Mistress of Evil has connected.
Flint has connected.
Ashling: Maggi will be a tad late as she just left work about 10 minutes ago
Ashling: and it is rush hour
Mistress of Evil: hello
Mistress of Evil: Since I'm morally opposed to starting a game in a tavern, this session will begin in the market just outside the tavern
Quickblades has connected.
Mistress of Evil: No worries. There can be some RP in the market while everyone waits for Kazi to sober up
Quickblades: wha happinin?
Mistress of Evil: It is a bustling day in the market, and Lalinlor told you all which tavern you'd be meeting your city guard escorts at.
Mistress of Evil: ((place tokens as desired))
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor is doing a bit of last minute shopping for supplies as well.
Flint: What do we need escorts for?
Mistress of Evil: Apparently, the guards seem to think investigating sewer happenings is their job and you are all just along for the ride.
Mistress of Evil: They are sending two of their number down to investigate, and seem to think that should be plenty
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor is of the opinion that the city guards are a bunch of morons and he is courteously allowing them to think they are in charge
* Flint makes his way to the Alchemy vendor.
Flint: hullo, sir! 3 of your finest sunrods, if you please.
Mistress of Evil: The alchemy vendor has a good selection of basic alchemical goods, and a couple magical potions
Merchant Alchemist: right away good sir.
Flint: and potions of healing today?
Flint: any*
Merchant Alchemist: I have two potions good for minor ailments, as well as one guarenteed to restore your vigor.
Flint: the vigor one, how much for that?
Merchant Alchemist: ((for some reason, I also don't have the listed price for sunrods in my file, so I'll have to trust you here))
Merchant Alchemist: ((it's lesser restoration))
Flint: (( I have 2gp each ))
* Merchant Alchemist packages the sunrods together and accepts payment.
Merchant Alchemist: anything else I can get for you today milord?
* Merchant Alchemist seems pleased that a gnome is coming to his booth
Flint: um, what about the "minor ailment" brews? what's that do?
Merchant Alchemist: ((cure light wounds))
Merchant Alchemist: I do also have one potion that will prevent any poison from affecting you for several hours
* Flint uncorks the vial and sniffs, judging its composition and pretending to know how this stuff works
Merchant Alchemist: ((aka, delay poison))
Merchant Alchemist: ((far as you know, it seems to be the right stuff))
Flint: alright, I'll take one of the heal-a-what'sits. it's good vintage.
Quickblades: almost there... just 11 more per cents
Kazi has connected.
Kazi: Sorry I am late
Flint: how much, sir?
Merchant Alchemist: excellent sir. And will your companions be needing anything/
Merchant Alchemist: 50 gold for the healing potion
* Flint looks susrprised at the question
Flint: err, uh, nope!
Merchant Alchemist: 300 for the delay poison
Merchant Alchemist: and for the lesser restoration
* Flint pays for the cure light potion.
Kazi: I am stuck loading
Merchant Alchemist: ((they are shopping in the market outside the tavern that Lalinlor told everyone to meet at
Quickblades: 5
Quickblades: 4
Mistress of Evil: ((Quickblades, Ashling, you have tokens? There is a park next to the market that is maintained by the druids))
Quickblades: 2
Quickblades: 1
Quickblades: yikes
Quickblades: that took me nearly 15 minutes to load the map...
Mistress of Evil: ((sorry, the market map is bigger than intended))
Mistress of Evil: ((I took out a couple of the non-important items
Mistress of Evil: ((maggi, have you loaded yet?
Quickblades: she won't be able to get any messages until it has finished loading...
Mistress of Evil: ((ah))
Quickblades: yea, I have a bit of a log to read that occured while I was loading....
Merchant Mushrooms: Mushrooms, get your mushrooms here!
Ashling: (( meanwhile I shall be lolling around in the park ))
Ashling: (( enjoying the last bit of fresh air for a while ))
Merchant Barber: Haircuts, get your haircuts!
Mistress of Evil: The market tavern, the nine horse hitch, is where Lalinlor said to meet
* Flint makes his way to the tavern.
Captain Thalin: Greetins you. What'll ya have?
* Captain Thalin is very curt
Flint: Small ale please. In a clean glass, mind you
Marcy: Here you are sir.
Flint: tall stools in this place ... (scuffles up onto a stool)
Captain Thalin: Gnomes usually stick to their own places.
* Captain Thalin looks down at Flint
Flint: I'm not ver ysticky.
Quickblades: If the water down here wasn't so foul I'd get a pitcher of that. Ah, there is little as good for quenching a good thirst as some mountain runoff
* Marcy rolls her eyes
* Flint winks
* Marcy whispers, 'you'll have to excuse Thalin. He's obnoxious'
Quickblades: I'll have your pale brew
Kazi: holy shit, I am in
* Captain Thalin slams a pale brew down in front of Quickblades, sloshing it slightly. '3 copper'
Guard Dwight: oy, these are the folks we are taking down to see the troubles?
Flint: The same!
Lalinlor Loth: Actually, we are taking you.
* Quickblades tosses a silver out while saying, "that should cover my next one too"
* Guard Dwight pointedly ignores Lalinlor
Flint: Quickblades! Mind your booze, big fella!
* Guard Hob let us know when you gents are ready. Hopefully, it will be after we are done eating.
* Kazi wanders over distractedly
Kazi: Howdy all
Kazi: Good day and all
Ashling: Ah, here we are
Flint: Well if it isn't so-and-so...
Kazi: Who and who?
* Flint laughs
Lalinlor Loth: Finish your meal, and let's go
* Guard Hob grumbles
* Flint looks entirely too small for his barstool
* Guard Dwight continues to pretend Lalinlor does not exist
Quickblades: Have I mentioned that I'm not fond of the dank, cramped underground.. especially when the air is stagnant and smells of city-shit...
Flint: oh, man, do I have a surprise for you when we get down here...
Guard Hob: easiest entrance is just to the back of the tavern. It's a rain sewer, so it's not as bad as some of the areas.
Guard Hob: could be worse.
Ashling: (( what time of day is it anyway? ))
Mistress of Evil: ((morning, fairly early))
Quickblades: ((where's my token?))
* Kazi yawns
Kazi: (( I am updating aliases quick, sorry ))
Quickblades: thx
Guard Brogan: Thank you again Lalinlor. Glad to know the healers are taking an interest.
Guard Brogan: I trust you are all properly geared? The rats get a little big down there, and a few are armed.
Flint: Yup! Just give me a moment to change.
* Flint steps into a side room for a moment with his pack.
* Guard Brogan sets a coinpurse on the table
Guard Brogan: there is 5 gold each, and standard is any non-stolen items you recover, you can keep. Stolen items you have to return, but you can accept the rewards if one is offered.
Lalinlor Loth: As Kazi and I discussed, 10% of the fees will be donated to the healer's guild.
* Quickblades downs the rest of his pale brew, motions to the bartender, and downs the next one as well.
Guard Brogan: I understand. And if any of you do not make it back, the rest of your pay can be sent wherever you wish.
Kazi: We did?
Quickblades: I's 'bout as rrreeeaaddy as I's gunna git , 'spose.
* Kazi stares blankly
* Captain Thalin slams down another brew, careful to spill some on Quickblades.
Lalinlor Loth: please assign your men.
Guard Brogan: Hob, Linus, get your lazy butts up and get to work.
* Guard Hob grumbles
* Quickblades obviously stumbles into Captain Thalin, wiping the spilled beer onto the capitan's armor and clothing.
