « 1d4+1 ⇒ 3 + 1 = 4 »
* Ashling growls in anger
Ashling: (( done ))
dwarf bad guy: is that little slut the best warrior you have?
Flint: (( Kazi, then Slowthinker ))
Kazi: Which slut are you referring to?
dwarf bad guy: i'll get to you later iron-pants
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 18 + 4 + 1 = 23 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Kazi: done
dwarf bad guy: good think you faggots have their skirts to hide behind
Flint: ((Slowthinker then Round 4! - Feliks ))
* Kazi is in pants
* Ashling also in pants
* Slowthinker circles around and slices again
Slowthinker: You should be more respectful. Of all of us.
Slowthinker: « 1d20+5 ⇒ 2 + 5 = 7 » damage « 3d6+10 ⇒ 13 + 10 = 23 »
* Slowthinker should be fighting instead of talking, apparently
Slowthinker: ((done))
dwarf bad guy: why, you'll fan me to death?
* Kazi snorts
Feliks: Burning Blade Strike: « 1d20+8+MOD ⇒ 10 + 8 + 0 = 18 » Damage: « 1d6+1+MOD ⇒ 1 + 1 + 0 = 2 » Fire: « 1d6+1 ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Lalinlor Loth: ((only if they serve beans in camp again))
Feliks: done
dwarf bad guy: figures, only the women in this group can hit anything.
Flint: (( Quick, then bad guys ))
Quickblades: Talk is cheap. You may not have noticed, but you haven't dropped a single one of us, and you are about to be our third.
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 18 + 5 + 2 = 25 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 6 + 4 + 0 = 10 »
dwarf bad guy: ah, did i hurt your feelings?
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 14 + 5 + 2 = 21 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 6 + 2 + 0 = 8 »
Quickblades: ((done))
evilgm: hit, but still up
Flint: (( bad guy, then me ))
Lalinlor Loth: I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die - and Im the healer - you should surrender
evilgm: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 2 + 9 = 11 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 2 + 3 = 5 »« 1d20+4 ⇒ 1 + 4 = 5 »« 1d8+3 ⇒ 5 + 3 = 8 »
evilgm: lalinlor
Feliks: will save vs Sanctuary?
Lalinlor Loth: he made
evilgm: he made it
Slowthinker: ((don't know that it matters))
* Flint tries one more time! Yaaaah!
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance of becoming dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 3 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 74 »
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (3 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 25 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
evilgm: made it
Flint: (( Lalinlor, then Ash ))
Lalinlor Loth: Touch: « 1d20+1 ⇒ 13 + 1 = 14 » Damage: « 1d10+0 ⇒ 8 + 0 = 8 »
evilgm: and the healer brings him down.
Ashling: (( out of init? ))
Lalinlor Loth: I touch him and he falls over with a touch
evilgm: ayep
Kazi: (( like a feather ))
Lalinlor Loth: but is still alive
* Kazi 's eyes are glowing purple
Feliks: and the others?
Slowthinker: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 8 + 7 = 15 » spellcraft
Kazi: What a rude little creature
Lalinlor Loth: do they matter?
* Ashling jumps off horse and examines the dwarf, a grim look on her face
Feliks: curious
evilgm: gray vest and dwarf are still breathing, ugly hat is deader than a doornail. gray vest stablized
evilgm: dwarf is bleeding out
Feliks: if they're with the party that "captured" Dima, they could be of use
Lalinlor Loth: tie em up and and I will stabilize the dwaft
Ashling: cast Cure Minor to stabilize dwarf
* Kazi nudges grey vest
* Slowthinker cleans off his blade and turns to Ashling
Kazi: This ones still breathing
Kazi: one's*
* Ashling stands with a sigh
Slowthinker: So... what did you say was going on, again?
evilgm: kae comes up with the horses
Ashling: I want to take them back to the druids to be questioned
Ashling: And the body of the girl who was killed
Lalinlor Loth: you need to answer some questions first
Kazi: Kae... can you help tie this one up?
Lalinlor Loth: they aren't going anywhere
* Kazi points to grey vest
Quickblades: We really need to catch up with Dima...
Kae: yep
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4 Use Rope => 9 + 4 = 13
Feliks: indeed
evilgm: the tracks led this way
Lalinlor Loth: Cure Light Wounds
Feliks: HAve you seen a party travelling this path, with a Sclavini youth? Perhaps a few more Sclavini as well?
Quickblades: I will help you carry these vermin back to your Druids if you can wait while we finish up our other business.
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Cure Light Wounds on quckblades « 1d8+5 ⇒ 3 + 5 = 8 »
Quickblades: It should only be a day or two more.
