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(2) Kazi (enter): 18:24
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(4) Paul (enter): 18:50
(4) Paul: Ooooooh.
** (1) Feliks wants to fight. **
(2) Kazi: Kazi wants to fight!
(2) Kazi: how do you do, that, ERIC!
(3) evillest GM: The zombies attack and start eating everyone. Roll initiative.
(1) Feliks: i only ran the server for the first time last night, and it crashed pretty quick.
(2) Kazi: you figure it out and tell me, dangit
(3) evillest GM: Opps, to late, it got Kazi
(4) Paul: stabs Feliks and then hides
(1) Feliks: Fieliks=Player
** (2) Kazi is slow **
(1) Feliks: Feliks=Player
(1) Feliks: So, I'll ask Hinrik if skeletons pop up in these mines a lot.
(2) Kazi: Did we rest a night, DM?
(3) evillest GM: Sure.
(2) Kazi: k, I have regained, then 8 HP, so now I am only down 3
(4) Paul: I am healed by rest. 14/14
(3) Hinrik: Skeletons? Not that I know of. About 4 years back we had a bit of a ghoul problem, but there hasn't been any undead issues since then.
(1) Feliks: there was no sign of the skeleton after the battle? bones?
whispering to Hinrik, spellcraft
(3) Hinrik: (( nope ))
(2) Kazi: did you get my whisper, J?
(4) Paul: Why are you so concerned about a skeleton that attacked the goblins?
(1) Feliks: hmmm...
(1) Feliks: it's unexplained!
(1) Feliks: That crap happens at the forest back home, but it's never to your benefit!
(2) Kazi: well, it really depends on your perspective (murmurs)
(1) Feliks: When you're hunting in the forest, and a skeleton appears, it never attacks the deer. It attacks the hunter.
(3) Hinrik: (( though it does usually attack Amareth ))
(4) Paul: Maybe this skeleton hated goblins.
(1) Feliks: (( well, it's not to their benefit, either. ))
(1) Feliks: And was waiting for the right time to make it's move?
(4) Paul: Yes.
(1) Feliks: uh huh.
(2) Kazi: Seems a fair bit disturbing to me
(1) Feliks: oh well.
(2) Kazi: And stinks of foul magicks
(1) Feliks: This wine is very good.
(3) evil GM: The rain has pretty much slowed to a drizzle by morning, and the dwarves are going back around their daily lives. You guys do have some privacy in the common room
** (1) Feliks offers to pour for the party here **
** (2) Kazi still suffers some wounds from battle and looks a little grumpy **
(1) Feliks: (( as he'd already opened a bottle, anyway. ))
** (4) Paul declines the wine **
(3) evil GM: (( you could purchase some healing salve in town for 5 gold. Increases your healing rate by 25% ))
(4) Paul: 0.5 HP... mmmmmmm
(3) evil GM: (( I'll round up ))
** (2) Kazi will purchase some **
(3) evil GM: (( there are 8 vials available, each vial holds two doses ))
(1) Feliks: (( afk, brb ))
** (2) Kazi buys 4 **
(3) evil GM: Aben will sit by himself in one corner, going over some paperwork
(3) evil GM: Ancient scrolls and a very tattered book
(4) Paul: Appraise the book [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(4) Paul: What's that book?
** (2) Kazi needs to purchase some xbow bolts **
** (4) Paul seems interested **
(3) Aben: hmmm? W...w...what? oh, a t..t..t..t..t.t.text on the history of Shieldmeet
** (1) Feliks will briefly check on the prisoner **
(4) Paul: Oh, okay. Anything particularly exciting in that text?
(3) evil gm: The prisoner seems healthy, though grumpy
(3) evil gm: Aben responds 'it's rather d..d...d...dry, b...b....b...but informative
** (2) Kazi approaches Aben, smiling charmingly **
(3) evil gm: Aben asks, 'd..d...d...d...do you read up on histories?'
(4) Paul: I do. But I'm also a collector.