* Guard Linus complains
* Kazi stares pointedly at Lalinlor, wondering about this so-called discussion,but decides not to comment
* Flint sneaks up behind Kazi and pokes her
* Guard Dwight is relieved
* Captain Thalin mutters rudely about nonhumans
* Kazi turns her attention to Flint
Kazi: Yes?
* Flint is dressed head to toe in a strange rubber suit. He is also wearing a mask that has tubes coming out of it.
Quickblades: You seem to have spilled some beer on yourself there cap'n
Captain Thalin: damn gnomes, hope that contraption of his doesn't explode.
Kazi: oooooh!
* Captain Thalin mutters about clumsy oafs.
Flint: (muffled voice) ta-daaaaa!
* Kazi claps hands in delight
Kazi: That is so awesome!
Kazi: Can you breathe ok in there?
* Lalinlor Loth heads towards the entrance, guards following
* Kazi looks concerned
* Quickblades walks out in a straight line, taking care to stoop so as not to hit his head on the doorframe.
Flint: yup! more than ok!
Ashling: Mother of trees! You look like a deformed salamander!
* Flint waddles toward the door, his suit making odd squeaking sounds as he does so
Kazi: Cool, can you set me up with one of those next time?
* Kazi 's eyes sparkle in delight
Quickblades: I plan on just holding my breath until I pass out, then do it again.
Flint: they don't come in human size... but maybe we could special order one
Quickblades: Sorry if I slow our progress down
* Ashling offers QB a small clay vial
Ashling: Wild lavender water. It may help.
Quickblades: You know, it's not like my brother to skip out on an "excellent opportunity" like this.
Quickblades: Even if he would be better off yodeling to the city-goats...
Quickblades: What's this?
Quickblades: Ah
Mistress of Evil: ((sewer map please?))
Kazi: loading
Kazi: can you place my tokenness there?
* Quickblades takes a dab of the liquid in the vial and smears above his upper lip.
Kazi: oooh, might I have some, Ashling?
Ashling: You might try spalshing it on a cloth and hold that to yopur face
Kazi: (( sniffle, where am I? ))
* Ashling offers Kazi a vial too.
Kazi: (( I meant my token ))
Kazi: (( ty ty ))
Mistress of Evil: There is rubble down here, piled up to make a makeshift ladder.
Lalinlor Loth: The deeper residents have been taking to the city, and there is concern. Something down here is harming them.
* Kazi takes a kerchief, ties a knot, then places a bit of the water, then ties it on her face
Lalinlor Loth: We are intending to find out what it is, and neutralize it
* Quickblades smears a little more around his lips, then takes a scrap of cloth and fashions it into a bandana, as would a cowboy bandit.
* Flint waddles over to the water, checks depth.
* Kazi 's effect is a bit more veil-like
Quickblades: Well, that is quite wonderful Ashling.
Quickblades: thank you
Ashling: You are very welcome
Mistress of Evil: The smell down here is not that bad, the water actually looks fairly fresh, and small fish can be seen. It's more or less a glorified drainage ditch in this area. The water is between 2 and 5 feet deep, but there is area on both sides to walk on. The water is only about 2' wide
Guard Hob: right oh, follow me then.
* Kazi sighs
Kazi: I miss Feliks
Quickblades: Where is he anyway?
Lalinlor Loth: To the right, please
Quickblades: And where has my brother gotten off to??
Quickblades: I haven't seen him since we got into town..
Mistress of Evil: There is a strange, pulsating growth here. It looks almost like an egg sac of some kind. Both guards are looking at it in disgust
Lalinlor Loth: Ashling, can you identify this?
Flint: cool! Hey Quickblades, poke it!
Kazi: Gross
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature => 5 + 8 = 13
Ashling: Hm...
Quickblades: I'd rather you poke it with one of your explosive slings...
Quickblades: ((how high is the ceiling down here?))
Mistress of Evil: only about 7 feet
Ashling: Looks like a large spider egg sack
Ashling: Should be close to hatching
* Quickblades is stooping extra low
Lalinlor Loth: They will probably hatch today
Lalinlor Loth: So do you want to destroy them in the sac, or out?
Quickblades: My back is gonna kill me tomorrow.
Guard Hob: IN!
Kazi: In
Kazi: IN!
* Kazi shudders
Guard Linus: Just smash it then
Lalinlor Loth: Don't smash. Fire
Lalinlor Loth: burn
Flint: it could be an endangered species!
Quickblades: Um, are they dangerous spiders?
* Kazi glares at Flint
Lalinlor Loth: Very
Ashling: They would be large and eat meat
Lalinlor Loth: They are extremely poisonous as well.
Flint: oh....
Quickblades: well, that does it for me...
Lalinlor Loth: Fire from distance would be the best
Quickblades: ((does anybody have a torch, or are we using one of Flint's sunrods?))
Lalinlor Loth: There is probably about 50 in there.
Guard Linus: I'll be back here then.
Quickblades: are. There are...
* Kazi shudders
Lalinlor Loth: Common is not my first language
Mistress of Evil: There is also a large pool of water here. It is probably about 10 feet deep
Quickblades: not mine either, but this one samari would trade me lessons for some chores...
* Lalinlor Loth lights a torch, and tosses it onto the egg sac
* Quickblades draws his blades.
* Kazi readies her mighty Eldritch powers
* Ashling watches for any escapees.
Mistress of Evil: Most of the spiders burn, but about 6 escape
Kazi: oh great
Quickblades: ((was that a giant red dragon type thing that flashed on the screen for a second???))
Mistress of Evil: ((no))
Ashling: we'd better smash those six
Mistress of Evil: ((what are everyone's initiative modifiers again?))
* Quickblades grumbles, "on it"
Kazi: +2
Ashling: +2
Flint: +2
Quickblades: +3
Quickblades: ((am I experiencing massive lag?))
Mistress of Evil: ((no, GM is slow))
Kazi: I dunnae think so
Mistress of Evil: Init is - Spiders, Linus, Quickblades, Hob, Kazi, Lalinlor, Ashling, Flint
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 5 + 4 = 9 » « 1d4-2 ⇒ 4 - 2 = 2 » bite on Ashling
Flint: ack! they are hungry! look what you did!
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 5 + 4 = 9 » bite for « 1d4-2 ⇒ 2 - 2 = 0 » damage + poison on Lalinlor
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 6 + 4 = 10 » bite for « 1d4-2 ⇒ 1 - 2 = -1 » damage + poison on Lalinlor
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 11 + 4 = 15 » bite for « 1d4-2 ⇒ 3 - 2 = 1 » damage + poison on Hob
Guard Hob: Ow!
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, you are up
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 8 + 3 = 11 »
* Quickblades moves in
Quickblades: and tears into one.
Quickblades: um, that was my inner monologue guys. I think this place is making me nuts already....
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 2 + 5 + -2 = 5 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 5 + 4 + 2 = 11 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 13 + 5 + -2 = 16 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 »
* Spider 4 dodges the katana and runs right into the Wakizashi
Quickblades: ((done))
* Spider 4 and dies
* Guard Hob takes aim with his longsword
Guard Hob: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 14 + 4 = 18 » for « 1d8+2 ⇒ 7 + 2 = 9 »
Mistress of Evil: Kazi, you are up
* Kazi takes aim at #5
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 12 + 4 + 1 = 17 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 4 + 1 = 5 »
Kazi: (( done ))
Guard Linus: What the hell!!!!!
Quickblades: Yea, I don't know. About a week or two ago she just started doing that. Kinda freaky, no?
Quickblades: And kazi, don't you think that might have been a bit of overkill?
Lalinlor Loth: City folk haven't seen everything then?
Quickblades: I mea, it's just a big spider.