Kazi: Oh goody! More prisoners
Quickblades: Wow, I haven't felt this good since... About 3 minutes ago. Thanks.
Kazi: (dripping with sarcasm)
Ashling: A day or two? We need to know if there are more of these bastards around here.
* Kazi walks up to Ashling
Ashling: More could die if there are
Kae: at least 5, if my count is correct
Quickblades: 5 days? Or 5 others?
Kae: others
Feliks: Uhm, we're kinda already looking for some people.
* Kazi profers a hand
Kazi: Kazi, pleased to meet you... and you are?
Quickblades: Dima has to remain our top priority.
Slowthinker: Who could also kill ... people.
Feliks: Dima
Lalinlor Loth: but she was sort of cute; in a wow im drunk type of way; maybge they captured her and did the work for us
Feliks: Priority
Quickblades: You feeling ok there Feliks?
Feliks: Lal, what?
Ashling: Please, this way, I must take her back to be properly sent on
* Kazi is wondering what Lalinlor is talking about
* Ashling gestures up the road
* Kazi is standing there with hand still proferred
* Quickblades is also curious about LaL's comment.
Lalinlor Loth: just cause your closeminded and intolerant doesn't mean everyone is
Ashling: Oh, I'm sorry (clearly upset)
* Feliks high fives Kazi.
Ashling: I'm Ashling
* Kazi shakes hands
Kazi: Well met, Ashling
Feliks: Let's go. Kae, do you still have the trail?
Kazi: Please excuse them, they are a bit... well, you know
Lalinlor Loth: why would you not want to sell a young boy into prostitution if there is enough money
* Flint is nursing a nosebleed
* Kazi rolls her eyes
* Kae starts leading you back the way ashling and the others came
Feliks: What? Dealing with evil?
Feliks: Dealing with a possessed friend?
Feliks: Let's Move!
* Kazi shoots a glance at Feliks
Quickblades: Agreed.
* Ashling hurries after Kae (horse follows her)
* Kazi shrugs
Kazi: Man, everyone is so damned rude around here
evilgm: kae walks forward a bit and stops short. 'well now'
* Kazi hurries after Feliks
* Slowthinker looks at Lalinor curiously, then tries to shake the buzzing out of his head
Quickblades: It is our pleasure to have helped you Ashling. I cannot speak for all of us, but as far as I'm concerned you are welcome to stay with us.
Kae: i assume this is what upset you, ashlen?
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Lalinlor Loth: search the corpes and prisinors
Ashling: (( we're at the campsite? ))
Lalinlor Loth: Detect Magic
evilgm: there is a corpse in the remains of a campsite. a woman that has literally been chopped to pieces
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Detect Magic - scan people and area
* Ashling takes a blanket from her saddlebag and starts to wrap the girl carefully in it
Lalinlor Loth: strip off the armor from the dwarf
* Ashling murmurs, "Killed for fun...?"
* Ashling scrubs angry tears away with her sleeve
* Kazi joins up with Feliks, waits for new plan of action
Feliks: were these part of Dima's group, Kae?
* Slowthinker turns away
* Kae continues looking around, then frowns and moves off a bit to the south, scanning the ground
* Kazi scans the area
Quickblades: Ashling, why were you out here all alone. This seems to be a bit remote for a lowlander like yourself...
Kae: shit. dammit, healer get over here1
* Kae runs to the south
Ashling: There are druid groves near here
* Kae goes to a form laying on the ground.
Quickblades: Ah. That would explain the feathers in your hair.
Lalinlor Loth: that's too bad
evilgm: feodor's body is lying in a ditch
Ashling: (gasps) Another?
evilgm: his throat has been cut
* Kazi runs after Feliks
* Quickblades walks over to ST
* Flint trots over, looking bleary eyed
Kazi: Oh no! Feodor!
Flint: oh no....
Slowthinker: Another...
Ashling: A friend?
Lalinlor Loth: drag dwarf back to camp / hal gear back to camp
Kazi: Can you help?
Feliks: anything else?
Ashling: (( Feodor is male, yes? ))
evilgm: kae continues looking around and says 'i don't see lev.' i'm not sure if that worries or gladdens me'
evilgm: yes
* Ashling checks to see if he is still alive
evilgm: there is still a look of surprise on his face
* Kazi sniffles
evilgm: nope, deader than a doornail and has been for at least 4 hours
evilgm: his gear has also been taken
Ashling: Nothing I can do... I am sorry
Quickblades: Is there any way we will catch up to them now?
Quickblades: They had horses.
* Kazi glances at Quickblades
Kazi: (( don't we have horses? ))
Slowthinker: That doesn't mean we can't catch up.
Slowthinker: ((not all of us, no))
Kae: they have a lead, and enough horses for all in their party. did the dead up there have anything useful on them? they ride with a purpose, they have a destination in mind.