(3) evil gm: Aben goes silent as Kazi approaches
(2) Kazi: Good morning, Aben my dear... when you have a free moment, may I speak to you privately about a matter?
(3) evil gm: 'c..c...c....certainly. Whenever you wish my d..d..d...d...dear.'
(2) Kazi: At your convenience
** (2) Kazi smiles prettily **
(2) Kazi: Good morning, friend Paul
** (1) Feliks feliks rolls his eyes if he gets back in time to witness this. **
** (1) Feliks is still figuring out some of the openRPG commands **
(4) Paul: Good morning, Kazi. Did you sleep well?
** (3) evil gm chants briefly before turning into a wolf **
(3) evil gm: (( oops ))
(2) Kazi: Mostly... the wounds from the battle seem to be mostly healed, so I can't complain
(1) Feliks: (( awooooo! ))
(4) Paul: ((did we sleep in an inn last night?))
(4) Paul: ((when did we get to London?))
(3) evil gm: (( no inns. You slept in the common room unless you wanted to relax on a dwarven miner's couch. ))
(4) Paul: ((common room it was))
(2) MyOtherName: Hello, World
(4) Paul: That's good. I slept well.
(2) MyRealName: oops
(2) Kazi: wtf
(2) MyOtherName: Hello, World
(2) MyRealName: goddammit
(3) evil gm: lol
** (4) Paul watches as the lady beside him goes through an identity crisis **
(3) evil gm: Aben says 'I looked over the items from your r..r....r...recent adventure, and valued them as b..b...b...b..b...b...best I could
(4) Paul: Good. I did the same.
** (2) Kazi wants to fight! **
(2) Kazi: w00t
(3) evil gm: 'I regret I d..d...d....do not have the means to magically identify the items you d...d...d...discovered'
(1) Feliks: (( Kazi found the chat macros ))
(4) Paul: Unfortunate.
** (1) Feliks bows with a flourish. **
** (2) Kazi blows kisses at Feliks **
** (2) Kazi sticks her tongue out at Feliks **
** (4) Paul rolls his eyes **
(3) evil gm: Aben continues, 'however, I d..d....d....did some research this morning, and I may have clue t..t.....t.....to the nature of the g...g.....g....gem you f...f...found'
(2) Kazi: (( the one I have? ))
** (4) Paul Paul taps his foot impatiently **
(3) evil gm: (( yep ))
(2) Kazi: (( cool ))
(2) Kazi: Oooh, excellent Aben dear! What did you figure out?
(2) Kazi: I think it may have some magical properties!
(3) evil gm: 'I b..b.....b....believe it is an item known as a crystal of life-drinking'
(2) Kazi: oh, that sounds ghastly
** (1) Feliks chokes a bit **
(3) evil gm: 'it is not quite as b...b....b.....bad as it sounds.
(2) Kazi: Do explain, dear sir
(3) evil gm: 'it seems these items were invented b..b....b....b...by a necromancer. You attach one t...t.....t.....to a weapon, and if you wound someone with the weapon, it h...heals you slightly.
(4) Paul: Seems evil to me.
(2) Kazi: oh, that is interesting
(2) Kazi: Indeed, friend Paul, indeed
(3) evil gm: 'The t..t...t...temple of Samad has ordered all such items to b...b....be destroyed, and the Witch-slayers would no d...d....doubt feel the same.' Aben shrugs, 'b...b....but these are not among the items illegal in Shieldmeet'
** (2) Kazi frowns **
** (1) Feliks returns to the prisoner, not wanting to intrude here. Chess? **
(2) Kazi: Aben, dear, just because it is not illegal does not make it any less evil
(2) Kazi: Witch-slayers?
(2) Kazi: What, dear sir, is a witch-slayer?
** (2) Kazi seems to have caught something Aben said **
(3) evil gm: 'The Order of Saraphil. They hunt those who use d..d..d....daemon magick.
(2) Kazi: Really now
(2) Kazi: And by what right does this Order think that they should be doing such?