Flint: (( she can do it at will ))
* Kazi shrugs
Mistress of Evil: Ashling is up
Kazi: I forgot
* Guard Linus stares at Kazi
* Kazi grins sheepishly
* Guard Hob looks like he doesn't want to be near Kazi either
* Kazi stares at Guard Linus
Ashling: try sling on spider2
Ashling: Attack Sling: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 8 + 4 = 12 » Damage: « 1d4+0 ⇒ 3 + 0 = 3 »
* Spider 2 skitters away from the flung stone
Ashling: done
Mistress of Evil: Flint
* Flint draws a dagger from his belt and tries to stab one!
Quickblades: ((shouldn't you have a pick?))
Flint: Dagger « 1d20+3 ⇒ 15 + 3 = 18 »
Flint: damage « 1d3 ⇒ 1 »
Flint: ah HA! got ya!
Kazi: Yay! Go Flint!
* Kazi flips her hair prettily
Flint: (done)
* Spider 2 quivers a little, then bites at Flint « 1d20+4 ⇒ 15 + 4 = 19 » bite for « 1d4-2 ⇒ 2 - 2 = 0 » damage + poison
Flint: ow, quit it!
Spider 2: ((0 damage, but make a fort save))
Mistress of Evil: The other two spiders run away
Kazi: Bother, they're getting away
* Kazi pouts
* Lalinlor Loth checks on Hob, who appears okay.
* Lalinlor Loth then starts collecting the poison from the dead spiders.
* Quickblades lazily hacks at the last spider.
Guard Hob: feel free to chase them.
* Kazi briefly considers going BOO! at the dumb guards, but thinks better of it
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+7+MOD ⇒ 4 + 7 + 0 = 11 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 5 + 4 + 0 = 9 »
* Guard Hob seems a little more hostile than he was earlier.
Kazi: Nah, I think that's more in your line of work
* Kazi looks at her nails and yawns
Guard Hob: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 17 + 4 = 21 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 5 + 2 = 7 »
Guard Hob: Come on Linus
* Flint waddles after the guards
Mistress of Evil: ((Spot checks?))
Lalinlor Loth: Hold up guys
Lalinlor Loth: Can someone remove this from the water?
* Lalinlor Loth points
Kazi: Whatcha want?
Ashling: Oh dear...
Kazi: Kazi peers
Flint: what's in there?
Ashling: Looks like he's been down there a while
Kazi: eew, dead body
* Quickblades pulls his bandana down for a moment to smell the water, checking to see if it is as clean as it appears...
Mistress of Evil: The corpse of an older human male is at the bottom of the 10' deep pool. There is a stone or something holding his corpse down.
Mistress of Evil: The water is a little stagnant.
Kazi: oh, something is tying him down!
* Quickblades looks at flint.
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades, can you go down and free the corpse?
Flint: *looks back at Quickblades* Hey, I can't breathe water with this. That one was WAY more expensive.
Quickblades: I guess it will at least give my back a quick stretch. Oh, but then I'll be lifting a big rock....
Guard Hob: we can flip a coin for it, if you want?
* Guard Hob pulls out a copper.
* Quickblades pencil's into the pool, sinking like a stone
Lalinlor Loth: I would hate to have to report that either of you substained substantial injuries
* Quickblades has his blades out until he touches bottom, then starts trying to free the corpse.
* Guard Linus gives Lalinlor an odd look
* Kazi glares at the two dumb guards
* Kazi mutters something about provincial idiots in Sclavini, anyone who speaks it
Mistress of Evil: The corpse can be freed easily, just roll the rock off. The corpse does appear to be clutching something tightly in his hand
* Quickblades rolls the rock off, then brings the corpse up, taking care to keep it as intact as possible, and with all of ti's possessions.
Quickblades: I am *not* going back down there to pick up this guy's scraps. Somebody else can do that...
Mistress of Evil: One of the corpse's feet comes off, but you get the rest of him up without a problem
Kazi: Ooh, he's got something magical clutched in his hand there, Quickblades
Mistress of Evil: the foot and shoe sink back to the bottom
Kazi: (( when he gets back to the top ))
Lalinlor Loth: Thank you for doing that Quickblades
* Quickblades however remains in the 2 foot deep water channel.
Guard Hob: what do you think killed him?
Quickblades: the water.
Lalinlor Loth: probably the slit throat
Kazi: what's he got there, Quickblades, I sense it's magical...
Lalinlor Loth: professionally speaking, exsanguination due to a substantial slashing wound.
* Kazi is ignoring all this death talk
Quickblades: You are easily the most peculiar priest I have ever met.
Mistress of Evil: The corpse also has a coinpurse that oddly seems full, and a silver pendant around his neck
Quickblades: Who did you say you worshipped?
Paul has connected.
Lalinlor Loth: I am not a priest, I am a healer
Kazi: oh, what's with that pendant... any markings on it?
Quickblades: Ah.
Quickblades: Well, that explains just about everything.
* Kazi peers without touching icky dead stuff
Mistress of Evil: The markings appear to be a good luck charm, with markings in Sclavini, Tatsuo languages, even goblin. They are commonly sold in Shieldmeet for about 3 gold
Kazi: Huh, looks like he didn't have much good luck
Lalinlor Loth: can someone count the contents of his coinpurse, and retain them?
Kazi: so... you wanna, you know... unclutch that hand for me?
Quickblades: Where's that paul guy when you need him....
* Kazi blinks prettily
Mistress of Evil: ((loading))
Kazi: (( blink blink blink ))
* Quickblades helps Kazi with the coin-purse
Quickblades: ((I know he's loading.))
Kazi: (( not the coin purse, the magicky magicky ))
Paul: Hi
Quickblades: Oh
Quickblades: sure thing
* Guard Hob assist as well, and carefully pries open the hand to remove an ebony and platinum ring. The markings on it appear to be Itotian.
Kazi: Lalinlor?
* Guard Hob holds up the ring, 'Anyone know what this is?'
Kazi: Hey
Lalinlor Loth: It's a ring
* Quickblades hands the magicky magicky to Kazi. The dead man's arm still wrapped around it.
Lalinlor Loth: Is there any inscription?
Kazi: Um...
Kazi: I can't read it
* Kazi points at the proferred arm
Kazi: Maybe you want to take a look
Lalinlor Loth: They are Itotian runes
* Kazi 's nose wrinkles
Lalinlor Loth: I need better light to be sure of the translation.
Kazi: well, let's grab it and move it along
Lalinlor Loth: please put the ring with the coins
Quickblades: Is the spidernest still burning?
Mistress of Evil: The coinpurse contains about 20 silver and 6 copper
* Quickblades looks to the smoldering heap.
Mistress of Evil: it's just about out now
Kazi: Quickblades, you want to carry the stuff as usual?
Quickblades: hrumph.
* Kazi is putting on the charm
* Guard Linus glances at it. "makes you wonder where Mommy is?'
Quickblades: yup.
* Kazi smiles winningly and stuff
Guard Hob: I'd prefer not to.
Quickblades: Well, shall we move on?
Kazi: You're a true gent
* Kazi glares at the guards, implying she feels they are not
Lalinlor Loth: Please keep an eye out for the spiders that ran away
Guard Linus: After you. Miss.
* Quickblades continues to trudge through the watery canal, clearly prefering to walk in the water over stooping...
* Kazi sticks with Ash
Kazi: (( Is he talking to me? ))
Mistress of Evil: ((yep))
* Kazi gives him an aggrieved look
Kazi: Really...
Guard Hob: I think I found the other spiders
Ashling: He wants to keep and eye on you...