Kazi: The dwarf had magical armor
Flint: are they heading in the direction of Shieldmeet?
Quickblades: I think it is a bad sign that theyhave a purpose...
Ashling: What do you know of these men? This is the fourth of ours who has been lost.
Feliks: Were these 3 left to delay us?
Kae: not sure. this path could go there, but thus far it is curving away.
Ashling: ?me gestures at the wrapped body of the gir;
Kae: or to move the bodies here
Quickblades: They didn't do much of a good job. We seem to be delaying ourselves better than they did...
Ashling: (( whoops ))
* Kazi raises an eyebrow at Quickblades
Kae: they were breaking camp. maybe they were splitting up
* Kazi leans on Feliks for support
Kae: i think we'd be better off returning to shieldmeet ourselves, or returning to the ... (he glances at ashling) to see what they might be up to.
Ashling: Who are these men?
Feliks: ok.
Kae: or questioning the survivors. are there survivors?
Kazi: Two of the men are still breathing
Feliks: Let's go back to our camp, wrap it up, and back to Shieldmeet.
Ashling: I must return to grove
Feliks: THere are others there that may be able to help
Quickblades: If we cannot catch them tonight then we should finish up with our original business.
* Kazi nods in agreement
Kae: we won't catch them tonight
Slowthinker: Horses sleep...
Quickblades: I will escort the lady back to her grove. Perhaps one other will join us.
Kae: their lead is too great. it would take at least 3 days to catch up
* Ashling returns to the body of the girl and starts trying to get onto her horse
Kazi: Kae... we should perform the proper rituals for Feodor
Ashling: get it*
* Kazi is very sad
Feliks: We can put Feodor to rest at our camp
Ashling: (onto the horse)
* Kazi nods
Kae: yes
* Ashling after a struggle, gets the body on her horse
Feliks: All right, let's back to camp?
Kazi: Miss Ashling...
* Quickblades helps ashling
Ashling: Thank you (to Quickblades)
Feliks: I'll do asearch
Ashling: Yes? (to Kazi)
Feliks: of the camp
Kazi: I don't know if your mystery and ours are connected... but...
Ashling: It seems so
Flint: maybe we should go to the grove first, if it is not far?
Kazi: perhaps we might join forces in our investigation
Ashling: About a six hour walk from here
Kazi: it doesn't seem safe for you to be alone
Ashling: Oh, perhaps so
Slowthinker: Is it safe for anyone, now?
* Ashling frowns
* Slowthinker seems a bit morose
Kazi: It would not seem that way, Slowthinker
Ashling: I will lead the way to the grove, if you would please come and tell us what you know
Feliks: I found another Amarethi Evil God coin thing
Quickblades: It does seem that way. While we may survive, that does not mean we do so safely.
evilgm: afk one sec
Ashling: also afk a sec
Slowthinker: So this isn't unrelated, then...
Flint: so, there is a group of wackjobs killing people, and then there is out escapee
Flint: our*
Kazi: And the Grove is six HOURS from here?
Kazi: (( it couldn't be, like, more conveniently located, sheesh! ))
Quickblades: Our responsibilites have just expanded.
evilgm: BACK
Ashling: (( back ))
Kazi: Our responsibilities expanded when Mr. Green Light escaped
Quickblades: I fear we may need to split up so our enemies do not gain an advantage...
* Ashling will lead the way to the grove
Slowthinker: If we split up, how would we keep in contact with each other?
Quickblades: 12 or more hours is too long a lead.
* Kazi sighs in irritation
Quickblades: The cavern has not been fully explored, has it?
Lalinlor Loth: ((hunt them down later; consider it a recurring plot hook ))
Kazi: No, Aben said so
Flint: no Quick, we had a bit more to check out
Quickblades: There may be a crucial bit of information or artifact down there.
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+8 Spellcraft => 16 + 8 = 24
Flint: I'm afriad our possessed quarry has gotten the better of us for now, let's see this lady to her grove, then we can go back to camp. Maybe the druids will have more info?
Slowthinker: But it does seem that he wasn't headed back there right away, and the lady here could use an escort...
Slowthinker: ((I'm trying to keep new PCs with the group ))
Feliks: can the sclavini take our fallen back to camp while you do that?
Quickblades: Could the druids teleport us back to our camp?
Lalinlor Loth: ((already did that))
* Ashling blinks
* Kae carefully puts feodor onto a horse
Quickblades: To reduce the time we waste in travel?
Ashling: Teleport? I don't think so
* Kazi seems slightly puzzled
Kazi: Lalinlor?
Ashling: Perhaps they could give speed to our horses
Lalinlor Loth: ((back towards camp with the dwarf in tow))
Quickblades: Maybe imbue our horses ...