(3) evil gm: Aben looks startled for a moment. 'oh, d..d...d...dear, they could have something to d..d...d..do with those after us. The one who b..b....b...built the d...d...domicle we are headed to p..p...practiced unnatural magics'
** (2) Kazi 's brows have drawn down somewhat **
(3) evil gm: Aben looks at Kazi, a little confused, 'they consider it their h..holy mission.'
** (2) Kazi snorts **
(2) Kazi: Where does this Order find its home?
(2) Kazi: From whence does it originate?
(5) No Name (enter): 19:27
(3) evil gm: 'Amareth, I b..b....b..believe. There are some t..t...t...tied to the enclave of Samad in Shieldmeet. I b..b...b..believe they have enclaves in other lands. Including your own, if I am n...n...not mistaken
(2) Kazi: My own? (Kazi seems surprised)
** (4) Paul nods off **
(2) Kazi: It does not surprise me that the Amarethi would be so provincial...
(2) Kazi: ah, no matter
(3) evil gm: It was one of the r..r...reasons the Amareth g..g...g.gave for their invasion.
(2) Kazi: I'm sorry?
(2) Kazi: To root out the evil?
** (2) Kazi laughs brightly **
(3) evil gm: Aben leans forward and lowers his voice. 'The Amareth rarely stop to t...t...think that their way is not the b..b....b....best way'
(3) evil gm: He winks
** (2) Kazi winks back conspiratorially **
(2) Kazi: She lowers her voice to a whisper... I had noticed that a bit, Aben dear
** (2) Kazi looks thoughtful **
(2) Kazi: It is possible this
(3) evil gm: Aben glances at Paul then back at Felix and Kazi, 'and how are our n..n..newest members working out?
(2) Kazi: Order is trying to stop us, you think?
** (2) Kazi smiles **
(2) Kazi: Oh, they seem quite splendid!
** (4) Paul snores a little, then tips over on the bench **
(3) evil gm: Aben nods. 'I'd imagine t..t..they aren't the only ones. So many fear knowledge'
** (2) Kazi leans in and whispers softly **
(2) Kazi: To that end, Aben dear, do you suppose we might speak of that private matter?
(3) evil gm: 'c..c...certainly.' He stands and will follow you to a more private locale.
** (2) Kazi will walk with Aben to a private locale, and smile winnigly **
(3) evil gm: While Kazi is off flirting, one of the dwarves will walk up to Felix and Paul and start inquiring into purchasing the crate of wine
** (1) Feliks is acctually in with the prisoner again, playing chess against whoever will play. **
(3) evil gm: The prisoner will play
(3) evil gm: Paul, a dwarf will offer you 160 gold for the crate of wine
** (4) Paul wakes up, looks at the wine **
(1) Feliks: (( Feliks did open one of the bottles yesterday. ))
(4) Paul: appraise the wine [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(3) evil gm: (( yep, I took that into account in the price ;) ))
(4) Paul: ((that give me what I have i n the treasure thread))
(3) evil gm: (( 11 bottles left, Aben said they were worth 16 gold a bottle, you think they might be worth closer to 10 gold a bottle ))
(4) Paul: ah
(4) Paul: Paul explains how the party had to buy healing salves, and they are covering their expenses, and suggests a price of 180.
(3) evil gm: The dwarf nods, and counters with an offer of 165 gold
(4) Paul: At that rate, I could counter with 175, and then we'd meet at 170. So, shall we just agree to 170?
(3) evil gm: He won't go higher than 168
(4) Paul: Paul accepts the offer of 168, sells him the wine.
(2) Kazi: (( I shall note it on the records ))
(3) evil gm: Another dwarf will offer you 25 gold for the lot of furs
(4) Paul: Appraise the furs [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
(3) evil gm: That will get you about the same price Aben appraised them for, give or take a few silvers
(4) Paul: I tell the dwarf that I wasn't born yesterday, and he should come back when he has a reasonable offer to make.