* Kazi sighs and simpers on
* Ashling winks to Kazi
* Kazi winks back
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, Hob, then spiders
* Quickblades steps out of the water channel and slashes with deadly intent
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + 0 = 20 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 0 = 12 »
Mistress of Evil: Spider dies
* Quickblades turns my attention to the second one before the first one hits the ground.
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + 0 = 20 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + 0 = 7 »
Mistress of Evil: Other spider dies
Quickblades: CONTINUING!
Lalinlor Loth: Left please
* Kazi claps her hands in delight
Mistress of Evil: There is some sort of weird green fungus in here
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature => 5 + 8 = 13
Quickblades: You know, this sort of thing doesn't seem to happen in the mountains...
Mistress of Evil: Listen checks?
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+0 Listen => 13 + 0 = 13
* Ashling rolls: 1d20+10+MOD Listen => 18 + 10 + 0 = 28
Paul: Hi guys
* Kazi rolls: 1d20 Listen => 2
Kazi: yep, there you go
Quickblades: ((we are in the sewer paul.))
Mistress of Evil: Some of you hear Paul coming. Others of you don't
Flint: Hey, it's Paul!
Flint: fashionably late, good sir?
Kazi: Woah! Where did Paul come from!
Ashling: (( others of us smell him coming - Una ))
Paul: Yes, yes, yes, well, short legs....
Kazi: HEY! Paul!!!!
Quickblades: I was just talking about you paul.
Lalinlor Loth: We need to go to the right. Towards that scratching sound
* Kazi grins and waves
Quickblades: Is this fungus dangerous?
Quickblades: yet?
Guard Hob: wait, scratching sound?
Lalinlor Loth: Please expect an insectiod
Ashling: (( got a 13 on knowledge nature for fungus ))
* Quickblades takes care moving around in the water near the fungus...
Ashling: oh, it's fine
* Ashling takes some fungus and nibbles it
Flint: ewww!
Kazi: Um?
Quickblades: Wow, now that is bold.
Paul: That never ends well....
Ashling: Not that different from mushrooms
* Quickblades moves over and tries some himself...
* Kazi disbelieves
Ashling: In fact, this may be what goblins make their beer from
Kazi: Remind me never to stay away from it
Kazi: wait
Paul: Then remind me not to drink with goblins.
Kazi: that came out all wrong
* Ashling shrugs
Lalinlor Loth: Someone want to do something about that centipide?
Quickblades: Well, now we know where to go if we get trapped down here for months and can't get any other food.
Kazi: is it tasty?
Ashling: Try it
Flint: umm, BUGS!
* Kazi sniffs it cautiously
Quickblades: Centipedes? Typically they are better cooked.
Flint: stop eating fungus!! Bugs inbound!
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 2 + 4 = 6 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 3 + 2 = 5 »
* Quickblades turns his attention to the incoming threat
* Guard Hob strikes the side of the sewer with a ringing blow, missing the centipede entirely
Kazi: hmmm
Quickblades: God that thing is huge... I mean for a centipede. How did I let you guys talk me into this job?
Mistress of Evil: Flint, Ashling, Linus, Centipede, Lalinlor, Kazi, Quickblades, Hob
Mistress of Evil: GO
* Flint waddles closer but takes no other action for now.
Flint: (done)
Mistress of Evil: Ashling
Ashling: I am sure you boys can handle a mere centipede.
* Ashling gathers some fungus
Ashling: done
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor
Lalinlor Loth: holds
Mistress of Evil: Kazi
Kazi: (( done ))
Mistress of Evil: Kazi, Quickblades, Paul, Hob
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, then Paul
* Quickblades moves closer, offering himself as another target for the seemingly harmless though rather large bug.
Mistress of Evil: ((PS - The water in here is about 5' deep
Quickblades: This one is all yours guys. I'm up to my waist in water.
Quickblades: I got the last two anyway.
Quickblades: ((done))
Mistress of Evil: Paul, then Hob
Guard Hob: this one has more legs though
* Paul develops a sudden interest in fungus.
Paul: done
Guard Hob: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 20 + 4 = 24 »« 1d8+2 ⇒ 6 + 2 = 8 »
Guard Hob: breaks easy enough though.
Paul: Well done!
Guard Hob: think these are what's scaring the sewer rats?
Kazi: Oh sure
Guard Linus: Could understand. Bugs aren't supposed to get that big.
Paul: Sewers have been known to feature large bugs and rats. There's a story about a rat who terrorized a family of halflings, once upon a time...
Lalinlor Loth: There seems to be a lot of bugs in here. Please stay alert
Quickblades: Certainly
Guard Linus: I think I've heard this one. It ends with the listener buying the teller drinks
Quickblades: Which way now
Lalinlor Loth: straight ahead
Kazi: And if you are referring to the folks who live down here as "rats," that is rather rude!
* Kazi glares
Guard Hob: This way?
Quickblades: Lali, there is a branch to the right here.
Paul: Yeah, but, if you're worried about traps... let me go up front.
Guard Linus: They live like rats. The term fits
Kazi: I wonder what term is suitable for you
Guard Hob: Not too worried, but if you want to go first, go ahead. I've got the torch
Quickblades: If you don't mind Hob, I prefer to be Paul's backup.
Quickblades: It has worked for us before.
Flint: (halp! I can't see my own token)
Paul: Thanks, QB!
Guard Hob: No problem
* Kazi misses Feliks
Paul: What do you know? There is a crude trap here.
Ashling: There, there... (pats Kazi)
Sewer Resident: GET AWAY!
Kazi: He's all obsessed with the tavern
* Kazi sniffles
Lalinlor Loth: I am from the healer's guild and we are investigating. We do not mean to impede you in any way
Sewer Resident: Healer? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
* Sewer Resident noise goes trailing off
Kazi: I see your reputation precedes you?
* Kazi giggles
Guard Hob: huh. The guards don't get that good a reaction
Kazi: Give it time
Paul: So.... straight ahead or right?
Lalinlor Loth: I'm a bad mother.....watch your mouth
Kazi: I am sure your gracious personality will win them over
Mistress of Evil: noise came from the right
* Quickblades has a grin slowly take over his face at Kazi's comment
Paul: Let's go right then.
* Kazi smiles fondly at Lalinlor
Lalinlor Loth: Left
Paul: fine
Quickblades: we got a tee
Lalinlor Loth: Left
Paul: Okay
Quickblades: I'm sensing a pattern here...
Paul: a most sinister pattern.
Mistress of Evil: Paul and QB, spot checks
Paul: Spot « 1d20+6 ⇒ 7 + 6 = 13 »
Quickblades: Hold up here.
* Quickblades readies his blades.
* Quickblades steps in front of paul.
* Kazi cocks her head warily and peeks around the corner
Kazi: Who, what now?
Mistress of Evil: A horrible stench wafts your way, Quickblades
Quickblades: ((I just recieved an invalid image...))
Kazi: (( me too ))
* Quickblades stifles a grumble.
Paul: ((3))
Quickblades: SMELLS BAD
Mistress of Evil: ((which one?))
Mistress of Evil: Corpse, zombie, or other?
* Quickblades gets out of the water.
Kazi: (( I think I see corpse and zombie/ ))
Kazi: (( ? ))
Quickblades: ((likewise, but they are not fully on the screen...))
Kazi: (( but some is hidden by LOC ))
Flint: (( I see both OK ))
Mistress of Evil: afk 1 sec
Kazi: (( LOS ))
Kazi: (( not LOC, LOS ))
Quickblades: ((also AFK (laundry needs cleansing)))
Kazi: (( ok, I will too ))
Kazi: (( maybe I shall get a bowl of cereal ))
Mistress of Evil: ((back whenever))
Paul: ((I never left. You had me at hello.))