Quickblades: you took the words from my mouth.
Kazi: oh ok
Kazi: There is some weird magical residue in this campe
Kazi: camp*
* Slowthinker takes a look at the camp, now...
Ashling: Oh?
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+6 Knowledge: Arcana => 16 + 6 = 22
* Ashling looks around
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+6 Spellcraft => 11 + 6 = 17
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+9 k:arcana => 18 + 9 = 27
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+5 k:runes => 17 + 5 = 22
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+5 k:religion => 1 + 5 = 6
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+7 spellcraft => 12 + 7 = 19
evilgm: those of you that can see the auras think it was some sort of ritual magic, but you get no more than that
Kazi: Another bizarre ritual, looks like
Ashling: Killed for more than just fun...?
Slowthinker: So not just fun then...
Kazi: They seem to do that, yes
* Ashling loks worried
Ashling: I must tell the others
Slowthinker: I wonder if they chose her by chance, or for another reason...
Ashling: Perhaps the other missing apprentices have been found
Ashling: Will you come with me to the grove?
Feliks: is it on the way to our campsite?
Quickblades: Yes. But we should leave as soon as we can.
Kazi: Oh, Feliks, we should help her out. We can't leave her out here by herself!
Ashling: Where is your campsite?
Kazi: By the cliffs
Feliks: We have to deal with Feodor
Ashling: (( uh, is that on the way? ))
Feliks: properly
* Kazi nods, is conflicted
Ashling: He was Sclavini, yes?
Feliks: Is there a shovel in this camp?
evilgm: nope
Ashling: There is a druid from his country in our grove. Perhaps he could perform the rites for your friend.
Feliks: That seals it. To the grove!
Kazi: Then to the Grove
* Ashling leads the way
evilgm: it is dusk when you get there, but the trip is uneventful
Ashling: (( who is there? ))
Ashling: (( i.e., who do I report to? ))
evilgm: you have a choice of several
* Ashling goes to whoever is around
Ashling: I have found her
evilgm: the chief herbalist of the local druids has just finished a lesson with other apprentices as you approach
* Ashling gestures at wrapped body on her horse
evilgm: she sighs. 'i feared that would be the case, but i always hope. what happened?
Ashling: A group of men killed her, as well as Sclavini man, friend of these people
* Ashling gestures at the party
* Flint scratches his head, looks around nervously
Ashling: We should pool our knowledge
evilgm: 'violence? i thought a fall, or an animal....she was murdered?
* Kazi scoots close to Feliks
* Ashling nodds sadly
Feliks: Someone punch you in that fight, Flint?
Flint: um, no, just a nosebleed
Feliks: Allergies?
Flint: and a migraine .... ergh
Feliks: Altitude?
Ashling: Three men chased me and these people helped me
Feliks: Maybe Lal has something for it?
evilgm: she gestures for you to follow her and leads you to a building outside the grove itself. she instructs a couple acolytes to take the druid's body, then sends for the sclavini to tend to feodor
Ashling: We have captured two who we could question
evilgm: 'good'
Ashling: And this group seems to have been following these evil men as well
* Kazi sashays up to Flint
Kazi: Errr... Flint?
druid woman: interesting. may i inquire as to why?
Ashling: Have any of the other lost ones been found?
Flint: hi!
druid woman: no, i'm afraid they haven't
* Kazi reaches into her pouch
Kazi: I wanted to give you something!
* Flint leaps back
Flint: ahh! what
Kazi: Woah, calm down
* Kazi holds out her tatooed fist
Ashling: I don't know any details, but perhaps we can share what we know between us
Quickblades: You may inquire.
* Kazi turns her hand over, opens her palm
Kazi: In her palm sits an acorn
druid woman: we have had 4 of our number go missing after heading out into the woods for various rituals
Kazi: It's for GOOD LUCK!
* Kazi puts on her winningest smile
Flint: whaaat? are you serious?
Flint: what's this thing gonna do? hatch?
* Kazi looks puzzled
Kazi: Huh?
Kazi: No.
Kazi: It's an acorn, silly. For good luck.
* Kazi profers the acorn
* Flint very hesitantly take is
* Kazi smiles brightly
* Flint takes it*
Ashling: Excuse me, why don't we all talk
druid woman: 3 women, and one man, an herbalist
Feliks: I'm with Feodor
Quickblades: We are part of an archeological dig.
* Slowthinker merely sits back and listens unless spoken to
Quickblades: There were some caverns of interest along the clif
Quickblades: f
* Kazi 's eyebrows almost reach her hairline at that statement
* Ashling looks enquiringly at Kazi
* Kazi glances at Ashling, winks
Quickblades: We encountered some undead in the caverns
druid woman: and i learned that three seperate merchants and some soldiers have gone missing as well
Slowthinker: How recently?