(3) evil gm: He'll chuckle, and up his offer to 35 gold
** (2) Kazi rejoins Paul after her conversation with Aben has finally drawn to a close **
** (2) Kazi watches the goings on with an amused smile **
(4) Paul: He's still short. You know what a bear pelt of this quality alone would get in Shieldmeet?
(4) Paul: You're still short*
(4) Paul: Kazi, this man here is trying to buy our furs for below market value.
** (2) Kazi 's eyes widen in shock **
(2) Kazi: Why, that's terrible, sir!
(2) Kazi: You don't think you could do us better, after the service we did for you?
(3) evil gm: The dwarf laughs, 'well now, you could factor in the trouble I'm saving you, what with hauling that lot all the way to where you are going, then all the way back to Shieldmeet
(2) Kazi: Skills: Diplomacy Check: [1d20+6+6] => [7,6,6] = (19)
(2) Kazi: (( not quite as good ))
(3) evil gm: Tell ya what little man. 40 gold for the lot.
(4) Paul: I can't let this lot go for any less than 44.
(4) Paul: That's still a good deal.
** (2) Kazi leans over and looks at the furs, showing some cleavage **
(2) Kazi: They certainly seem pretty nice, Paul
** (4) Paul whistles **
(4) Paul: That they do.
** (2) Kazi runs her hands over the furs **
(3) evil gm: The dwarf ponders a moment, then pulls out a slender maple wand. 'tell ya what. 40 gold, and this here doohicky. It makes light when ya tap it right. Fellow what sold it to me said it will function exactly two more times'
(4) Paul: Got any other odd items that might be of use?
(3) evil gm: The dwarf shrugs. 'A couple. What'r ya in the market for?
(3) evil gm: 'got a set o'boots with a bit o magic on them'
(4) Paul: Well, this lovely lady suffered some injuries that have yet to heal. Sure, what do the boots do?
(4) Paul: Any items to aid her recovery would be appreciated.
** (2) Kazi hams up the injured status **
(3) evil gm: 'they make ya a bit lighter on your feet, help ya move faster now and then'
(3) evil gm: 'got a bandage that can keep a person from bleedin ta death'
(3) evil gm: 'that's bout it what's magic.'
(4) Paul: Well, 40 gold and the boots will get ya the lot.
(4) Paul: Keeping up with the big folk is hard work.
** (2) Kazi smiles mischievously **
(3) evil gm: 'well laddy, now ya be tryin ta put one over on me. I reckon these boots is worth about five hunnert gold, meybe a tad more.'
(2) Kazi: You seem to do fine, friend Paul
(3) evil gm: 'I can give ya the 40 gold an the magic bandage for the furs.'
(1) Feliks: (( if Zeffan rolls anything, please ignore. We're getting his character set up for a different game. ))
(5) Zeffan: I promise to be a good boy.
(3) evil gm: 'what else ya got in them crates?'
(4) Paul: Sadly, nothing that might not be owned.
(4) Paul: We found symbols on the other two crates.
(4) Paul: It would be the least we could do to attempt to find their rightful owners.
(3) evil gm: 'well, now, I reckon whoever lost them ain't lookin to hard. We've heard o' no sheriffs around recent.'
(4) Paul: We just wouldn't be comfortable selling those items.
(3) evil gm: The dwarf shrugs. 'so, 40 gold an a bandage what could keep one o yer friends from death's grasp?'
(4) Paul: That will work for the furs. Since you were so curious, the other creates held gems and artwork.
(4) Paul: You a collector?
(3) evil gm: 'I do a trade in int'restin items nowagen'
(4) Paul: ((1 appraise roll for the gems and the art?))
(3) evil gm: (( sure ))
(4) Paul: Appraise Gems [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) Appraise Art [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
(4) Paul: 11 is the number of the day.
(3) evil gm: (( Aben seems to have gotten it right again, within a couple gold ))
(2) Kazi: (( I will note all proceeds of tonight's sales on the Wiki later -- WWotW ))
** (4) Paul makes a note never to attempt to cheat Aben on a sale)) **
(3) evil gm: (( NPCs only have so many skills that are actually useful to them ))
(4) Paul: Well, some of this art is very high quality, and we have luxurious fabrics and gems. I'm sure many of these items would be true rarities here.