Mistress of Evil: ((kills Paul on principle))
Paul: ((Alas, poor halfling, I knew him well. I hath bore him on my back a thousand times...))
Mistress of Evil: When we return, it is Paul, Hob, Quickblades, Flint, Lalinlor, Ashling, Evil thing, Linus, other evil thing, Kazi-ish evil thing
Paul: Kazi-ish Evil thing?
Mistress of Evil: very Kazi-ish evil thing
Kazi: hey
Paul: Ah, well, where's Kazi on that list?
Kazi: I am GOOD
Kazi: GOOD
Kazi: (( And apparently, last on flipping initiative ))
Lalinlor Loth: ((juan won one game of uno - means ready; in GW they ask you to type "1" when ready
Kazi: (( 1 ))
Mistress of Evil: Paul, you may fire when ready
Paul: That's all I can see?
Mistress of Evil: yep
Paul: Do I get more yet?
Mistress of Evil: you can see a zombie
Mistress of Evil: ((Hob has the torch))
Paul: Ah
Mistress of Evil: There is also a dead body and a horrid smell. The water in here is foul
Mistress of Evil: and there is a thin slime on almost everything
Paul: Seeing undead, and not having anything fiery or bludgeony, Paul is gonna turn around and go back.
Paul: Zombie up ahead.
Quickblades: back
Guard Hob: The hell?
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, you are up
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, then Flint
* Quickblades slips into his deadly routine.
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 17 + 5 + 0 = 22 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 4 + 0 = 5 »
Mistress of Evil: ((the corpse is not moving. The zombie is))
Quickblades: ((I should get a +2 on that attack.))
Mistress of Evil: Flint, then Lalinlor
* Flint moves forward, drawing his musket. (( done ))
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor, then Ashling
Lalinlor Loth: It's a plague blight. Causes disease when it touches you
Lalinlor Loth: It's also hard to damage
Mistress of Evil: Ashling, then Plague Blight
Ashling: done
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 20 + 3 = 23 »
Quickblades: ((I have a question mark in the middle of the fight...))
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 8 + 7 = 15 » slam for « 1d6+6 ⇒ 4 + 6 = 10 » +2 if good aligned, + make a fort save it if hits
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 20 + 3 = 23 »
Mistress of Evil: ((questionmark lague blight))
Guard Hob: OW, CRAP!
Quickblades: ((is that an area of effect attack?))
Mistress of Evil: It's a stench attack
Mistress of Evil: Linus, then Zombie
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+3 ⇒ 3 + 3 = 6 »
* Guard Linus vomits, and swings wildly
Quickblades: ((what are those 23s?))
Guard Linus: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 6 + 2 = 8 » « 1d8 ⇒ 5 »
Mistress of Evil: ((someone's fortitude save))
* Guard Linus misses, but succeeds in flinging vomit around the room
Quickblades: ((K, sorry for being nosey, lol))
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 11 + 2 = 13 » slam on Linus for « 1d6+1 ⇒ 6 + 1 = 7 »
Quickblades: Linus! NOT COOL!
Mistress of Evil: the zombie misses Linus
Mistress of Evil: Kazi, then Paul
Guard Linus: Sorry
Quickblades: It's ok. Just pull it together man. Focus on that Zombie. I got the Blight thing. Just stay focused on the zombie till you put it down.
Plague Blight: Do you now?
Plague Blight: I've never eaten one of your kind before
Quickblades: I guess we will just have to see. Though I'll admit I'm a bit less certain now that I know that you can talk.
* Kazi gathers together some Eldritch might
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 20 + 4 + 1 = 25 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 11 + 1 = 12 »
Flint: (nice shot!)
Plague Blight: She may have to die first
* Kazi sends bolts of purple energy toward the Plague Blight
Mistress of Evil: Paul, then Hob
* Plague Blight jerks slightly as the blows slam into him
Quickblades: I'm guessing that you suck at fighting though, since you must be so slow that it couldn't have taken you less than 40 years to master common.
Paul: Paul is gonna chill out.
Guard Hob: « 1d20+4 ⇒ 13 + 4 = 17 » « 1d8+2 ⇒ 8 + 2 = 10 »
Quickblades: ((you aren't even going to shoot an arrow or anything?))
Flint: (In 4e, rogues can actually hurt undead! just saying)
* Guard Hob grunts as his swing bounces off the thing's hide
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades then Flint
Paul: ((Ummm, don't have the fire into melee feat, and I'd be shooting at +1))
Paul: so*
Mistress of Evil: ((sure you want to give it an AoO? Oh, and make a fort save))
Mistress of Evil: ((still have to make the fort save))
Quickblades: Action Point!
Quickblades: « 1d6 ⇒ 2 »
Quickblades: awe crappers...
* Quickblades takes a large step, struggles to hold his lunch in and unleashes his blades.
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 7 + 5 + -1 = 11 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 5 + 4 + -1 = 8 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 2 + 5 + -1 = 6 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 5 + 2 + -1 = 6 »
* Plague Blight laughs at Quickblades
Plague Blight: such a feeble creature you are
Mistress of Evil: Flint, then Lalinlor
Quickblades: How do you live with yourself. You should try a bath now and again...
* Flint lets a shot ring out at the zombie
* Flint fires his musket! (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+6+atk ⇒ 20 + 6 + 0 = 26 »
Damage: «
 1d10+1+dmg ⇒ 7 + 1 + 0 = 8 »
* Plague Blight is undead
* Plague Blight hisses as Flint's shot strikes true
Flint: (nono, I shot zombie)
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor, then Ashling
* Kazi claps her hands in delight
Mistress of Evil: ((Quickblades can take an AoO as the undead suddenly wander off and go sit in the middle of the swamp))
Lalinlor Loth: Shall we continue on?
Lalinlor Loth: To the right, please
Guard Hob: huh?
Flint: oh, this trick again!
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 15 + 5 + -1 = 19 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 3 + 4 + -1 = 6 »
Flint: shouldn't we finish them off while they're all fuddled?
Kazi: You are a most peculiar man, Lalinlor
* Guard Linus just stares at Lalinlor.
Guard Linus: who the hell are you?
* Guard Linus is awed
Lalinlor Loth: go ahead
Lalinlor Loth: Hob, I can supply healing for you
Kazi: Oh sure, Lalinlor gets awe, I get vindictiveness and spite
Guard Hob: thank you
Kazi: Provincial!
Quickblades: I would like to make sure this blight thingy doesn't attempt to eat any of my kind in the future...
* Kazi sniffs
Quickblades: It seemed truely curious about my taste.
Mistress of Evil: The water in that pit is 4' deep. You can walk up and kill the thing at will
Kazi: I could blast it from here, I suppose
* Flint reloads.
* Quickblades seems to be gradually moving into a better mood, despite the horrible stench.
* Quickblades closes in and performs a coup de gras
* Kazi pats his arm reassuringly
Mistress of Evil: It actually will take Quickblades several blows, as his swords seem surprisingly ineffective against the things
* Quickblades will leave the zombie for someone else to handle
Lalinlor Loth: Let's move on.
Lalinlor Loth: I wouldn't want anyone to have anything that had the plague blight had
Quickblades: I'm still feeling nausous from the thing...
Kazi: That was some great shooting there, Flint!
Lalinlor Loth: Typically, they cause nausea and a loss of strength
Lalinlor Loth: Did that happen to you, Quickblades or Linus?
Guard Linus: Yes
Quickblades: It did
Flint: (to Kazi) Thanks!