Slowthinker: ((ok, I lied))
druid woman: all within the past 5 months. there have always been those who go missing, but of these no traces were found.
Ashling: What about these caverns? How does this connect to these evil men?
Kazi: Prolly something to do with their evil ringleader, I'd imagine
Quickblades: We were looking specifically for a tome that our employer was interested in acquiring. When we found the tome we we beset upon by a spirit. It escaped, and posessed one of our men.
druid woman: zoradia?
Kazi: Zor-who-dia?
druid woman: zoradia. a woman who escaped a group of bandits claimed it was lead by a woman named zoradia
* Kazi frowns
Flint: haven't heard of her...
Kazi: Doesn't ring a bell
Ashling: But you mentioned a name
Ashling: Was it the one who was possessed?
druid woman: possessed?
Quickblades: Dima
* druid woman notes the name down
Quickblades: And this all happened earlier today.
Ashling: Yes, this Dima was with the men who killed our apprentice and your friend Feodor?
Quickblades: We think Dima ran into your "evil men" and has joined them.
Quickblades: Hence the connection.
druid woman: we shall send someone back with you to examine where you found tirena
Kazi: Well, Feodor is his father
druid woman: oh.
Kazi: So... I don't know about that
druid woman: so he is a prisoner?
Kazi: Dima?
Kazi: Well, he's a prisoner as much as the spirit possessed him
Quickblades: Kazi and my Brother SlowThinker may be able to explain the more mystical information that we have gathered...
Kazi: And, well, his brother is still missing too
* druid woman will listen intently to any explaining done
* Ashling will also
* Quickblades finds somewhere to sit.
Slowthinker: Well, I know little of exactly what has happened, honestly...
Kazi: Well, there was also a benign spirit guiding us... a Sclavini spirit
Kazi: though, um, I am not sure as to her situation at the moment
Slowthinker: It appears that this group is performing dark rituals related in some way to the ancient gods. I know not how that may relate to the possessing spirits, though.
Flint: there is some kind of connection with the people outside that are causing trouble, and an old Amarethi god. we found matching symbols in the cavern, and on their bodies. Feliks has a coin with the symbol on it.
druid woman: we shall spread the word, and see what we can find out. we will let you know anything we find if you wish
* Kazi gives Slowthinker a strange look at the phrase "ancient gods"
Ashling: You are going to hunt these people then? To find your possessed friend?
* Kazi nods
Ashling: May I come with you?
Slowthinker: And to stop the escaped spirit, if we can.
Kazi: Mr. Green Light is definitely a problem
* Kazi smiles brightly
Flint: (to Ashling) eventually. we need to meet up at our camp first. there are others.
Kazi: Delighted to have you, Miss Ashling
Ashling: me gives a small smile
druid woman: yes, ashling. if you are hunting these, we would like to have one of our number with you. ashling is an excellent choice.
druid woman: wait here a moment
* druid woman leave the room, comes back about 5 minutes later with a bundle and hands it to ashling
Ashling: Thank you
Quickblades: Is that all then? We have much to do, and not so much time.
* Kazi seems delighted to have another gal in the group
druid woman: i can cast a spell on your horses. double their speed for several hours
Quickblades: Will that work for my brother an I?
druid woman: we do have a couple extra horses, if you promise to return them when you have a chance. they are large, from falkor
druid woman: afk one sec
* Slowthinker looks uneasy at the idea of horses, but says nothing
druid woman: back
druid woman: they will be able to carry you without a problem
* Slowthinker doesn't look consoled
druid woman: do you wish to question the prisoners, or shall we question them and tell you later what was said?
* Quickblades does seem thrilled about riding either, but doesn't say anything either.
Kazi: later
Slowthinker: I doubt you need us to help...
* druid woman gets the horses, casts the spell, sends you on your way
Ashling: (( like riding one of the Burdweiser horses... ))
Slowthinker: And they don't seem like the brains of the outfit, regardless.
evilgm: you can be back in your camp by morning
Ashling: (( er, Budweiser ))
Feliks: so, we back?
Slowthinker: ((fine by me))
Ashling: (( what's the camp like? large? ))
Maksim: did you find them?
Ashling: (( oh..... ))
Quickblades: Yes and no...
Aben: what happened?
Slowthinker: ((so Aben didn't come with us after all? I wasn't sure))
Maksim: faelivrin escaped. sorry dad.
Kae: how?
Flint: She did? crud...
Feliks: yeah, well, we have bigger issues.
Feliks: let's get the rest out of that cavern, so we can get back home
Kazi: Hi Maks!