** (4) Paul nudges Kazi **
(2) Kazi: Yes indeed
(2) Kazi: The gems alone!
(2) Kazi: Skills: Diplomacy Check: [1d20+6+6] => [15,6,6] = (27)
(3) evil gm: 'The fabrics I dun have a use for. The rest, well, I reckon we could come ta an arrangement
(2) Kazi: And fine art isn't something you come by every day, you know!
** (2) Kazi smiles her winningest smile **
(4) Paul: Exactly how much gold tdo you have with you today, sir?
(3) evil gm: 'well na, if'n ya know how much I be willin ta spend, that wouldna make this as much fun an I wouldna get to look at the pretty lady for as long'
** (2) Kazi smiles demurely **
(4) Paul: If you spend enough, you might get to look at her longer.
(3) evil gm: 'the boots be worth five hunnert gold if'n ya want them. Why dun we start there?
(2) Kazi: Hey!
(3) evil gm: The dwarf laughs
(4) Paul: That's about half of the value of the items your talking about.
(4) Paul: At most.
(3) evil gm: 'alrighty little man, the boots, an 550 gold, dwarven mint.
(3) evil gm: 'for the lot o it.
(3) evil gm: 'includin the weapons an armor ye found
(4) Paul: Less anything we decide to keep with us for personal use. Not all of my compatriots have scanned the armor and weapons yet. They may find one that suits their hand.
(2) Kazi: (( I doubt it ;) ))
(3) evil gm: 'alrighty, minus a weapon er two. But ya kin buy better stuff here, if'n ya n the market'
(3) evil gm: 'stuff what ain't got goblin blood on it'
(4) Paul: Goblin blood adds character. Impresses the ladies, isn't that right, Kazi?
(3) evil gm: The dwarf chuckles and slaps Paul on the back merrily.
(6) No Name (enter): 20:15
(4) Paul: And you aren't taking the fabrics?
(2) Kazi: Absolutely, friend Paul
(3) evil gm: 'aye, my price included the fabrics. I reckon they'll put a sparkle in the eye of a certain wench o my acquantince.
(2) Kazi: and it's easy enough to remove
(4) Paul: Ah
(4) Paul: Just before you said you couldn't use them.
(3) evil gm: 'I can't sell them here lady, but I reckon I'll get a proper price for them, if'n ya know what I mean'
(3) evil gm: he winks
(3) evil gm: er, laddie
(4) Paul: Ah. I do. But with the fabrics, you're offering me a price lower than their value.
(4) Paul: And not be a significant margin.
(4) Paul: insignificant*
(3) evil gm: 'ah, but I got to make a profit somehow lad. An agen, I'm keepin ye from having ta lug that stuff all o'er the island and possibly damagin it's value
(3) evil gm: 'I'll up me price by 30 gold. But it's Amareth coin
** (4) Paul grins wryly **
(4) Paul: I think you'll be making plenty o profit already.
(3) evil gm: (( Gnome coin is the standard, dwarf matches it. Amareth coin is a little lighter, 10 of their coins = 9 gnome coins ))
(4) Paul: If I have my values right, you're offering me 1050 for 1250 worth of stuff. Even if I consider your cut to be 10%, which is fair for a middleman like yourself, your offer should be 1125.
(1) Feliks: (( egads! exchange rates? ))
(3) evil gm: (( because I am mean ))
(1) Feliks: (( is there a knowledge:money markets skill? ))
(3) evil gm: (( I consider it basic knowledge everyone possesses ))
(4) Paul: ((Don't worry, let the party Jew, I mean halfling, handle it))
(3) evil gm: (( it's the weight of the coin ))
(2) Kazi: (( lol Paul ))
(2) Kazi: (( and the party scribe can note all the goodness that the fencer has done for them ))
(3) evil gm: The dwarf shrugs. 'Ye got a head for numbers, I'll give ye that. But that be the limit o me coin laddie. '
(3) evil gm: How bout ye keep the onyx, and then we call it a deal?