Flint: *voice is muffled*
* Kazi whispers to Ash, not unlike how I feel about these silly men right now in Fey
* Ashling giggles.
Paul: Trouble!
Lalinlor Loth: In that case, I have lesser restoration potions for both of you, if you feel you need it
* Kazi eyes the guards in mock irritation
* Kazi giggles
Quickblades: I'll have one after we take these troubles out.
Mistress of Evil: Paul, Quickblades, more zombie-looking things are shambling towards you
* Quickblades moves in front of paul
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, Linus, Hob, Evil, Ashling, Lalinlor, Flint, Paul, Kazi
Mistress of Evil: Go
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 16 + 5 + -3 = 18 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 9 + 4 + 1 = 14 »
Kazi: (( what the hell is up with my initiative? ))
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 19 + 5 + -3 = 21 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 »
Mistress of Evil: You hit it, and the thing's intestines spill out onto you. They are rotting, and give off a yellowish steam. Reflex save?
Mistress of Evil: You manage not to get splashed by the foul ichor
Quickblades: These one's have poisonus insides.
Kazi: Um, gross?
Quickblades: careful how you kill them.
Quickblades: And try to avoid pucture wounds.
Flint: please refrain from throwing their guts at me
Mistress of Evil: Linus is at the rear, Hob moves up behind Paul
Mynin: Protect the master!
Mistress of Evil: Ashling, then Lalinlor
Ashling: Hm, don't see anything to attack
Ashling: done
Mistress of Evil: Flint, then Paul, then Kazi, then Quickblades
* Flint holds for now.
Paul: Should you go forward, QB?
Mistress of Evil: Up to QB now?
Paul: Well...
Paul: Kazi
Paul: But Paul is holding
Kazi: Say, so, um, what's going on up there?
* Kazi holds after moving up, waiting for someone to attack
Mistress of Evil: QB?
* Quickblades like a well oiled machine goes to town on the next creature.
* Quickblades is a bit more careful about the ichor
Quickblades: Katana Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 12 + 5 + -3 = 14 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 8 + 4 + 1 = 13 »
Quickblades: Wakizashi Attack: « 1d20+5+MOD ⇒ 5 + 5 + -3 = 7 » Damage: « 1d6+2+MOD ⇒ 4 + 2 + 1 = 7 »
Mistress of Evil: So you are moving up?
Mistress of Evil: The other critter ran
Quickblades: Um, isn't the thing right in front of me?
Mistress of Evil: That's the dead one
Paul: You mean the dead one?
Mistress of Evil: I just took it off
Quickblades: Oh.
Quickblades: Yea.
Quickblades: I only get the first attack, and it gets a +2
Mynin: Protect the Master!!!!!
Flint: (you can move past me if you want, I am extra slow in this suit - 15 ft )
Mistress of Evil: Reflex save?
Mistress of Evil: You dodge the ichor. Cowering in the corner of this alcove is a small child, looks to be human
Mistress of Evil: He looks ill.
* Quickblades doesn't lower his blades
Quickblades: I don't trust him.
Paul: Lal!
Paul: A child needs healing!
* Small boy sinks back into the corner, trying to make himself invisible before this strange, heavily armed creature in front of him
* Paul approaches slowly
Paul: Hi there
* Quickblades steps further down the hall.
* Small boy makes a rasping noise back
Lalinlor Loth: I am a healer, may I examine you?
Small boy: Kneels in front of Lalinlor, head on the floor
Lalinlor Loth: Does anyone have some food for him?
Guard Hob: Who is he, can you get a name?
Lalinlor Loth: He is a child in need.
* Kazi looks around in her pack
Lalinlor Loth: Names can come later.
Ashling: I have some cave fungus and some bread and cheese
Kazi: I have some candy
Lalinlor Loth: Give him some bread and cheese
* Kazi looks a bit ashamed
* Ashling hands over some food
* Small boy looks to Lalinlor, almost like asking permission
* Kazi whispers something to Ash
* Lalinlor Loth nods
Quickblades: I could use some candy. And that potion of restoration, if it is still up for grabs...
* Small boy snatches the food and ducks back away from Ashling.
Quickblades: The candy could take the edge off of this nausea...
Quickblades: ((afk, laundry again.))
* Kazi happily hands over some caramels and chocolates
* Lalinlor Loth hands QB the potion.
* Paul approaches and attempts to sit next to the boy, figuring he is the least physically intimidating of the group.
Lalinlor Loth: Go on ahead. I will send the boy out with Linus
Paul: Oh, okay
Guard Hob: Where is Linus?
Guard Hob: He was bringing up the rear
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades and Paul, please go check on Linus
Paul: QB?
* Small boy doesn't seem at all scared of Lalinlor, is terrified of everyone else
Flint: ( he is afk )
Kazi: (( he went to check laundry ))
Mistress of Evil: Paul, you don't see the light of Linus' s torch anywhere
Paul: I'm not seeing his torch....
Paul: That's.... not good.
* Lalinlor Loth hands a torch to Ashling
* Lalinlor Loth says in a soft voice 'please see what they can do with this
* Ashling sighs.
Ashling: Here (offers the torch)
Paul: QB takes it.
Mistress of Evil: Paul, you see drag marks
Mistress of Evil: Then the corpse of Linus
Paul: He's... dead.
Mistress of Evil: Looks like his throat has been cut
Paul: QB, watch close.
* Small boy makes a rasping noise and tugs at Lalinlor's hand, pointing towards the right
Lalinlor Loth: I know, that is where we are going.
* Paul searches Linus's body.
Lalinlor Loth: Can you describe what it looks like?
Mistress of Evil: Linus has been robbed. Even his boots are gone
Quickblades: ((back))
Small boy: papa's lab
Paul: he's naked.
Mistress of Evil: Not naked, just barefoot
Paul: oh
Small boy: Papa healer
Paul: Shoudl we bring his body with us so he can be buried properly? I have a feeling that if we leave him here, we'll see him again.
Guard Hob: A good idea.
* Guard Hob takes a cloth and wraps up Linus's body, preparing to carry it.
Kazi: We could do some rites for him...
Guard Hob: I mean no rudeness, but I think he'd prefer his own priests.
Lalinlor Loth: Do you think you could escort the boy and Linus out?
* Kazi nods politely
Guard Hob: Consider it done.
* Flint fidgets with his suit nervously
* Guard Hob reaches for the boy's hand
* Small boy screams bloody murder and clings to Lalinlor
Flint: shhhhhhhh!
Paul: Hob, let the boy stay with Lal....
Paul: He feels safe with him.
Guard Hob: odd child. But okay
Paul: (AFK, phone, sorry)
Lalinlor Loth: Boy, will you stay here?
Lalinlor Loth: We will have you accompany us when we leave.
Small boy: You are healer. Papa will want to meet you. He is healer.
Small boy: He is making the people strong.
* Kazi raises an eyebrow
Lalinlor Loth: I am looking forward to it.
Small boy: I will stay. Must always obey healers.
* Small boy sits down
Lalinlor Loth: Let's go.
* Kazi frowns
* Kazi purses her lips and gets a very thoughtful look
* Kazi offers the child some candy, if he'd like
* Small boy watches Kazi warily and refuses to take it
* Kazi will smile and leave him some by the door
* Lalinlor Loth says softly
Lalinlor Loth: I don't believe he is a healer.
Flint: hmm, you think?
Lalinlor Loth: I think he is studying how to create undead
Flint: you think he's the "master" the corpses were talking about?
Kazi: I don't think so either, considering how the previous resident reacted to your announcement of occupation
Quickblades: well, the undead are better alive than the dead...