Rayner: i untied her to let her um...she needed to...and then she whacked me in the head with a tree branch and took off running.
Slowthinker: I don't think she'll be after us at this point...
evilgm: i'll let casters have regained spells at this point
Flint: (and psi points?)
evilgm: nope
Flint: (DAMN)
evilgm: shall i put us back on the cavern map?
Feliks: sure
Feliks: cavern map!
Ashling: Who is this Faelivrin?
Feliks: Dangit, no Paul
Kazi: An Elf fond of calling us idiots
evilgm: put tokens in the entry room
Slowthinker: A girl who was with a group chasing us... but not part of the ritualistic vivisectionists
evilgm: and feliks is in charge of traps, you are all screwed
* Slowthinker calls not in front
Quickblades: Though, she has been correct...
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Slowthinker: Albeit perhaps not as diplomatic as she could have been
* Ashling raises an eyebrow
Ashling: a prisoner, then?
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Kazi: I'm not an idiot!
Slowthinker: She was, yes.
* Slowthinker avoids looking at Kazi
Ashling: I hope she did not escape to her own death...
Slowthinker: Likewise...
Kazi: (( no acorn for ST ))
Quickblades: Well, it was her will that brought her to it if she did.
Lalinlor Loth: having trouble with map loading
* Ashling nods in agreement
Flint: (( a bunch are ))
Quickblades: everyone is an idiot in there own way -mirks=-
Slowthinker: ((everyone is... talking about it in the chatroom)
You have disconnected.
Ashling has connected.
Flint has connected.
evilgm has connected.
Quickblades has connected.
Slowthinker has connected.
Feliks has connected.
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Feliks: it must be the token
Quickblades has disconnected.
Slowthinker: I can see!
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Kazi: you need to fix Ashling in your resource lib
Kazi: to get the token to load correctly
Lalinlor Loth has connected.
Quickblades has connected.
Slowthinker has disconnected.
Ashling: (( is the cavern horse-friendly or should I leave her outside? ))
Kazi: not horse friendly
evilgm: not horse friendly at all
Slowthinker has connected.
Quickblades: YAY!
Feliks: we all set?
* Ashling takes scroll case from saddlebags, instructs horse to hide herself until I return
Feliks: let's bust this rock open
Slowthinker: Good grief...
Paul has connected.
Slowthinker: ((go on ahead; I usually take the rear))
Kazi: hey matt
Feliks: Welcome Paul!
Quickblades: Did we want to finish that NW portion of the cavern first?
Paul: ((Hi, was travelling))
Feliks: We need a trapspringer, we're in the caverns
Flint: (Hi Paul, you missed some fun topside, we jsut now got back down here)
Feliks: MOTHRA!
Feliks: AM I RIGHT?
evilgm: the floor is damp in here from years of groundwater seepage from the ceiling above. cracks and stalagmites are visibile
Feliks: whoa, sorry about the caps lock
Slowthinker has disconnected.
evilgm: chunks of rotting wood are almost recognizable as ancient bunks
evilgm: there is a rusting iron hunk that may have once been a footlocker of some kind
evilgm: oops, wrong room
evilgm: you guys have found the garbage pit. still stalagmites though.
* Kazi wrinkles her nose
evilgm: and some broken glass
evilgm: and a huge hole in the ground
Kazi: spelunking, delightful!
Feliks: entering Flame's Blessing stance: Fire Resistance 5
* Paul searches the room, looking for anything more interesting than just trash.
evilgm: bits of broken glass, some rusty buttons, and a huge gapping hole
* Quickblades stays in hallway.
evilgm: the hole is about 50 feet deep, and seems filled with water
Slowthinker has connected.
Feliks: toss some trash down the hole
evilgm: splash
Ashling: (whispering to Kazi) Perhaps you could tell me who everyone is?
Kazi: Oh, hey.... I think there is something magical in the hole
* Kazi will point out all the people
Ashling: Thanks
* Quickblades waves as he is pointed out
* Paul grins, and then goes back to looking ath the hole.
Kazi: UM!
Kazi: Hey, there is something magical down in the hole, y'all
* Slowthinker steps over
* Flint peers over the edge, his musket drawn
Slowthinker: What is it?
* Paul backs away
Feliks: Let's lower paul down on a rope
* Slowthinker looks in with great intent
* Paul grimaces, then agrees.
Lalinlor Loth: Detect Magic
Lalinlor Loth: Cast Detect Magic
Kazi: Looks to be about wand sized
* Quickblades remains in the hallway, looking for an ambush.
Kazi: or maybe a knife?