(4) Paul: I was gonna suggest the iolite.
(2) Kazi: (( the magic rock is not in the deal, btw ))
(4) Paul: I keep the iolite, and then I think the deal is just about perfect.
(3) evil gm: He shrugs. 'ye get the boots and coin, I get e'rythin but the iolite, and the pretty lady gives me a wink, an it's a deal.'
** (4) Paul looks expectantly at Kazi **
** (2) Kazi winks outrageously and give the Dwarf a peck on the cheek **
(2) Kazi: A pleasure doing business with you, sir!
** (4) Paul smiles and offers the dwarf a handshake **
(4) Paul: This is the deal?
(3) evil gm: He grins broadly. 'reckon we skipped introductions. I be Torgan. You folks get anythin else interestin, ya come see me, alright?'
(3) evil gm: he shakes
** (2) Kazi smiles **
(2) Kazi: Well met Master Torgan. You can call me Kazi
** (2) Kazi bows with a flourish **
(4) Paul: I'm Paul Wennet.
(4) Paul: I'd bow, but I'm close enough to the ground already.
(3) evil gm: He hands over the boots, which are black leather with silver buckles, and two coinpurses, one much heavier than the other.
(3) evil gm: He'll gather up the items then and be on his way.
** (4) Paul judges the coinpurses by weight. **
(3) evil gm: (( one contains the dwarven coin, the smaller, lighter one contains the Amareth coin ))
(3) evil gm: (( the boots are Acrobat Boots. +2 to tumble, and they have 3 charges per day that can increase your land speed. Decide amongst yourselves who wears them ))
(4) Paul: Paul smiles, and shows the boots to Kazi. Well, these boots are splendid. And the coin will do wonders for us. When we actually find an inn, we can buy a feast and celebrate our success.
(4) Paul: (Paul has an interest in the boots, but is willing to let them go elsewhere if another tumbler would like them)
(3) evil gm: (( one charge gets you a +10 movement for 1 round, two charges a +15, 3 charges a +20 ))
(3) evil gm: (( charges renew at dawn each day ))
(2) Kazi: (( Kazi Paul or Feliks could use them ))
(3) evil gm: (( the question is, should I be nice and magical clothing resizes, or mean and they stay the size they were when created? ))
** (1) Feliks will have no interest if they don't match his red performance jumpsuit. **
(3) evil gm: (( black with silver buckles matches virtually anything ))
** (2) Kazi has to love her vain compatriot **
(4) Paul: ((nice, magical clothing resizes, just easier))
** (1) Feliks prefers red, though **
(7) Quickblades (enter): 20:38
(7) Quickblades: Hey all.
(3) evil gm: (( tell you what. They resize from small to medium. If you find something large, it will only resize large and medium. If it's base size is small, it will resize small or tiny. ))
(2) Kazi: (( YAY! Quickblades! ))
(3) evil gm: Quickblades, there are some magic boots up for grabs
(1) Feliks: everyone's crashing this party!
(3) evil gm: (( Acrobat Boots. +2 to tumble, and they have 3 charges per day that can increase your land speed ))
(2) Kazi: I think it should go to the sidebarrers first lol
(1) Feliks: hey QB.
(2) Kazi: lol
(7) Quickblades: As in Quarter-back?
(2) Kazi: j/k
** (1) Feliks Feliks will pass **
** (2) Kazi is fine with someone else taking them as well, I am just being a shit **
(7) Quickblades: Anybody care to fill me in on last session?