Lalinlor Loth: Left, please
Lalinlor Loth: Flint, do you think I did the right thing letting Hob go unescorted?
Lalinlor Loth: I have concerns about his abilitites
Flint: to be honest, I am worried about him.
Flint: ackk!
Quickblades: Man, I'm not fond of these guys. They attack you even after you kill them.
Quickblades: Did he just run up so we could see him, then run away?
Mistress of Evil: Evil, Flint, Lalinlor, Kazi, Paul, Quickblades, Ashling
Mistress of Evil: Flint, Go
Flint: I've got a shot!
* Flint fires his musket! (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot)
Attack Roll: «
 1d20+6+atk ⇒ 5 + 6 + 0 = 11 »
Damage: «
 1d10+1+dmg ⇒ 3 + 1 + 0 = 4 »
Mistress of Evil: ((20% miss chance, low = bad for you))
Mistress of Evil: ((but kind of irrelevant with that attack))
Paul: (back, thanks)
Flint: (done)
Mistress of Evil: Lalinlor, then Kazi
Mistress of Evil: Kazi
Mistress of Evil: then Paul
Kazi: what's going on?
* Kazi looks around
Flint: thingie ran north!
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 10 + 4 + 0 = 14 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 7 + 0 = 7 »
Kazi: (( done ))
* Mynin 2 hisses and splashes some ichor
Quickblades: ((I am going to have to go soon. It's 11 pm here...))
Mistress of Evil: ((almost done))
Quickblades: k
Mistress of Evil: Paul then Quickblades
Paul: Paul shoots his shortbow
Quickblades: ((I seem to be 1 step ahead of you tonight ))
Paul: Attack « 1d20+6 ⇒ 6 + 6 = 12 » Dmg « 1d4 ⇒ 2 »
Mistress of Evil: ((miss))
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, then Ashling
Paul: (done)
Quickblades: Attack: « 1d20+7+MOD ⇒ 15 + 7 + -1 = 21 » Damage: « 1d10+4+MOD ⇒ 1 + 4 + -1 = 4 »
* Quickblades downs the potion of restoration.
Mistress of Evil: « 1d4 ⇒ 1 »
Mistress of Evil: ((you regain 1 strength))
Mistress of Evil: Ashling, then evil
Ashling: can't see the evil
Quickblades: Well, that helped a little
Ashling: (( done ))
* Haladin starts casting a spell
Mistress of Evil: QB, Will Save
Haladin: What are you doing? You can't let them destroy my work!
Kazi: (( uh oh ))
Haladin: Stop them!
Haladin: Please!
* Quickblades turns around
Mistress of Evil: Flint, then Lalinlor
Flint: ut oh, his brain's all screwy!
* Flint holds his ground, and reloads.
Mistress of Evil: QB, you did notice there were patches of slime throughout that room
Mistress of Evil: As well as a lot of lab equipment
Flint: (( done ))
Mistress of Evil: lalinlor, then Kazi
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades, we just want to discuss, not destroy his work. If we wanted to hurt, we'd have hurt the boy, and we don't do that
* Lalinlor Loth makes diplomacy check « 1d20+12 ⇒ 16 + 12 = 28 »
Mistress of Evil: Kazi, the Paul
Quickblades: That is an excellent work. The boy did say that you and he would want to talk about your craft... Though I am coming to think that I've been mading a mistake. These aren't undead. They are a work in progress.
Quickblades: I mean, I did attack them first...
Haladin: They won't harm you, they will only defend me
Haladin: Please, my work is important
Kazi: Um, yes, certainly, Quickblades, we mustn't be hasty here
* Kazi rolls: 1d20+4+2+6 Diplomacy => 6 + 4 + 2 + 6 = 18
Kazi: (( shit ))
Quickblades: Well, I'm deeply sorry for the damage I already caused.
Quickblades: If there is any way for me to set things right...
* Kazi will hold and see what happens, but will be ready to act at a moment's notice
Haladin: Just make them go, make them go and leave me in peace to finish my work
Mistress of Evil: Paul, then Quickblades
Haladin: I am trying to help. I'm trying to prevent them from dying!
Paul: If Paul can hide, he will begin hiding and moving sildently, and spend his turn moving 20' forward.
Haladin: My son? Where is my son!
Mistress of Evil: He can hide, QB would be able to see him, but not the evil guys
Paul: Hide « 1d20+15 ⇒ 3 + 15 = 18 » MS « 1d20+13 ⇒ 5 + 13 = 18 »
Haladin: Don't let them hurt my son! Don't let them take him! He is the key!
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, then Ashling
Quickblades: Well, I supposed we can leave.
Haladin: Yes. Please, just go. Just make them leave.
Quickblades: The boy seemed half-mad and dangrous anyway.
Quickblades: Though I don't think this would be the best environment to help him.
Haladin: I am trying to save them all
Mistress of Evil: Ashling, you can do something if you'd like
Quickblades: He needs fresh air, a strong breeze and some playmates for a match of poleball (or whatever it's called)
Haladin: As soon as he is well again
Haladin: We can all be in the sun then
Ashling: (( just listening ))
Mistress of Evil: Flint, then Lalinlor
Quickblades: But if you think he will get better, and can aide you in preventing death.... But death is just a part of life. It is natural, to be embraced when it strikes. And not feared.
Flint: *whispering* Paul, get in there and shut that guy up if you can!
Haladin: They are dying to soon
* Quickblades will attempt to herd the party back
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades, you know I am a healer too. Perhaps I can help
Quickblades: Hmmmm.
Mistress of Evil: ((he made a 28 diplomacy check.
Quickblades: What do you think my friend.
Mistress of Evil: And is just walking in
Haladin: A healer? Another healer! Will he help me?
Quickblades: He has shown himself to be quite skilled and burtally efficient...
Haladin: Yes, yes!
* Quickblades will let Lali past.
Mistress of Evil: Kazi, then Paul
* Haladin practically beams at Lalinlor
Kazi: Quickblades... should we be letting Lalinlor in there alone
Quickblades: ((Lali, I hope you have a killer will save...))
Quickblades: Ok, let's go fetch the boy.
* Kazi moves a bit up
Quickblades: It's the least we can do after I destroyed so much of his work...
Kazi: Well, let's not be too quick, my dear
Flint: ok, lead the way, QB! Bluff check: « 1d20+9 ⇒ 2 + 9 = 11 »
Paul: Paul continues to move forward, attempting to stay hidden.
Kazi: I've been assisting Lalinlor at the Guild, so I think I may stick around
Mistress of Evil: Quickblades, then Ashling
Quickblades: um, no offense Kazi, but you tend to get carried away...
Lalinlor Loth: She has been helping, that is true
* Kazi smiles gentle
Kazi: *gently
Kazi: That's only if I think we're in danger, darling
Kazi: We're clearly not here
Quickblades: Um...
* Quickblades stalls
Mistress of Evil: Paul, you can see the lab here is impressive.
Paul: anything in particular catch my eye?
Paul: And do you need hide/MS checks from me?
Mistress of Evil: ((I'm using your previous checks))
* Quickblades rolls: 1d20+0 Listen => 17 + 0 = 17
Paul: ah
* Kazi is trying to be distracting
Mistress of Evil: ((unless you want to roll again))
* Quickblades is distracted trying to figure out what to do.
Paul: Hide « 1d20+15 ⇒ 18 + 15 = 33 » MS « 1d20+13 ⇒ 18 + 13 = 31 »
Quickblades: Seriously guys, I didn't even want to come down here in the first place.
Quickblades: Why don't we just go.
* Kazi smiles reassuringly
Quickblades: It smells, I've been stooping for hours.