Kazi: (( 12" x 2" ))
Feliks: tie a rock to a rope, lower it down to see how deep the water is
Ashling: me peers down
Kazi: I could walk down the wall maybe, and fetch it
Ashling: (( can the weasel see the bottom - low light vision ))
* Kazi walks down the hole
Kazi: the side, that is
* Feliks draws bow to provide cover
Feliks: readies a shot
Slowthinker: ((not like it's a big hole... can we even see past her?))
evilgm: kazi manages to pull something wrapped in leather out of the muck and mud
* Kazi walks back up with it
* Kazi tosses the bundle down
Kazi: Ok, so, what is it?
evilgm: ((the hole is the big dark brown thing that is jagged shapped))
evilgm: a dagger
Kazi: ah, a dagger, nice
Slowthinker: ((ohhh, never mind))
Lalinlor Loth: it's magical
Kazi: Yes, I ascertained that already
Kazi: Hence, the retrieval
* Kazi winks
Lalinlor Loth: you should be proud that you are correct
evilgm: nothing jumps out to attack you
Feliks: is it an evil looking dagger?
* Kazi shrugs
Kazi: So, here you go, magical dagger
evilgm: it's a rather nice dagger actually. silver, with a quartz hilt. looks to be sclavini make
Kazi: It's Sclavini, even
Feliks: Hey, that's Sclavini make
* Flint trots over to Quickblades
Lalinlor Loth: it's a historical treause
Flint: they found a knife
* Kazi grins wickedly
Feliks: where to next?
evilgm: listen checks
Quickblades: Sometimes we call them metal toothpicks
Feliks: Paul, lead the way
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+10+MOD Listen => 4 + 10 + 0 = 14
Flint: interesting...
* Feliks rolls: 1d20-1 Listen => 1 - 1 = 0
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+0 Listen => 3 + 0 = 3
evilgm: you hear some sort of vague clicking noise from the west
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+1 listen => 12 + 1 = 13
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 10
Paul: Listen « 1d20+8 ⇒ 8 + 8 = 16 »
evilgm: all of you hear it except feliks.
Quickblades: I hope that toothpick didn't wake anouther green spirit...
evilgm: the noise is ongoing
Kazi: My spider senses are tingling
evilgm: seems to be coming closer
Slowthinker: Especially since we don't have another one to save us this time?
* Kazi giggles
* Flint 's ears perk up
* Feliks is oblivious.
Ashling: Did you hear this last time you were here?
Flint: something's comingh
* Slowthinker readies his weapon and watches the door
Slowthinker: No... Flint?
* Quickblades moves further into the hall to make sure it isn't a bad trap...
Flint: incoming! eek!
Flint: (looking south)
evilgm: it's a zombie. want to roll init, or just watch while qb kills it?
Feliks: watch
Lalinlor Loth: qb can kills it
* Kazi is oblivious too
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 1 + 5 + -2 = 4 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 2 + 4 + 2 = 8 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 6 + 5 + -2 = 9 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 »
Lalinlor Loth: ((tard)
Quickblades: « 1d4 ⇒ 3 »
evilgm: i'm sorry qb, but the zombie just kicked your ass
evilgm: flint, you are up
Flint: i'll back him up with gun skills
* Flint fires his musket! (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+6+atk ⇒ 19 + 6 + 0 = 25 »
Damage: «
 1d10+1+dmg ⇒ 8 + 1 + 0 = 9 »
evilgm: fortunately, flint saved you]
Feliks: Hey, did you guys just hear something?
* Flint blows smoke from the end of his gun
Slowthinker: You mean that gunshot in a cavern?
Flint: um, all clear
* Quickblades goes to retrieve the katana from where it landed after slipping from his hand
Lalinlor Loth: ((yes; screaming kids))
evilgm: the zombie did die easy, it looked like something had been damaging it already. it was missing an arm
Kazi: hmm, sounds like trouble behind us
* Flint reloads and follows Quick
* Kazi grabs dagger
Quickblades: I think we may have a zombie-eater on our hands guys!!
evilgm: there is a trail of slime from where the zombie came
evilgm: greenish muck
Slowthinker: Welcome to the party, Ash...
Quickblades: It left a trail.
Quickblades: Anybody up for a quick little hunt?
Flint: we got your back...
Feliks: woo hoo!
Slowthinker: Don't get too far ahead...
evilgm: the trail is easy to follow
Lalinlor Loth: It's a trap
Lalinlor Loth: cause were dumber than zomibes
Quickblades: As long as it isn't a trap that pours acidic boulders on me I am fine with it being a trap.
Slowthinker: What are the odds, really?
Lalinlor Loth: 2"1 for
Lalinlor Loth: and never tell a corillian the odds
Quickblades: Paul, would you like to take the lead?
Paul: Well, I just found a trap, so yes.