** (2) Kazi blows kisses at Feliks **
(3) evil gm: (( nothing says the person who takes them now has to keep them permanently. ))
(2) Kazi: You can read the transcripts, dear
(7) Quickblades: Oh, right, on the wiki
(1) Feliks: (( A carryover from another character that shortens every name to a letter or 2. ))
(3) evil gm: (( certain members of the party went goblin-hunting ))
(7) Quickblades: I knew that. hehe
(2) Kazi: lol
(7) Quickblades: K
(2) Kazi: But the short story is
(4) Paul: All that's happened tonight is your friendly neighborhood halfling is fencing the goods.
(1) Feliks: (( were you part of the Iron Wolves game, Quickblades? ))
(7) Quickblades: Yes
(2) Kazi: The Dwarves had some trouble in mines, we went to investigate, got our asses whooped by some gobos, and then got a bunch of loot
(7) Quickblades: I was Egg.
(2) Kazi: Oh, and recovered the Dwarves' stuff too
(5) Zeffan: Skill Check: Bluff [1d20+3+4+2+0] => [17,3,4,2,0] = (26)
(2) Kazi: OOOH EGG!
(1) Feliks: (( i have a warforged (named Wrench that Chris constantly clalls "Egg") and he calls Lord Viorr "V" ))
(7) Quickblades: Then I went on to display my truely sub-par DM'ing skills. Seriously...
(5) Zeffan: Skill Check: Bluff [1d20+3+4+2+0] => [15,3,4,2,0] = (24)
(5) Zeffan: Sorry. :)
(3) evil gm: no worries
(7) Quickblades: None at all.
(2) Kazi: Oh gee, he has the Eric AR skill rolls
(7) Quickblades: Hmmm.
(4) Paul: So, Kazi, do you want the boots?
(2) Kazi: No Paul, you may take them, if you'd like (just remember, try to be fair about how much lootness you're taking out)
(7) Quickblades: Who is formerfaxer?
(2) Kazi: That's Eric
(1) Feliks: me
(4) Paul: Sure. Somebody's got to use them. We can always sell them later.
(3) evil gm: (( that's Ericpants ))
(7) Quickblades: Elfbrat?
(1) Feliks: maggipants
(4) Paul: kazi
(7) Quickblades: I'm just trying to link the SN's to real names to character names.
(3) evil gm: (( the Wiki Witch of the West ))
(3) evil gm: (( and I think I closed the chat window by mistake ))
(2) Kazi: me me me
(4) Paul: I just closed it, but that's cause it's getting near pumpkin time for me.
(7) Quickblades: That's ok. I have you on my list already ;)
(3) evil gm: yeah, it's getting late and I get to wake up with the baby tomorrow.
(7) Quickblades: How about ChEheret?
(4) Paul: That's me, Matt, Paul Wennet
(4) Paul: Matt being the real name.
(3) evil gm: He is Matt2 or Matt L.
(4) Paul: Yes.
(4) Paul: Or Langer
(3) evil gm: There is another Matt, who is LalinlorLoth in game or Wrane Latrobe in IMs
(4) Paul: Yes. I received the number designation cause I'm not sleeping with the DM.
(3) evil gm: He is Matt G, otherwise known as 'the GM's foot-rubber and ice-cream provider'
(1) Feliks: we've got 2 different gaming parties in here.
(3) evil gm: lol
(2) Kazi: oh teh noes
(2) Kazi: they will be like oil and waters!
(3) evil gm: Oh, yeah, neither Matt is sleeping with GM Chris. That would be a little awkward and Shana would probably hurt them. A lot.
(1) Feliks: Ha!
(2) Kazi: lol
(4) Paul: Maybe she'd enjoy it and want to join in. ;)
(3) evil gm: She better put the videos on the Wiki.
(1) Feliks: i'll pass, thanks
(3) evil gm: You know, it really isn't as much fun to make fun of Chris when he isn't here.
(4) Paul: I better put some ranks in perform at next level up.
(1) Feliks: yeah, where is he?
(3) evil gm: ignoring us, the fiend.
(3) evil gm: alrighty, it's almost 11 here and the baby wakes up promptly at 4 am.
(3) evil gm: so I'm going to catch some Zs or else Dailin will be useless tomorrow.