Mistress of Evil: We can be out of initiative for now
Quickblades: I've destroyed much of a dear friend's work
Quickblades: can't we just leave?
Kazi: Lalinlor has it under control, I am sure. We'll be out of here in no time
Kazi: Chocolate?
* Kazi digs around for more candy
Paul: Paul will explore the lab while hidden.
Quickblades: Hey, that Blight thing wasn't part of your work too, was it?
Haladin: I am trying to save them from the undead.
Haladin: The blight is undead
* Haladin seems to be relaxing as Lalinlor enters, obviously thinking Lalinlor is a friend.
Quickblades: Oh, good. Because we destroyed that thing right and proper...
Quickblades: Alrighty, let's go get the boy. Maybe he took that candy you left for him Kazi.
Quickblades: He may only let you get near him...
Haladin: yes, bring my son here.
* Haladin seems to no longer think you are a threat.
* Quickblades starts ushering the rest of the group back the way they came.
Haladin: you can help me with my work.
Haladin: My son is Tomas
Quickblades: Let's go Kazi.
Lalinlor Loth: Let's go get him together. He only likes healers, remember?
Lalinlor Loth: « 1d20+12 ⇒ 7 + 12 = 19 »
Quickblades: Good point.
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+7 ⇒ 5 + 7 = 12 »
Quickblades: Excellent point.
Ashling: Tomas, your father wants you.
Haladin: yes, let's go.
Small boy: Papa!
Ashling: C'mon
* Kazi sighs
* Ashling waves him ahead of her.
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades, do you want to wait here? You scared Tomas last time
Quickblades: ((I really have to go now guys.))
Quickblades: Um.
Mistress of Evil: ((let's assume you stay put then, and this can be done in about 2 minutes))
* Haladin starts walking past Quickblades, then Flint, then Kazi
Quickblades: k
* Flint follows Haladin closely
* Kazi does too
Mistress of Evil: I believe Init was Flint, then Kazi.
Mistress of Evil: Have fun
Paul: Once Haladin leaves, Paul motions for the two people to follow him.
* Flint rips into Haladin's mind with a psychic blast!
Flint: Wild Surge! (at will, free action): Flint's next power is boosted by +2 manifester level, although there is a 10% chance of becoming dazed for 1 round afterwards and losing 3 PP.
Low is bad: «
 1d100 ⇒ 97 »
Flint: Psi Power: Mind Thrust (3 PP, Telepathy, Mind-Affecting): deals « 5d10 ⇒ 25 » damage to target creature, Will DC 17 negates.
* Maree points at the thing by the rock and indicates danger
Mistress of Evil: « 1d20+2 ⇒ 1 + 2 = 3 »
* Haladin SHRIEKS
* Kazi acts
Kazi: Eldritch Blast « 1d20+4+MOD ⇒ 13 + 4 + 1 = 18 »
Damage «
 2d6+MOD ⇒ 9 + 1 = 10 »
Mistress of Evil: QB, you feel the effects of the spell leave your mind
Tomas: PAPA!
Lalinlor Loth: Thank you Flint, thank you Kazi
* Flint nods grimly
* Kazi nods sadly
Lalinlor Loth: Tomas, he lost control of his creations, we could not save him
* Tomas runs up to Lalinlor and flings his arms around him
Flint: what about the boy?
Lalinlor Loth: Tomas, we need to avenge your father, please wait here.
Kazi: Perhaps they can care for them at the Guild for now?
Kazi: oh, true
Tomas: Avenge!
* Tomas says a word in some strange language that leaves you feeling vaguely disturbed. The creatures stop moving towards QB
Kazi: ?
Tomas: what healer want them to do? They listen me
Lalinlor Loth: lay down in the deepest part of the pool for two weeks
Tomas: Obey healer!
* Kazi frowns deeply
Tomas: I'm hungry
* Kazi looks in askance at the boy
Paul: When they move off.. Paul will motion for Maree and Andrew to follow.
Flint: Paul, who are they?
Mistress of Evil: They do, nervously avoiding the pool
Lalinlor Loth: Paul, please search the room
Kazi: Tomas, dear?
Paul: Paul searches the room once Maree and Andrew have reached the rest of the party
* Tomas gazes at Kazi, obviously scared of her
Paul: Search « 1d20+10 ⇒ 6 + 10 = 16 »
* Tomas clings to Lalinlor
Kazi: It's ok sweetie
Lalinlor Loth: Her food is safe
* Kazi offers some more candy
* Tomas nervously takes the candy
Kazi: Wehre did you learn those words, honey?
Tomas: Papa
Kazi: Oh, I see
Kazi: To help the people?
Tomas: to make them better
Lalinlor Loth: Quickblades, can you carry 'papa' out?
Mistress of Evil: ((we will assume he does))
Kazi: I see
Kazi: Do you know where he learned them?
Lalinlor Loth: Kazi, can you collect his personal effects?
Kazi: In a moment
* Lalinlor Loth takes the coinpurse and ring from QB to examine
* Kazi smiles at Tomas
Kazi: Maybe we can talk a bit more later, darling
Flint: Flint will check the lab for anything of interest for his engineering work
* Paul scurries around the room, finding stuff.
* Kazi will collect "papa's" effects, with detect-o-vision on
Mistress of Evil: And everyone heads back to the top in one peice, except for Hob, who got attacked by something on the way out and is now missing a lung and two kidneys
Flint: oh no!
* Kazi frowns deeply
Lalinlor Loth: Tomas, you can come and stay with the healers.
Flint: (( red0shirts... ))
Kazi: Man, they don't like the Guard down here
* Tomas is happy
* Kazi tosses her coinpurse from the Guard Captain to Lalinlor
Kazi: For the boy, Lalinlor
Kazi: You can take the rest of my pay for him as well
* Tomas follows Lalinlor like a puppy
Kazi: (( we were paid for this gig? ))
Lalinlor Loth: Okay, thank you Kazi
Kazi: (( right? ))
Mistress of Evil: 5 gold up front, 10 when you made it back
* Flint will donate his payment as well
Kazi: (( ok, Lalinlor can have the pay for the boy and the Guild ))
* Flint peels off his gas mask
Flint: whew, sweaty in there!
Mistress of Evil: plus a bonus from Maree's family for her safe return of 100 gold to split
Kazi: Kazi may take a bit of that to get more chocolate
Mistress of Evil: Anything else tonight before we call it a halt?
Mistress of Evil: Not how I was hoping that would end, but very well done
Flint: (is this session worth at least 200xp? I'm close to levelling)
Mistress of Evil: more like about 1000xp
Kazi: sweet
Mistress of Evil: I'll toss in a 200xp bonus for essentially beating the mastermind via roleplay
Flint: so 1200?
Flint: or do you need time to calc it?
Mistress of Evil: dammit, he could cast fireball and everything
Mistress of Evil: we can call it 1200xp, should be around that anyway
Kazi: lol
Flint: (yay, I FINALLY got to use a psi power to full effect)
Kazi: We finessed it
Kazi: Kazi and Flint were like a 1-2 punch!
Mistress of Evil: Except for the headshot at the end
Mistress of Evil: And I"m going to ban Matt from using turn undead
Mistress of Evil: butthead rolls to damn high on it
Kazi: ha ha ha
Flint: (afk now to eat, thanks, was fun!)
Paul: later!
Kazi: that was fun!
Paul has disconnected.
Mistress of Evil: I'll get you my pretties, and your little dogs too
Kazi: lates!
Mistress of Evil: night
Kazi: ha ha ha
Kazi: night!
Ashling: bye...
Mistress of Evil has disconnected.
You have disconnected.