Ashling: (( does the weasel scent anything odd here (other than the zombie slime)? ))
Paul: Luckily, I also disarmed it.
evilgm: old stuff, muck, something rotten
Ashling: gross
evilgm: and snakes and spiders
Lalinlor Loth: ((if there is a big red X i'm out of here)
Paul: More traps.
Paul: I got em.
Lalinlor Loth: why didn't the zombie set them off?
Flint: red X!
Quickblades: GACKT!!!
Flint: Lalinlor, go stand on that X a second
Paul: Zombie arm, here. I think the zombie found some of the traps.
evilgm: ding, lalinlor levels up
Lalinlor Loth: my next level will be arcance archer
Feliks: ((I have about 10 minutes left, yo.))
Flint: (( sweet! a level-up trap! ))
Slowthinker: ((it's a trap of Many Things!))
evilgm: let's get to this room then. there are really only two i care about you finding left
evilgm: this room is full of water and broken statuary
Paul: Ah.
* Paul searches the room
* Quickblades cringes at the site of broken art
evilgm: the pool is full of slimy green water. in the water is an incredibly beautiful marble statue of a woman, still in excellent condition. the statue is a woman lightly armored, with a mandolin on her back. the rapier in her hand is real, not part of the statue.
evilgm: oh, and there is a gelitenous cube coming towards you
* Kazi is suspicious of the statue
Quickblades: Gackt!!! a Gelatenous Cube.
Flint: holy moley!!!
Slowthinker: A what?
* Slowthinker rolls: 1d20+4 monster lore => 9 + 4 = 13
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+3 Knowledge: Monster Lore => 3 + 3 = 6
Quickblades: Everybody, get your +1 Spoons out!
* Feliks is oblivious.
* Slowthinker gets out his +8 raw pineapple
* Paul notices that it is 8 times his size, and decides he needs no more monster lore than that.
evilgm: we can have this battle, or call it here?
Kazi: can we be done soon-ish?
Lalinlor Loth: call it
Slowthinker: ((let's see if any of us have to roll up new characters ))
Quickblades: ((agreed.))
Quickblades: ((LOL, +8 raw pineapple.))
Kazi: Transcript saved
Feliks: sweet
Flint: see you next time then
Feliks: laterz!
Lalinlor Loth has disconnected.
Feliks has disconnected.
evilgm has disconnected.
Slowthinker: now I can say all I want about Kazi...
Kazi: I am right here
Slowthinker: but the transcript isn't! I'm off the record!
Slowthinker: So...
Kazi: Um, I can still save
Quickblades: Guess we will just all have to survive the monsterous feast.
Slowthinker: Kazi isn't so bad.
Kazi: Awww
* Kazi sniffles
Slowthinker: But I'll deny ever having said it!
Flint: afterl ike 6 sessions, I finally had an opponent to use my psi powers against
* Kazi will maybe save an acorn for you
Flint: allthese oozes, plants, and undead are driving me crazy
Paul has disconnected.
Slowthinker: heh... you have psi powers?
Flint: yes, and they're useless
* Kazi is impressed!
Quickblades: I'm looking forward to a few more HP :0
Slowthinker: there'll be more non-ooze, construct, undead, etc monsters eventually..
Kazi: we hope
Quickblades: I had forgotten that wielding a pistol is not a class...
Slowthinker: just think of how the sneak attackers feel, too
Quickblades: hehe
Slowthinker: Yeah, I should total up my XP sometime...
Flint: I just level when the boss says so
Slowthinker: I don't think I'm close yet though
Quickblades: likewise.
Slowthinker: hm, sounds fine to me
Kazi: Kazi and Feliks are about 1000 XP from level 4
Slowthinker: Hm, so I'm at least 5000 xp from level 4
Kazi: it can't be that bad
Slowthinker: level adjusted
Kazi: I think you are all pretty much caught up, aren't you?
Kazi: Are you gonna buyoff?
Slowthinker: I don't think you can for a +1, can you?
Kazi: sure you can
Slowthinker: Don't remember those rules
Kazi: she changed them anyway
Slowthinker: heh
Kazi: but it's once you get your 3rd class level
Kazi: and it's XP = ECL * 1000
Kazi: that buys off your LA
Slowthinker: it seems wrong to make level adjustments better at higher levels... since they already are
Kazi: lol
Kazi: All right, the gang is busting up and leaving me alone up here, guess I should scoot
Ashling: bye!
Slowthinker: ok, see ya
Kazi: See you next game, 'twas fun!
Ashling: I shall scoot as well
Ashling has disconnected.
Slowthinker: all right, catch you all in 2 weeks
Kazi: byeeeee
Slowthinker has disconnected.
Quickblades has disconnected.
You have disconnected.