(1) Feliks: 10:30 Pacific?
(4) Paul: Good luck with the sleep.
(4) Paul: Night!
(3) evil gm: night all
(4) Paul: Central.
(2) Kazi: night!
(1) Feliks: later
(4) Paul: Oh, oops.
(3) evil gm: Disconnecting from server...
(3) evil gm (exit): 20:52
(4) Paul: Wrong thing
(1) Feliks: Kazi is GM
(1) Feliks: lord help us all
(2) Kazi: hee hee hee
(7) Quickblades: well. Thanks for all the info. I'm Whingknutt on AIM, Dan Long in RL and Kathak in this game.
(2) Kazi: You'd better watch it, Ericpants
(1) Feliks: Did you read the transcript?
(7) Quickblades: not yet.
(1) Feliks: We could have used a fighter.
(7) Quickblades: prolly ought to get to that.
(1) Feliks: it was pretty funny.
(2) Kazi: I'll post this one ASAP
(7) Quickblades: what happened with slowthinker?
(2) Kazi: Kazi's line of the fight : You little shits!
(7) Quickblades: he is supposed to be handy in battle...
(4) Paul: Disconnecting from server...
(4) Paul (exit): 20:54
(1) Feliks: he showed up, asked where his bro was, and that was it.
(7) Quickblades: really?
(7) Quickblades: and where was I?
(1) Feliks: Kind of a lame session, due to GM life issues. (Freezing water pipes, dead car transmissions...)
(1) Feliks: I think you missed that session?
(7) Quickblades: oh. True. I heard aobut the pipes freezing then bursting.
(7) Quickblades: yea, I missed it completely.
(1) Feliks: didn't miss much
(1) Feliks: it kind of fizzled
(7) Quickblades: I had to pull down all of the old tile and wallboard in my bathroom, then put new wallboard up, and a tubsurround and redo all of the plumbing.
(2) Kazi: yuck
(1) Feliks: wow
(7) Quickblades: Yea, not too bad though. I was exhausted by tuesday morning, when we had the tub refinished. Which was why all of the work needed doing...
(7) Quickblades: Anyway, I think burst pipes is actually worse by far.
(1) Feliks: So, I think some folk making characters may test their macros, so don't nbe alarmed by that.
(7) Quickblades: My parents went through something like that when I was much younger.
(7) Quickblades: That's cool.
** (2) Kazi wants to fight! **
** (2) Kazi spins her double scimitar casually **
** (2) Kazi blows kisses at Feliks **
(1) Feliks: Rapier strike While Flanking! to hit [1d20+6+2] => [8,6,2] = (16), damage [1d6+1d6+1] => [4,2,1] = (7)!
** (2) Kazi sticks her tongue out at Feliks **
(7) Quickblades: I really ought to get my character into the OpenRPG node framework.
(7) Quickblades: hehe
(2) Kazi: oops, #2 is Alystia
** (1) Feliks bows with a flourish. **
** (1) Feliks does a handstand. **
(7) Quickblades: Kazi seems to be quite busy.
(2) Kazi: hey, I bow with a flourish too!
(2) Kazi: I need to add that
(1) Feliks: we are performers
(2) Kazi: except having to close the pref box 10 damned times
(1) Feliks: It's a huge hassle getting the framework set up, but then it's worth it, i think
(1) Feliks: That's just mac. sucks to be us.
(1) Feliks: I can send you the feliks node, if anyone wants it.
(1) Feliks: fairly easy to modify, i think.
(2) Kazi: I have my own nodes, tyvm
(2) Kazi: lol
(5) Zeffan: Yay for me!
** (2) Kazi wants to fight! **
** (2) Kazi bows with a flourish **
** (2) Kazi blows kisses at Feliks **
(1) Feliks: Zeffan will have to verify that, though
** (2) Kazi sticks her tongue out at Feliks **
** (2) Kazi winks outrageously **
** (2) Kazi grins wolfishly **
(1) Feliks: more macros?
(2) Kazi: si
(Game disconnected!